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George Gibbs

George C. Gibbs was born in the town of Harpersfield, Delaware county, New York, on the 6th of January, 1832.

His father removed with his family to Jefferson, Schoharie county, in 1840, where he purchased a farm, on which the later boyhood of Mr Gibbs was passed. After receiving a good common school and academic education, for some years he -taught common schools during the winter, and aided in the labors of the farm, in summer. When he reached the age of twenty-one, he was nominated on the Whig ticket, and elected town Superintendent of Schools for the town of Jefferson. He afterward applied himself to the study of architecture, and finally entered into business, as a contractor and builder, in Stamford, Delaware county. He pursued that business until the Southern conflict.

In August, 1861, he enlisted in Company E, 3d New York Cavalry, then being raised by Captain (afterward Colonel) FESEIS JACOBS, Jr. When the company was mustered in at Elmira, he was chosen Quartermaster- Sergeant, and was soon promoted to First Sergeant. Early in 1863, he was commissioned First Lieutenant, his regiment being stationed at Newbern, North Carolina. In September and October, 1864, he served as Acting- Assistant Inspector-General, on the Staff of Colonel R. M. WEST, commanding the 2nd Brigade of General KAUTZ'S Cavalry Division. He was promoted to Captain, in the following January, and served upon the Staff of Colonel GEO. W. LEWIS, until his regiment was consolidated with the 1st New York Mounted Rifles, forming the 4th New York Provisional Cavalry. While he was attached to that regiment, he participated in almost every battle and skirmish in which his regiment was engaged during its whole period of service. On all these occasions, he behaved with conspicuous gallantry. The courage and address with which he led the advance into an entrenched camp of the Rebels,, near Kinston, and his coolness, when, under the command of Major HALL, his squadron of Cavalry covered the retreat of General WILSON, after his raid upon the communications of General LEE, in 1865, were especially admired by his brother officers. On the latter occasion, the whole Rebel column was kept at bay, for more than an hour, until the bridge over Stony Creek was burned, and our cavalry finally escaped by swimming the stream. Lieutenant GIBBS spurred his horse off a high rock into the river, and barely escaped in safety. In the battle of Goldsboro', he was slightly wounded by a musket ball, in the arm and side, his life being saved by a package of papers in his coat pocket; and in an engagement on the Derbytown road, before Richmond, he was severely wounded through the left leg, by a Minieball.

Last year, he received a commission as Brevet-Major, New York Volunteers, for " gallant and meritorious services in the late war" — a testimonial to his worth and fidelity as an officer. Major GIBBS is now engaged in business as a stove and tin dealer, in Stamford, Delaware county. He was nominated for Member of Assembly, by the Republican party, in 1866, and received a majority of two hundred and seventy-four votes over his competitor. When the Speaker made his appointments, he placed Mr. GIBBS on the Committees on State Prisons, and Charitable and Religious Societies.

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