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Several years ago, I did some research with Mary S, Briggs and Mildred Kennedy. After reading Mary's internet book "Fact and Fancy (?)," I wrote the following info on Hannah Dodge the first teacher in Delaware Co. --Carole Sorensen, January 2006

Josiah Dodge and Hannah Conant Dodge arrived in your valley ca 1790 and reportedly settled at what became Worcester. The Recorder's Office at Otsego Co verified this by citing Book F, p 590 where Josiah and Hannah purchased 224 acres. Later, Mildred advised me that this couple owned Lot 25 on the Charlotte River Patent. In 1793, their daughter, Mary Dodge and her husband Cyrus Warner arrived from Windsor Connecticut. Two children were born to them at Worcester: Cyrus Jr (17 Aug 1794) and Dr. Ransom Warner (03 Sept 1797). Cyrus Warner purchased two lots in the Charlotte River Patent: Lot 17 and Lot 18. The latter lot was purchased in partnership with Ezekial Chapman and the deeds were issued June 1, 1804. I don't have the date on Josiah's lot (25). Others who purchased lots were members of the Bresee (Burzee) family --Jeremiah, Christopher along with Caleb Crandall (Lots 19, 20, 21)

The 1800 federal census for Kortright lists Cyrus Warner and J. C. Bresee apparently living next door to each other (The Bresee family members were baptized in the Great Barrington Episcopal Church with the spelling of BURZEE). Later, Horatio Warner (eldest son of Cyrus) married Polly Burzee. Hannah Dodge wrote a letter to her son, Rev Daniel Dodge from Harpersfield ca 1810 informing him of family business. Her other son, Josiah Dodge married Judith Blodgett from Charlottesville and they were living in Harpersfield when young Josiah decided to move his family to Harpersfield, Ashtaubla, Ohio in 1813. His son-in-law, David Brainerd married Josiah's daughter Hannah. David rode his horse to Ashtabula, bought land, returned to Harpersfield, NY and moved his family (including young Josiah and Judith) to the Northwest Territory.

I do not have a death date for the elder Josiah Dodge but he must have expired prior to 1817 since Hannah is referred to as the widow Hannah Dodge (first teacher).

Here are some corrections and aditional info on the Dodge family:

Josiah Dodge is recorded on the 1790 census for Harpersfield, Montgomery, NY.

Correct: Josiah Dodge (son of old Josiah) married Judith Burgett daughter of Jehoiakim Burghardt and Sarah White. She was born about 1773 in Schoharie, NY (some sources say Charlotteville). Their daughter, Hannah, was born 27 March 1793 at German in Chenango Co. Daughter Hannah married David Brainard, (born 05 July 1788 in Harpersfield--son of Reuben Brainard and Hannah Mack). Soon after the marriage (1812), David started from Harpersfield,Delaware Co NY on horseback to Harpersfield, Ashtabula, OH where he bought a farm.

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