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These are the children of Michael L. Shaffer 1836-1912 & Mary A. Walsh 1840-? I believe Michael & Mary died in the Hancock area. I am looking for photos of Michael & Mary and 4 of their children. I would also like any information about the family and their decendants that I can get. These photos are from the collection of my mother, Florence (Shaffer) Keel 1909-1993. Alice Keel Crim

Photo needed - Mary E. Shaffer 1886-1924 (I don't know if she married.)
Photo needed - Joseph L. Shaffer 1867-1936 (I don't know if he married.)
Photo needed Michael Shaffer 1872- ? (I believe he died young.)
Photo needd - Emma A Shaffer 1878-1946 (I believe she married Thomas Roach and had 3 children: Alice, Marion & Jerome)

Casper J Shaffer 1868-1940 Casper J Shaffer 1868-1940
I believe he married Mary E. Mackechnie and had 6 children; Wilford, Marjorie, Gertrude, Kenneth, Dorothy & Theresa.
Edward Shaffer 1871-1928 Edward Shaffer 1871-1928
I am not sure if Edward ever married, but believe he lived his whole life in the Hancock area.
Francis P. <i>Frank</i> Shaffer  1873-1923 Francis P. Frank Shaffer 1873-1923
I believe his wife's name was Lena, and they had 2 children; Francis & Catherine.
John Shaffer  1875-1934 John Shaffer 1875-1934
I think he married Alice Majory and they had 3 children; Clella, Bernard & Grace.
William Henry Shaffer  1877-1952 William Henry Shaffer 1877-1952
He married Bertha Gertrude Armstrong daughter of William Armstrong & Phoebe Avery. They had 3 Children: Raymond, Florence (my mom) & Genevieve.
Alice Lenore Shaffer  1882-1903 Alice Lenore Shaffer 1882-1975
I believe she never married and was a school teacher. She used to live in a big house near the edge of town on the road to Walton, I think
Shaffer Shaffer Shaffer
Alice Lenore Shaffer (1882 - 1975) & her brother William Henry Shaffer (1877-1952)

The center photo is of my great Aunt Alice and my Grandfather as I remember them. I am hoping someone will recognize them as they were in their later years. Snapshot was likely taken in Hancock NY, 1951-52 as grandpa Shaffer lived with my family at 16 Dillon Street. My parents were Herbert & Florence (Shaffer) Keel.
--Alice Keel Crim, March 5, 2003

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