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The following is a letter to James Taylor Adams of VA whom many people wrote about their Adams roots. The letter is by Ellen E. Adams and is interesting in that it quotes from a letter by the Elder Dingee Adams of Harpersfield [burial place still unknown]. I was tempted to note that there was real signifcance to the poem since in their records, it said that the Baptist Church of Carmel in Putnam Co. "withdraws the hand of fellowship from Dingee Adams for disorderly walk and profain language." No indication in the Putnam records that Dingee Adams ever repented. When I first contacted the Adams family at Hobart, she "Oh that Dingee Adams! " He almost destroyed the Baptist Church in Harpersfield. The church did seem to have been caught up in some kind of problem and the records lost. Think it was some kind of theological uproar however.

Ellen Adams was also the author of Tales of Early Fredonia (1931). She was also undoubtedly the author of a series of letters to the Boston Transcript which gave the relationship of James Harvey and Solomon Fowler Adams to cousin Thomas Adams of Pomfret.

In this letter she gives the relationship between the Genungs and the Adams in Delaware Co.

But most of all I enjoyed the description of a young man who went off to the wilds of Chautauqua, came back and married his 14 year old bride who stayed with her family for two years until after their son was born [in Delaware Co.]! The baby was the author's grandfather. Janet T. Newman, November 18, 2002

ADAMS/GENUNG connection

This letter was written by author Ellen E. Adams about 1931 to James Taylor Adams of VA who was contacted by scores of Adams descendants. His Adams collection has been microfilmed and is available from the FHL.

"From stories told by my grandfather, Horace Adams, I have always understood that our part of the family moved from MA to Dutchess or Westchester Co. NY then to Delaware Co. and lastly into Chautauqua Co.

In looking over old papers left by Thomas Adams I found the names of James Harvey & Solomon Fowler Adams with the address Peekskill, Westchester Co. Among he old papers was a letter addressed to Justus Adams of the Town of Pomfret, from Harpersfield Deleware Co. dated 22 Sep 1838.
The name signed was Dinshee Adams (sic) and he was evidently a brother. In it he says "I have not heard anything from our brothers in the lower part of the state for several years" and in another place "brother Jesse" is referred to. The letter is decidedly pious in tone and the following quotation will serve to illustrate both the piety and poetic talent of the Adams family in earlier years: I fall into sin and then I lament, I soon sin again and then I repent. By sinning, repenting and sinning again, It fills me with anguish and keeps me in pain.

The Adams family of Chautauqua Co. come from Justus Adams who was twice married.
The first wife, Jemima Bishop, came from Delaware Co. but the second wife Margartet Burnell, he married in Fredonia.
Jemima was the mother of Morris Adams, John Adams, Thomas Adams, Jesse Adams, Bishop Adams, Jemima Adams, Lizzie Adansm Rebecca Adams & Polly Adams.
The 2nd wife Margaret left one son, George Adams who was the only one left of that generation when our reunions began.

The first Adams to come to Chautauqua Co. was Morris Adams who came out here in 1812 and worked for Judge Zattu Cushing that summer. [Interesting story of how he purchased the land not included in the reprint] In the fall of 1812 he returned to Delaware Co. and married 14 year old Hannah Genung. She stayed with her family until she was 16 when their son Horace was born and they started for their new home. Lizzie Adams, who later married Niffin Genung and always resided in Delaware Co. came with them to look after the youthful mother. [The trip by wagon was a hardship and they had several interesting experiences. -this part of the original but not reprinted.] Their first home was a log house. Just when the rest of the family came from Delaware Co. is uncertain. But in time Justus and Jemima and all their children except Lizzie and Rebecca (who wed two of Hannah Genung's brothers and stayed in Delaware Co.) were settled near Fredonia.

Jemima Adams married Billy Burch and lived in a log house east of Van Buren Point but later moved to the southern part of the county.
John Adams left no children.
Jesse Adams married Hannah Mead and settled in Sheridan and had 9 children including 2 pairs of twins (Alvirah & Almira, Adeline and Charles)
Thomas Adams taught school.
Justus & Jemima are buried in the old cemetery on E. Main Street but the 2nd wife Margaret is buried in Arkwright.
Justus was b1767, d.1837 [actually Jemima's dates]; several family members are buried in the same row."


The family was not from Massachusetts. And I don't think Justus Adams' wife, Jemima Bishop, was from Delaware Co. - they were married in now Putnam Co. There is a notation that in 1803 the Putnam Co. Baptist Church received "a request from Sister Jemima Adams at Roseburg (sic) for a letter of dismission from this Ch. in order to join the Ch. there it was granted and so concluded."

When Elder Dingee Adams died 1840 in Harpersfield, citations were sent to his brothers, Moses, Jason and Justice Adams, but in a different hand at the end were the names "Elizabeth Gagnoung and Rebecca Gagnoung of Roxbury Delaware County ". He signed his will as Dingee Adams.

Ellen E. Adams wrote a book "Tales My Grandfather Told Me". She also had in her possession, among others, the 22 Sep 1838 letter from Dinshee (sic) Adams of Harpersfield to Justus Adams of Pomfret. The film number for the James Taylor Adams papers was published as 5:103F24:179 [believe it was catalogued as "Adamson" instead of Adams]. Though Dingee Adams had no children, he had a nephew , Dingee Adams Robinson of Roxbury who was named for him. The letter to James Taylor Adams was printed in Adams Addenda in Vol 27, Issue 1.

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