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Mary Palmer b. 25 October 1849 - d. 10 March 1918 . . . . . . Franklin James Mackey b. 25 September 1852 - d. 18 March 1915

Married 28 December 1870 by Joel Gallup at Trout Creek, Town of Tompkins

(jbr note: probably because Mary's sister Rosalia Palmer Darling lived there)

Moved to Grand Gorge four years after marrying. For many years employed by O.A. Maynard as plumber and tinsmith. For over thirty years he had been a member of the Methodist Church and for several years a member of the board of stewards, which office he held at the time of his death. (note of dau. Cora Mackey Houck states that James G. Mackey of Mackey, Schoharie Co. bought Maynards Hardware Store - (note of jbr - this must have been a grandson of the 1st James G. Mackey-relation yet unknown).

from History of The Town of Roxbury by Griffin, pg 20: Ecklund & Sons Hardware, formerly Maynard & Smith's Hardware store was built in 1888-89 by Moffatt & Schermerhorn. It was purchased by Orrin A. Maynard in 1894. He sold it to Charles Raeder, then bought it back; then to James G. Mackey and bought it back. With the exception of those few years, O.A. Maynard owned and operated this hardware store until the time of his death in 1934......Frank Mackey, Adelbert Maynard and Frank Kolts were among those employed in the shop."

Mary Palmer Mackey and Franklin James Mackey are listed in the Town of Roxbury US Census Records for 1875, 1880, 1900, 1905, and 1915

Olen Houck's notes - Franklin J. Mackey moved to Oneonta Oct 27, 1905.
In the 1875 Census, brother Alfred was living with them. Their father James S. Mackey died 3 Feb 1875 at Cooperstown

NOTE: Cora Mackey, married Meander King Houck, and was mother to Olen Houck.

Descendant's Chart of James S. Mackey (father to Franklin James Mackey) and Joyce's gr-gr-grandfather.

This page courtesy of Joyce Riedinger and posted here 27 April, 2017

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