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Below are links to photos I have taken of my family members and collateral family members buried at North Kortright Presbyterian Cemetery. For further information SEE pdf list compiled from personal visits to the cemetery and information gathered from Don Kerr (North Kortright cemetery sexton). Also, see note below.

--Darryl Harper - posted to May 3,; updated May 7

Andrew and Elizabeth Covell Henderson
Benjamin P. and Sarah Kerr Harper
Bernice L. Mackey
Charles and Alice Humphrey Hendry and Arleigh Hendry
Charles and Anna Tate Henderson
Charles and Martha Caldwell Smith
David and Harriet Davis Smith
David B. and Maria Stevens Hendry
Douglass Monument
Durwood A. Mackey
Elizabeth Dunshee Smith
Ella Cobine Harper
Ellen M. Mackey
Ezekiel Smith
Ferdinand and Leta Cook Harper
Frances Parker Harper
George Cobine Harper
Hendry Monument
Henry and Elizabeth Parker Harper
Herbert and Ada Mackey Harper
Hugh and Evangeline Hendry McLaury
Hulda Dickson Hendry
Infant Tiffany
James A. and Maria Riddle Hendry
James and Harriet O. Conner Harkness
James E. and Maggie Tate Graham
James H. and Mariah S. Howard Harper

James Harper and Mary Harper
James R. and Mary Bell Douglass
Jane Harkness Harper
Jennie M. Douglass
John Hotchkiss Harper
John F. and Sophia Luddington Graham
John Harper Douglass
Joseph and Mary Campbell Douglass
Joseph and Quintilla Hendry Harper
Joseph P. Douglass
Lydia S. Mackey
Mackey Monument
Margaret J. Tiffany
Margaret Harper Tiffany
Martha Harper Douglass
Martha Jane McLaury Harper and Henrietta Emily Harper
Mary Douglass
Mary J. Tate Wife of David H. Smith
Mary P. Tiffany
Robert H. Mackey
Samuel Harper
Samuel T. Smith
Thomas and Eupha Graham Hendry and John Hendry
William E. Hendry
William H. Douglass
William O. and Emma Smith Hendry

Note: Euphemia Graham Hendry is buried in Old Spencer Cemetery, Tioga County, New York, and James H Harper is buried in Homewood Cemetery, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and John Hendry was captured by the British during The Harpersfield Raid on April 8 1780 and died on a prison ship in Quebec at a later date. Eupha Hendry and John H Harper are named on their spouse's stones and John Hendry has his own memorial stone next to his son Thomas.

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