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from Town of Roxbury - Grand Gorge Family

This scrapbook, I believe was either my grandmother's or her sister's as they both lived in the Town of Roxbury. It contains many obituaries from the 1910's. My grandmother's name was Ida (MacKenzie) Joslyn. Born in 1898 in the town of Roxbury, just outside of the village of Roxbury, and lived her married life in Grand Gorge. --Lee Ann Sperling - - December, 2020

This scrapbook measures arout 13 x 15 inches. Being too large for my scanner and in a fragile condition, I photographed pages with camera on tri-pod. More pages will be posted as project advances.

Joyce Riedinger, Manager of website. 6 Jan 2021

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OBITUARY - William M. Dudley

Births, Marriages, Deaths - Complete Vital Statistics for year 1915, Town of Roxbury

OBITUARY – Dr. John J. Keator


Miss Carrie Belle Thorington

Drowned at So. Kortright - Elmer Joslyn aged 19 years

Wilber M. Banker

Miss Violet E. Ballard

Charles Mantz

HYMENEAL - Tupper-Preston

Death of Fred Grant

Arbor Day in 1896 at the Travis Crossing District School No. 12

OBITUARY - Mrs. Omer Keator

OBITUARY - John W. Griffin

HYMENEAL - Bellow-Travis - A very pretty Christmas wedding ...

IN MEMORIAM - Mrs. John W. Griffin

OBITUARY - The Rev. Nathan Henry Demarest

OBITUARY - Mrs. C. J. Enderlin

OBITUARY - Miss Orra F. Bellows

OBITUARY - William Chamberlain

OBITUARY - Miss Violet Ballard

OBITUARY - Mrs. Amanda Reynolds

OBITUARY - Frank Richtmyer

Frank M. Andrus;
Former Supreme Treasure of the Order of the Golden Seal - Died Jawn 19, 1913

Mrs. Helen Gould Weds

Vital Statistics 1912 - Deaths Outnumber Births
Births, Deaths, Marriages

Clarisa Ellen Morse marries Addison Cronk, Jr.

Harvey D. Montgomery dies at Auburn

Michael O'Hara died Oct 22 1912

Mary Merwin Hunt died Oct 16

Mrs. Huron Harrington died Feb 9 1908

Nathan J. Travis died Oct 26 1906

Fatally Insured by Fall - Mrs. Caroline Fentrick

Samuel A. Bouton - died Nov 5 1912

Hiram D. Reynolds d. Arpil 16

Mrs. Frank Reynolds d. Apr 13

James O'Connor d. Oct 27 1912

Vital Statistics for 1909?

Hymeneal 1908 - Preston-Tiffany Marriage

Michael J O'Hara - Miss Anna Drew Cartwright marriage

How Christmas Came to the Poorhouse

The Record of 1905 - Statistics taken from Town Clerk's Book by The Times Record
Deaths, Marriages, Births

May Day in Jan - Subject of World Comment

Hymeneal - Whitney - DeWitt Marriage

A Double Wedding
Ives - Keator and Rust - Broderick - Nov 24 1908

Pastor to Marry - 1913 - Rev. Wm. Sinclair and Charlotte S. Young

Booth - Wyckoff Nuptials - Oct 1908
Harry D. Booth and Miss Lena Wyckoff of Grand Gorge

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