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The Valley of "The Delaware", at Beerston, Walton, N.Y.

Back of Card

I came across this card in a bunch of pictures that belonged to my sister. My grandmother was Martha Hinkley Barnhart Mosher. Her first husband was Asa Barnhart. After Asa died she married Fred Mosher. Asa worked in the old acid factory and Fred was a foreman in the same. Asa was appointed Post Master of Beerston and upon his death Martha took this position and held it for many years. She was there until the residents were all forced to move. I spent many summers there at her home and loved the area. I still have many relatives who live in the area and visit when we can. We have a family reunion every few years that is usually held in Bainbridge.

Martha's children were: Mildred M. Barnhart Smith - my mother
  • Mary Barnhart Campbell
  • Arnold Barnhart
  • Paul Barnhart
  • Annabell Barnhart Eckert
  • Dorothy Barnhart Seaman

I have tried to figure out who the card was sent to and from but came up blank. These individuals are all deceased. I don't know if they were friends of the family or not. Unfortunately my sister has also passed on so I can not ask her.

--Herman L. Smith, Monroe, NC (Formally from Norwich, NY) - posted to this website October 10, 2013

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