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Abstracted from Gertrude Barber’s records by Linda Ogborn - posted on the website April 23, 2009



Date Of Will


Names Mentioned




Abel, Elias B.




Feb. 26, 1842


Mar. 28, 1843


Wife: Sally

Mother: Betsey Abel

Daughter: Jane Abel

Children of Decd. brother, Daniel


Beach Jennings




Abell, Betty




Jul 23, 1840


Nov. 16, 1840


Sons: Simon & Henry (who gets the Bible).

Daughters: Harriet (decd), former wife of Julius Thomas, Betsey Giles, Clarissa wife of Ralph Daniels

Gr. Ch: Albin, Theron and Almeda, children of Harriet & Julius Thomas


Ralph Daniels





Adams, Dingee




Oct. 5, 1840


Feb. 27, 1841


Wife: Anna

Mary Ann Jaquish

Lewis Jaquish son of Mary Ann

Peter Strawley

Hannah wife of Robert English, Jr.

Ann Eliza English dau. of Hannah & Robert English, Jr.


Anna Adams

Stoddard Stevens

of Harpersfield




Adee, Joshua




Oct. 21, 1841


Nov. 29, 1841


Wife: Elizabeth

Son: Richard


Elizabeth Adee

Richard Adee

John Peters




Andrews, Samuel




Sep. 7, 1838


Nov. 28, 1838


Wife: Elizabeth Mary

Sons: Daniel, James, Benjamin, Joseph, Wakeman, John, William, Andrew, Simon, Abraham & Burr

Daughter: Hannah wife of George B. Foot


Elizabeth Mary Andrews

Daniel Andrews




Andrews, Joseph




Nov. 3, 1842


Mar. 8, 1842


Brother: Daniel Grant


Daniel Grant




Andrus, Samuel




Nov. 9,1840


Nov. 7, 1842


Wife: Mary

Son: Eli


Ezekiel Whitlock

of Delhi

Orlando Mack

of Harpersfield




Avery, John




Dec 15, 1829


Oct 6, 1836


Wife, name not mentioned

Son: Robert

Daughters: Sally C., Polly Neeley, Lydia wife of David Bradley, Matilda, wife of Stephen Wilson and Roenna Boughton

Gr. Dau: Emeline Comstock


Andrew Craig of Bainbridge

Samuel Rexford of Sidney

Henry Ogden of Unadilla




Baldwin, Elijah




Aug. 14, 1828


Nov. 8, 1841


Wife: Clotilda

Sons: Boyl V.B., Abel & Sherman S.

Daughters: Polly, Clotilda & Betsey Griffin

Gr. Son: John, son of Abel Baldwin

Gr. Daus: Adeline and Angeline, daughters of Abel Baldwin


Boyd V. B. Baldwin




Barlow, Samuel




July 15, 1826


Apr. 9, 1836


Daughters: Mehetabel Lewis, Esther Sands, Anna Bloomer, Grace Burr, Phedina Hogaboom & Theodotia Cornwall

sons names not given

James H. Barlow and George S. Barlow

no relationship given


Charles Barlow




Barlow, David


Easton, Bristol Co.,



Sep. 1, 1838


Sep. 23, 1840


Mother: Abigail Barlow of Hamden

Father: William Barlow of Hamden

Brothers: George, William J. of Easton, Jonathan & George

Sisters: Rachel wife of Miles Beers

Matilda wife of Robert Leal

Emily Barlow


William Barlow, Jr.




Barlow, Samuel B.




May 24, 1846


June 26, 1846


Wife: Delia

Daughter: Mary White Barlow


Delia Barlow

James R. White

Shadrack White




Barnes, Elihu




Aug 31, 1835


May 2, 1836


Wife: Rachel

Sons: Elihu, Jr. & George Smith


Rachel Barnes

Abijah Bennet




Barnum, Joseph




May 15, 1837


Jul 1, 1837


Wife: Anna Maria

Brother-in-law: Hermon More

Nephews: David & Joseph Barnum and Joseph B. More

Chaney Smith, no relationship given


Anna Maria Barnum

Hermon More

Levi Seeley




Bartlett, Sluman




Jul 1, 1843


Jul 29, 1844


Wife: Polly

Son: Josiah (Money to him a gift from his grandfather St. John on acct of bearing his name)


Charles Bartlett


Ichabod Bartlett


Darius Seeley





Beach, Daniel




Aug. 16, 1838


Sep. 8, 1838


Wife: Lucinda

Son: Augustus

Daughter: Maria Betts


Obadiah Sands

Beach Jennings




Beard, Abijah




July 24, 1841


Apr. 18, 1842


Gr. Dau: Sally Ann Beard

Gr. Son: David Beard


David Beard




Beardsley, Baylor




Jan. 13, 1842


Apr. 18, 1842


Wife: Charlotte

Sons: John, Ephraim & Gideon

Daughters: Achsah Hamilton (decd)

Adah Starr, Polly Davis, Annis Brainard & Sally Beardsley

Gr. Dau: Sarah Davis


Gideon Beardsley

Ephraim Beardsley




Benedict, Hezron




Jan. 29, 1838


Feb. 12, 1839


Wife: Abigail Axtell Benedict


Abigail Benedict




Bennett, Ebenezer




Jan. 2, 1844


Jun 28, 1844


Sons: Ebenezer, Jr. & Abijah

Daughters: Eliza, Salloma, Sabrina, Elira & Susan

Dau.-in-law: Rhoda wife of Abijah Bennett


Abijah Bennett

Benjamin Dewey




Bindley, Daniel




Oct 20, 1842


Mar. 27, 1843


Wife: Polly

Son: Almond D.

Daughters: Eliza Lindley & Aurilla Hayes


Almond D. Lindley




Birdsall, Elemuel




July 18, 1834


June 6, 1838


Sons: John, Mikel, Benjamin, Oliver, William

Daughters: Abigail, Nancy, Liddy, Cloe, Sarah


Oliver Birdsall





Boomhower, Jacob




Aug 25, 1832


Sep 2, 1834


Wife: Mary

Sons: Jacobt & Abijah G.

Daughters: Naoma, Polly, Jemima & Catherine


Mary Boomhower

Aaron Gregory

Elijah Whitney




Borst, Michael




Dec. 2, 1841


Feb. 10, 1842


Sons: Andrew Jackson Borst &

Charles W. Borst


Marcus Borst

of Cobleskill, NY

Thomas Sawyer

of Cobleskill, NY




Bostwick, Ammon




Jul 17, 1835


Nov 23, 1835


Wife: Lucinda

Sons: Milton & Homer

Daughter: Lucinda Jane

Brothers: Jabez , David B. & Abel


Lucinda Bostwick

Jabez Bostwick

Milton Bostwick




Bowers, Azel




Feb. 17, 1843


June 25, 1847


Sons: Azel G. & Beriah


Azel G. Bowers

Beriah Bowers

Isaac Platt




Bradley, Darwin B.




Mar. 2, 1846


Mar. 23, 1846


Sister: Arabella R. Strong

Brother: Henry C. Bradley

Children of Sister Arabella: Henry b. Strong and infant daughter not yet named


Henry B. Bradley

Abiel O. Williams




Bradley, Henry C.




Jul 17, 1846


Nov. 9, 1846


Wife: Lucy Ann


Lucy Ann Bradley




Brill, Phillip




Aug. 19, 1839


Nov. 14, 1844


Wife: Anna

Daughters: Polly, Amy, Cynthia, Hannah, Betsey & Phebe


Anna Brill




Bristol, Candace




Jun 12, 1835


Feb 18, 1836


Candace, dau. of Enos Bell

Polly Bell, Clarisaa Gibbs, Richard B. Bell, Lois Gaylord, Precila, Louisa, Charles, Richard, Calvin Sylvester, Rosa, Almira, children of Joseph W. and Candace Bell, decd.


Cyrenus Gibbs, brother




Brush, Alexander




Feb. 6, 1838


Sep. 7, 1840


Aug. 13, 1842


Sons: Jacob & Alexander

Daughters: Hannah Bailey, Bathsheba Beers, Esther Coulter, Nancy wife of Ezra Beardsley & Priscilla wife of Cornelius Davis

Gr. Sons: Alexander, son of Priscilla & Cornelius Davis, Alexander Brush son of Jacob & Alexander B. Coulter, son of Esther Coulter


Alexander Brush, Jr.

James Cowan




Buell, Orange




Feb. 9, 1836


Feb. 8, 1839


Sons: John & David

Daughters: Clarissa, wife of Anson S. Foote & Betsey Buell

Gr. Son: William son of John Buell

Brothers: Calvin & Abel

Friend: Ira McCall


David Buell of Franklin,

Beach Jennings of Franklin & George Green




Burhans, John E.




Mar 30, 1838


May 4, 1838


Wife: Hannah

Sons: Edward J., Dubois, Henry Clay & Richard P.

Daughters: Ann and Sarqah, widow of Reuben Frisbee

Gr. Children: Dubois & Sarah Frisbee


Edward J. Burhans

Dubois Burhans

Jacob Newkirk

(son -in-law)




Burhans, Dubois




Oct. 4, 1844


May 7, 1845


Wife: Jane (She gets the Bible)

Son: Edward

Daughter: Maria Augusta

Adopted Daughter: Huldah Delong

Nephew: Dubois Frisbee


Edward J. Burhans


Nathaniel Hathaway





Burroughs, Eden




Mar 1836


Sep. 7, 1841


Wife: Rachel

Sons: Chauncey A. & Hiram

Daughters: Abigail wife of John Kelly

Mary wife of German Titus

Olly wife of Daniel Montgomery


Chauncey A. Burroughs

Hiram Burroughs

John Kelly




Butler, John




Dec. 4, 1837


Apr. 30, 1838


Wife: Martha


Jetur Gardiner

Hiram B. Goodrich




Butler, Daniel




May 10, 1841


Oct. 14, 1841


Wife: Mary

Sons: John, Uriah, Daniel & James N.

Daughters: Phebe Allen, Mary A. Bennettt, Sarah Julia McLean & Esther Allen


Mary Butler

John N. & Daniel Butler




Campbell, James




Sep. 10, 1842


Feb. 20, 1845


Sons: Samuel & William

Daughters: Sarah Youngs, Elizabeth Hamilton & Ellen C. McMurdy

Dau.-in-law: Ann wife of William Campbell

Gr. Sons: James C. Young

James M. Campbell


William Campbell




Chase, Nathan




May 16, 1834


Nov 13, 1834


Wife but no name

Sons: Nathan, Jr., Abner, David & Abel

Daughters: Polly Williams & Hannah Butler


Nathan Chase, Jr.

David Chase




Clark, Josiah




May 18, 1825


Mar 26 1835


Wife: Hannah

Daughter: Hannah wife of James Montgomery


James Montgomery

Calvin Howard




Clark, Dan




Mar. 26, 1834


May 15, 1834


Wife: Clarissa

Mother-in-law: Mrs. Keziah Wattles

Sons: Charles, Dan & Orimel

Daugher: Violett Knapp


Abraham Squires of Franklin




Clark, John




Oct 22, 1837


Mar. 27, 1839


Wife: Jenny

Sons: Robert & Alexander

Daughters: Ann & Peggy


Robert S. Marshall, James Clark & William McMillin,

all of Hobart


About 60 yrs. old


Clark, Hugh




Nov. 5, 1830


July 8, 1840


Wife: Sally

William Clark, Eleanor Clark, Mary Young, Margaret McArrah, Jennett Key, Isaac Clark & Catherine Drummond

No relationship given


James Cowan of Bovina

John Hume




Clum, George




Aug. 8, 1843


Sep. 1, 1846


Wife: Nelly

Daughter: Frances J. Clum


Nelly Clum

T. W. Hanford




Corbin, Daniel C.




Jan. 13, 1843


Sep. 2, 1843


Wife: Phebe


Phebe Corbin




Cornwall, James




Sep. 7, 1838


Dec. 31, 1838


Nephews: William & Richard Cornwall


William & Richard Cornwall




Cowan, Andrew




Oct. 28, 1835


Dec. 8, 1836


Wife (no name)

Sons: Andrew, Adam L. & jhames

Daughters: Elizabeth, Jenet, Helen, Isabel & Margaret


Adam L. Down

Adam Douglas


Walter Beggar


David Claperton





Cowan, Hector




Nov. 16, 1842


Oct. 3, 1844


Sons: John, James, Andrew & William (decd)

Daughters: Mary wife of John Kortright. Grant & Agnes wife of Duncan J. Grant

Gr. Children: Children of William (decd) - Hector, William, Betsey Ann, John, Frances, Isabella Cowan


John Cowan




Cranston, Samuel




Dec. 30, 1836


Aug. 9, 1841


Wife: Eunice

Son: William

Daughter: betsey


Betsey Cranston

Ira Hick




Darling, John




May 12, 1843


Mar. 2, 1845


Wife: Catharine Clement Darling

Son: Andrew

Daughters: Margaret (decd), Elizabeth Wryte and Catherine George


Catherine C. Darling

Adam L. Cowan




Dart, Jeremiah




Aug 31, 1833


Jan 31 1834


Wife: Margaret

Sons: David Mack, Nelson Kellogg & Reuben Kelly






Davenport, Noah




Aug. 1, 1840


Nov. 4, 1840


Wife (Name not given)

Sons: William, Erastus, Ira & Charles

Daughters: Fanny Davis, Lydia Hotchkiss, Maria Dayton & Lucy Chaplin


William, Erastus, Ira & Charles Davenport




Davis, Nehemiah




Aug 14, 1828


Mar 24, 1834


Wife: Hannah

Son: Lyman

Daughter: Eunice Sackett


Lyman Davis




Davis, Samuel




Dec. 15, 1845


Aug. 24, 1846


Wife: Rhoda

Sons: Allen H. & Ebenezer

Daughter: Eliza Cunningham


Ebenezer Davis




Dayton, Allen M.




Aug. 21, 1845


Sep. 28, 1846


Mother (no name given)

Brothers: Hesekiah S. & Charles E.

Sister: Maxamilla Dayton


Michael Dayton

of Harpersfield




Doyl(e), Edward




Jan 8, 1833


Jan 28, 1838


Wife: Elizabeth

Sons: Edward, Jr., John and Samuel

Daughters: Elizabeth wife of Harvey D. May, Abigail, deceased, wife of Charles Leonard, Mary

Gr. Sons: John, son of Edward Doyl(e), Jr.


John Doyl(e)

Samuel Doyl(e)




Early, Gilbert




June 7, 1837


Oct. 4, 1837


Wife: Deborah

Sons: Edget, William, Gilbert, Elijah & Robert

Daughters: Mary, Nancy & Almira


Josiah Martin

William Lewis




Edgerton, Erastus




May 24, 1837


July 15, 1837


Wife (No name given)

Sons: Erastus S. & Thomas H.

Daughters: Elizabeth S. & Mary Jane


Erastus S. Edgerton

John Edgerton (Brother)




Edwards, Danial




Feb. 9, 1836


Feb. 14, 1837


Wife: Hannah

Son: Danial

Daughters: Maria wife of Thomas Burleson

Gr. Ch.: Sarah and Harriet, children of daughter Lucy Babcock

Neonida and Annie, children of daughter Hannah Hamilton

Mary child of daughter Clarissa Champlin


Daniel Edwards




Ellis, Lewis




Aug. 14, 1840


Oct 19, 1840


John Ellis

no relationship given

Daughters: Lillie Ellis & Hannah Ballard


John T. Mead

Nathan Jenkins 2nd




Elmer, Electa




Jun 16, 1836


Feb 28, 1837


Sister: Sarah G. McCrea Wait

Children of sister: Sarah, Hannah Margaret, Mary Augusta, William S. McCrea Wait


Ebenezer Smith of Masonville

David Wait




Elwood, John H.




Mar 19, 1842


Oct 1 1842


Wife: Susan


Susan Elwood

James Elwood





Erwin, James D.




Apr. 30, 1845


Jun 2, 1845


Wife: Jane L.

Son: John T.

James E. Arbuckle son of friend Thomas Arbuckle


Thomas Arbuckle




Fenn, Stephen




May 23, 1833


May 10, 1834


Sons: Decius Southmayd Fenn

George Addison Fenn

Frederick Augustus Fenn

Elbridge Burke Fenn

William Skinner Fenn

Daughter: Emeline Cornelis wife of Rev. J. B. Hoyt


Frederick Fenn

Elbridge B. Fenn




Fenton, David




Mar 17, 1845


Sep 17, 1843


Brothers: Peter, John, William & James

Sister: Elizabeth Andrson

Nieces: Ellen Monteith & Jennett Duff Tilford wife of Charles

Children of Jennett & Charles Tilford: Isabella, Thomas, Margert B., Daniel Fenton Tilford


Jennett Tilford

Charles Tilford




Fields, Christopher




Dec 20, 1843


Apr 27, 1844


Wife: Charlotte


Charlotte Fields




Fisher, Gleason




Mar 18, 1846


Jun 18, 1846


Wife: Sally

Son: Roman H.

Daughters: Mariett & Carolina J.

Gr. Son: Daniel G., son of Gilbert Lefevre


Roman H. Gleason




Fitch, Hiram




Jun 3, 1843


Sep. 14, 1843


Wife: Maria

Nephew: Hiram F. Benedict


Maria Fitch

Thadeus Fitch

Walter Hanford




Follett, James




Apr. 23, 1834


Nov. 15, 1837


Wife: Maria Ann

Sons: Sluman, James, Ralph & Thomas A.

Daughters: Hannahy Fitch, Huldah Handford, Bethone Dewey, Mehitable Hunt, Harriet Thompson


Sluman Follett

Thomas Follett




Foote, Daniel




June 16, 1840


Oct 19, 1840


Wife: Betty

Daughters: Nanny Bennett, Nancy Griffin & Lucia Foote, decd.


Betty Foote




Forman, James




Nov. 4, 1841


May 22, 1841


Wife: Abigail


Abigail Forman




Forrest, Robert




Apr. 4, 1837


Apr. 20, 1846


Wife: Mary


Mary Forrest

Stephen A. Rich

of New York City

Dr. Robert S. Marshall

of Delaware County

James Rich

of Delaware County




Fuller, Nathan




Apr. 19, 1845


Jan. 26, 1846


Wife: Chloe

Sons: Thomas B., Ransom, John D., Hiram & Lorimer

Daughters: Chloe Fuller, Rachel Gesell, Phebe Bogart, Loretta wife of Jarod G. Monfort


Ransom Fuller

Jarod G. Monfort




Ganoung, John




Jun 20, 1847


Jun 28, 1847


Wife: Abigail

Sons: John R., Devoe, Horace, Kniffin, Ebenezer & Henry

Daughter: Hannah Adams

Gr. Son: John son of Hannah & Morris Adams

Gr. Dau: Hannah Brandon


Horace Ganoung

John Ganoung




Gardiner, Jerusha




Mar. 20, 1843


Oct. 17, 1844


Eliza Gardiner, Eunice Gardiner & Susan Gay (no relationship given)


None mentioned




Gleason, James




Jan 14, 1831


Jan 21 1835


Wife: Lovina

Sons: fisher, William, James & Wallace

Daughter: Lucretia


Fisher Gleason




Goodrich, Isaac




Apr 19, 1827


Aug. 29, 1838


Wife: Sarah

Son: Hiram B.


Sarah Goodrich

Hiram B. Goodrich




Grant, Alexander




Mar. 30, 1831


Sep. 13, 1834


Sons: John A., Alexander A., William, Robert

Daughters: Fanny, Elizabeth, Garnet

Gr. Son: Alexander, son of John a. Grant


Duncan A. Grant




Grant, James




Mar. 1820


Mar. 1, 1842


Sons: Duncan J. & James J.

Daughters: Maryann, Mary, Barbara & Janet

Son-in-law: John a. Grant and his children


Duncan J. Grant

Alexander Cummings




Grant, Donald




Sep. 6, 1822


Dec. 27, 1844


Wife: Elizabeth

Sons: James D., Donald D., Alexander, John D. & Robert D.

Daughters: Jennett Grant & Margery McKenzie


Alexander Cummings

Alexander Grant, Jr.




Gregory, Nehemiah




June 25, 1840


Sep. 2, 1841


Sons: John, Henry, Jehiel, Nehemiah, Isaac & William

Daughter: sally Butts

Gr. Son: Milton Storm


Henry Gregory

Jehiel Gregory

William Gregory




Grenell, Chapman




Mar 9, 1829


Mar 19, 1834


Wife: Elizabeth

Son: John

Daughters: Sarah and Asceneth Grenell, Joanna Coe, wife of Saxton, Clarissa D. Burdick


Saxton Coe




Griffin, Deborah




May 6, 1845


Nov. 17, 1846


Half Sister: Armelia Griffin


Armelia Griffin




Grummon, Ebenezer



Schoharie Co.


Sep. 30, 1828


July 10, 1835


Wife: Anna

Sons: Ebenezer, Samuel & John

Daughters: Hannah Linore (Linone)

Louisa Shored & Ruth Davis

Heirs of Caleb Grummon


Anna Grummon

William B. Champlin




Hamilton, Talmon




Oct 7, 1838


Jun 26, 1839


Wife: Jerusha

Sons: Homer W., Harry R., Hymen A. & Hosea A.

Daughters: Hannah E., Harriet E. & Helen J.


Homer W. Hamilton

Harry R. Hamilton

Hosea A. Hamilton




Hamilton, Oliver




Dec. 2, 1841


Jul 30, 1847


Sons: David & Eurial

Daughters: Mary wife of John Merrill, Agnes wife of Herman Hulburt & Anna Hamilton

Gr. Son: Lewis A. Bennett & Leonides R. Hamilton

Gr. Daus: Lydia A. Hamilton dau. of son David: Cynthia Ann, Eliza Jane, Rachel A. & Esther L.


Eruial Hamilton

Heman Hulburt





Hamilton, Jane




Apr. 5, 1847


Jul 21, 1847


Sons: John, Walter & Robert

Daughters: Eleanor, Hannah & Jenett Scott

Gr. Children: Jane Ann Scott, Hamilton Scott children of Jennett Scott & Robert Scott Hamilton & James Hamilton son of John


Eleanor Hamilton

Almira Fitch

of Delhi




Hanford, Stephen Brundage, M.D.




Apr. 11, 1842


June 20, 1842


Mother and Father

Wife: Nancy

Sister: Mary Jane Hanford

Brother: John G. Hanford


John Erkson

of Hobart

Nancy Hanford




Hannah, William




Jan. 13, 1840


Nov. 25, 1840


Wife: Grace

Sisters: Jane Hannah & Mary, wife of John B. McClaughry

Rev. William McAuley

Rev. Ebenezer Kortright. Maxwell

James More, Sr.

Margaret W. Arbuckle

Jane Arbuckle

(No relationships given)


Grace Hannah

Gurdon H. Edgerton

Anthony M. Paine




Hardenburgh, John




Jun 8, 1833


Feb 24, 2834


Wife: Sally

Brothers: Lewis & George G.

Sisters: Frances Baker, Margaret Wyckoff, Elizabeth, wife of Charles Wands, heirs of deceased sister Catherine Wands






Harkness, Thomas




Apr. 2, 1838


Jun 5, 1838


Wife: Margaret

Sons: John, William & Thomas J.

Daughters: Esther McAuley, Letty, Eliza and Mary Ann


Edward R. Sixsmith

James Bell Harkness




Harper, Samuel




Sep. 14, 1834




Wife: Agnes

Sons: Samuel & John

Daughters: Margaret, Agnes, Jane & Mary Eliza


John Harper

Samuel Harper




Harper, Henry




Apr. 9, 1843


Oct. 20, 1845


Wife: Elizabeth Patten Harper

Sons: William Henry James & Benjamin Parker Harper

Daughter: Mary


Elizabeth P. Harper

William Parker




Hawley, Sherman


Philadelphia County,



Feb. 7, 1837


May 26, 1841


Wife: Margaret Bright Hawley


Margaret Bright Hawley

Peter Pine

of Deposit


Formerly of Delaware County


Heath, Milo




May 16, 1843


June 27, 1843


Wife: Betsey

Sons: Harry P. & Edward Elisha

Daughter: Ann Eliza


Betsey Heath

Harry P. Heath

Noah M. Hamble




Hilton, Nathan




July 12, 1832


Juy 26, 1837


Wife: Mary

Sons: Peleg H., William P. & Elial

Daughters: Eunice Reynolds

Sally Renolds

Priscilla Reynolds (dec.d)


Robert McFarland & William P. Hilton




Hinman, Titus




Aug. 2, 1843


Sep. 20, 1844


Wife: Ruth

Daughters: Johannah wife of Marvine Tyler, Electa Hinman

Gr. Dau: Sally Hinman

Cyrus Hinman, titus B., Abraham C. & Amos Hinman


Amos Hinman

Marvine Tyler




Houghtaling, John




May 31, 1837


Sep 29, 1844


Wife: Polly

Sons: Henry, James & John

Daughters: Nancy Houghtaling, Catherine Youngs, Charity Hitchcock, Rebecca Crawford, Rachel Brown, Betsey Orr (decd)


John Houghtaling, Jr.

Henry Houghtaling




Hubbard, Joel




Apr 7, 1829


May 8, 1835


Wife: Rachel

Sons: John and Joel

Daughter: Sally Hubbard

Nabby Bradley (No relationship given)


John Hubbard




Hubbard, Michael




Nov. 12, 1839


Feb. 17, 1845


Wife: Nelly Awl

Sons: Isaac, Enos, Davis & Eleazer

Daughters: Hannah Odell & Sally Knapp

Gr. Ch: Maria, Emily & John Odell

Enoch Hawking (no relationship given)


Isaac Hubbard

Davis Hubbard




Hughston, James




Jan. 21, 1843


Jun 29, 1847


Wife: Lucy

Sons: Mason W., William J., Robert S., Jonas A. Nathaniel & James

Daughters: Eliza, Jane, Mary & Cornelia


Lucy Hughston

Robert S. Hughston

Jonas A. Hughston




Hull, William




May 21, 1841


Oct. 7, 1841


Sons: Henry, Damon, Almon, George, William Emerson & Daniel Webster

Daughters: Mary Ann wife of Jacob Coffin

Caroline wife of William Bookhout &

Sally Hull


James R. Hull


Daniel N. Jaquish





Humphrey, Benjamin




Apr. 2, 1841


July 29, 1841


Wife: Mary

Son: George


Wearam Willes

of Masonville

Erastus Parker

of Masonville




Hunt, Ambose




Jul 6, 1844


Mar. 27, 1845


Wife: Lillah

Daughters: Hannah wife of Andrew Kendall, Lycia c. wife of George H. Edgerton and Susan M. Hunt

Servant: Sally Davis


Susan M. Hunt

Lewis Mills




Huyck, Isaac




Jun 29, 1820


Jan 9, 1834


Sons: Peter & Jacob

Daughters: Antis & Catalyncia

Gr. Dau.: Susanna, dau. of Jacob


Peter Huyck




Huyck, John




Feb. 3, 1834


Mar 6, 1847


Daughters: Mariah, Sophia, Betsey & Hannah


Daniel E. Smith




Jackson, Medad




Feb. 18, 1844


Jul 15, 1844


Wife: Carrinna

Son: Henry

Ellen Gelusha, Lewis Tappan, Charles Dennison & Joshua Leavitt


Henry Jackson

William Stillson




Jaquish, Nathan B.




July 24, 1837


Aug. 25, 1837


Wife: Mariah

Sons: Nelson, Perry, Hiram & Jeremiah


Mariah Jaquish &

Obediah W. Monger




Jaquish, John




Sep 13, 1842


Mar. 28, 1846


Daughter: Sarah wife of George McIntosh


George McIntosh

David Aitkin




Jenkins, Lewellen




June 2, 1841


Nov. 1, 1841


Wife: Patience

Son: Lewellan, Jr.

Daughter: Hannah


Anson S. Cobb

Adam S. Cowan




Johnston, Hugh




Mar 4, 1831


May 3, 1837


Wife: Lydia

Sons: Hugh, Jr., William, David Abner

Daughters: Almira & Betsey


Levi Baxter of Sidney

Hugh C. Johnston of Sidney

David McMaster of Bainbridge




Jones, William




Jun 26, 1841


Dec. 5, 1843


Sons: George & Adam Kortright.

Daughters: Margaret, Ann Eliza Jones, Margery McNaught & Jean Ann McMarclay


George Jones

Ann Eliza Jones




Jones, Philander




Nov. 11, 1846


May 31, 1847


Sons: George, Henry & Charles

Daughter: Abigail A.


None Mentioned




Ketchum, Samuel




Oct. 11, 1826


June 28, 1841


Kinsman John M. Betts


John M. Betts




Kilpatrick, Richard




Jun 18, 1836


Jul 30, 1838


Wife: Jannet

Sons: Richard, George, Robert, William, Peter, John & James

Daughters: Maryann, Elizabeth, Catherine McMurry & Hannah Page


Peter Kilpatrick

David Orr

Peter P. Grant




Knapp, Silas




Apr 5, 1833


May 24, 1834


Wife: Amelia

Sons; Charles, Augustus R. & Smith

Daughters: Charlotte & Amelia


Augustus R. Knapp

Smith Knapp

(Both of NYC)

Clark H. Goodrich of Windham




Kneeland, Daniel




May 20, 1842


Oct 2, 1842


Wife: Grace

Sons: William , Benjamin & Isaac

Daughters: Grace M., Anna H., Caroline, Sophia Mann

Gr. Sons: Joseph H. Kneeland son of William


Grace Kneeland

Benjamin Kneeland




Lamb, Patrick




Aug 21 1828


Mar 8, 1837


Wife: Susannah (Bible goes to wife)

Son: Edmund

Daughters: Prudence & Abigail

Samuel Lewis gets the small Bible


Susannah Lamb

Samuel Andrus

Ezra Hait





Lamb, John




Jan 3, 1844


Mar 22, 1844


Wife: Hannah

Son: John J. Lamb

Gr. Ch: John Lamb, 2nd & Harriet M. Lamb


John J. Lamb




Laussat, Anthony



(formerly of Philadelphia)


May 10, 1826


July 15, 1834


Wife: Jane






Leal, James




May 23, 1841


Sep. 4, 1841


Wife: Sarah

Sons: Richard & Robert

Daughters: Ann Clark, Lydia Harkness, Sarah Lawson, Ellen H. Maynard & Catherine B. Leal

Gr. Sons: James W. Leal &

James & Lydia Harkness

Gr. Daus: Eleanor Ann Leal

Martha, dau. of Lydia Harkness

Margaret McLaughry


John Clark

Robert Leal

of Delhi

Ellen H. Leal

of Delhi




Leal, Helen




Mar 7, 1842


Oct 31, 1843


Sons: James G., Robert B., Henry & Daniel

Daughter: Ann Smith

Gr. Son: William & Charles, sons of Robert Leal


James G. Leal

Henry Leal


Widow of Henry Leal


Leavenworth, Henry


Brevet General & Colonel in Jefferson Barracks, 3d Regt. of Inf.


May 4, 1830


Jul 8, 1838


Wife: Harriet

Daughter: Alida


Harriet Leavenworth




Lindsley, Nehemiah




Jul 11, 1835


Oct 12, 1835


Wife: Mary

Sons: David, Samuel, Agar, Ezra & Cyrus

Daughters: Rachel wife of John Holmes, Hannah & Abigail Lindsley

Gr. Son: Ephraim L. son of Rachel & John Holmes


Samuel C. Lindsley

John Holmes

Abigail Lindsley




Lockwood, Abraham




Sep. 3, 1842


Jan. 23, 1843


Wife: Elizabeth B.

Daughters: Sarah Nutelia, Jane Ann & Nelly Katherine


Elizabeth B. Lockwood




Lord, John




Aug. 30, 1837


Dec. 19, 1837


Sons: John, Jr., Freeman A., James A., & Richard

Daughters: Hannah, wife of Moses Patty

Phebe wife of Erastus Minard

Diana wife of James Humphrey

Lucinda Lord

Gr. Son: John, son of Diana & James Humphrey


John Lord, Jr.




Lynch, Sally




Mar. 24, 1842


July 18, 1842


Son: Patrick Lynch


Patrick Lynch




Mallison, Roswell




Mar 16, 1845


Oct 2, 1845


Wife: Elizabeth

Son: Prentice

Daughters: Eunice Mallison. Sophia Warm, Sally Warner & Betsey Stoddard

Gr. Son: Francis Avery Mallison


Eunice Mallison




Mann, Chloe




Nov. 1, 1832


Oct 27, 1845


Son: Horace A.

Daughter: Clarissa Loveland, widow

Gr. Son: Whitney M. Tupper

George W. Mann (He gets the Bible)


Horace A. Mann

Beach Jennings




Maxfield, William




Feb. 4, 1841


Mar. 11, 1841


Wife: Hopesteel


Darius Naples




Maxon, Phineas V.




Oct. 5, 1833


Jan. 9, 1834


Sons: Vernon, Ira, Reynolds, Nelson, Alteron P., William C. & Demaris

Daughter: Phebe Weaver

Gr. Son: Stephen Maxon Weaver


Luther Butts

John Forman




Maxwell, Joshua




Aug. 30, 1841


Jun 1, 1844


Wife: Elizabeth

Daughters: Elizabeth Ann & Juliette


Elizabeth Maxwell

James Paine

Herman D. Gould




Maynard, Stephen




Nov 16 1821


Apr 30, 1834


Wife: Rebecca

Sons: Thomas, Coley, Orrin & Brooks

Daughter: Sally

Gr. Son: Erasmus Cowley


Rebecca Maynard &

Coley Maynard




McClelland, Samuel




Mar. 21, 1840


Oct 7, 1841


Wife: Nancy

Sons: Matthew, William & John

Daughters: May, Jane, Eliza & Nancy


Robert Adair

James Adair




McCollough, Elizabeth




Jan. 11, 1834


June 10, 1842


Nephew: James Brown

Sisters: Jane McIlwain & Eleanor Campbell

Ann Colllins Athe girl that I have brought up@


Samuel Campbell




McGregor, Charles




Oct 25, 1843


Mar 30, 1846


Wife: Jennet

Sons: Daniel, Robert, William & John

Daughters: Margaret, Grace & Mary


Daniel McGregor

Peter Kilpatrick




McLean, Charles




Mar. 16, 1839


Nov. 7, 1839


Wife: Jane

Sons: Archibald, Alexander, Hector, John T. & Charles

Daughters: Jane Ann & Mary


Jane McLean

David More




McMinn, David




Jan. 23, 1847


May 10, 1847


Sons: James, Daniel, John, Ira & David

Daughters: Eliza Ann Hait, Mary Ann wife of John Ferguson, Sarah wife of Timothy Goodwin & Margaret McMinn


Seth Kelso

of Kortright

John Ferguson of Salem, Washington Co. NY



Aged 64 years


McMullen, Angus




July 22, 1841


Jan. 23, 1843


Wife: Grace

Sons: John & Daniel

Daughter: Nancy


Daniel Lamont

Robert Smith




McMullin, Archibald




Aug. 10, 1844


Jul 26, 1847


Wife: Lucretia

Daughters: Ann Melissa McMullin &

Sally Ann Menchester, formerly Hodges, wife of John A. Manchester of Clarendus, Orleans Co., NY

Sister: Elizabeth Trupel formerly wife of John Burdick, decd., present wife of Phineas Trupel of Fredonia, Ohio,

Jane wife of James Ranstead of Michigan, Clarissa Bullock, dau. of Daniel & Mary A. Bullock of Harpersfeild, no relation given


William E. Webster

of Franklin




McNaught, Archibald




July 5, 1837


Oct. 9, 1837


Wife: Henrietta

Sons: Malcolm, John & Andrew

Daughter: Catharine


John McNaught of Bovina, brother

Malcolm McNaught of Bovina




McQueen, Peter




Nov. 3, 1845


Mar. 16, 1846


Margaret McKee (Compensation for her services)

Adam Cochrane (Boy living with him)

Jane Ann Burgess (Friend)

Brother: Donald McQueen

Sisters: Jane, Ann McQueen, living in Elgain, Marrishire, Scotland


Benjamin Parker

of Davenport

John Burgess




Mekell, Tunes




July 5, 1834


Aug 21, 1834


Wife: Mary

Sons: John, Charles, Joseph & George

Daughters: Phebe, Patty, Betsey, Eramina

Phebe wife of James S. Baker


John Mekell




Merwin, Henry C.




Mar 17, 1846


Apr. 10, 1846


Mother: Nancy Merwin

Wife: Isabella

Son: William B.

Daughter: Nancy


Isabella Merwin

William Blakely

Edwward Sixsmith




Mitchell, Archibald




Jan. 20, 1835


Apr. 2, 1838


Wife: Agnes

Son: William

Jane G., daughter of John Mitchell

Agnes M. and Margaret Robinsons, daughters of William

George Hutson

William Robinson


Agnes Mitchell

William Mitchell




Mitchell, Robert




Mar. 28, 1842


June 21, 1842


Wife: Sarah

Sons: William, John & Alexander

Daughters: Elizabeth, Jane, Rachel & Sarah


Sarah Mitchell

William Mitchell




More, Henry




July 20, 1833


Dec. 11, 1839


Sons: Henry, George & Andreas

Daughters: Hannah; Peggy wife of Ephraim Robinson & Mary wife of Peter Mabie


Andreas More

Henry More




Nichols, Thomas




Feb. 22, 1847


May 22, 1847


Wife: No name given

Son: Elijah C.

Daughters: Elizabeth Post & Ann Fuller


Elijah C. Nichols




North, Robert




Feb. 25, 1837


Aug. 28. 1837


Wife: Elizabeth

Son: Robert, Jr.

Daughters: Mary N. Bartlett former wife of Roswell Wright, dec.d.

Daughter-in-law: Betsey North wife of son Benjamin, dec.d

Gr. Children: Henry & Elizabeth Wright

Eliza Wheeler

Samuel North


Robert North, Jr.

Platt Townsend




Osborn, Eleaser




Apr. 4, 1843


May 30, 1843


Wife: Rhoda

Sons: Ebenezer, Levi B., Stephen, Orris, Ozra & Jedediah W.

Daughters: Elizabeth Hicks, Rhoda Post & Sarah Fancher

Gr. Children: Abigail Grenell, Levi O. Grenell & Eleazer Osborn


Eleazer Osborn

Levi Seeley




Owen, William




Aug. 2, 1837


Feb. 10, 1841


Wife: Dinah

Sons: William Jr. & Thomas

Daughter: Mary


William Owen, Jr.

Thomas Owen




Paige, George W.




Dec 4, 1833


Nov 25, 1834


Wife: Phebe






Parker, Amos




Oct 3, 1831


Jun 16, 1835


Wife: Betsey

Sons: Emert A., Stephen D., Henry W. & Smith S.

Daughters: Julia Ann & Polly M.


Betsey Parker

Dr. J. B. Cowles of Roxbury




Parsons, James




July 20, 1836


Jan. 12, 1846


Wife: Mary

John Shawn (no relationship given)


Mary Parsons

John Shawn




Peck, Hiram




Dec 30, 1834


Jun 30 1835


Wife: Jane

Sons: John, David, Hiram


William M. Peck of Blenheim




Phelps, Amy




Dec. 5, 1838


Aug. 4, 1840


George H. Phelps and Susan Elwood, children of David Phelps

Susanna Freeman daughter of Abel Phelps


Susan Elwood

George H. Phelps




Pierce, Ira




Oct 18, 1836


Dec 10, 1837


Wife: Emma

Sons: Darius A., Danial M.

(States there were 4 sons, names not given)

Daughter: Abigail Ellsworth

Gr. Children of deceased dau.: Bathsheba wife of Allen Wickham: Eunice, Benjamin, Philander & Anna

Bathsheba Pierce, dau. of James & Anna Pierce

Gr. Sons: Benjamin H., Tyley R., sons of decd. dau. Betsey & Perez Pierce

Gr. Sons: James, Simeon, Wilder, William & Benjamin


Samuel Pierce

Allen Wickham

Ira S. Birdsall




Pine, Peter




Jan. 20, 1847


Agu. 16, 1847


Wife: Phebe

Elizabeth wife of Conrad Edick, Jacob C. Edick, Jane Orr, roxany wife of Seth Hart, Pamelia Thomas dau. of Conrad Edick

(No relationship given)

Children of decd sister Mary: Peter B., Judith wife of George Wiltsie, Maria wife of christian VanVleet & Jemima wife of Isaac Brinkerhof.

Brother: Daniel Pine

Children of brother Daniel Pine: Susannah wife of Charles Hewitt, Phebe wife of William Mayo, Nancy wife of Caleb Dean, Martha wife of Calvin Cole, Sarah wife of Ezra Seward, Mary, Peter & Philip Pine.

Heirs of Betsey Wood wife of Benj. Austin.

Children of decd sister Sarah Underwood: Betsey, widow of Elial Austin, Phebe wife of David Prindle, Sarah widow of Jesse Banker, Elmira wife of Tillinghurst Wilbur, John, Philip, Peter, Isaac, James & Mary Ann Underwood.

Children of decd. sister Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Butler: Sarah wife of George Harper, Cloe wife of Calvin Williams, Eliza wife of Brazilla Marvine and Samuel P. Butler

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Phebe Pine

Peter P. Wright





Pine, Peter (con=d)








Sister:Phebe wife of Isaac Yeoman.

Children of Phebe & Isaac: Mariah, Harriet, William, Henry M., Hannah wife of Ezra Fortune, Sophronia wife of Peter P. Yeoman & Belinda wife of Isaac H. Yeoman.

Sister: Martha wife of Matthew Bramer and her children: Phebe wife of Daniel Edick, nancy wife of Dr. William Parke, Matthew P., Jemina & Peter P. Bramer















Reekie, Andrew




Mar 26 1816


May 16, 1836


Wife: Submit

Sons: Thomas, John, Andrew & Creary

Daughters: Susannah, Sally, Caroline, Polly Bangs, Peggy Brewer, Elizabeth Jetson, Elenor Manard, Agnes Taylor & Jane Brownal


Submit Reekie

John Banks

Noah Jetson




Rice, Henry




June 19, 1830


Dec. 14, 1841


Wife: Agnes

Sons: Samuel & John

Daughters: Jane Graham & Martha Hutchings


Samuel Rice

John Rice

Nehemiah Sanford



Dated Feb. 23, 1838-Wife Agnes & son Samuel have both died. Mentions Anne, wid. of Samuel; Henry son of Samuel & Anne.


Robertson, Jabez




May 28(?),1837


Oct 30(?),1839


Wife: Lucinda


Lucinda Robertson




Rose, Alexander




Apr. 6, 1839


Nov. 11, 1839


Wife: Mary

Sons: Hugh & John


None mentioned




Rose, Hugh




July 8, 1838


Dec. 15, 1841


Wife: Elizabeth

Sons: Hugh & Edmund

Daughters: Abigail & Catharine


Elizabeth Rose

Hugh Rose, Jr.




Salton, John




Nov. 22, 1839


July 16, 1841


Wife: Jane

Sons: John, William, Alexander & David

Daughters: Agnes, Joan, Christiana & Jane


Alexander Salton

David Salton




Scott, Janet




May 17, 1834


July 28, 1834


Sons: Walter, Adam, Thomas, Robert

Daughters: Elizabeth, Margaret, heir of daughter Janet


Walter Scott &

James Thompson (Son-in-law)




Scott, Robert




Dec 1, 1835


May 28, 1838


Wife: Mary

Sons: Robert, John & James

Daughters: Mary and Nancy Scott

Isabell wife of John McNaught

Betsy wife of Duncan McNaught


Robert Scott




Scott, Walter




Mar. 31, 1840


July 7, 1840


Wife: Maria

Sons: Adam in London; Walter, William, Thomas, Alexander & James

Daughters: Jennet & Elizabeth


Maria Scott

James Thomson, Jr.

James Coulter





Scott, James




Oct. 15, 1845


Feb. 10, 1846


Wife: Jane

Sons: John G., Joseph, William, Thomas, James, Henry, David, Samuel & Robert (decd)

Daughter: Jane G. Scott


Samuel Scott

David Scott




Seeley, Sterling




Mar. 9, 1842


Mar. 1, 1843


Wife: Clarissa

Son: Marcus

Daughters: Clarissa and Jane


Beach Jennings




Seward, Aaron




Mar. 12, 1838


Jan. 21, 1839


Wife: Lydia

Son: John


John Seward, son




Sexsmith, William




Apr 4, 1834


Dec 30, 1836


Wife: Mary

Sons: George S., Matthew & William

Daughters: Peggy, Letty, Esther, Nancy Harkness, Betsey McKeever, Mary Ann Smith


William Sexsmith

Matthew Sexsmith




Shaver, John




Mar. 7, 1843


Mar. 4, 1845


Wife: Elizabeth

Son: Jacob I.

Daughters: Catherine wife of Adonijah Stansbury & Sally White

Son-in-law: Adonijah Stansbury

Gr. Son: Abraham son of Catherine


Adam Shaver


Adonijah Stansbury





Shaw, Anna




Dec. 10, 1832


Mar. 27, 1834


Sons: John, William, Daniel & Alexander

Daughter: Isabella Frazer


Daniel Lamont of Delhi &

Anthony M. Paine




Sherman, Ira



Fairfield Co.,



Apr. 29, 1837


July 5, 1842


Wife: Hannah

Son: Ira Elijah

Daughter: Sarah wife of Charles Betts

Gr. Dau: Sarah Betts dau. of Sarah & Charles Betts


Hannah Sherman


Late of Sidney, Del. Co., NY.

Testator acknowledged the will as his in Sidney, Del. Co., NY on Mar. 23, 1842.


Sikes, Nathaniel




Jan 31, 1833


Jun 30, 1837


Wife: Mary

Daughters: Charlotte wife of Joel Tinker, Betsey, wife of Samuel Stevens, Aurelia, wife of Orange Graves

Gr. Son: Nathaniel S. Graves


Orange Graves




Simpson, Hugh




Nov. 19, 1841


Jan. 21, 1846


Wife: Rachel

Sons: William, James & John

Brothers: James Marshall & William Marshall

Sisters: Nancy & Agnes in Ireland


Abraham Becker

of Worchester, Otsego, NY

William Parker

of Davenport




Sisson, Jabez



Albany Co

New York


May 18, 1846


Mar 8, 1847


Sons: Joseph & Sanford

Daughters: Elizabeth Sisson, Ruth wife of Peleg Bell, Amy wife of Darius Blakeman, Paselia wife of John Day, Sally West & Nancy Lamereux

Gr. Son: John Sisson


John Becker

Elijah Abrams




Smith, John




Jun 22, 1835


Oct 20 1833


Wife: Jane

Sons: Robert & Daniel

Daughters: Christy & Margaret, Jane wife of David Chambers, Nancy wife of George McFarland, Genet wife of Archibald Ray

Gr. Sons: James Chambers son of Jane & David; Robert son of Robert Smith


Henry Smith

Platt Townsend




Smith, Peter P.




Jun 15, 1828


Oct. 3, 1838


Wife: Jane

Sons: Andrew & Peter

Daughters: Polly, Catherine, Nelly wife of Abraham Taylor, Betsey, wife of Peter Shelman & Huldah wife of Samuel McCrany


Peter Smith

Andrew Smith




Smith, John




Aug. 2, 1834


Nov. 36, 1835


Wife: Mary

Son: William

Gr. Son: John


Thomas Harkness




Smith, Natha




July 26, 1837


Sep. 1, 1840


Wife no name given

Sons: Nathan, Azor, Sidney, William & Wilson

Daughters: Hepsibah Church

Sally wife of Matthias Olmstead

Clarissa wife of Thomas Coughlin

Susan wife of John Fuller


Azor Smith

Charles S. Rogers of Sidney Plains




Smith, Peter




Sep. 25, 1841


Oct. 27, 1841


Wife: Roxa

Son: Thomas

Daughters: Nelly, Selma & Adelia

Harvey Smith

(No relationship given)


Peter Shellman

Harvey Smith




Sternbergh, George




Feb. 13, 1846


May 28, 1846


Wife: Mary M.

Sons: Addison, David & Peter (in Philadelphia)

Daughter: Nancy M. wife of Abra C. Crounce

Brother: Jacob


Mary M. Sternbergh




Stiles, Samuel




May 6, 1841


July 15, 1841


Wife: Dolly

Son: Squire

Daughters: Elizabth, Malvine (Malina) Wheeler & Catharine


Dolly Stiles,

James Stiles,

Benjamin R. Nickerson &

Simon Lusk




Stratton, Jesse




Jun 15, 1835


Jan. 10, 1839


Wife: Sally

Son: Daniel

Daughters: Minerva, Martha & Betsey


Sally Stratton




Taylor, Zalmon




Jan. 27, 1839


Apr. 17, 1839


Wife: Hannah

Sons: Zalmon, Jr., Hezekiah & David

Daughters: Rachel, wife of Smith Adams & Zozina Foote


David Taylor

Smith Adams




Teed, John




Mar. 17, 1832


Oct. 21, 1844


Wife: Fanny

Sons: Samuel J., James, Jesse & Lebbeus

Daughter: Phebe


Phebe Teed




Terry, Urbana




Apr. 8, 1831


Apr. 29, 1841


Wife: Huldah

Son: Urbana

Daughters: Ovanda wife of William Hood

Lucinda wife of John Hunter


Huldah Terry

Urbana Terry




Terry, Betsey




July 1842


Apr. 2, 1843


Son: Lewis L. (gets Bible)

Probable sons: Charles, John, Peter, James W. & Hezekiah Terry

Daughter: Polly Fowler


Lewis L. Terry

Edmund Kelly




Thomas, Aaron




Apr. 22, 1843


Aug. 30, 1843


Son: Ransom

Brother-in-law: John Hawke, Jr.


Benjamin Thoms





Thomson, Andrew




Dec. 21, 1842


Jan. 20, 1843


Wife: Jennett

Sisters: Jenny West & Nelly Mills

Father: John

Brothers: John A. & David W.


James Cowan

John Raitt




Thorp, Ezra




Dec. 3, 1833


Jan. 8, 1836


Brothers: Gershom, decd., Joseph, Thaddeus, decd., Nathan, Daniel

Sisters: Hannah Davis

Nephews: Joel S., son of Gershom

Joseph & Osborn, sons of Joseph

Ira son of Thaddeus

Walter & Daniel, sons of Daniel

Nieces: Phebe & Hannah, daus. of Thaddeus

Statira L. Ezra Thorp Patchin, Daniel Thorp Patchin, Davis S. Patchin

(no relationship given)


David S. Patchin




Townsend, Isaac




May 7, 1835


May 18, 1836


Wife: Mary

Sons: Smith, Isaac & William G.

Daughters: Belinda Beardsley, Louisa Dann, Julia Lupton, Ann E., Frances, Mary & Harriett


Mary Townsend

Isaac Townsend




Upson, Ezekiel




Feb 25, 1836


Oct 24, 1836


Sons: Joseph & Andrew B.

Daughters: Sally Sampson & Roxy Goodman

Gr. Dau: Elizabeth Payne

Sally and Nelson Payne, no relationship given


Andrew B. Upson

Thomas Goodman




Vandenburgh, Ezekiel




Jan. 18, 1837


Sep. 16, 1839


Wife: Polly

Son: Hezekiah

Daughters: Sophia Frazier, Hannah Plough, Betsey Bennett, Rachel Williams, Catherine & Sarah Vandenburgh


Albert O. Beers




VanKeuren, Matthew




May 10, 1841


Sep. 4 1845


Sons: Matthew, Jr., George, Henry Cornelius & Hicky B. (?)

Daughters: Eliza, Catherine, Elymas, Sarah, Jane & Phebe


Matthew VanKeuren, Jr.

Constantine A. Meredith

John VanSickler




Vaughn, John




May 16, 1836


Feb 13, 1837


Wife: Eleanor

Sons: John, Jr., Joseph & Jehiel

Daughters: Mary, Caroline, Jane Hilton & Eliza Packard


Eleanor Vaughn

James Smith




Wainwright, John




Dec. 23, 1840


Feb. 18, 1841


Wife: Catharine

Sons: Cornelius & Vincent

Daughters: Jane, Susan, Sally & Lois

Nephews: Joseph son of brother Daniel

John S., son of brother Hubbard (decd)


Soloman Jones

of Hancock,

Samuel Doyle

of Hancock




Wamsley, Christopher




Aug 30 1823


Jun 17, 1835


Wife: Phebe

Son: William

Daughters: Jean Murphy & Phebe

Gr. Son: Ephraim Hunting


Phebe Wamsley




Washburn, Ebenezer B.




Jul 7, 1840


Dec. 27, 1842


Wife: Coziah

Son: Joel

Daughters: Hannah, Elizabeth, Phebe, Melinda & Sarah

Gr. Son: James H. Washburn


Joel Washburn

Lemuel S. Earl




Weed, Jonathan




Dec. 26, 1836


Feb. 2, 1838


Wife: Susanna

Nephew: Daniel Weed


Daniel Weed




White, John




Jan. 31, 1845


Jan. 27, 1846


Sons: James, Robert & Peter


Robert Smith

of Delhi

David Lamont

of Andes




Wiesmer, George




Mar 15, 1839


Apr 29, 1844


Wife: Catherine

Sons: William & Samuel

Daughter: Maria


Catherine Wiesmer

William Wiesmer




Wilber, Oliver




Mar 18, 1827


Dec. 18, 1837


Sons: William B., Woodbridge S.,

Samuel R. & Buel S.

Daughters: Sarah Ann, Betsey, Huldah, Olive Robinson wife of Samuel


William B. Wilber

Buel s. Wilber

Samuel Robinson, Jr.




Williams, John




May 23, 2835


Jan. 11, 1841


Wife: Polly

Sons: LaFayette, Stephen & Henry

Daughter: Sabra


Polly Williams

Henry Williams




Wolcott, Thomas




Feb. 3, 1841


Apr. 24, 1841


Wife: Margaret

Sons: Cromwell, William, Enos & Linus

Daughters: Altamura Wheat

Huldah (Johnson) Jackson


Margaret Wolcott




Wood, Daniel




Dec. 17, 1841


Sep. 13, 1843


Son: Daniel, Jr.

Daughters: Hepzibah wife of John Weir and Sarah widow of Samuel Weir


Daniel Wood, Jr.

Alexander Daniel




Wooden, Henry




Jun 3, 1843


Jun 5, 1843


Wife: Hannah

Grandson: Ferris Burr son of daughter Hester


Hannah Wooden

Russell Wooden

Isaac Covert




Yaple, John Nicholas




Feb. 23, 1842


Apr. 3, 1846


Wife: Catherine

Sons: Peter & John

Daughters: Annah wife of Jacob J. Dixon

Eunice, wife of Charles Barlow

Sally wife of Benjamin Tremper

Helena (decd) wife of Adam Shaver, Jr.

Susannah (decd) wife of Charles Barlow

Gr. ch. of decd Helena Shaver

Gr. Son of decd. Susannah Barlow

Gr. Ch. son of Peter Yaple


John Yaple

Charles Barlow




Yaple, Phillip




Feb. 24, 1845


Aug. 24, 1846


Wife: Nelly

Sons: Abraham H., Henry & Samuel

Daughters: Rachel wife of Samuel Smith

Mary wife of Samuel Gunn

Gr. Children: Melissa wife of Richard Halcott, Merrick, Phillip, Louisa and Mary Jane Akerly


Samuel Akerly

William Sanford
























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