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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Pvt. Ervin Tuttle (letter 1/2)
Deposit C.S. class of 1941
Miami, Florida
May 2, 1943

Hi Coach,

Spending a little vacation at the Barbizon Hotel Miami Beach, Fla. Courtesy of Uncle Sam. The scenery down here is beautiful but quite different from the foothills of the Catskills. This weather down here is a great conditioner, I am down between 175-180 pounds. What a conditioner the calisthenics on the beach are! We have a beautiful obstacle course to run, in sand ankle deep. The first time I ran it I just about made the last obstacle and that was all, but now I can go all the way without too much trouble. The course is about 220 yards long and consists of three sets of hurdles, a twelve foot barrier, fifteen foot rope climb, a six foot ditch, and a 20 foot ladder we climb and jump from.

We have very good sports facilities. There are about 10 outdoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, softball diamonds, and some perfect tennis courts. The baseball games are played at Flamingo Park, where the Philadelphia Phillies used to train. The trainees down here are not allowed to play baseball unless they have had professional experience. Clarence (?Clott?) who was supposed to be the pitching sensation for the Browns this year, pitches for our flight. He is really good to, he most usually gets a two or three hitter. Have they decided to play interscholastic baseball at school this year? I hope so, because it's a lot more fun for the fellows who are good enough.

I will be here about 4 more weeks, to finish my basic training. Then I will be sent to a Weather Observor school. When I have finished my school training I hope to go to Officer Candidate School, my marks were plenty high enough to qualify for it. If my soldiering equals my marks, I think I can make it.

I guess I have written everything there is to write about Give my regards to Mrs. Fox.*

Ervin Tuttle
*[Ruth Fox]

Sgt. Ervin Tuttle (letter 2/2)
Salina, Kansas
March 9, 1945

Dear Coach,

Just received your latest report from the home front. It was one of the best yet, keep them coming. One thing I can't agree with you on however was the nineteen thirty-three baseball team being in a class by itself. If I remember correctly, we had a pretty good team in forty. Maybe our pitching was lousy, and the fielding didn't look like the Yankees, but you can't overlook the hitting. Six three hundred hitters! Thats pretty close to par on any course. We played some pretty good teams that year too. Maybe not the best all around, but the nearest thing to "murderers row" we ever had at Deposit. VanPelt* and Buck* were a mighty good one two punch, show me one like that in thirty-three.

I guess thats enough on baseball, of course I could go on about football and basketball I think it will be sufficient to tell Bucky* he is just an old timer living on memories like all the rest. If Deposit ever had a basketball player to compare with Pete* it must have been before nineteen thirty, I don't remember him. Well as I gave to get up in the morning and brief a B-29 flight I guess I'll sign off for this time. By the way I am in Kansas not Missouri, I'm not that lucky. Besides it's not true that we miss our forecasts by a week. Its never over six days.


*[Pete VanPelt, Paul Buck]

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