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Transcribed by James Fox, December 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

T/5 Charles E. Schumacher (letter 1/7)
Deposit CS Class of 1942
Fort Monmouth, New Jersey

April 26, 1944

Dear Coach:
Very glad to hear from you. When I saw you Sat. I hadn't as yet received the letter from you.

I like your idea of this letter business. It will keep us posted on what goes on back in D.C.H.S. I for one will always look back on the happy days I spent in school. I only wish I was back in school again. I don't believe it about you being so old.

I've heard a lot about the new coach and I really wondered exactly what he is like and how he manages to handle the fellows You see I hear he doesn't do a very good job with his children. I know Miss Doolittle of course and Miss V. Kellet.

Boy the teachers really did get around didn'they. While I was in school I had Mr. Schroeder and Mr. Kent and oh yes I also had Mr. Bollinger. Well I have been around quite a lot in this country and I will soon be getting some time in overseas. Our training is pretty confidential in fact before we can go in the school for it we have an F.B.I. investigation. I'll be carrying the ball in some permanent Army headquarters. I don't like it very much in fact I don't like it at all Here I thought even if I did get washed out of the flying end I'd still make a damn good gunner, and now they have it all planned to stick me behind a desk in a white color job.

We all will accept your invitation for that bull session you mentioned and the sooner it comes about the sooner the war will be over, or (vice versa).

Boy do they give us typewriting we have two continual hours of it every day including Sat. The first couple of days my wrists were so dead I thought they would fall off. I am used to it now so I'am comming along. I took typing way back in 1937 when I first got in High School. We also use records so we will develop rhythm. Pretty good method too.

I think your letter is a great idea and it covers the things we want to hear about.

If I think of an idea I'll tell you about it. Maybe you ought to ask the fellows to vote on some of the girls to see who is the pin up girls of the Deposit fellows in the service.

Well must close. Don't get much time for writing any more.


T/5 Charles Schumacher (letter 2/7)
Ft. Monmouth, N.J.

June 30, 1944

(letterhead): AMERICAN RED CROSS

Dear Coach:

Well I'am at it again. Tonight is my last night out here in the field. I have been getting what the Signal Corp termed a three weeks of good training. Not very good but I can't expect much where I am. We go in to our camp to morrow and are supposed to get a five day pass only hope this comes through.
The fellows have really been getting around. I guess my old outfit is now overseas. Has Larry Cables address been changed. He was in same outfit as I and he should be in New Guiana by know if he was still with them when they went overseas.

We have been going on hikes once a week. In other words we had three five mile hikes while in the field and there regular Sig Men couldn't keep up with us. They told us were soft just because we had been in College for five or six months. We could march rings around them and not be tired after doing it either. I still don't think very much of the Signal Corp and only wish I was with my Sqd. mates out at Santa Ana California in pre-flight school.

Sounds like school is really okey now not that it wasn't before but with a new curtain in the auditorium and a record machine & coke machine in gym it must really be nice. You know I would never want to do anything wrong if I were still a pupil because those Seniors looked pretty well chewed up when they came out of your office. I believe they had not given a speech or something of the sort.

The fellows really do get around. Guess we are practically covering the world. The U.S. is covered as their must be nearly a fellow in every state from Deposit.

You know a person from Walton wouldnot believe that Deposit had ever beat them. I would not let him say anything about Deposit because it's a great little town.

I wonder how many of us will stay in Deposit after we come back. I myself plan to get some more college training. I really am not trained for an kind of work and I really must get some specialized training so that I can make some money & everything else that goes with money you know home, wife, children, and of course a plane. Sounds like I'am crazy dosen't it. Its just what the Army has done for me.

I have three weeks more of school when we get back from our pass. We will probably be very busy for that time as after that we can go any place in the world and set up a message center.

Had a letter from Freeland Terpening, he is in Florida. Hear form my friends over in the Fort but don't get a chance to see them.

Where in N.J. is Orvie Martin.*

Well must close as it is comming on for 24:00 and that's when I knock off and go to bed.

An ex-pupil
willing to learn.

PS Were my records from Syr. ever received at school never did get a chance to ask you while home. They took the addresses of our schools & said all records on college would be sent.

PPS Do you still manage the golf course.*

*[Roland "Orvie" Martin. Scott's Oquaga Lake Golf Course.]

T/5 Chas. Schumacher (letter 3/7)
Somewhere in the Netherlands East Indies

November 11, 1944

Dear Mr. Fox:

Well by the address you can see that I have done it again. I'am always doing the unexpected. Of course I did not have too much to do with it but I'am glad I'am over now and will have some time in when the war is over and then let some other guys come over and be army of occupation.

We really had a wonderful trip over. One of the best ships running in peace time. She was really something to look at also to be on board. We had nice weather all the way but I must say it gets sort of tiresome seeing water for sol long. I never put a foot on ground till I hit my destination. We had some of the crew get us coconuts when ever they got a chance.

Whenever we stopped the soldiers on shore would be waiting to see if we had any fresh fruit on board. They would give anything to get apples and oranges. A friend of mine (another ex-cadet) and myself got some fresh eggs for a first Sgt. and he said they were the first he had been able to get for his men in quite awhile, and people at home complain about not getting enough food to eat. K rations are allright but fresh food is a lot better. In some instances K rations & C rations are better as they come out of a can and the cooks can't ruin it very much.

Enough of the travels. How is everything back home. I suppose the town hasn't changed much. Tell Miss Roberts* and Mr. Anderson* hello for me.

Are you still writing your letter to the fellows like you were doing. It was nice to receive it.

You wouldn't know me now. Brown from the sun, Red from the mud, and Yellow from Atabrine.

Must close
An ex student?

T/5 Chas. Schumacher (letter 5/7)
APO San Francisco, Calif

Nov. 22, 44

(Christmas Card):
to Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Fox
having a grand time but it doesn't seem like the end of Nov. around here.

T/5 Chas. Schumacher (letter 6/7)
Somewhere in Philippines

January 1945

Dear Coach.

Have missed your letter concerning all the fellows very much. It kept us informed about what the other fellow was doing and how he was getting along.

I have the home town news paper on its way but it will probably never get here. Transportation is pretty rough on boxes & papers.

Heard that Leon Hoadly is back in the states. Glad to hear that some of the home town boys are getting back after doing their share. I guess its our time to do a little now but of course we ain't in the position to do anything like Leon Hoadly or Junior Mills but I guess in our way it is sort of important as we get the msg through. From the news that we get over here every once in awhile it seems like the Russians are really going to town and I hope that by the time you get this letter they will be at their objective which will be Berlin before we do. I think that will be a very good thing.

Even though its only for airmen our bunch of ex cadets are all WORKING on a short snorter. I have five different types of bills , and as many different coins. We plan to make bracelets out of some of the coins and I made myself a silver ring out of another type. Some of the boys make bracelets out of plastic and aluminum. About the only type of watch band that manages to stand up in this climate is one made of aluminum. On the inside I have my name ingraved and also my serial number. On either side of the watch I have New Guinea & 1944 on the other side I am going th have Philippines and 1945.

Must close mention me to my favorite teachers.

Your pupil

T/5 Chas. Schumacher (letter 7/7)

February 26, 1945

Dear Coach

I received your letter the other day and also the sheet with the boys addresses on it. I've looked up where they are by their addresses and Walt Lee is the only one near here. Sorry just checked list and now remember that it was my sister that sent me Walts address. Conklin* is a long way from here at a place where the war began for us. I guess you know where that was.

I makes us feel like we were still part of the school when we hear how things are going, both good and bad. I can remember the bus rides to the different games the hell we raised after we got their & the ride back with your favorite girl. The six man football games were really the best teams of all. Their it really came out weather the fellows could play or not and they really went to town against any team that happened to be in the way.

Things are pretty fair out here. We get quite a log of what we call c.s. or what you find in a chicken coop. Things could be a lot worse so we shouldn't gripe as much as we do. You have heard the story they put out about how large the mosquitos are down in New Jersey. Well here they are a lot larger and I've been both places. We have a cot and I'll swear they tried to pull it out from under my blanket so they could get inside. We have an insect bomb which is supposed to either kill or drive them away but they just drink the spray and keep right on coming.

Enough about the varmints. Say how is my favorite teacher Miss Roberts, I always got along with her just fine and Mechanical Drawing was my favorite subject. I suppose Mr. Anderson is still around I'd like to be going to school again so I could work in the dark room. I liked doing that about the best of anything. I did in High School. I have to see about getting into photography as a profession thet is if it doesn't cost too much to start, and you know photography is very expensive anyway you look at it.

Did you ever receive a copy of our marks while I was in Syracuse. I requested that they be sent to the school. In fact at the end they even had blanks for us to fill out so they would be sure and get to the correct address.

Glad to hear that you got a buck. Thats been one of my hobbies going out hunting deer but never getting any even thought I've come pretty close to getting a big one a couple of times.

The date you set for the reunion I was telling the boys about it and one from Missouri said, "He talks like a mad man." Hes a physical ed teacher or rather he went to college for the same. He's one of the biggest fellows I've run into and he's on our team, hes 6 foot 4 and 1951/2 lbs. And is about the largist person I know.

In your next letter can you include Gifford Millers address & also William Gould. I'd like to get in contact with both of them.

Say how did that Walton-Hancock game come out. Hope you have recovered fully from your injuries.

Well must close tell boys I'am thinking about all the old gang while I run my Radio Teletype Machine. Course I now have a desk job which isn't half bad. Didn't know I was lucky enough for anything like that but I got it anyway.

Still a Student
*[Vere Conklin]

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