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Transcribed by James Fox, December 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

P.F.C. Grover J.Pratt (letter 1/5)
Deposit C.S. Class of 1941
Camp Davis, N.C.

Sept 20, 1943


Hellow Mr. Fox:

Please don't let this surprise you to much, but I decided to drop you a line to see if I could get some of the latest news of Good Old D.C.H.S.

Especially about the sports side. How is every thing going? Does Deposit still have more wins than losses? I hope so.

Say Mr. Fox is there any chance that I can get a school yearbook of the last two years I went to high school? If there is I will gladly send the money for them and price of Postage. I sure would like to look over the old line up and scores.

Well Mr. Fox I guess Ill soon be taking a little Boat ride in the near future. We'll be pulling out of Camp Davis after spending Six Months here. Boy Ill be glad to move out to. this is a very desolate camp all sand and no trees but plenty of mosquitoes. We are supposed to move to a Port of Embarkation this month.

All the way around I really like this Army life it sure is a swell way to live.

Well Mr. Fox guess Ill sign off for this time hoping to hear from you soon. With all the news.

As Ever
Your Ex Pupil.

P.F.C. Grover Pratt (letter 2/5)
Somewhere In N. Ireland

Nov. 17, 1943

Hello Coach-

I received your letter and was sure glad to hear from you. I was begining to think you wasn't going to write. The reason I didn't hear from you sooner was that we left my last camp about five days after I wrote you.

Yes I guess most of the fellows are in the service somewhere or other. I received a letter from Tut* yesterday and he thinks he will be over here soon.

You say you regret that you can't still be our Coach, well I only wish that we could be on the same team and you at our helm. I bet we would sure make a winning combination.

Yes Coach I remember the fellow you Christened me"Grover Bump a Tree", and I have often wondered how you put up with me runing to with every minor bruise and cut the way I did.

I heard about Charlie*, and I bet he wasn't to glad about getting discharged. I guess he saw plenty of action there in the South Pacific.

Sorry to hear the athletic situation is so uncertain in Deposit Central but maybe before long we can go back to normal activities.* I hope so anyway.

Glad to hear Deposit High has a new Coach that the boys like, But no one will ever that the place of Coach Fox in the boys hart.

Well Coach I haven't told you much about where I am and what I can tell you isn't much So I will try to give a brief idea of what it is like over here. First of all I like it here in N. Ireland very much. Its about the same as around Deposit only a lot greener this time of year. There is quite a few places to go In North Ireland. I was into Belfast quite a few times and had a swell time. One thing about Befast is that when walking around the streets I didn't bump into any trees but I did come near to runing into a couple of buildings. Boy the blackout condition here is really tough some nights when it get foggy in the bargin. By the way Coach don't be to surprised if you hear from me one of these days and tell you I have one of these little Irish girls for a wife. The girls are pretty nice and you can have a lot of fun with them at the Red Cross dances.

I guess Tut* is really pleased with Notre Dame this year, they really have quite a team this year haven't they. What do you think of their chances of going undefeated?

About inviting you to our party, We are planning to have a real blowout when we hit New York again because most of the fellows are from around New York, and Jersey. So if nothing happens when this is over we will invite you to the party and I hope you can make it.

As Ever
Grover (bump a tree)

Hope you ans soon.

*[Erv Tuttle; Charlie Moleski??; change from 11-man to 6-man football during "The War"]

P.F.C. Grover Pratt (letter 3/5)
Somewhere in England

May 12, 1944

Dear Coach:

I was beging to think I wasn't going to hear form you again and than today I received your letter. I was sure glad to hear form you again.

Your letter found me in the best of health, I mean the best health you can obtained in Jolly Old England with her fine foggy weather and rain. I hope this letter finds you in the best of health.

Well how is every thing going in good old D.C.H.? Just fine I hope. Does Deposit still have its top notch teams in sports or has the War curbed the sport situation there? Gosh how I wish I was back there playing football again. You know I thought I was missing all the good times when I was in school but now I see that the best times I had was in school.

You ask if we liked that line of baloney you wrote. Well it isn't so much baloney as it could be. It is something different and is real good I like it very much. I hope you continue to send it. Although I know it must be a lot of work for you.

You won't have to worry about someone being kind enough to ask you to coach town team Ball because that is one thing you will be drafted to do.

I got a letter from Tut* the other day and he seems to be doing OK for himself out in Kansas. He says quite a few of the fellows are over here. I've been on the lookout for some of them but have had no luck in seeing any of them yet.

Well guess Ill close for this time hoping top hear from you again.

Grover "Bump a tree" Pratt
*[Erv Tuttle]

Cpl. Grover Pratt (letter 4/5)
Somewhere in Germany

Oct 26, 1944

Hello Coach:

How is everything in good old Deposit these days? Are you having as much trouble with the kids as you used to have?

I received your letter and was certainly glad to hear from you once more. Your letter found me keeping in great shape. Remember the trouble you use to have trying to hit the ground in practice well now I have really learned the nack of hitting it. I can cover ten yards and hit the dirt, with no coaxing from my sgt. at all, in nothing flat.

Say Coach in one of your letters could you put some of the fellows outfit and A.P.O. number. We do quite a lot of movings and I might get a chance to see some of them if I knew what outfit they are in.

Well I guess Ill sign off for now hoping to hear from you soon.
Grover (bump a tree)

Cpl. G. J. Pratt (letter 5/5)

Feb. 10, 1945

Dear Coach:

Received your season edition of news from good old D.C.H. and was sure glad to hear from you once again.

Your letter found me back in Germany once more after being in Belgium while the Germans were giving there last all out.

All is quite an the western front at the present time but I think there will be quite a lot of action shortly. The only thing that is going on now is some artillery fire and plenty of bombing.

You said you have a new janitor now, what ever happened to old Gene*?

I was glad to hear you had good luck in deer hunting last fall. A couple of our boys got one while we were in Belgium. One was a monster. It weighed well over 280 pounds. I was out a couple of times but never pick up a trail even.

Well I guess Ill close for this time and I hope next time I write I can give you some good news. I will be waiting to hear form you again.

Grover (bump a tree) Pratt
*[Gene Kelsey]

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