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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Tom Pierce (letter1/1)
DHS class of 1934
Ft. Eustis, Virginia
March 14, 1942

Dear Coach,

Or should I begin this letter "Dear prof"? You were known and respected by the former title by the fellows in my crowd, but I am very glad to hear that we can now call you prof. I just received a letter from mother telling me the good news so I do want to send you my heartiest congratulations. You have set a very good record for your self as our coach and I know you will surpass this as our principal. My very best wishes and good luck to you in your new job.

The past three months, since I saw you at home during my Christmas furlough, I have spent here at Eustis in headquarters. I do not know how much longer I will be here but I hope it will not be too long.

After I came back from my Christmas leave I submitted my application to the officers selecting board here at Ft. Eustis to be sent to Camp Davis Coast Artillery School. I have had my interview with the board here and my application has been sent to the corps area office in Baltimore. I am now awaiting my appointment from Corps Area to go to Davis. It generally takes about three months to go through all of the red tape so I have high hopes of going to officers' school some time during the next month.

This chance at Davis lasts for three months after which you become one of those ninety-day wonders that you heard about in the last war. However, they do give you a very intensified training with all the weapons used by the coast artillery and also search lights Since the major duties of the coast artillery in this war have been anti-aircraft we will probably spend most of our time with weapons used in this war. Some of my friends have already have gone to this school and from their letters it sounds plenty tough, but I am sure I will like it for so far I have found the math easy enough and WORKING with these guns is much more interesting than infantry duty.

Coach, I have been following your team all winter in the "Courier" - congrats on your good team and winning the league again this year. I think I am safe in saying this for as you told us, we can brag after the game is over. I hope we will be able to do a little bragging after this thing is over we are in now but right now things do not look too good. However, if as the fellows say, we do not lose this war "through channels" we should get going pretty soon and do something about what is happening over in the Pacific. I hope we can for I hate to think of all this ground we are loosing that must be retaken before we are even where we were last Dec 7th.

Since my furlough I have been able to have several very nice weekends with my friends in Washington, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. We are not off duty until 4:30 Sat. afternoon but since I have my car here I can get to Washington or Baltimore by early Sat. Evening. Also you can always find enough boys to go with you and pay your expenses so this does give you a chance to get away from camp for a few hours and bum a few meals cooked by a mother.

In closing coach I want to send my best to Mrs. Fox, yourself, and the family. I do hope to be able to get home for a few days before I go to school so will be looking forward to seeing you then.


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