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Transcribed by James Fox, September 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Robert McMurray* (letter1/1)
Deposit C.S. Class of ?
Army 79th Infantry
Camp Roberts, California

Dear Coach,

This is a line to let you know that I am allright and in Sunny California. If you can call it Sunny. We happened to get here at the beginning of the rainy season. It is fairly warm during the day, but it gets awfully cold during the night. Practically freezing sometimes. The Corporal said we were lucky though, not to have much rain. He said the last bunch had rain everyday. They used to come in at night and take a shower with their clothes on, to get the mud off, and there was about a foot of water on the drill field. We have a very good bunch of officers and Non Commissund officers. They are gruff as they have to be, but all in all they are a good bunch. Captain Sunde, our commanding officer, for this company is a prince.

Although I didn't realize it at the time, the training I got under and with you help a lot here. You can take orders and get along a lot better. I miss Deposit a lot, but I, as the rest are just making the best of it. It looks pretty good right now, and maybe this thing will be over soon. I certainly hope so.

I wish you could see the outfit I am in. Although a few of the men are very well educated, I am one of the very few that even had a High School education. The majority of them are nice to get along with and are friendly, but the average intelligance is practically zero. They ask foolish questions and can't spell simple words. There is one boy who is 21 years old, and married. He is from Rochester N.Y. He can't read nor write. Not even his own name.

I know you are awfully busy, but if you could spare a few minutes to drop a line to me it would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't been gone long, but it would seem good to get a letter.

Paul Buck is here, too. He is the only one here I know. He wants to say hello to you.

I wrote this in a hurry, so as to get it finished before the lights go out, and on a magazine on my bunk, so you will have to excuse the writing.

Say hello to Miss. Kate Daily* for me, and Herb,* Whitey,* and Gene Kelsy*. I'll drop them a line if I get a free minute.


P.S. Please send me a deer. Don't shoot them all.

*[Editor's note: This letter was found filed with the "L-M" letters, but without an envelope to identity Bob's last name. Soon after an article in the Deposit Courier was published to announce the posting of the "Deposit Coach Fox WW2 Letters"on the DCNY History website, an email was received by Coach Fox's son Jim, from Mike McMurray. Mike told about reading some WW2 letters from Coach Fox to his uncle Bob. Eureka! "Bob" was Bob McMurray, who played football for Deposit.]
*[Katherine "Kate" Dailey, junior high math teacher; School custodians: Herb Smith, Francis "Whitey" Buchanan, and Gene Kelsey,]

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