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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Pfc. Roland Martin (letter 1/1)
Deposit C.S. class of 1941
Ft. Dix, N.J.
May 2, 1944

Hello Coach,

I finally got around to answer your very welcome letter. Any time you have a chance to drop me a line or two, let er' sail because any news form that neck of the woods is good news. It seems as though I've been away from those parts for at least a hundred years. Pardon the pencil but I can't write at all with a pen and very poorly with a pencil.

Quite often I think of the old high school and the good times I'd had there. I still maintain that you're the best coach that ever pulled on a pair of shoes. But then your record speaks for itself. The parade of the Martin boys still continues but I'm afraid it'll stop before long. The folks are running out of boys.

Right now I'm in New Jersey with the 319th Infantry. The war department broke up my old outfit and separated us. I've been here about 5 days and already I miss my old buddies. We expect to sail in about a month. But I'll be back and then we'll think about that baseball team. I think it's a swell idea and with you as coach, we ought to do alright.

It's a beautiful day down here but you can't enjoy it when you're in the Infantry. This was is bound to be over some day, though, and then look out.
This winter I played quite a lot of basketball with my company team. But then basketball playing was never one of my outstanding characteristics. I'd rather play baseball or maybe a little football. I often think of the team we had my last year in school and how the mud got the best of me down at Hancock. Oh, well, we won, anyway. If it had been a dry day, I think we would have raised the score considerable.

Well, Coach, we have an inspection coming up so I'll have to close. Probably after the inspection, I'll be a star employee in the kitchen. Write when you can.

As ever,

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