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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Sgt. Lynn Martin (letter1/1)
Deposit C.S. Class of 1938
22nd May, 1944

Dear Coach,

I received your letter a couple of days ago and it was certainly good to hear from the old homestead. From all reports I'm getting you seem to be doing a bang-up job keeping the old school to-gether and if you keep it on the win side of the column as much as you used to keep the sports on the win side of the column you can't go wrong.

Now and then a Courier finds its way through and I see that the old DHS boys are still winning the games although I imagine the majority of material's being in some branch of the service has drastically curtailed small town sports. However, we hope that a couple of years will finish this thing up and bring things back to an even keel.

I could certainly use a little of the snow we sometimes used to practice football in because the most terrific thing in this country is the heat. We seem to be getting much too much of it much too often and I'm almost looking forward to the impending monsoon season with the hope that it will bring somewhat cooler weather.

About six months of my time over here was spent in 'The Garden Spot of India' - New Delhi and as we were allowed to reveal our location while there I can tell you something about it. It's quite a modern city in a lot of ways. The architecture of the Temples, Old Forts and other scenic buildings surpasses by far anything I've ever seen in modern architecture, and the flowers which usually surround such places seem to be colored more vividly that ours at home. That's due probably to the brighter sunlight more than anything else.

Transportation in Delhi was furnished by means of tongas mor often than anything else and these are two-wheeled, horse-drawn carts somewhat similar to rickshas. Our main trouble with those was trying to steer clear of the so-called 'Sacred Cows' which have the right-of-way over anything. In fact many of the many strange scenes I've encountered was a large crowd of Indian people standing by a cow which had been struck by a truck and killed while a few hundred feet away an Indian who had also been struck and apparently killed was lying unattended. It seems that they have a custom of making the person who starts to remove the body of a dead person from the streets pay all funeral expenses, and therefore they merely let the body lay and wait for the government to pick it up. Yes, they certainly have some strange ways and customs here but we're gradually becoming accustomed to the country.

From the papers I see that Raymie Truesdale, young Rich Judd and several others seem to be right in the thick of it and I certainly hope all the boys make out all right. They all had some pretty good conditioning in school and I know they'll all come through with flying colors.

I certainly enjoyed reading the letter from you and hope that you can find time to keep more of them coming. I'd like to be remembered to any of the fellows who may still be around and that you're in touch with.

My best wishes to you and yours.

Lynn Martin

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