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Transcribed by James Fox, December 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Sgt. Wilfred M. Lee (letter 1/1)
Deposit C.S. Class of 1939
Fort Belvoir, Va.

May 23, 1944

Dear Coach,

Well I guess it is about time I got around to answer your letter. With me coming home so often and rest of the time drilling the company and all I don't get much free time to write. I owe about everybody a letter. Letters are a great help and as I can see from the fellows that we have in our outfit that have been across, they are more important over there. I have several to write and send to the fellows I write too over there. I know when I get there, I'll be glad to get them.

I see the teaching staff has change. One change I can greatly see is the Coach. I bet the fellows wish you were back there helping them win the games. If Coach -----* hollers at the men like he does his wife and kids, I'd sure would never be a athletic under him. He lives in the other half of Dr. Brown's house where I live and the walls aren't so thick. Boy, at times when I'm home, I feel like reporting him. It sure is wicked. It may be alright but I don't care for it.

This Army life is alright at times but then again I guess I just as soon be out. Our outfit don't do much until later. I and another Sgt are in charge of the men. He has been away to school so I have been in full charge, now that he is back I get off more. I transferred from my original outfit that I first went into, to the one I'm in now as a cadre. Five of us were picked. Two as drill, one as supply, one as clerk and the other as mess Sgt. These outfits are a very interesting one. We are all picked according to the job we use to work at. I came in as a machinist but transferred over to a diesel engineer. I went to diesel school. I'm to leave for refrigeration and electric school sometime shortly. The more I learn, the better I'll be set when I get out of this army. That is one thing that this outfit is better than a combatant outfit. We only fight if we get caught during our work.

We have a lot and see a number of good baseball game. I had a chance to play a few games of basketball last winter. We have a good work out and a little fun. I like to play any of the sports.

Well, I've wrote a little of what goes on with me. I'm not a letter writer but I manage to get a letter off so as to keep my letters answered to keep them coming. I've got to write to my wife now so I'll close.

As Ever
*[edited out]

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