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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Richard Knapp (letter 1/1)
Deposit H.S. Class of 1940

Dear Coach-

I received a letter last week, that has been one of my best morale builders, since I've been in the service. Yet it was more than that, for some reason as I read your letter I began to recall so many incidents from high school and many fellows I had nearly forgotten.

To date, I am still resting from the "whiz" of lead here on the island of Maui. Garden spot, so the Chamber of Commerce claims, of the Hawaiian Islands. It has all that the travel bureau's stated it had. Ocean breezes, swaying palms, romantic nights and sandy beaches. However they seem to have forgotten to mention the flying droves of misquitos that have been WORKING on a swing shift since we arrived and the knee deep mud and vine curtains in the jungle, so thick you work all day to accomplish half a mile. But here I am "bitchin'" about mud when a lot of the gang are out there fighting in the stink and sweat with a Jap in every cocoanut tree for German around each corner. Yes Coach, so far I'm pretty lucky, but its just a matter of time until I put eight rounds in my M1 and look for the"Nips".

I'm no longer in the Infantry. I have a job at present where I'm not exactly looked upon as a brother. The Military Police are not exactly the most popular men in the service, but our job is a necessity, to protect the service personnal as well as discipline them. When I used to keep time at the basketball games, I never dreamed I would someday walk around with an M.P. bassard on my left arm, but I can't honestly say I don't enjoy it. Not necessarily for the authority it holds, but for the knowledge I receive from dealing all types of people. One day's pounding the beat in town is almost a course in human physeogoly. Everyone from a bold drunk to the guy who can't find the USO and is to timid to ask an M.P. But enough of that.

Bucky's suggestion for a Varsity "D" reunion, would be a swell idea. I can't think of anything that we would all enjoy more than getting together after its all over. And I' sure the rest of the gang will agree.

Thanks again for the letter Coach, it was swell and I'll write again sometime. My regards to any of the boys you happen to run across and the best of luck to you.

As Ever

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