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Transcribed by James Fox, December 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Sgt Floyd L. Kenyon, Jr. (letter 1/6)
Deposit C.S. Class of ?
APO San Francisco, Calif.

July 18, 42 (V-mail)

Dear Mr. Fox,

I got in the mood to write a few letters so I decided to write to you. Mom sent me a few copies of the Currier in which were the Deposit high baseball scores. I guess there still getting the stuff to make teams off of. We have softball teams here on the Island. We play from two to four games a week. Each co. or Battery is a league. We have played two league game so far. Lost both in the last 2 innings. We haven't had as much practice as the rest. We have been here 2 mo. today. The others have been here 6 mo.

Were supposed to get a months furlow after 6 mos. here, that is if the japs don't get us first.

This is one place where guys don't fight over girls. There isn't a girl in hundreds of miles. It makes one feel good to get letters from girls and people at home.

I guess things are pretty tough around there from what I hear at least. The Army takes pretty good care of its soldiers on these Islands. We get better eats here than at a bigger place.

Well I guess I close now. Hope that you can read this. Its sorta hard to keep my mind on a letter with p----- p-----? making a lot of nois also others'making nois. It plenty hot in one of these blackout rooms.

Floyd L. Kenyon Jr.

Sgt Floyd L. Kenyon Jr (letter 2/6)
APO San Francisco, Calif

Jan 3, 43

[on envelopes Passed by US Army Examiner]

Dear Coach,

Received your V mail litter last week. I started on a 3 day Pass the next day so I'm just getting to it.

I had a very good time. The best since I've been oversea's. I never knew that the place was so big. I ran around with another soldiers & a sailor from the sub service. We all had a swell time.

I received a Christmas box from home yesterday & mom had half dozen Deposit papers in it. A lot of change sure has taken place since I left. Most of the boys around there must be in the army from what I read in the paper.

The last letter that I had from home said that Bill had joined the Air Corp. Paul Stiles is someplace hear me. I haven't located him as yet, but we write to each other.

Hope that you had a happy New Years.

Sgt Floyd Kenyon Jr.(letter 3/6)
APO San Francisco, Calif.

April 14, 43 (V-Mail)

Dear Mr. Fox,

I received your letter yesterday. I was very pleased to hear from you. My mail is sorta slow now. I had lots of mail when I first came in but after you get in for a while the people seem to forget you. I have a couple of girles on the string and I have to get on them once in a while to remind them that I'm still alive.

I am getting the Deposit paper sent to me now. I can keep up on the latest news at home. I see by the paper that you are doing pretty well.

I have moved around a lot in the last year. I'm not in the hot sun anymore. It was around 140 in the shade when you could find it. I had a chance to go back there again but I have had enough of that place.

I see by your letter that you want me to send you one of those hula girlies. You don't want to believe everything that you hear about them. They are nice to look at but hard to get. We have a show neerly every sunday. We have a new skating rink opening up here Sunday. I think that i will go down and see how much ground that I can tear up.

I went to some of there footballl games here. They have pretty fare games but I think that we could lick anythink that they had.

Well I guess that I will cut this short. The boy's are getting reckless. Hoping to hear again from you soon.
Yours truly,

APO San Francisco, Calif

June 15 44

Dear Mr Fox

I received your most welcomed letter a few days ago. I'm pretty busy now days. I used to have lots of time to write. Now they find something new everyday to learn.

I don't know any of your staff only by names. Pat tells me about them once in a while. You an Mr Kelsey* are the only ones that I know. I get the Deposit Coureer, about 3 times a month. I keep up with the home town news that way. A lot of people I have forgotten though.

I suppose that you remember me by the way I play football. I never seem to get connection in a game. The one that remember most is the one that we played at Afton* & they beat us. I guess we must have been to sure of it. It sure spoiled our good record. I always had trouble with my hip. I'm having trouble with my knee now. A bunch of young guys are hard to get anything into their head. It still is. When I'm interest in something I can learn it easy.

Most of the tankers don't get along with the giant Crusher, that the Infentry. They don't like us, so you can see how we get along. We get along alright in battle though. They don't have enough sence to stay behing the tanks though and they get picked off once in a while from japs. Most of them wear a marking on their helmet or pack so we miss them more than we hit them. They come in hand though when the japs swarm the tank. They pick them off lik flies. We take the ground then let the infantry hold it while we load up with ammo. The giant crusher are the backbone of the army though. I don't want no part of them though. I lik something between me and the outside. I've learned a lot from the Army even though I'm not craze about it. I used to be a tank commander but was busted to a privat for a while. I'm up to a driver rating again. I nevr want to be any higher. The army is a ruggud life. Its one place though where you can't get fired. You do as your are told weather you like it or not. A guy has to be and stay on the ball now to hold his rating. Ther's so many guys that want your place.

I suppose that you remember my brother Bill. I figured that he would be fighting in Germany but he inded up on the same side as I am. Only he's closer to Tokio than I am. The letters I had from him last week he was getting ready to go tiger hunting. We have wild hogs here but I have never gotten a shot at one as yet. They also have lots of wild birds & a few goats. I haven't heard of anyone getting a goat as yet. They've seen them through field glasses. Thats as close as they ever get.

I'd love to play football again with you but I imagine after the army gets through with me I'll be all warn out.
I'm sweating out a furlow next month along with a lot more of the guys. They only let 1 every 2 months go.

I'll sign off for now. Hoping to find you in good health.

Floyd Kenyon
*[Gene Kelsey, custodian; (1938? Afton 13- Deposit 0. Record 3-2-1]

Sgt Floyd Kenyon Jr
APO San Francisco, Calif.

Oct. 10, 44

Dear Mr Fox

It's been along time since I have written to you. I figured tonight was a good time to start catching up on my back letter writing. I received you letter a couple weeks ago but you never have time to answer a letter when it comes in.
I see that you went to school all summer. Its hot here in the summer but a lot different heat than you have back their. Its getting into the winter now. You can't hardly tell the difference between summer and winter.

They had their first league baseball games here this year. It was between the air force and the Navy. It sure was a swell game. The Nave won but they had a tough time doing it. The Air force had a crack team. They have a very good football team so far. The town teams are pretty good but not as good as the old GIs.

When we went to jungle training they had posters all over the place, If it doesn't stink stick it. Dommies don't stink so we had to stick all of them. Some guy played a dirty trick and put up a dead cat. Some guy couldn't smell it so he stuck it. It sure smelled then.

I guess that you sure had your troubles with up kids. The Lts. have about as much trouble trying to pound something in to our heads. Its hard to learn something if you don't want to learn it. It pays to try and learn now though. Your life depends on how much you know. You have to get the other guy or he will get you.

I think that a reunion of the old Varsity D would be very nice. It will probably hard to break up the party because the boys will have so much to talk about.

I still have plenty of memories of the good times that we used to have. I sure miss them to. No place is like home. I Haven't run into any of the boys as yet. Theres a few boys here that we used to play. One guy in the co had been in the co for four months before I knew that he was close to home. They used to hang around the same places as I did.

My brother Bill in India has run in to some of home town guys. He never played on any of the teams so you may not remember him. He's doing a good job of keeping the planes going against the Japs. When he heard that Paul Kelley had died in Italy he put Paul's name on the next bomb load headed for Japan. The plane was in the next run.

I'm feeling fine at present. The last part of the week I had an awful sore throte. I took a three day pass and came back feeling fine. I always feel a lot better after a few day rest in town. It does you good to have a nice soft bed to sleep on for a few nights.

The boys over on the European side are doing a good job. When the supplies are turned this way we will give the Japs a taste of what we have learned. We have already give them a taste of what we can pass out.

Well I had better sign off now its getting late and time for all good GIs to go to bed.

Floyd Kenyon

Sgt Floyd Kenyon Jr (letter 6/6)
APO San Francisco, Calif.

October 23, 1944

(Christmas Card):
Season's Greetings
Floyd Kenyon

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