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Transcribed by James Fox, December 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Cpl. Richard S. Judd* (letter 1/3)
Deposit C. S. Class of 1944
Marine Corps
Passed by Naval Censor
FPO San Francisco, Calif.

July 10, 1944

Dear Coach,

You'll have to excuse my writing because its been two months since we've been able to even look at a pen. It's really swell to hear from you and the gang back at D.C.H.S. especially as we've just recieved a few letters at once since we've moved

I remember the fun we used to have at Sidney and Hancock. They were bad losers I guess or else they just like to fight anyway their getting their chance now. Your letter brings back many of swell memories which nobody but I could explane I'm sure.

I've got a million letters to write coach although I'm sure I'll get a chance and write once in a while.

As Ever,

P.S. When I get back I'll be down and see you, I'll need your advice then.
Cpl. Richard S. Judd
*[Richard's brother Stephen "Pete" Judd was killed in action over Holland, 3/8/44]

Corp. Richard S. Judd (letter 2/3)
Santa Cruz, Calif.

Jan. 28, 1945

Dear Coach,

As you probably have heard I am going to be discharged from the Marines in a few weeks. I will need your advice very much and so when I reach home I hope that you will consider an appointment or let me talk to you personally at your home.
I want very much to finish my education. I want too go to a private high School where I can finish up in a few months and start college this fall. What's worrying me is, where can I find one very close to home?

Mom and Dan want me to just take things easy for a few months but a guy with two years of service and over a year of that combat can't take things easy. If I should start loafing around my legs would go bad and then I would be bad off for a few months. So you see, "Sir" by the middle of March I have got to be doing something and I would rather be in school.

I am in quite good shape now, I weigh one seventy and do nothing but exercise all the day through to get back in shape. In the morning we exercise for an hour and the rest of the morning you find me punching the bag, the afternoon is spent in a few hours Tennis. I'm pretty good at Tennis and you're the only person whom I know that can play so coach maby I can beat you in Tennis.
See You Soon,

Corp. Richard S. Judd (letter 3/3)
Santa Cruz, Calif.

February 8, 1945

Dear Coach,

I guess Sam don't want me any longer so I will be joining your ranks soon as a student. I think that I will look sorta out of place around the kids that after two years I can't remember but due to the condition of my legs finishing school and college is the only way out for me. Probably the teachers will have a hard time with me because you know N.C.O.'s are few in the Marine Corps and we gave orders so you see it will be rather hard taking them again. My mental capility has expanded from experience to where you might consider me as an old man so you see I am afraid the Teachers and I will have many arguments on any subject.

As young as I am, I have reached manhood "Coach" but will need a very big readjustment to civilian life. I know you can help me "Sir" and I would consider your advise very helpful, that is why I wish very much to have a talk with you.

See you in March
P.S. I would also like to talk over some of those old times.

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