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George G. Judd

Lt. George G. Judd (letter 1/3)
Deposit C.S. Class of 1940
Peterson Field, Colorado
Army Air Force
Transcribed by James Fox, December 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

May 3, 1944

Dear Coach,

You're letter had to go through three bases but it finally reached me looking as if a hurricane had profusely blown addresses all over the envelope.

I'm now stationed here in phase training as a navigator on a B-24. I don't know how I happened to choose navigation but it was more or less a push by a board of supervisors who said that being qualified for all three air crew positions above average I could have my choise, but when a major ask you to be interested in navigation, You are interested in navigation. I was then resigned to become a navigator.

While I was in San Marcos I saw Neil Scott. He and I talked over old times and tried to enjoy ourselves despite the army's pleasure. Neil quit navigation and asked for pilot which he got, and sincerely if I had known it was possible I certainly would have followed the same course, but when I found out about it I was within two weeks of being commissioned but then a commission is a commission in anyones language.*

I should have been home on leave the same time that Johnnie Brown was, but I got caught in a game the army calls "passing the buck." Maybe I've received a distinction by being promised leaves all over the U.S. but it isn't any consellation. When I got here it was Yes, Maybe, perhaps and then No. So-

I'm glad you got to be principal and I'm sure you can capably fill the job, and I'm also sure you have the interest of the students, but who is doing the coaching. Even the war can't stop competitive sport.

If you can will you send me Geo Gallaghers Ralph Carls and Jack O'Rourke's addresses. I realize it is a rather a large order, but I seem to have lost their addresses in these last changes.

I you want to pin point me on a map put a pin in Pikes Peak and you wont be more than five miles off. That is when we are not flying because then we are sure to be much further away.

Duty calls at three tomorrow morning so I'll have to get some sleep

So long.
*[Pilot Cornelius Scott was killed in the Korean War.]

Lt. George G. Judd (letter 2/3)

July 18, 1944

Dear Coach,

Well I'm in Ireland but soon I'll be back in England playing on the first team again for a change, and when they said soon they ment soon.

I haven't been here very long but then I haven't been anyplace for a very long stay. I've seen practically all of the U.S. form the air and expect to see all of Europe the same way. I know if I have to see it on foot I'll really be mad. Ack-Ack looks like a better deal than sore feet from walking. I can't be stationed to far away from Pete's* old outfit so I may be able to get some pertinent information of his whereabouts. He's been missing in action since March from a Berlin raid but he hasn't been reported dead or captured so he is probably wearing his feet out the way I don't want to.

I've been here long enough to see most of England or I should say the U.K. form the air, but have yet to see any Jerry activity. When I get over Big B.*, I will have traveled over 2/5 of the way around the earth, and I certainly would like to go there.

When you talk about guys writing from fox-holes that goes a little too far for my imagination. I don't mind writing letters but I'd just as soon have a nice comfortable place to do it, as well as a bed to sleep on. I admire their guts for taking it twenty-four hours a day. I'd rather have my fighting concentrated, and live the way I do even if we cant fight back most of the stuff they throw at us. I say us to include the other men who fly in the same ship.

Here the weather is like the kind of stuff Deposit usually suffers when you want to have early baseball practice. The Irish expression is If you can see the mountains in the morning "Its going to rain some time during the day. And if you can't see the mountains it's raining anyway. Its not a good baseball country anyway.

I've got lot's of work to do tomorrow and although the sun isn's down It certainly should at least half past ten at night is late enough to go to bed but the elements have changed and here it isnt dark or wont be for an hour yet.


*[George's brother, Stephen "Pete" Judd, was killed on 3/8/44 when his plane was shot down over Holland. Big Ben in London.]

Lt. George G. Judd (letter 3/3)
United Kingdom
29 Jan. 1945

Dear Coach,

A lot of H2O has passed under that preverbial bridge. Since I last wrote to you. Either that or I'm a poor correspondant, because the address you have now is over seven months old.

I'm more than halfway through a tour of combat with the eighth air forse and would undoubtedly have been finished or dead by this time if it hadn't been for a flesh wound that laied me up for two months. That was about the first of August, and there I was in bed with all the good flying weather going to waste. Now we struggle along with just a few a month.

I've been to London a number of times, and it's some town, and everybody who has spent a couple of days in Paris says that its just like the City of New York.

I got a mission in today but wasn't out of the extra ordinary. Flying makes you tired & ache all over as if you had been sholder blocking all day. Of course I could be in better condition than I am now, but even when I was in top condition it took something out of me. So you see this is something like the old sports the only thing it isn't for fun. I gives you the same scared feeling that I used to have before every football game when I was sizing up the other team.

Thanks a million for those addresses. Now I have a place to start in looking up some of the guys. I've been trying to see if I could go through personel files at ETO Headquarters to find the guys.

I hope you solve your jantor problem streightened out. You should recruit your janitors out of the misbehaving students. Then you would have more conscientious students or a cleaner school. Maybe this way you can keep the old place in shape for the reunion next christmas vacation.

Hope every thing keeps going well for you, and that we don't spoil your reunion.
As always,

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