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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

A/c Edward K. Hartz (letter 1/2)
Deposit C.S. Class of 1941
Army Air Forces
San Antonio, Texas
Dec. 28, 1942

Dear Mr. Fox,

Much to my surprise I have qualified for pilot training. We don't have much here at the reception or rather classification center. Mostly drilling and atheletics with a day of guard or KP once in awhile. Of course with the weather as nice as it is we do all our sports outside. There are B.B. courts and volley ball courts all around the place.

In about two weeks I will start pre-flight training which recently has been shortened to 6 weeks. This training is all on aircraft identification and math etc. Primary training is next and where you start to learn and do fly the plane. Next comes basic and then advanced. Sure hope I can make it all the way through. Hope to that you have time to write.


Pvt. E. Keith Hartz (letter 2/2)
Army Air Force
Sioux Falls, S. Dak.
April 23, 1944

Dear Coach,

I received your letter yesterday so I thought I would write, now that I have a little free time. I think it's a mighty fine idea because I'm sure you can give us the low down on everything. The Courier doesn't have much in it anymore especially in the line of sports. I'm sure the rest of the fellows will agree with me when I say we are still very much interested in the sports played by good old D.C.S. I sure you will keep up this letter writing idea.

I've been away from Deposit almost 20 months now, but with all its deadness and with everyone gone, it's the only thing I am looking forward to see real soon. I hope to get home before my stay of 2 years in the Army is over. Think I'll make.

I have pictures of all the teams that I have played on. And ever so often I get them out and start bragging to the fellows about them. We were the best and that is final.

I've played quite a bit of ball since I've been in the Army. And have played with some good boys. I met a corker while here at Sioux Falls. He was from Indiana and had played with some college there. He was the smoothest ball handler I have ever seen. I have also played with fellows from Texas and Oklahoma, but can't say that I like their style of basketball.

I have had to give up some of this because of my legs. I know you won't believe this, but I've had plenty of trouble with both my right knee and my ankles. Guess old age is creeping up on me. I can almost say that physically, I was much better off when I was home.

I'll snap out of this if I get back home and find that there will be a town team coached by you.

How do you find this principal job- like it as well as being a coach to a bunch of dumbells? Your still coach as far as I'm concerned.

If you could send Ralph Carl's address in your next letter, I would appreciate it very much. The fellows move around so much it's hard for me to keep track of them.

I have yet to come across anyone from Deposit, since I've been in the Army. When I was in pre-flight back in the cadet days, I was in the same barracks with Keeler from Sidney. Remember him? We used to get in some good arguments over different games.

There's two games that stand out most in mind and they were the basketball game with Bainbridge the year we were undefeated, and the last football game I played in against Hancock. Remember how we were tied with Bainbridge and only a few seconds before the gun, Ralph threw in a basket from a long pass. What a game.

I'll sign off for now hoping you will continue these letters.

One of your faithful dumbells

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