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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Kenneth H. Curry MM1/c
4 Feb. 1945

Hello Coach,

Received your letter yesterday and thought I would drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciated it, except you didn't enclose no addresses as your letter said you would.

I am always glad to hear of people and things pertaining to Deposit, it is sort of a second home to me. In fact I spent most of my time there when I was a kid, I guess that was before you came. I have often wished that I had continued on in school there. I did go to about the first three grades. Is Kate Daily* is still there, I think she will remember me from first grade. I think the other two teachers I had were a Miss Halpin and a Miss Odell, but I am not sure.

I don't know so much about your late ball clubs, but the ones I do remember were pretty good. I used to play with Tom Pierce, Beefy,* Louie Stoddard, Rip Wheat, Max Gartell, Johnny Brown, and all of them in the summers, If I had only went to school with them I might be able to wear some of those "D's" myself.

One thing I always did want to play on someday, was that town basketball team and I bet you I do someday. I played a couple of baseball games with them. Football is what I like, but I was always to damm small in school I have played quite a bit of basketball since being in the navy but that is about all.

This is quite a game we are in out here, but we run our own interference as well as carry the ball. So far we are doing a pretty good job of it, and we are getting better every day. We have made 5 landing, and for teamwork and perfection you never coached as good a machine. And brother the prettiest sight in the world to us is P-38's throwing passes. I have never seen them miss a completion yet, and never a loss. For the kick off we use destroyers and rocket ships, the also do all the punting, and when they punt uts dead in the coffin corner.

We landed at Ormoc, Mindoro & Linguayen with no opposition. Since then we have made two, without firing a shot.

Well, I guess I have taken up enouth of your time, so I better close.


P.S. You say you are having a hard time with janitors, isn't Whitey* there?
Wait until I send my son around, he will make you forget all the near greats you ever coached.

I can't imagine a team with no Conklins.* (Wait till the VanPelts* start coming).

K.H. Curry MM1/c
*[Katherine "Kate" Dailey, teacher and Assistant Principal; Francis "Whitey" Buchanan; Albert "Beefy" Steinman; Reid, Doug, Vere, and Lee Conklin; Paul "Pete", and Ed VanPelt]

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