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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Vere Conklin (letter 1/2)
Deposit H.S. Class of 1941
Army Air Forces
APO San Francisco
February 29, 1944

Hi Coach:

I just got through an apparatus test concerning whether I become a Air Cadet or just a member of the Air Corp. It looks a little on the dull side. An average of 15% are making Cadets. They say all the schools are filled up. I have been taking exams for the past week. But I won't know for at least 10 days the results.

The army life isn't bad, but one thing that gets me, is the shots in the arm. I have had 4 already. Last week I fainted dead away, the first time I ever did that. It was some feeling.

The weather here is very changeable. One day it rains and the next the sun shines. But there is always plenty of mud. I have had a cold ever since entering the Army, but I guess its finally going away.

We roll out at 5:30 and are on the go most of the time, Doing details or out on the drill field. The officers here are very young. My drill sargent is only 19 yrs of age.

We play basketball once in a while. We had a tournament the other nite, we were beaten out by 2 points. The opposing team had a left handed hook shot artist from Ala. He was pretty good. Yours truly was also on that nite, and rolled in 24.

I hear the high school team is doing alright. Lee keeps me posted. G. Judd is located here some where, but I haven't found out where. The camp is quite large & is located on a side hill with lots of trees. Reminds me of home. Well its about time for chow.

A Friend Always,

Vere Conklin (letter 2/2)
Army Air Forces
October 26, 1944

Hi Coach:

Well guess you can see they didn't waste any time getting me across one of the two large ponds. Here I am in the Hawaiin Islands. I don't know for how long, but probably for awhile at least. I saw Pearl Harbour and many other interesting points, but we aren't allowed to write much. - I was given a 15 day leave, but just caught a glimpse of you while in the ole home town. I played a couple of ballgames while home, which made me feel darn good. I hated to leave. - Besides I've got a son who was 1 yr old in Oct. My wife says he's gona be "left handed", and in those few days home, I got attached to him etc.

At the present the hunting season is in my bones, but I guess I;ll have to pass it up this year. Maybe my buck will run into you this year. Heres hopin? - My brother keeps me posted on the high school sports, and most of the other guys. - I saw a good game of football here Sat, Marines Vs Flyers. Steve Lack - Duke All American played with the flyers - It was darn good. - Flyers won 14-0 It isn't bad here, things could be worse. I'll drop a line later on -
One of the Boys-
Sorry Coach, I though I wouldn't have time to write any more at the present, but I have. You probably wonder what those Letters mean on my address, well PD - means Pacific Division, CPW - Central Pacific Wing, ATC - Air Transport Wing, ATC - Air Transport Command. - This ATC, you probably know what its like. I think Gene Niles is connected to it. Anyway, I just got in and I hear it's a good deal - I get to fly some, with cargo and things like that. Its not half bad. - Most of the planes are C-47 & C54, really big ones.

We get some physical training here. Play ball and some rough exercises. Lt. Johnny Beayleyo (St Louis Cardinals) is coaching basketball here. Most of the guys I've met are pretty good eggs. The dirt we take from the big shots isn't half as bad as the states were.-

Well as I manuever around over here among the islands, I hope I run into some guys form the ole home town. I guess Walker & Truesdale are still chasing Japs. - The closest guy to me is a guy here in my Squadron from Endicott N.Y. - Well hope youre doing fine. Im in good health - I guess.

So Long

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