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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Pvt. W.R. Burrows, Jr. (letter 1/1)
Deposit C.S. Class of 1944
New York Univ., Bronx, N.Y.
13 March, 1945

Dear Coach (-Ex),

Your scandel sheet travaled around a bit before it reached me so I'd better tell you to forget that old address. In fact, for a month or two, forget any address at all for we're going south or west in about four weeks. My group gets a furlough, though before shipment.

It is easy to see that those Depositonians are doing okay when it comes to chasing the enemy. The news was sure pleasing since its impossible to keep in contact with all the sportsmen. Naturally I, one of the youngsters, like to hear of the job those old bewhiskers guys are doing. Right now though I'm able to show off a red-tinted foliage that could take on plenty of competition.

Coach, I'm sure that one of the things all of us miss nost are the times in D.C.S. For those of us who can see these lucky younger fellows still playing baseball, football, and basketball, there's a large lump in our throats as we wish this Army would give us time to show those civvies what the game is really like.

It was especially gratifying to hear of "Cardo." He was a classmate until he decided that the Marines needed him. If he uses that G.I. Bill of Rights he'll so okay. Here at N.Y.U. a good percentage of the students wear discharge pins and are getting a damn good start for the post-war competition, thanks to Uncle Sam.

On Ohio Field in front of the barracks I can see N.Y.U.'s baseball hopefuls showing off. I think they look pretty green. That's a bit of a laugh though when I know that when I first faced you and said, "Outfield, I guess" I was much greener and even more scared.

Time for a bit of Physical Training now. That mile is going to be short on such a swell day.

The mile was short and there was enough time to watch the N.Y.U. varsity in action. They seem to be peppy and snappy, but rusty from the winter hibernation. They haven't got the old eye yet and the pitchers that were warming up acted young and definitely wild. Of course, they may not be regulars. I don't know.

The Old Man has found a policing detail for us so I must don those dirty fatigues.

Be seeing you soon,
Ray Burrows (Jr.)

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