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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

Pvt. Everett H. Buck (letter 1/2)
Deposit C.S. Class of 1934
May 31, 1944

Hello Coach,

Received your letter yesterday and I think it was nice of you to remember your boys & to say hello to all of them. It seems so long ago since I played for you, but I never forgot many of the things that you said. Each one of my coaches are most vivid to me, but now I can see that you were more than just a coach, and was a very fine example for the boys to follow. I just can't picture you as a principal, but maybe our athletes will do better now?

I am sending you a clipping* given to me by one of your former bat boys. Have you guessed who yet? Well it is now Lt. Wm.. T. Morris, & he is heading our gun section. Not a bad guy either coach, & I think we've got the best gun crew in the Battalion. So if you want to write him, his address is the same as mine. I'm sure that he'll be glad to hear from you. Paste this clipping in your scrap book where all the guys can read it. I told Lt. Morris, that I'd seen you beat that when you hit safely seven consecutive times in semi-pro ball. My biggest thrill came on June 12th, 1937 in the ninth inning at Windsor Vs. Bainbridge. Those two homers with two and one on base respectively. That was the second year I wore glasses, & it took one season to get used to them. I could never play again without glasses as that accident just made my eyes play tricks on me every since. It just about took all of the fun out of the game for me & some games were just nightmares for me, but I wanted to play so badly, haze or no haze. I often wondered what I could have done if I would have seen? It was nice to be your captain though on your greatest team, & part of your greatest battery. Wouldn't it be great to have a Wolfberg,* every year? And didn't Frank*, murder that apple in the all-star game? I believe that was the longest drive I ever saw in amateur ball.

My biggest thrill in football, was scoring the only touchdown on a pass from Dailey*, that spun on the halfbacks fingers & then finally fell my way, spelling Hancocks defeat 7-0, in the battle of the century. What a battle that was that day? Thats the only game I ever played in where everything went. Your boys took care of themselves that day.

Well coach, write me again soon & lets hear about your greatest thrill in coaching us dumbbells. Say hello to Mrs. Fox, for me & the best of luck to all of you.


*[from a Naugatuck, Conn. newspaper "20 Years Ago" (1924): "Naugatuck high school baseball team defeated Southington, 28-3, in the opening game of the season.....Capt. Fred Fox hit six singles for six times up."
*[Oscar Wolfberg, Everett "Legs" Frank, Francis "Franny" Dailey]

PFC E. H. Buck (letter 2/2)
Jan. 27, 1945

Dear Coach,

Rec'd your form letter last night and was glad to hear from you again. Try to write more often if you can, for Bill, and I often talk of you while enjoying soup & crackers in the evening, plus candy, cake, & coffee topped off with a good cigar, so you see that we are not letting this war bother us too much? Bill*, & I have taken care of the Belgian situation O.K. And are ready to knock hell out of the Germans now in their home stadium. We won the '44 Olympics in France & now we are ready for a bit of postseason activity in an Intersectional battle to be staged in Germany this year. How I'd love to see the Brown Bomber, come to blows with the Black Uhlan, in a third grudge bout.

With interest I note your comparison of the 1933 Football Team with the 1940. Really I don't think that more than two or three of the "40" men could have won a regular position on the "33" team, if so who were they? Have you forgotten B.C.H.S. Jayvees, and the way we sent them home a morally dejected team & I believe that we could have beaten their Varsity. Remember the day in the snow against Hancock when you called your two veteran tackles from the bench, ("Tink"* & myself) and Hancock, was done for the day. I'll never forget that unbalanced line where Tink, shifted over for a power play. Well eleven years later you start learning secrets. A Hancock girl once called me a Pansy, and she happened to be there that day & I was aching to get in there. I said to Tink* when we went in so we're Pansys eh, they're both here lets show 'em who's Pansies? The first play one high pass from center I nailed the back for a twelve yard loss, & repeated the process about five minutes later. Tink*, hit a man on a kick-off that sounded like an express train hitting a barn. When we reached their four yard line I asked for the unbalanced line power-play over Tink* & J. Scott*, carried the ball and you could have driven a truck throutgh the hole. He scored standing up. I enjoyed that game every minute of it because it was Hancock, and revenge is sweet you know.

As for the two basket-ball teams, now there's a big question? Skinny* and Pete*, certainly knew how to handle that ball and what to do with it, but I think that Tom* & Beefy*, were the two best defensive guards that I have ever seen anywheres on a zone defense. They seemed to have everything in the art of defense and worked like two peas in a pod. Our front line shifted the best of any team I ever saw and many a ball we intercepted or bounced off our hands or feet and then began the race for the basket, always playing the old two and one, game, of getting two attack men on the guard before he could get any help. And say do you remember those floor plays that we had? And what team of yours used a tip-off to more advantage? I think with our follow up style of play that we'd have more success against the "40", guards, than they would have against Tom,* and Beefy.* The luckiest team that I ever saw in any basketball game, was Cooperstown the night they played us. It seemed to me that one out of every two shots went in the basket from all over the court? I saw them play Watkins Glen, in the finals and they were absolutely rotten. Allison, their veteran center missed three straight dribble-in shots right under the basket.

I will continue basket-ball in my next letter & how you helped my game twenty per cent. I still won't say that we'd beat the "40" boys, because its like picking the "28" Yankees or the "30" Athletics. There certainly wouldn't be any odds on the money end.

Well anyhow my Immortal Baseball Team stands unquestioned anyhow and I believe it was the best in the Southern Tier. Don't you?

Lots of luck, Coach,
*[Bill Morris from Fox's hometown, Naugatuck, CT, I. "Tink" Tinklepaugh, Jim Scott, Vere "Skinny" Conklin, Pete VanPelt, Tom Pierce, Albert "Beefy" or "Sonny" Steinman

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