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Transcribed by James Fox, August 2004
from the Deposit-Coach Fox WW2 Letters Collection

S/Sgt. Arthur Bonker (letter 1/2)
Deposit H.S. Class of 1941
10 May '44

Hi ya Coach,

Rec'd your letter some time ago, and I night say that it certainly was swell hearing from you. I'm sure it must have been so with all the fellows. I often wonder where they all are, and always keep my eyes open wtih the hope of running into some of them. Thus far I have managed to run into Justin Buchanan. That was back in the states. "Dem good ole States" in Camp Polk La. Same old Justin. Guess he'll never change.

Jolly old England is a pretty nice place right now, with all the flowers and every thing out in full bloom.

Guess none of us will ever forget those good old days in D.C.S. with Friday nite Pep parades, Cheerleaders and all. Was always very proud of that basketball team too that used to strut their stuff on those Friday nites. My only regret was that I wasn't good enough to be part of it. Those Saturday Football games tho'. I can see Orvie* running, or should I say soaring?, around left end now on that old B43/7, and Keith* banging thru' the middle that last game at Hancock, Squirrely* pitching Skinny* that first touchdown pass in the same game, and Jack*, blocking and tackling like only he could, It certainly was swell. And I think too that you'll find they are all doing very well for themselves in the Army. It's team work that counts, and we certainly had a swell teacher back in D.C.S. One that none of us will ever forget.

Coach, you said if there were any addresses we wanted, you'd try to send them if possible. If you know any of the boys that are over here, I'd appreciate those, as I'd like very much to try to contact them.

Once again coach it was swell hearing from you.


*[Roland "Orvie" Martin, Keith Hartz, Lee "Squirrely" Conklin, Vere "Skinny" Conklin, Jack Bennett]

T-3 Arthur L. Bonker (letter 2/2)
22 Feb. '45

Heyah Coach,

Surprises never cease, do they? I'm offering no excuses either-

This certainly is a small world isn't? As I was reading your letter, I stopped to do a little inquiring - About what? About that 66-0 shellacking we gave Sidney - You see, I am fortunate enough to be in the same unit with 2 fellows from Sidney, one from Delhi, and one from Downsville. I have been with them as a matter of fact every since our induction - Nuff said, back to that 66-0 ballgame - I asked the boys from Sidney if they remembered it -Can you imagine they didn't- I don't think I would either - He did remember the game of '41 tho'. Took great delight as a matter of fact telling me about stepping on the little centers broken finger. If you'll remember Coach the center was my brother - P.S. the score is now even. And another fellow here is from Naugatuck Conn. Lives on Swede hill - Played ball there under Pete Folley - Said you should remember him - His Dad used to be on the Police force His names Bernard Moran - Know anything about him? As a matter of fact this particular fellow happens to be my first Sgt.

Well coach, time waits for no man - and I've gotta hit the sack. No telling what's gonna happen next - Give my regards to Miss Roberts.*

So Long,

*[Marjorie Roberts, teacher]

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