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Will of William W France

Submitted by Cindy Simmons, May 1, 2001

Surrogates Court Delaware County in the matter of the ____ 8c of William W
France, deceased.
We the undesignated heirs at law and next of kin of William W France late of
the town of Walton, Delaware County, NY, deceased, so hereby renounce the
rights to administration of the goods ____ and credits of said _______ and
request of Jacob France of Walton aforesaid may be appointed administrator
of said estate.

Dated March 24, 1885

(each signed with an "x")
William H France
Polly Sloat
Catherine McLean
Hannah Bushnell
Delia Fuller

On this 27th day of March 1885 before presumably same Catherine Mc Lean,
William H France, Polly Sloat, Hannah Bushnell and Adelia Fuller to be
known said same persons described in who executed the foregoing
renounciation and acknowledgement ______ that they executed the same.

(notarized) M W Marvin
Notary Public

The petition of Jacob France of the town of Walton in the County of
Delaware, respectfully showed that the Petitioner is the son of William W
France late of the town of Walton in the County of Delaware, now deceased,
that the said deceased had on or about 16 day of March in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty five, that at or immediately
preceeding the time of his death, he was an inhabitant of the said County
of Delaware, that he had left no Will as far as your Petitioner has been
able to discover, that the said deceased left Catherine Mc Lean residing at
Hancock, NY, Wm H France, Polly Sloat, Jacob France and Polly (should be
Hannah) Bushnel residing at Walton, NY. Adelia Fuller residing at
Colchester, NY. And Julia France and Carrie France residing at Elmira, NY,
Henry France residing at Hancock, Ida France residing at Walton, NY Cora
Valentine residing at Delhi, NY and Scott France and Edith France residing
in the State of Michigan, but at what plan is unknown, children of James
France deceased who was a son of said William W France. That all of the
above names kins and ___ kins are of full age except Edith France who died
in infancy.

That is the opinion of your Petitioner the whole amount of the personal
property left by the said deceased was about two hundred and seventy five
dollars. Your Petitoner therefore prays that LETTERS OF
ADMINISTRATION, upon the estate of the said deceased may be granted to him.

(signed) Jacob France

The above Petitioner being sworn says that the facts set forth on said
Petition are true to the best of his knowledge, information and belief.

Signed before this date 24th day of March 1885

(signed) Jacob France
(notarized) M W Marvin

Delaware CountyAdministration of the Estate of William W France (above his
name is handwritten - Jacob France) late of the town of Walton in the
County, being duly sworn says that he will well, honestly and faithfully
discarge the duty of such Administrator according to law.

Sworn before or this 27th day fo March 1885

(signed) Jacob France
(notarized) M W Marvin

(After some digging here is "some" information on the France family of
Walton.) Cindy Simmons

William W France -
April 5, 1800, Ulster Co., NY - Mar. 16, 1885, Walton, NY
Rachel - Oct. 4, 1803, NY - Oct 24, 1880 77 yrs 20 days

(This is probably their wedding announcement.)
Wilhelmus France and Rachel Roosa, on April 21, 1824. No witnesses or
parents listed. Both were from Kingston (pg. 272) Katsbaan & Saugerties
Reformed Church, Ulster County, NY compiled by Jean D. Worden, 1982.

William may be the son of Wilhelmus France & Annatje Brink - Ulster Co., NY.
Rachel may be the daughter of Benjamin Rosa & "Polly B" - of Walton.

Rachel is buried in the Rosa Cemetery (outside of Walton). William is
probably buried next. His death date is not engraved on their headstone.

Children of William and Rachel France:

1) James France (1825 - bet. 1870-1885) m. Florinda/Almira
known children:
Henry M - 1842
Elisa/Eliza Jane -1848 (not listed in above will)
Julia Ann/Juliet - 1852
Caroline - 1856
James Scott -1859
Cora Mae - 1863 m._____ Valentine
Ida Louise - 1865 m. her cousin William France
Edith - 1867

2) Polly/Mary m. Marcus L Sloat on Nov. 24, 1852, in Walton.
Known children:
William - 1864
Ella - 1867
Chester - 1869
Gracie - 1874 - 1953 m. Grant Elderkin
Jennie - 1877
Catherine (?)

3) Catherine (1829-1918) m. James McLean on Nov. 24, 1852 in Walton.
James is the son of John McLean & Olive Williams.
Catherine and James are buried in the Walton Cemetery.
Known children:
Esther - 1854/5
Mary Jane - 1856/7
Marshall W (sp) (1865 census) - 1859
John William - 1861
Daniel - 1863

4) William (1830-1899) m. Mary McUmber
Known children:
Mary Rachel m. Joseph Bullis

5) Jacob ( Nov. 1833 - 1907) m. 1) Elizabeth____, 2) Margaret _____
Jacob, Elizabeth & Margaret are buried next to each other in the Walton
Known children from Jacob & Elizabeth
Armenia - 1858/9
Minnie - July 1860, Walton - Jan. 28, 1918, Walton, m. Alonzo Simmons
George - 1869
Emma - 1872
Hattie - 1878

6) Hannah (b. 1838) m. William Bushnell
I don't believe that they had children of their own.
They raised her nephew William France. (Could he be Jacob's son?)
Later, William married his cousin Ida (daughter of James).

7) Adelia (b. 1841) m. _____ Fuller

8) Edith died in infancy.
(On the 1848 births her name is listed as Esther.)

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