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Will received from Nancy Smith at the Surrogate's Court and transcribed by Roy Crawford, June 9, 2001

James Simonson's Will

In the name of God, Amen. I James Simonson, of the Town of Roxbury in the County of Delaware & State of New York, do this tenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty eight make and constitute this my last Will and Testament.

First I do will and positively order that all my debts be paid & my executors, hereinafter to be named, are hereby authorized & empowered to discharge the same as soon as convenient may be out of any monies which may be due me or from the sale of any of my personal effects as may not in the sequel hereof be specially & otherwise disposed of.

Secondly I give & bequeath to my wife, Catherine Simonson, all of my household stuff or furniture including bed & bedding together with the use of my farm so long as she lives or while she remains my widow. The farm to be used & occupied by her and the single children that remain at home with her for the mutual benefit of them all as a family in the manner that I now use & occupy the same & I hereby direct that she gives each of my daughters that are single a bed & bedding necessary for the same whenever they shall need them to set up keeping house or when a final division of my property takes place.

Thirdly I give & bequeath to my son John P. Simonson one dollar, to the children of my daughter Polly now deceased one dollar, to my son Alvah Simonson one dollar, and to my daughter Elizabeth Mosier one dollar.

Fourthly I give & bequeath to my son Peter F. Simonson, my son James Simonson Jr, & my son Abram Simonson share & share alike & to their heirs & assigns forever all my land or farm on which I now reside in the said Town of Roxbury to each an equal undivided third part of the same to be taken full possession of at the time of the death of my wife or when she shall cease to be my widow - the farm is not to be divided but is to be used & occupied in common for the benefit of all that are remaining together upon it till my son Abraham becomes of the age of twenty one years.

Fifthly I give & bequeath to my three youngest daughters, viz; Julia Ann Simonson, Harriet Elisa Simonson, & Elisa Jane Simonson, one cow & the sum of twenty dollars each which said cows & money is to be paid to them by my sons to whom I have willed my land & farm, whenever they shall need the same or whenever a final division or settlement of my estate takes place.

Finally I do make & constitute my wife Catherine Simonson the executrix & Thomas J. Poppins & my son Peter F. Simonson my executors of this my last Will & Testament & they are hereby instructed & empowered to sell my personal property not herein disposed of to pay my debts.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & year first above written.

James Simonson {L.S.}

The above instrument consisting of one sheet was now here subscribed by James Simonson the Testator in presence of each of us & was at the same time declared by him to be his Last Will & Testament and we at his request sign our names hereto as attesting witnesses.

Alexander Daniel residing in Roxbury

Wm. P. Caston of Roxbury


Taylor Man of Delhi, NY named Guardian, 6 Jun 1850, for minor children of Dec'd; Harriet, James, Eliza Jane, & Abram, and children of Polly, wife of Henry Wood and daughter of Dec'd; Edward, James, Catherine, Ruth, Abby, & Maria. (Only child of Polly & Henry not mentioned was Cornelius, who was 21 or older)

(James died 30 April 1850, Will Probated 8 June 1850)

Surrogate Court Pg 764 Will #E109 Delhi, New York

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