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Thanks to Enid Carter of the Presbytery of the Susquehanna Valley at Bainbridge for allowing me to make copies of the church records.

Clarence Putnam, March 14, 2003

Bride and Groom  Residence    Witnesses          Date

E L Mason       Boston       E M McLean          7/9/1888
A J F Judson    Stamford     H? Murch

J R Nesbit      So Kortright Jerome Whipple      11/21/1888
S C Whipple     So Kortright Robt Nesbit

R A Thompson    Bovina       A F Storie          12/19/1888
M Kaufman       Margaretville T A Rush

A F Storie      Bovina       M B Russel          2/20/1889
A M Hastings    Bovina       J C Storie

W P Thomas      S Kortright  C? J Wilsey         9/25/1889
Ida M Latham    Meredith     J? Thomas

Jas G Kiff      Bloomville   Jas McNaught        2/19/1890
Janice? B Thompson Bloomville Bertha Cumming    

    Turner      Davenport    H Russel            12/ /1889
    Adair                    S Hait

David Cronk     Bloomville   Jas Thomas          12/17/1890
Susie Fo Thomas              J? Blakely

J H Bolles      So Kortright Mrs E Bolles        2/18/1891
Belle Turner?                Mrs E McNaught

Chas Thos Wetmore Stamford Town Lizzie J Authur  9/13/1893
Carrie E Hastings Harpersfield Town James H Miller

Frank Gilbert Lyon Hobart    Belle Peters        9/14/1893
Sarah Agnes Thomas Bloomville Fred M Lyon

James Monroe    Bovina       R R Gladstone       10/25/1893
Maggie Storie Coulter Bovina M T Gladstone

Geo Wm Keator   Almeda       Harriet M King      11/1/1894
Mary Elenor Smith Almeda     Wm Beckley

Herman Pedersen Norway-Stamford Mrs W L Martin   2/25/1895
Annie Johannesen Norway-Bloomville E A Kingsley

Sherman D Maynard Lew Beach-Roscoe Geo R DeSilva 6/26/1895
J Eva Kingsley  Almeda       Edith L Drake

Ford Hamilton Hannay Albany  Fred W Webster      11/3/1897
Minnie Myrtle Gould  Almeda  Jennie Webster

Robt McGregor   Stamford     Minnie F Elmandorf  3/30/1898
Minnie Francilia Allison Stamford Don McPherson

Geo Washington Redding Margaretville Kittie C Maloy 8/16/98             
Mrs Mary Catherine Maloy Delhi Sarah L Maloy

Smith Marion Mead Roxbury    Mary DePew          9/5/1898
Catharine Dubois Depew Almeda Mrs W L Martin

Loren H Elmandorf Almeda     Minnie F Elmandorf  2/20/1899
Rose Ferris Hasbrook Cold Brook, NY Emerson B Hasbrook

James Stewart Dow Almeda     Fred W Webster      3/2/1899
Sarah Janette Webster Bloomville Clara M Webster

Jno Edgar Davidson East Meredith J Eva Maynard   10/25/1899
Ada Vienna Kingsley Almeda   Joseph C Thompson

Jacob Titus Higbee Almeda    Frank B Jennings    11/29/1899
Elizabeth Maria Whipple Almeda Sara J Jennings

Francis Vernon Hoose Almeda  Laren H Elmandorf   10/4/1900
Minnie Fuller Elmandorf Almeda Rose H Elmandorf

Richard Adam Hillis Hobart Stephen O Hillis      10/17/1900
Bella Grant Odell   Hobart Laura A Hillis     

Jesse Pierce Harsha Argyle Thomas D Mack         10/2/1901
Maud Elizabeth Andrews Almeda John S Andrews

Chas Ed Hanford   Hobart   E Scott Rose,Delhi    10/24/1901
Emily Abigail Rose South Kortright 

Herman Archibald Johnson Bovina   Mrs W L Martin 4/10/1902
May Estelle Liddle       Bovina   S Kortright

Wm Edmund King  South Kortright   Howard B King  8/31/1905
Effie Belle Rose South Kortright  Isabelle Rose
Henry F Frayer  Bloomville   Mrs Lottie Burdick  11/16/1906
Sara E Burdick  Bloomville   Bloomville

Edwin Burdick   Bloomville   Mrs H K Galloway    11/28/1906
Sophia Dontenville Bloomville Miss Lottie Merwin

Harvey Van Bumble Bloomville Chester Utter       12/14/1906
Edna M Bolles   East Delhi   Mary Pierce

James Paul Kelly Bloomville  Mrs D H Davidson    8/31/1907
Frealie Mar? Burdick Bloomville Mrs H K Galloway 

Frank J McCumber Delhi       F G Lyon            10/16/1907
Nellie Mar McMullin Treadwell Mrs H K Galloway

Orson Joslin    Bloomville   Augusta Rose        12/24/1907
Esther Miller   Bloomville   Mrs H K Galloway

James G Vail   South Kortright Elizabeth Hulbert 11/11/1908   
Hettie M Moss  South Kortright Mahlon Hulbert Hamden

Wilber Pogue   South Kortright Carrie Young      11/25/1908
Irena Young    South Kortright Julia Young

Emil Schneider South Kortright Nathaniel Hammond 12/16/1908
Margaretha Butler Delhi        Mrs Nathaniel Hammond    

James H Burdick Kortright      Gard Thompson     2/18/1909
Inez Thompson   South Kortright Mrs G Thompson

March Farrington Delhi       Mrs Wilber Pogue    5/19/1909
Ella Judd      North Kortright Mrs H K Galloway

James Howard Johnson S Kortright Chas J Thompson 6/16/1909
Florence O Young     Stamford    Sara M Little

Virgil Abiah Pritchard Sioux Falls, SD D C Sharpe 6/23/1909
Mary Edna Sharpe       Sioux Falls, S Dakota J A Sharpe

Archie Cousins Old Orchard, Maine Inda Young     7/3/1909
Carrie E Young South Kortright    Elizabeth Young

Joseph H McCracken South Kortright Edith Whitney 3/9/1910
Olive C Whitney    South Kortright Seth Chichester

Ernest A Whitney  South Kortright Wm J Hoag      3/31/1910
Mabel Tompkins    South Kortright Mrs D H Davidson

Milton David Liddle Bovina   Frank Liddle        6/29/1910
Myrtle Hildred Hinckley Roxbury Milly Bellows

Wm Edward Decker   Flsishmans Jacob Dimmick      1/12/1911
Ethel May Williams South Kortright Mrs Jacob Dimmick

Brayton Johnson  Ashland     Rolland Dibble      3/15/1911
Hettie A Dibble  Stamford    Maggie Truesdell

Clarence Malhimney Kortright    Jewel? Dyer      10/2/1912
Grace Dyer         So Kortright Jennie Whipple

S Golden VanKleeck So Kortright Fred Westcott    7/5/1916
Thressa Westcott   So Kortright Mrs Westcott

Edmund R Davis     Delhi        Bruce Rose       9/6/1916
Anna Belle Rose    So Kortright Edmund Rose    

John Howard Starley So Kortright Wm Orr          11/27/1917
Mary Finetta Orr    So Kortright Mrs Wm Orr

Willard Vedelle Ritchie   Kortright  C P Ritchie 10/21/1915   
Margaret Carman McClure So Kortright Mary L McClure

Wm Rose      Bloomville      H K Rose            9/16/1920
Ida Brown    Falls Church, Va Mrs H A Armitage 

Horace E Brown Falls Church, Va                  10/14/1920
S Augusta Rose So Kortright

Fred Turner     So Kortright George Votee Jr     10/19/1920
Helena S Votee  So Kortright Miss Ruth Riseley

Robert Rich     So Kortright James Rich          11/18/1920
Madge Scott     Bloomville   Mrs H A Armitage

Fianel Lane     Cold Brook   Benta? Bollagh      1/26/1921
Helen G Baggs   So Kortright        Lane

Seth E Chichester So Kortright Guy Chichester    3/12/1921
Elizabeth E Young So Kortright Mrs Guy Chichester

Harry Simansan Dyer So Kortright Emory Joslin    6/1/1921
Myra Viola Nield    Andes              Nield

William Evertson Orr So Kortright Wm Orr Sr      2/28/1923
Eva Nettie Dietrich  So Kortright Jacob Dietrich Sr

Henry Hull Field   Washington, DC   Mr Nicholson 9/1/1923
Ada Florence Boggs So Kortright     Emily E Boggs  

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