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old postcard photo of church church today
Old Postcard photo and photo of today courtesy of Carolyn McPherson, October 27, 2008


Thanks to Enid Carter of the Presbytery of the Susquehanna Valley at Bainbridge for allowing me to make copies of the church records. --Clarence Putnam, March 14, 2003


Jas Hume                Died 1863
Jno Erkson              Died 1858
Jno King
Thos Shiland            Died 1865
Duncan Grant            Died
Jno Cowan
Jos McMurdy
Jas Rich                Died 1857
Jas Hastings       


Elisabeth Hastings
Jno Scott
Nancy Scott
Robt Scott              Removed
Jannet Scott            Died
Marg Scott              Removed
Margaret Jones          Died
Eliza Sanitford?  
Jas Gill
Mrs Gill
Mrs Jane Burns
Peter Blair             Died 1864
Margaret Blair          Died
Isabela McNaught        Removed
Mrs Margaret Johnston   Died 1864
Mrs Jane Maynard
Mrs Isabella Hastings   
Elisabeth Shiland       
Catherin Shiland        Removed
Helen Shiland           
Rebecca Lyon            Died
Mrs Cumings
Margaret Bibby          Removed
Eleanor McGillivrae
Daniel McGillivrae
Mary Rose               Died 1858
Hugh Rose
Mrs Fanny Thomas
Isabella McDonald       Died
Isabella Squire
Wm Shaw
Mrs Shaw
Miss McWilliams         Died 1858
Mrs Elisabeth Keeler    Removed
Mrs Lucy Cox
Mrs Jane McDonald       
Henry Kerr              Died 1864
Jane C Kerr
Burr Barlow             Removed
Mrs C D Gibson   
Jane Rich
Mrs Mary Forrest        Died
Harriet Archer          
Thos H? Smith           Removed
Mrs C Smith             Died 1855
Adam Hillis
Mrs Elisabeth Hillis
Miss Elisabeth Hillis
Jos McWilliams
Mrs Mary A McWilliams
Jonathan B McMurdy
Mrs Abigail McMurdy
Wm Kerr                 Died
Mrs Jane Kerr
Miss Nancy Kerr
Sarah Kerr
Jane Kerr
Margaret Kerr
Mrs Esther McMurdy
Mrs Robert Smith        Smith's removed June 27, 1856 
Robert Smith            not reported in 1856
John Smith
James Miller
Mrs James Miller
Mrs Jannet McLaughry    Died
James Scott             Died
Mrs James Scott
John King
Elizabeth M King
Virgil Bunnell          Died
Mrs Bunnell
Mrs Aaron Blish         Died 1859
Aristarchus Blish       
Mrs Aristarchus Blish
Eveline G Blish         Removed
Mrs Celick Gould
James A Grant           Died 1863
Allen J Grant
Agnes Grant
George Jones            Removed
Elizabeth Jones         Removed
John Cowan
Ellen Cowan
William Barr?           Removed
Mrs Novatus Blish
John K Grant            Removed
William R Grant         Removed July 1856
Mrs Mary Grant          Removed July 1856
Hugh Leal               Removed
Mrs Eleanor Leal        Removed
Mary A Leal             Died 1864
William McLaughlan      Died
Mrs McLaughlan
Margaret McPhersen      Removed
Mrs James Hume          Died
Miss Isabella Hume      Removed
Miss A G? Hume          Removed
William Mitchell
Mrs Mitchell
Archibald               Removed
Miss A Springstein      Removed
Mrs Elizabeth Erkson    Died 1863
Margaret W Murray       Removed June 1856
James W McGillivrae     
Richard Cox             Died 1864
James Thomson           Removed
Mary Barlow             Removed
Marietta Cowan
Helena Jane Rich
Mrs Mary Grant          Removed
L Adelia Gould          Removed 1859
Elizabeth Grant         Removed July 1857
Julia A Grant           Removed 1856
Mary Grant              Removed
Hector Cowan            
Margaret Crozier        Removed
Mary A Kerr
Duncan Sinclair         Died
Hugh Gillespie          Removed June 1856 Reinstated? 1856
Mrs Hugh Gillespie      Same
Mrs Catherine McCune    
Mary McCune             Removed
Sally Ann Burns         Died 1858
Margaret King           Removed
Esther Squire           Died
Alexander Easton        Removed June 1858
Allen G Mitchell        Forfeited Membership
Nancy Mitchell
Jane A Burns
Mrs Jannet Kilpatrick
John McWilliams         Removed Sept 1859
Novatus N Blish
Wlizabeth Scott
Mary Ann Scott
Mary F? Palmer          Died
Sarah W Gillivrae
Daniel Andrews
Isac Atkins             Removed
David Hillis            Removed April 1856
Joseph Hillis           Removed
Nancy Atkins            Removed
Barbara Grant           Removed
Eliza A Kerr       
John Thomas Jr
Isabella A Andrews

Elizabeth D Keeler      Removed
Martha McWilliams       Removed Sept 1859
Nancy McLaung?          Removed
James A Rich
Roxie Rich
Margaret Duff           Removed October 1857
Tayner? Leal
James McLaury           Removed
Thos D McLaury          Removed
Mrs McLaury             Removed
Eliza Shiland
Margaret A Grant
Hugh Rose               Died 1857
Isabella Rose
John L Andrews
Mrs Nancy Andrews
Burr Keeler             Removed
Ellen McLaury           Removed 1864
Catharine McLaughlin
Jane Dunham
Mary E McGillivrae      Died
William Brock
Abigail Brock
John R Thomson
Mrs E Thomson
Sarah Burroughs
Sophia Shiland
Sarah Keeler            Removed August 1859
Nancy D Scott
Susan A McLaury
Jane A McMurdy
Joshua W Blish
George L Leal
Sarah G? Hillis         Removed
John McDonald
Elizabeth M Andrews     Elizabeth and next five people on list admitted May 1855
John Mitchell
Silas Mitchell?
Nancy McCune
Frances Bunnell         Removed
Ellen Gould
Nancy Fletcher?
?  Elisa Rich
Eleanor Fields?
Mrs Jas Fletcher        Removed June ?
Jas Fletcher              Ditto
Mrs Margery Laughran      Ditto
Sarah Burroughs           Admitted on Confession Oct 1856
Peter McAlpine             Ditto
Emily Blish             Admitted on confessionMay 1857
Margaret McLaury          Ditto
Mary Mc?                  Ditto   Removed
Wm McMurdy                Ditto
Miss Isabella Scott     Admitted on confession Oct 1857
Mrs Hannah Grant          Ditto    Removed
Miss Mary Kerr            Ditto
Miss Rachel D Kerr        Ditto
Miss Hannah Rich          Ditto
Miss Roxey B Gould        Ditto
Mrs Jane Ann Ryer         Ditto
Robert P Gibson           Ditto
John McLaughry          Admitted on confession May 22, 1858
Miss Adeline Thomas       Ditto
John B Gibson             Ditto
Edward McLain           On certificate
Mrs Margaret McLain          Ditto
Mrs Mariah Louisa Lamb       Ditto     Died
Mrs Helen D Kerr        On certificate Sept 30, 1858
Miss Isabella Rich      On confession Sept 30,1858 R 1864   
Miss Mariah Louisa Thomas       Ditto
Miss Caroline Cotterpain?       Ditto
Mrs Irving McLain               Ditto
George K McMurdy        On confession Apr 1859
Mrs Mary E Telford            Ditto
Samuel Triator?         On certificate June 1860
Jas? H? McMurray              Ditto
James McAuley                 Ditto  Removed 1863

Heads of Families United to the Church in Stamford 1855
Thomas Shiland
James McGillivrae
Daniel McGillivrae
Hugh Rose Jr
Fanny Thomas
Isabella Squire
William Shaw
Burr Keeler             X through name
Richard Cox
Henry Kerr
Burr Barlow             X through name
Mrs James Rich
John Cowan
Hector Cowan
Novatus M Blish
John K Grant
William R Grant         Removed
Hugh Leal
William McLaughlin
James M Hastings
John Hastings
John Scott
Robert C? Scott         X through name   removed
Margaret Jones          X through name
Mrs John Erkson
James Gill              Non attendant
Peter Blair
Adam Hillis
Joseph Hillis
Jonathan McMurdy
Joseph McMurdy
William Kerr
James Miller
James Scott
John King
Virgil Bunnel
Aristarchus Blish
Thomas H Smith          X through name
James A Grant
Allen Grant
Alexander Cummings
Hugh Gillespie          X through name  Removed
Hugh Rose
Daniel Andrews
George Leal
Mrs Eliza Sanford
John R Thompson
Mrs Peter C Grant
Mrs John McNaught
Duncan K Grant
Mrs Robert Clark        Removed
Margaret Beilby         X through name
Mrs Mary Palmer
William Mitchell
Archibald Mitchell
Mrs McCune
James A Rich
Thomas B McLaury
Mrs Celick Gould
George Jones            Removed
Alexander Easton
John McWilliams
Isaac Atkins
John L Andrews
William Brock
James Hume
Margaret McPherson
Joseph McWilliams
John McDonald           Removed
Mrs Burns
Mrs Jannet Ryer
Mr McAlpine
Jas Fletcher
Mrs Lamb
Edward McLain

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