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United Presbyterian Church of Stamford at South Kortright

The Birth, Baptism, Marriage and Death records begin in December 1809. The Birth, Baptism and Marriage records seem to be complete through 1945. There are only a few deaths listed before the 1890's.

The records also include the session book minutes, 1810-1811, and 1844-1945; the Congregational and Trustee Records, 1811-1945; the roll of elders and trustees; membership rolls; a list of names in the old session book and the list of pastors from 1809 to the 1990's.

I have completed the transcription of the marriage records for Rev. Robert Forrest(1809-1844) and Rev. John D Gibson(1845-1886). Rev. Forrest's records were the most difficult to transcribe. He was not always consistent with his abbreviations or the spelling of the names. Some of the witnesses' names were crowded into the margin. His writing was sometimes just difficult to read. I placed a question mark where I was unsure of the spelling. There may be other misspellings.

> Rev. Forrest provided additional information about the bride and groom for a short time in the 1830's. The groom's name and information is on line three; the bride's name and information is on line four of each marriage entry.

Rev. Gibson's entries, starting in 1848, gave additional information about the bride and groom. The groom's information is on line three; the bride's is on line four of each entry.

I will give the Xeroxed copies of the church records to the Delaware County Historical Association when the transcription is completed. The DCHA also has a copy of the "History of the United Presbyterian Church of Stamford at South Kortright".

I want to thank Enid Carter of the Presbytery of the Susquehanna Valley at Bainbridge for allowing me to make copies of the church records. Thanks also to Helen Casey of DCHA who assisted me in translating some of the more difficult entries. --Clarence Putman, January 26, 2003


Rev Forest-1809-1845

Thomas Graham       William Graham       12/21/1809
Isabel Cumings      James Grant

James McEwing       William Storrie?     10/21/1810   
Phoebe Nicol        _______ Nicol

Ambr Bryan          Eben Foote           8/21/1811
Harriet Foote       Fred Foote

John Mitchel        John Graham          10/1/1811
Mary Graham         Arch Mitchel

Rob Robison         Henry Marshall       10/13/1812
Mary Orr            Rich Kilpatrick

Andr Archibald      Walter Rae           10/14/1812   
Jannet Rae          John Archibald

Ed W Mead           Silas Knapp          10/2/1813
Rachel Knapp        Ach Kedzie Jr.  

Eden R Maxwell      Eben Foote           11/1813
Mary P Foote        Chas Foote

Duncan Grant        Alex Grant           12/29/1813
Jannet Grant        Alan Grant 

Willm McDonald      Henry Marshall       1/3/1814
Deberah Marshall    Ed McClaugry

James Russell       H Russell            1/18/1814
Margt Bryice        Thos B Rich

Samuel Dean         Robt Wool            2/17/1814
Jean Douglass       Joseph Douglass

Robert Stewart      David McFarlane      2/25/1814
Eliza McFarlane     R. McFarlane

Christopher Tappan  Jas Grant            3/17/1814
Mary Grant          A Cumming

James Hume          Rob Hume             5/19/1814
Ann McDonald        Joh Thomson

Rich P Herrichs     Abr Thomas           9/20/1814
Sarah H Thomas      Jo Thomas

Peter P Grant       Jo P Grant           10/26/1814
Elspeth Cumming     R Kilpatrick 

Ken? Chitendon      Alex Grant           11/10/1814
Rebekah Bardsley    Will Grant

Stephen Russell     Jas Russell          12/1/1814
Jean Bryice         Jo Russell

Robert Dean         Ch Tapan             1/11/1815
Eliza Douglass      Sam Dean

Daniel Mabby        Ach Kedzie           2/9/1815
Isabelia Kedzie     Wm Jones

John Grant          Alex Grant           3/2/1815
Ann Cummings        Will Grant           

James Dean          Rob McFarlane        3/10/1815
Jean McFarlane      Joh Thomson

Geo Hume            Rob Hume             3/20/1815
Mary Rose           Hugh Rose

George Kedzie       Willm Jones          5/4/1815
Christian Archbald  Wm Graham

Robert Stewart      Thos Graham          4/1815
Mary Mitchel        Ob Folger

Alex Cumming        Jas Grant            10/20/1815
Barbara Grant       Duncan Grant

William McCune      Jas McCune           1/5/1816
Esther Brush        Alex Brush

James G Redfield    Jas Cowen            2/2/1816
Susan Barlow        Ach Kedzie 

James McDonald      Th Graham            2/2/1816
Agnes Mill          Jo McDonald

James Clarke        M. Leet              6/27/1816
Hannah Bush         Jas Rich

William Cowan       Alex Grant           11/19/1816
Mary Chisholm       Alan Grant

James Rich          T.L. Rich            12/18/1816
Helena Marshall     Geo Kedzie

Thos Henderson      Chr Mctayer          4/9/1817
Mary Mctayer        Wm Yeoman

William Hilton      Jas Smith            4/9/1817
Agnes Smith         John Dale 

James Smith         Jas Smith Jr.        5/5/1817
Polly Redfield      Joh Dale

Benj Fuller         Jas McCune           6/5/1817
Lydia Secord        ____ Seacord

Moses Keyser        Holand Berdin        11/19/1817 
Jean Lansing        Joh Fordun

Robt Wool           Robt Wool            12/2/1817
Mary Snyder         Jo F Moore

Jonathan Silliman   ____ Manners         _/9/1817
Sarah Cooley        _____ McFarlane

Willm Mitchel       Arch Mitchel         3/4/1818
Catherine Grant     Alex Grant

Abel Squire         Jo. McDonald         3/5/1818
Isabela McDonald    Jas Thomas

Adam Kedzie         Jas Rich             6/11/1818
Mary Thomson        Will Jones

John McDonald       M. Leet              7/9/1818
Jean McDonald       Geo Kedzie

Walter Crozeir       Adam Kedzie          12/3/1818
Isbela Ann Thomson   Geo Kedzie

John Grant           Jo T Moore           12/17/1818
Mary Moore           Jas Grant

Willm Cummings       Jo Dale              12/17/1818
Saba? Redfield       Joh Grant

Joh Hastings         John Thomson         12/18/1818
Eliza Elliot         An Thomson 

Duncan McNaught      Rob Scot             2/11/1819
Eliza Scot           Rob Hume

John Orr             Joh Erkisen          6/15/1819
Mary Scott           Jo Miller

Malcom McNaught      Ach Kedzie           6/17/1819
Majorie Jones        W Graham

Joseph Prime         Jas Rich             6/26/1819
Hannah Vanaland      H Rerdun?

Samuel McWilliams    Joh Graham           9/23/1819
Mary Humphries       H Humphries

Willm Clarke         M Leet               11/4/1819
Hatty Squire         Joh Thomas

Alex McPhersen       W Clarke             11/25/1819
Eliza Yeoman         M Leet

James P Grant        Alex Grant           11/25/1819
Catherine Lochryan   W Grant

David Miller         D Thomson            12/16/1819
Agnes Thomson        Jo Erkson

Thos Sathen          Rob Balintine        1/13/1820
Eliza Balintine      D Balintine

Daniel Bush          M Leet               1/27/1820
Eliza Silliman       G Webster

Stephen Hait         Jas Smith            3/16/1820
Eliza Lyon           W Andrews

James Thomas         Joh B Spencer        8/16/1820
Priscilla Clark      Abr Thomas

Daniel Cumming       Alex Cumming         8/17/1820
Hannah Dolittle      Duncan Mcdonald

William Ogden        Cal? Howard          11/1/1820
Ann Gregory          S Munson

Donald Shaw          Jas Rich             12/26/1820
Jannet McNaught      J McNaught

George Sturges       Jas G Redfield       1/2/1821
Priscilla Redfield   John Dale

James McPhersen      Willm Yeoman         1/4/1821
Mary Yeoman          John Thomas

William Hall         John Thomas          3/1?/1821
Catherine McPhail    Alex Mcdonald

George Hasten        Allan Grant          3/19/1821
Agnes Mitchel        Arch Mitchel

Sam W Andrews        M Keeler             5/24/1821
Patty Fuller         Joh Andrews

William Grant        Rob Grant            7/12/1821
Mary Hill            Hugh Leal

John King            Rob Hume             7/17/1821
Salome Rose          Hugh Rose

Jabez Keeler         Geo Stout            8/7/1821
Jean Stout           Henry Their?

John Clark           W Hudsack?           11/6/1821
Ann Lambert          W Clark

Charles Leet         Ar Blish             12/12/1821
Mary Kedzie          Tim Grant

Argus Mcdonald       Jas A Grant          12/13/1821
Cynthia Bradford     Dun P Grant

Donald D Grant       Jas A Grant           12/27/1821
Clarissa Patridge    Dun R Grant

Wilsey Hilton?       Joh Seacord           1/24/1822
Hanny Seacord        W Hilton? 

John A Grant         J Nicoles             1/24/1822
Sarah Stout          Geo Stout

Thomas Mocrip        Ach Scott             1/31/1822
Mary Renalus?        Robt Mocrip

Daniel McIntosh      Alex Shaw             1/31/1822
Marjery Shaw         Donald D Grant

Edmund Lamb          D McGilpay            2/14/1822
Eliza Menger         D Clark

Duncan G Grant       H Cowan               3/7/1822
Agnes Cowan          Ang Mcdonald

Adam Scot            Rob Scot              3/21/1822
Agnes Russell        J Archbald

John Andrews         M Keeler              4/18/1822
Agnes Mace           S Andrews

John Douglass        Joh Wool              6/13/1822
Balinda Fuller       Ani Brown

David McKee          Joh Graham            11/19/1822
Mary Valentine       Jas Russell  

William Lewis        Jas Renwick           12/5/1822
Agnes Burns          W Renwick

Peter Fisher         Thos Shiland           12/19/1822
Hannah Soriten?      T Soriten?

Charles Reed         Rob Hume              12/19/1822
Agnes Gemmil         G Webster

John Hlymar?         Joh Graham            1/9/1823
Elis Ormiston        D Thomson

Ira Hubbell          Stephen Hait          1/21/1823
Elis Hait            Jacob Moore

Burr Gould           Ar Blish              3/6/1823
Sophia L Blish       Virg Bunnel 

Thom McClaughery Sr  S Grant               10/24/1823
Jannet Smith         Joh Grant

William Burroughs    Jas Lochrgan          10/30/1823
Sarah Lochrgan       W Lochrgan

John Cowan           Alan Grant            1/1/1824
Helen Grant          A Mitchel

Jo Adams McClaughery W Lochrgan            1/20/1824
Mary Vanderlyn       Jas Rich

Isaac Maynard        D A Grant             1/22/1824
Jean Falconner       C McLean

Seth Handford        Jas Rich              2/18/1824
Agnes Brownell       Joh Graham

Nath McCullam        S Scouten?            6/15/1824
Elis Loan?           S Every

Benj Gilbert         Ch McLean             6/17/1824
Mary Falconner       A Falconner 

Alexander Chisholm   M Farel?              8/2/1824
Isobela Sinclair     S Grant

Adage Meeker         Geo Sturges           9/28/1824
Cynthia Hotchkiss    Milo Meeker

Daniel Bailey        W Foote               10/6/1824
Sarah Baldwin        R Baldwin

William McMillen     Jas Hume              10/14/1824
Sarah McWilliams     Joh Graham 

James S Peters       Wm Clarke             12/1/1824
Susan Squire         Rich Peters

Arch Burce           Alex Grant            12/2/1824
Jannet Freyer        Joh Grant

George McFarlane     Jo Thomson            12/23/1824
Jannet Scott         R McFarlane

George Grant         Rob Grant             1/13/1825
Jane Boag?           S Grant

Michael Campbell     Jas Kilpatrick        2/2/1825
Jean Pearson         Geo Hasten

John Bush            M Keeler Jr.          2/8/1825
Patty Hait           L Leet

Henry Warren         G McMurdy             2/17/1825
Isobela Cousart      J McMurdy

Adam Hillis          A Mitchel             3/31/1825
Elisabeth McMurdy    M Campbell

Celick Gould         Burr Gould            6/3/1825
Sarah Blish          A Blish

Alex Fraser          Jas Mcdonald          7/16/1825
Christian Cowan      W Mcdonald

John Mcdonald        Jas Hume              8/28/1825
Sarah Bush           Jo Mcdonald

John Gemmil          Jas Rich              3/2/1826
Agnes Rose           Rob Hume 

Thomas McClaughery   M McClaughery         2/1/1827
Prudence McGilavery  D McGilavery

James Scott          C Leet                2/15/1827
Christian Thomson    Rob Scott

Burr Keeler          M Keeler              2/21/1827
Eliza Ann Barlow     S Andrews

Thomas McFarline     D McFarline           2/28/1828
Mary Thompson        Rob McFarline

Thomas Hymers        R Hume                4/17/1828
Susanna Gemmil       Jas Redfield

Andrew Hamilton      Adam Scott            6/19/1828
Lydia Russell        T McFarlane

William Erkson       Joh Erkson            6/26/1828
Elizabeth Millard    P Lany

Will Yeoman          David McFarlane       7/16/1828
Mary Love            Joh Archbald

John McNaught        John Scott            9/18/1828
Isobel Scott         Jas Scott

Arch Thompson        Joh Archbald          2/5/1829
Jean Thompson        Thos McFarlane

John G Smith         Pet Fisher            4/23/1829
Jean Fisher          Thos Shellend? 

Thomas Clarke        D Turner              5/21/1829
Mary Lambert         T Lambert

John Ormisten        James Coltherd        6/3/1829
Eleaner Coltherd     David Mcauley

George Miller        Duncan Turner         1/21/1830
Ann Chisholm         Jas Thomson
George Miller        merchant              age 30
Ann Chisholm                               age 30

Simon Andrews        James Rich            2/13/1830
Sarah Grant          George Kedzie     
Simon                Stamford-farmer       age 26
Sarah                Stamford              age 25

Peter Yeoman         Stephen Addie         3/18/1830
Mary Lochryan        Eben Flowers           
Peter                Delhi-farmer          age 28
Mary                 Bovina                age 19

George Jones         Will Grant            3/18/1830
Elizabeth Ann Grant  Will Jones
George               Bovina-farmer         age 26
Elizabeth                                  age 18

James Russell        Thos McFarlane        7/1/1830
Elizabeth Archbald   David McFarlane
James                Bovina-farmer         age 24
Elizabeth                                  age 24

Hugh Gemmil          Pet Fisher            12/30/1830
Agnes Mcarther       Thos Shiland
Hugh                 Stamford-farmer       age 27
Agnes                                      age 28

Robert Bunyan        Rob Hume              1/18/1831
Helen Russell        Jas Russell
Robert               Charlton-farmer       age 29
Helen                                      age 19

Adam Cowan           Joh Elliot            1/27/1831
Isobel Elliot        Geo Kedzie
Adam                 Andes-farmer          age 25
Isobel               Bovina                age 23

Archbald Gemmil      Thos McFarlane        4/28/1831
Eleaner McFarlane    Rob McFarlane
Archbald             Stamford-farmer       age 22
Eleaner                                    age 22

James Mcdonald       Hugh Gemmil           6/30/1831
Elisa Rose           Robt Marshall
James                farmer                age 28
Elisa                                      age 29?

James White          Alex Rae              7/9/1831
Jannet Rose          Dun Turner
James                Delhi-farmer          age 32
Jannet                                     age 20

Peter Mills          James Rich            12/22/1831
Helen Thomson        David Thomson
Peter                Bovina-farmer         age 21
Helen                                      age 27

Andrew McFarlane     Dan Hait              1/12/1832
Jean Russell         Joh Archbald
Andrew               farmer                age 26
Jean                                       age 25

Robert McFarlane     Jas Thomson           3/1/1832
Agnes Thomson        Jas Russell 

Robert L Marshall    Martin Keeler         8/11/1832
Frances M Keeler     James Rich

John T Moore         Jas Stewart           1/7/1833
Rachel Stewart       __coton? Grant

Peter J Grant        H Rae Sr              1/24/1833
Lydia Rose           H Rae Jr

Jonathan Mcmurdie    Geo Kedzie            5/29/1833
Jean Jones           Geo Jones

James McWilliams     David McWillIams?     10/2/1833
Henorda Mills        J Mcmurdy

Adam Jones           W Grant               1/8/1834
Caroline Grant       Geo Jones

John R Grant         Joh Cowan             3/6/1834
Mary Cowan           Will Trotter

David Mcmurdie       Jen Mcmurdie          4/8/1834
Helen Campbell       Jas Campbell

William H French     Aaron Blish           10/15/1834
Elmiria S Blish      Ed Keeler

Cornelius Pulyer     W Yoeman              12/18/1834
Matilda Yoeman       F Yoeman

John Tolfour         James Grant           12/30/1834
Ann Stewart Grant    Duncan Grant

Mathew Bryce         Virgil Bunnel         6/17/1835
Jean Ann Bunnel      W H French

Allen Grant          Duncan Grant          1/5/1836
Agnes Grant          W Mitchel

Albert Basset        Alex Rich             1/19/1836
Mary Rose            H M Rich

David McKee          M Crosier             3/25/1836
Jean McCloughery     R S Rich

Samuel A Bell        Joh Wool              5/24/1836
Ann Eliza Douglas    Jas Wool

Robert Ballinger     Ken Parker            6/2/1836
Jane Craig           Henry Rich

James C Montgomery   Henry Kerr            1/14/1837
Susannah Kerr        Allan Grant

Edward Riggs         James Rich            6/7/1837
Eliza McClaughery    Robt F Rich

Hugh Rinmarth?       David Leill           4/14/1838
Elizabeth Leill      Robt Smith

James Gill           Geo M Smith           4/14/1838
Mary Leill           Rob Smith

Joseph S McWilliams  David Orr             1/30/1839
Mary Ann Kilpatrick  Robt F Rich

Robert Scott         Robert Scott Sr       2/28/1839
Martha Lochrgan      Thos Cowan

James Kilpatrick     K Kilpatrick          6/7/1839
Ann Eliza Bush       A Siliman 

William Parker       W Mitchel             10/2/1839
Nancy McWilliams     B Mcmurdie

Thomas Seacord       Josh Carman           1/1/1840
Ann Carman           D Thomson

John Mitchel         Alex Grant            1/2/1840
Isobella Grant       William Grant

Alexander Mcdonald   Abel Squire           10/14/1840
Nancy Squire         Geo Mcdonald

Alexander McNeilly   Robt Adair            12/4/1840
Marg Rose            Robt Rose

Charles Stuart       H R Livingston        1/2/1841
Mary Ann Cowley      J H Champlin

James Miller         Joh Scott             1/14/1841
Magdaline Hastings   Jas Scott

John Hamilton        John Scott            1/28/1841
Mary Scott           H M Rich

Peter Jennings       S Jennings            10/27/1841
Agnes Burns          W Y Burns

Robert McGregor      W Grant               11/3/1841
Marg Grant           Joh Mitchel

Hector Cowan         Alex Burns            12/28/1841
Esther Nisbet        St Rich

John Whiteford       R F Rich              3/17/1842
Eliza Harkness       M Ferral

Joseph Kilpatrick    D McWilliams          1/18/1843
Anges M Robinson     W McWilliams

John White           Joh Hastings          1/19/1843
Isabella Hastings    J Miller

William Broke?       John King             2/22/1843
Abigail Rose         J Gemmil

Bethael Southerland  W H French            3/13/1843
Emeline Blish        St? Rich

Robert F Rich        James Rich            6/7/1843
Marg F Crozier       C Keeler

John Archbald        Allan Grant           1/11/1844
Marg Johnson         Th Rich

New Minister         J D Gibson

Wm Davis             H Lyon                1/23/1845
Amelia Lyon          Moses F Lyon

Jas A Rich           Geo Bunnell           5/21/1845
Roxey B Bunnell      Henry Rich

William Champlin     C Clark               9/24/1845
Frances Clark        C D Gibson

Andrew Thompson      Wm Mitchell           11/27/1845
Jane Mitchell        & mother

James Douglas        Robt Scott            1/8/1846
Janet Scott          John Scott

Daniel Grant         Daniel Burrows        2/11/1846
Elizabeth Burrows    & wife

Alexander Murray     Wm Murray             4/23/1846
Helen M Russell      Jas Russell

Samuel Scott         Wm McLaughry          4/1846
Mary Irving          Matthew McLaughry

Jacob VanBenscotten  Alex Johnson          6/11/1846
Barbay G Johnson     Ro A Johnson

Samuel Parker        Wm Parker             10/6/1846
Elisa Erkson         John Erkson Jr

John Burroughs       Daniel Grant          11/10/1846
Rebecca A Grant      Jas Thompson

David W Thompson     Jas Thompson          12/17/1846
Elisabeth Burroughs  Jno Laughry

John Bromley         John McCune           1/6/1847
Margaret McCune      Saml McCune

John A Johnston      Thos McFarlane        1/7/1847
Eleanor J McFarlane  I VanBenscotin

George Brownell      Thos Shiland          2/23/1847
Mary Emily Lyon      John Shiland

John Miller          Matthew McClellan     3/2/1847
Nancy McClellan      Robt Adair

John Campbell        Jas Campbell          4/15/1847
Martha Jane McCulley Thos McCulley  

Seth Perkins         Geo Griffin           6/14/1847
Olive Mariah Wetmore Elisha Wetmore

Wm Mitchell          Jas McDonald          9/15/1847
Susannah McDonald    Andrew Thompson

Silas C Noble        Wm Trotter            9/20/1847
Elizabeth S Trotter  Daniel Stewart

James Sackrider      Augustus Thomas         9/23/1847
Jane Ann Thomas      Catherine D Gibson

Thomas Palmer        Edward McLaughry        10/13/1847
Mary McGilivrae      Jas McGilivrae

Daniel Simmons       Hiram Simmons           1/1/1848
Ann Elisa Lamport    Thos Lamport

Additional Information for Groom Line 3, Bride Line 4

Alanson Grant        Hector Cowan-Stamford   1/26/1848
Harriet Elisa Drake  Margaret Crozier-Stam
Age 20-Stamford
Age 18-Stamford

Isaac Atkins         John Bromley            4/6/1848
Nancy C Blair        Peter Blair
Age 45-Bovina        Farmer
Age 24-Bovina   

Joseph Bennett       Luther Taylor           9/5/1848
Harriet Taylor       John Bennett
Age 28
Age 23

Jas A Thomas II      Jas Squire              9/12/1848
Mary Jane Squire     Abram Thomas
Age 28
Age 20

John N Bennett       Smith Adams             9/13/1848
Sarah Delia Adams    Edwin Adams
Age 27
Age 23

George W Ryer        Stephen Hait            11/15/1848
Mary L Hart          Henry Ryer
Age 27-Stamford      Farmer
Age 22

Christopher M Thorp  Daniel Andrews          12/25/1848
Harriett Scutt       Margaret McMurray
Age 30               Carpenter
Age 28

Andrew Armstrong     Jas Hastings            1/11/1849
Jennett Hastings     Jas Miller
Age 25               Farmer
Age 25

George W Reel        Geo W Bulls             2/1/1849
Jerusha Grant        Hugh Gillispie
Age 35               Carpenter
Age 29

Ebenezer Bundy       Jno Shiland             8/30/1849
Margaret Hobbes      Mrs C D Gibson
Age 25               Farmer
Age 28

Wm S Foote           Novatus Blish           9/11/1849
Mary A Blish         Orrin Griffin
Age 25-Hobart        Tinman
Age 24

Patrick Goodwin      Harriet Archer          10/10/1849
Frances Maria Dart   Mrs C D Gibson
Age 27-Stamford      Farmer
Age 29

Peter Fisher         Harriett Archer         10/23/1849
Elizabeth Griffin    Mrs C D Gibson
Age 35               Farmer
Age 24

Archibald Mitchell   John K Grant            12/12/1849
Mary Grant           Allen Mitchell
Age 28               Farmer
Age 22

Smith Wakeman        Ezra Hait               1/1/1850
Louisa E Hait        Geo Lyon
Age 25-Walton        Farmer
Age 20-Stamford

James H Butler       Wm Foote-father         2/5/1850
Minerva Foote        Daniel Butler
Age 29-Tompkins      Farmer
Age 21-Stamford

Robt S Rich          Stephen Rich            4/25/1850
Caroline D Blish     Aristarchus Blish
Age 27-New York      Merchant
Age 25-Stamford  

Duncan Grant         Richard Grant-Albany    7/3/1850
Margaret Ann Grant   P S Grant-Albany
Age 50-Stamford      Farmer
Age 34-Guilderland

Alfred Mull          Jas Grant               9/11/1850
Margaret Hunt        Mrs C D Gibson
Age 30-Hobart        Wagonmaker
Age 23-Hobart

John Shiland         Lyman Lawson            9/18/1850
Sophia Murdock       Wm Riddle
Age 31               Farmer
Age 24

James A Grant        John K Grant            9/25/1850
Margaret Hume        Jas Hume
Age 25-Hobart        Merchant
Age 24

Samuel McCune        John Peters             10/16/1850
Nancy C Peters       Jas Squire
Age 28-Bovina        Merchant
Age 19-Kortright

Joh Augustus Perkins John Thomas             12/17/1850
S Adelia Thomas      Dewitt Thomas
Age 24-Chemung Co.   Merchant
Age 27-Stamford

Edmund B Taylor      Peter Kilpatrick        12/19/1850
Elizabeth Kilpatrick Wheeler Taylor
Age 28-Stamford      Farmer
Age 26-Kortright

John K Grant         John McDonald Esq.      12/30/1850
Isabilla Hume        John Cowan
Age 48-Stamford      Farmer
Age 33

John H McMurray      Andrew Burns            1/22/1851
Jane A Burns         Mrs Lucy Cox
Age 29-Bovina        Farmer
Age 33

W H Ostrander        Jas McWilliams          6/9/1851
Mary Jane Dezell     & Henrietta his wife
Age 23-Albany        Artist
Age 18-Hobart

Novatus M Blish      Henry Rich              9/22/1851
Matietta Cowan       Hector Cowan
Age 23-Stamford
Age 21

Edmard McLaughry     Jas McGillirrae         10/13/1851
Sarah J Young        Hugh Young 
Age 27-Kortright
Age 24

Jas McGillirrae      Daniel McLaughry        10/14/1851
Mary E McLaughry     Matthus McLaughry
Age 25

Hector Cowan         Jas Rich                11/5/1851
Helene J Rich        Novatus Blish
Age 27-Stamford
Age 19-Stamford

R V Hager            John H McMurray         11/18/1851
Uplunia? Graham      Jane A McMurray
Age 49-Harpersfield
Age 44-Bovina

Michael Dunn         John McNaught           11/26/1851
Mary McNaught        Abram Thomas
Age 23-Stamford
Age 22-Bovina

Frederick Grant      Wm R Grant              12/23/1851
Mary Jane Grant      Geo Griffin
Age 26-Stamford
Age 18-Stamford

George Smith         Samuel S Smith          12/24/1851
Julia A Paine        Wm Arbuckle
Age 44
Age 28

Chas B Clark         Wm Mitchell             12/25/1851
Ellen Mitchell       Rice? Clark 

Alex H Johnson       Thos Johnson            12/25/1851
Elspet F Maynard     John H Archibald
Age 26

James Grant          Wm Kerr                 5/7/1852
Hannah Kerr          Joseph Kerr

Thomas S McFarland   Joseph A Dean-Bovina    5/27/1852
Elizabeth Dean       Margaret Dean-Bovina
Age 48-Davenport     Farmer
Age 35-Bovina

James Squire         John Squire             9/8/1852
Jane McCune          Wm McCune
Age 26-Stamford
Age 24-Bovina

Joseph Hillis        Alan? Hillis            1/12/1853
Margaret Barnet      John Barnet
Age 24
Age 26

David Miller Jr.     John R Hoy              2/23/1853
Christiana P Hoy     Isabella W Miller
Age 24-Bovina
Age 23-Bovina

William P Abel       Aristarchus Blish       4/5/1853
Morilla L Blish      Henry Rich

Robert McLellan      Jas Kerr                4/6/1853
Margaret Kerr        Jas Grant

John M Squire        Doct Firman             5/4/1853
Isabel McDonald      Jas Squire

Peter A Grant        Alex McLane             5/25/1853
Jane Hill            Wm R Grant

Coonrod Rode         Mrs Ellen Stewart       8/9/1853
Margaret Duff        Mrs C D Gibson
Age 27-Kortright     Farmer
Age 27-Kortright

Michael Miller       Wm Miller               9/14/1853
Sally A McCune       Jas Douglas
Age 25-Bovina        Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 21-Bovina                                1st Marriage

V B Follett          Geo Bunnell-Bloomville  10/12/1853
A C White            S White-Bloomville
Age 26-Bloomville    Physican                1st Marriage
Age 28-Bloomville
John Hastings        John Scott              1/4/1854
Jennet M Scott       Jas Hastings
Age 28-Bovina        Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 23-Bovina                                1st Marriage

E R Loughran         Wm McLaughlin           2/1/1854
Catherine McLaughlin Jno Loughran
Age 26-Roxbury       Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 26-Stamford

Johinda McCollum     Reubin McCollum         3/9/1854
Elisabeth Ann Roe    Mrs Mary Roe
Age 25-Kortright     Teamster                1st Marriage
Age 22-Kortright

Simon Maass          Hector Cowan            5/3/1854
Margaret A Crozier   Archibald Mitchell
Age 39-Late Germany  Sailor                  2nd Marriage
Age 33-Stamford

David McLaughry      Thos B McLaughry        6/6/1854
Lorane Blish         Aristarchus Blish
Age 26-New Jersey    Batchelor Teacher
Age 26-Stamford

Francis Fuller       Mrs C D Gibson          8/9/1854
Emeline Burnside     Harriet Archer
Age 27-Bloomville    Mechanic                2nd Marriage
Age 32-Bloomville                            2nd Marriage

John P Taylor        Hiram Avery             9/5/1854
Elisabeth L Avery    Geo Taylor
Age 22-Bloomville    Merchant
Age 18-Bloomville

A B Vaughan          Jas A Grant             10/19/1854
Barbara Grant        Hector Cowan
Age 25-New York      Md                      1st Marriage
Age 19-Hobart

David Hoy            Peter Blair?            10/26/1854
Margaret Ann Blair   Thom Hoy?
Age 28-Bovina        Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 19-Bovina

Mark L Bristol       Daniel Andrews          11/2/1854
Rachel E Bush        Charles Bush
Age 35-Walton        Mechanic                2nd Marriage
Age 23-Stamford

Patrick Brenigen     Mrs C D Gibson          11/23/1854
Almira Olmstead      Hannah Rich
Age 22-Stamford      Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 23-Harpersfield

David Hillis         Hugh Boyd               12/20/1854
Margaret Boyd        Geo Hillis
Age 25-Kortright     Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 23-Stamford

James M Campbell     Jas Bell                4/19/1855
Elisa Balie          ___ Balie
Age 21-Harpersfield  Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 18-Bovina

John Butts           John Squire             11/12/1855
Abigail Squire       Clark Butts
Age 27-Kortright     Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 24-Stamford

Walter D Telford     Peter Blair             12/27/1855
Mary E Blair         Thos Hastings
Age 26-Bovina        Merchant                1st Marriage
Age 27-Bovina

Peter Mcalpine?      John Mcarthur           5/15/1856
Catherine Shiland    Thomas Shiland
Age 40-Harpersfield                          2nd Marriage
Age 34-Kortright

John G Hanford       Charles Bush            6/17/1856
Frances L McDonald   Thompson McDoanald
Age 32-Stamford                              1st Marriage
Age 29-Kortright

James Palmertier     Mary Kerr               8/15/1856
Margaret Davidson    Charles H Gibson
Age 44-Maryland      Farmer                  2nd Marriage
Age 36-Davenport

Jas Van Deusen       John K Grant            9/17/1856
Elizabeth Grant      J B Van Deusen
Age 24-Rondout                               1st Marriage
Age 21-Stamford

John G Webster       Stephen Webster         8/20/1857
Frances A Bunnell    Jas a Rich
Age 32-Delhi         Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 27-Bloomville

George W Ellsworth   Mary McLaughlin         9/9/1857 
Lorinda Wood         Mrs Richtmyre
Stamford             Farmer                  1st Marriage

Nehemiah Every       Mary McLaughlin         9/9/1857
Hannah Harder        Mrs Gibson
Age 25-Kortright     Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 23-Delhi

Rodman L Polley      John Polley             10/1857
Esther Squire        Mrs Squire
Age 25-Stamford      Farmer                  1st Marriage

Charles Warne        Mary Mclaughlin         11/3/1857
Clorinda Wood        C D Gibson
Age 30-Harpersfield  Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 18-Stamford

Hugh King            John King               11/4/1857
Eliza Scott          Jas Scott
Stamford             Farmer                  1st Marriage

John Brown           Mrs C D Gibson          12/10/1857
Sarah Ann Griffin    Harriett Archer
Age 25-Meredith                              1st Marriage
Age 22-Hamden

Selah Stevens        Samuel D Gregory        12/16/1857
Mrs Cynthia Gregory  Chas W Duran
Stamford                                     2nd Marriage
Bloomville                                   2nd Marriage

Robert Henderson II  Wm Henderson            12/23/1857
Sarah Jane Hillis    Joseph Hillis
Age 31-Harpersfield  Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 21-Kortright

____ Oakley          Joseph Kerr             1/14/1858
Nancy Kerr           James grant
Delhi                                        1st Marriage

Duncan Campbell      George Thomson          1/28/1858
Nancy Thomson        & Wife
Age 40-Bovina                                1st Marriage
Age 25-Bovina

James Kilpatrick     James A Grant           4/15/1858
Jane Hume            Robt Hume
Kortright            Farmer                  2nd Marriage

Solomon Van Derbeck  Wm Brock                7/1/1858
Caroline Philips     Harrison Underwood
Age 33-Stamford      Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 20-Stamford

John Erkson          John G Hanford
Mary J Hanford       Mrs Nancy Hanford

Daniel E Foote       Cilick Gould            2/23/1859
S Adelia Gould       Wm S Foote
Ohio                                         2nd Marriage

Thomas E Hastings    Wm McCune               9/22/1859
Jane S Blair         Elizabeth Hastings

Thomas H Smith       Aristarchus Blish       6/16/1859
Eveline Blish        Robt Rich

Samuel B Kenton      Johnathan B McMurdy     1/18/1860
Jane Ann McMurdy     Jas Kerr

R H McCollum         J Loinda? McCollum      4/10/1860
Martha Mcarthur      Robt Mcarthur

James McLaughry      Thos B McLaughry        8/29/1860
Mary McLaughlin      Edmund McLaughry

Wm M McLaury         Jno King                9/4/1860
Margaret H King      Matthew McLaury
Age 30-New York      Md
Age 29-Stamford

Jo S Cornell         Benj Hornbeck           9/12/1860
Isabella Grant       John K Grant
Age 24-Rondout       Clerk

Charles W Wetmore    John Thomas             9/26/1860
Frances A Thomas     Jas Thomas
Age 34-Stamford
Age 26-Stamford

John O Thompson      John Banks              11/21/1860
Elizabeth Jane Banks Isaac M Odell
Age 28-Kortright     Hotel Keeper
Age 31-Kortright

Clark Butts          Alex McDonald           1/23/1861
Susan Squire         John Squire
Age 28-Bloomville    Merchant
Age 22-Stamford

Wm Blakely Peters    John Peters             7/17/1861
Hannah Rich          Jas A Rich
Age 22-Bloomville    Merchant                1st Marriage
Age 23-Stamford

Patrick Lamb         Mary Silliman           8/14/1861
Angeline M Silliman  John Polly
Age 28-Stamford      Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 24-Roxbury

George Nesbit        Jas Miller              11/13/1861
Elisabeth H Miller   Robt Nesbit
Age 39-Stamford      Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 18-Stamford

Jerome Pickering     Robt Nesbit             1/14/1862
Frances J Nesbit     Ezra H Hait
Age 25               West Colesville-Broome
Age 23-Stamford

Charles A Gibson     Jno B Gibson            3/19/1863
Agnes Scott          John Scott
Decatur              Md

Unreadable           ____ McKee?             11/10/1863
Agnes McKee?         Unreadable

Robert Frcell?       ____ Scott              11/11/1863
Lydia E Hait         Stephen? Hait
Age 35-Stamford
Age 22

Alexander Palmer     R P Gibson              12/17/1863
Mrs Isabell Lamport  Mrs C D Gibson
Age 24-Stamford      Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 37-Stamford

Samuel Mawhiney      Adam Hillis             10/19/1864
Ellen C Hillis       Mrs Jas Smeallic
Age 30-Stamford      Harness Maker           2nd Marriage
Age 27-Kortright

William Nesbit       Nancy Hait              12/6/1864
Mrs Elizabeth Kipp   E H Hait
Age 41-Stamford      Farmer                  2nd Marriage
Age 31-Gilboa

George Reed          Wm Mitchell             12/28/1864
Catherine Mitchell   John Mitchell 
Age 27-Croton        Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 25-Kortright

George Denison Pike  Ezra Steward-Stamford   8/8/1865
Mrs Mary A Scrom     Mrs C D Gibson
Age 28-Stamford      Farmer
Age 30

Andrew Moscrip       Elijah Nichols          9/6/1865
Frances Nichols      Wm Scutt

Dewitt Clinton Sharp Daniel Andrews          10/5/1865
Mary Andrews         Mrs D Andrews

Joseph W Cileki      Robert Post             10/24/1865
Hannah Jane Post     W W Hammond
Age 24-Bovina
Age 22-Bovina

John D Cornell       C A Gibson              5/16/1866
Maryett Nibloe       LaVerne S Gibson
Age 24-New York                              1st Marriage
Age 30-New York

Perry H Sacrider     Charles W Wetmore       6/20/1866
Harriet Tamsett?     Mrs F A Wetmore
Age 30-_____, NY
Age 20-Stamford

Daniel F Arbuckle    John Peters             5/22/1867
Lizzie J Peters      Stephen rich
Age 29-Delhi
Age 22-Bloomville

William Elli Miller  Jas Miller              10/2/1867
Susan Dales          Miles Dales
Age 25-Stamford      Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 20-Stamford

Jas M Stevenson      Stephen Rich            10/3/1867
Isabella Rich        Hector Cowan
Age 27-Jersey City                           1st Marriage
Age 26-Stamford

Levi Sellick         Daniel Andrews          10/16/1867
Mary E Olds          & Wife  
Age 22-Stamford      Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 16-Stamford

John Downie          Robert C Scott          1868
Mary Ann Scott       Hugh King
Age 50-Bovina        Shoemaker               2nd Marriage
Age 37-Stamford

Walter Brinkerhoff   Stephen Rich            9/3/1868
Maggie McLean        Edward McLean
Age 29-New York
Age 20-Stamford

Charles Schults      Alex McDonald           11/11/1868
Lavantia McDonald    Hector Cowan
Age 39-Amadore Co, Ca
Age 30-Stamford

Esekiel McPherson    Jas McDonald Esq.       12/23/1868
Isabella McDonald    John McDonald Esq.

James D Reynolds     Mrs C D Gibson          1/21/1869
Kate Laidlaw         Maggie A Gibson
Andes                                        2nd Marriage

Joshua Blish         Aristarchus Blish       6/10/1869
Nancy Merurn?        James Rose
Stamford             Farmer

Edward Thom McLaury  John King               6/16/1869
Margery King         Ezra Akin

Marshall C Maxson    Hon Wm Murray           6/29/1869
Lucia A Keeler       Stephen Keeler
Age 26-Bloomville
Age 21-Bloomville

Thomas Hume          Hugh King               8/25/1869
Nancy Scott          Robert Scott
Burlington, NY

James S Kerr         Joseph McMurdy          9/14/1869
Euphemia Scott       Matthew H Kerr
Kortright            Farmer                  1st Marriage

James Gladson        Robert Scott            10/5/1869
Isabella Scott       Hugh King
Age 32-Trempealau Wi Cousin                  2nd Marriage
Age 31-Stamford

Gilbert D Miller     Jas H Banker            11/17/1869
Mary J Banker        Robt P Gibson
Age 26-Bovina        Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 24-Kortright

Peter Lafond         Mrs C D Gibson          5/9/1870
Sarah Graham         Harriet Archer
Age 24-Hobart        Farmer
Age 25-Hobart 

Henry Davie          John Peters             6/15/1870
Susanah Peters       Daniel T Arbuckle
Delhi                Lawyer

Edmund King          Aristarchus Blish       9/6/1870
Emily Blish          Thomas H Smith

Talcott Burr Gould   Johnathan B McMurdy     11/9/1870
Nancy McMurdy        Edmund King

John B Gibson        Andrew Burns            3/28/1871
Augusta L Jennings   F F Gibson

Ferris Terry         J A Secoy               6/7/1871
Huldah Russell       Miss J E Every
Age 35-Hamden        Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 19-Colchester

George L Decker      C S Robison-Stamford    7/4/1871
Arabella Grant       Mary M Grant
Age 28-Stamford      Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 21-Stamford

John N McCracken     E H Hait                3/5/1872
Mary E Cowan         Jas H McCracken
Age 25-Kortright     Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 25-Stamford

Wm T Grant           James W Porn-N Blenheim 10/16/1872
Mary B McKensie      Jane M Kensie-Stamford
Age 20-Stamford      Farmer
Age 21-Stamford

H M Smith            Hector Cowan            7/30/1873
Mary Rich            Stephen Rich
Age 26-Norwich       Md                      1st Marriage
Age 27-Stamford

Joshua Blish         Hugh King               9/25/1873
Abigail King         Robt S Rich
Stamford                                     2nd Marriage

James A Scott        Hugh R King             11/5/1873
Maggie L Scott       Rev. J L Scott

Forrest F Gibson     Jas Sackrider           12/24/1873
Hellen T Sackrider   Jerome Whipple

James McKensie       John McNaught           3/6/1874
Nancy Jane McNaught  Decoite Kiff
Kortright            Farmer                  1st Marriage

Matthew Sexmeth      Thos Donnelly           4/15/1874
Libbie A Donnelly    Robert A Adair
Greenfield, Iowa

John Mitchell        Jas A Rich              6/24/1874
Fannie Rich          Ed Mitchell

David M Gooding      Stephen Rich            9/17/1874
Maggie A Gibson      Mrs Ellen Gooding
White Creek, NY

Duncan H McNaught    Frank H McNaught        1/6/1875
Minnie E Maxson      Jabs Barlow

Robert B Chisholm    Robert Bruce Chishol Sr 9/22/1875
Hellen Blish         Arbatus M Blish
Elgin, WV?            

John E Bush          Samuel Andrews          12/1/1875
Mary D Andrews       Charles Bush

James T Blakely      Richard Kilpatrick      12/22/1875
Ella H Kilpatrick    William Blakely

Barny Mull           Jas McKensie            1/27/1876
Mary McKensie        Mrs Nancy Jane McKensie 
Oneonta                                      3rd Marriage

George Thomas        John Thomas             6/14/1876
Mary P McGillivrae   F F Gibson

William Fisher       Adam Clark Hillis       10/24/1876
Elisabeth Hillis     Joseph Hillis

James Mabel          Harrison Gould          2/7/1877
Roxie B Gould        Talcot Gould

Charles A Focoler?   John Grant              8/8/1877
Alice Hanes          Mrs Mary Grant
Age 28-Lexington, NY Farmer
Age 21-Lexington, NY

Charles Henry Holmes Sacda? Grant            4/8/1878
Jennie A Wolfe       Mrs C D Gibson
Age 23-Kortright     Farmer                  1st Marriage
Age 18-East Meredith

John J Andrews       Samuel Andrews          10/2/1878
Mary E Kniskern      John F Kniskern

James Gibson Grant    John Peters            10/30/1878
Sarah Isabelle Rose   John P Grant
Stamford              Farmer

Francis H McNaught   Jas A Rich              12/24/1878
Hellen Cowan         Duncan McNaught
Stamford             Md

Wm R Brock?          Wm H Cowan              1/1/1879
Nancy E Cowan        A F Maynard

Frank Lilley         Joseph R Watson         2/12/1879
Anna E Watson        Ebie E Watson

Edmund H Rose        Jas Gibson Grant        2/19/1879
Ida L Kilpatrick     Richard Kilpatrick

Russell Lasher       Martin K Marshall       6/26/1879
Nellie Marshall      John Barker
Age 24-Philmont, NY  
Age 30-Stamford

John C Blish         Novatus Blish           9/10/1879
Alice A Barlow       Edmund Barlow
Age 22-Stamford
Age 22-Hobart

Alvah N Tyler        Gould Jenings           11/14/1880
Mrs Julia A Taylor   F F Gibson
So. Kortright

James Emmet Goodsell Wesley Goodsell         12/21/1880
Emma Whipple         Jerome Whipple

J Harvey Smith       Elon H Davis-Kortright  1/19/1881
Augusta Ryer         Emma A Smith-Kortright

Fred N Simmons       Annie Wilson            4/9/1881
Hattie E Lewis       Mrs C D Gibson

Lewis Craft          Annie Wilson            8/6/1881
Mrs Phebe L Mitchell Mrs C D Gibson
Age 36-Middletown                            2nd Marriage

J Wiltsie Fuller     George W McMurdy        9/7/1881
Maggie J Grant       Lille C Grant
Albany                                       1st Marriage

Joseph H McCarter    Mrs C D Gibson          9/20/1881
Ella S Toomer        Mrs John Mcarthur
Age 29-New Haven, Ct 
Age 21-Kortright

Oliver D Squire      Everet Squire           11/16/1881
Hattie Underwood     Mrs C D Gibson

Joseph Bolles        Mrs C D Gibson          1/10/1882
Laura L Grant        Chas W Gibson

Scott L Vrooman      Mrs? McMurdy            2/15/1882
Millie S Toomer      George W McMurdy  

Howard Russell       E W McLean              12/27/1882
Mary McLean          Jas McLean

Augustus T Dunn      Michael Dunn            12/17/1884
Hellen J Keator      Samuel B Keator

Robert S Orr         John M Orr              12/31/1884
Mary Ann Kerr        Robert B Kerr

John O Hillis        Christopher J Hillis    10/6/1886
Belle A Kilpatrick   Frank O Kilpatrick

Frank Lamport        James E Goodsell        2/4/1885
Anna Whipple         Abram Whipple

Sherman D Kerr       Ezra H Hait             12/2/1885
Mary E Nesbitt       Robert Nesbitt

Robert F Cowan       Thomas Rich             10/27/1886
Anna M Kilpatrick    Ella H Blakely               

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