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Copy from Delaware County Clerk's Office
Electronic Text prepared by Mary P. Nielsen, January 22, 1998

Assessment Roll - 1798
Town of Delhi (West Part)

Andrews, JohnJohn Norton$7.00 1log house22x20West of Cornells in the mountains
Beeman, AbelAbel Beeman$5.00 1log house16x12in Whitesborough Patent
Baxter, LeviLevi Baxter$10.00 1log house20x16Adjoining Courthouse Lot
Bills, JoshuaStephen Hogaboom$4.00 1log house16x14Adjoining Joseph Denio
Best, JacobJacob Platner$4.00 1log house28x18On main Road to Catskill
Beers, EphraimJohn Norton$6.00 1log house16x16West of Cornells in the mountain
Bills, WilliamCharles & Isaac Wharton$8.00 1log house18x18On main Road to Catskill near Frisbees tavern
Brownson, EphraimJames C. Fisher$5.00 1log house14x14up Elk Creek
Cowley, JonathanJohn G. Lake$8.00 1log house14x14on Elk Creek near James Rovinsons
Cornell, WilliamJohn Norton$50.00 2log houses12x12on Elk Creek near Howards tavern
Chase, PhilipJohn Norton$250.00 1log house16x10on Elk Creek Joining Darrows farm
1grist mill20x18
Curtis, RobertJohn Norton$7.00 1log house16x14Joining John Andrews
Chase, PhilipRoss$7.00 1log house16x14Joining Saml Frisbee Esq.
Clark, DavidDavid Clark$140.00 1saw mill30x16On main Road to Catskill in Bracestract
1frame house20x18
Cole, JohnJames C. Fisher$8.00 1log house23x17near Frisbees tavern on the main Road to Catskill
Dennan, JohnWilliam Reside$50.00 1framed house20x18near the Courthouse Lot
Delaware CountyDelaware County$50.00 1framed house20x18On main Road to Catskill
Denio, JosephJoseph Denio$40.00 1framed house20x18On main Road Joining Kembles tract
Darrow, IsaacJohn Norton$10.00 2log houses12x12On main Road near Howards tavern
Drinker, HenryHenry Drinker of Philadelphia$10.00 1log house16x16fronting on Delaware River
Finch, JoshuaPeter Kemble$25.00 1framed house22x18on main Road to Catskill Joining Joseph Denio
Fisher, GeorgeGeorge Fisher$20.00 2log houses20x16Joining courthouse lot
Frisbee, SamuelJohn Norton$12.00 1log house20x18on main Road to Catskill
Farrington, MarchMarch Farrington$6.00 1log house18x16on Braces tract
Frisbee, GideonJames & Isaac wharton$6.00 1log house18x16Near the Lot occupied by himself
Frisbee, GideonHenry Drinker$100.00 1frame Barnon main Road to Catskill
$100.00 1Frame house50x20
Farrington, PhilipHenry Drinker$8.00 1Log house30x20near Rathbones Mill
Franklin, TempleFranklin Temple of London in Great Britain$8.00 near Rathbones Mill
Farrington, PutnamTemple Franklin$70.00 1framed house24x20on main Road to Catskill
Fisher, James CJames C. Fisher of Philadelphia$70.00 1framed house24x20fronting on Delaware River
Fisher, William W.Fisher, William W of Philadelphia$70.00 1framed house24x20fronting on Delaware River
Brace, JamesBrace, James of Litchfield in Connecticut$70.00 fronting on Delaware River
Gillet, ThomasWilliam W. Fisher$15.00 1log house24x13up Elk Creek
Hamilton, ThomasJohn G. Lake$25.00 1frame house20x18on main Road to Catskill near Samuel Robinsons
Howard, JohnJohn Norton$80.00 1frame barn38x28on main Road to Catskill
2frame houses30x18
Harrower, DavidJohn Norton$50.00 1frame house32x16on the flats near the main Road toCatskill
Harrower, David Jr.John Norton$50.00 1frame house32x16Joining the above
Howard, JamesJohn Norton$60.00 1house part25x18Joining Oliver Peek on m. Road
$40.00 Log & frame25x18
Hogaboom, Stephen of Claverack in 2 parcels$40.00 1frame barn &30x18Joining both on main Road
Kinne, EbenezerJohn Norton$8.00 1log house20x18on main Road near Samuel Robinsons
Kemble, PeterKemble, Peter of New York$8.00 1log house20x18in Whitesborough Patent fronting on Delaware River
Kidder, ChaunceyJames Brace$6.00 1log house20x16on Braces tract
Kidder, JohnWm. W. Fisher$15.00 1log house25x20on main Road to Catskill
Kidder, StephenTemple Franklin$90.00 1frame house28x27near Courthouse
Lake, Jno GLake, John G of New York$90.00 1frame house28x27fronting on Delaware near Walton
Lee, JohnCharles & Isaac Wharton$8.00 1log house20x18on main Road
Stephen Miller of Claverack$8.00 1log house20x18near Jacob Platners on the PublickRoad
Miller, Enoch, Jr.John Norton$15.00 1plank house16x16near Howards Tavern
Mitchell, NathanielNathaniel Mitchell$15.00 1plank house16x16on Braces tract
Mabee, JohnWm W. Fisher$15.00 1log house24x20on main Road to Catskill
McCleland, JohnTemple Franklin$60.00 1frame house22x20on main Road near Courthouse
McIntire, EliJohn G. Lake$8.00 1log house18x18Joining Saml Robinson on main Road
Norton, JohnJohn Norton of New York$8.00 1log house18x18Near Walton fronting on the River
Olmstead, SamuelAndrew Cahoon$10.00 1log house16x14Joining G. Wiesmer on the main Road
Platner, JacobJacob Platner$10.00 1log house28x26Front Lot in Whitesborough on publick Road
Peek, RoswellJohn Norton$8.00 1log house18x16on the publick Road to Catskill near Howards tavern
Peek, OliverJohn Norton$30.00 1log house16x16Back from Road
1frame house16x16Joining John Howard
Pachin, EbenezerChas & Isaac Wharton$6.00 1log house16x14Back from Road
Reside, WilliamWm Reside of Claverack$6.00 1log house16x14on main Road near the Courthouse
Root, ErastusErastus Root$6.00 1log house16x14Joining Courthouse
Robinson, Francisunknown$10.00 1log house18x16Back lot in Whitesborough Patent
Robinson, Edwardunknown$8.00 1log house18x16Back lot in Whitesborough Patent
Robinson, SamuelJohn G. Lake$30.00 2log houses26x20on publick Road to Catskill on theflats
RossRoss of New York$30.00 1log house20x10Fronting on River Joining Saml Frisbee Esq.
Riggs, MathewJames C. fisher$5.00 1log house16x16on main Road to Catskil
Rathbone, GideonHenry Drinker$200.00 1mill24x20on main Road near Frsibees tavern
Rathbone, DavidHenry Drinker$50.00 1frame house19x18Joining the above
Rathbone, EdmundHenry Drinker$10.00 1log house30x18back west of the above
Shoemaker, JohnPeter Kemble$5.00 1log house18x18on Tremper flat
Shoemaker, J MattizePeter Kemble$6.00 1log house18x18on Tremper flat
Strong, CalebCaleb Strong$6.00 1log house18x18on Braces tract
Seers, BenjaminBenjamin Seers$20.00 1frame house20x18on Braces tract
Sloot, AbrahamJames Brace$5.00 1log house16x14on Braces tract
Tift, JamesTemple Franklin$20.00 1log house30x14near Courthouse
Virgil, JacobJames C. Fisher$10.00 1log house19x19back from Road
Wiesmer, GeorgeGeorge Wiesmer$0.00 1log barn20x20on main Road joining Yendes
William, ElishaDavid King, Albany Co. near Helle Barrack$12.00 1log barn22x16Joining Saml Frisbee Esq
Warner, HamelHamel Warner$15.00 1log barn28x18on Braces tract-back
Yendes, BartholemewBartholemew Yendes$15.00 2log barns14x14Joining J Platner on P Road
Wharton, Chas & Isaac of Philadelphia$15.00 1log barn14x14Joining Fshers tract

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