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The following are notes received when this file was linked to from the "Need Identification" page:

Note from Tim Mallery, June 4 and Dec 14, 2008:
It looks like one of the arches on the bridge at Loch Marion, Churchill Park, Stamford. I have a postcard looking through one of the arches, and it's a good match. --
Back to the stone arch mystery - on page 339 of John Ham's "One Hundred Years On Resort Ridge", there's a photo of the Loch Marion arches. Based on the people in the picture, the arches were (are?) the correct height. I think that's the location of the photo.

Note from Gabrielle Pierce, June 6, 2008
Regarding that stone arch, I read SOMEWHERE (I thought somewhere on this wonderful website) that this is actually an old hearth and fireplace arch on the grounds of the old Meredith Inn on Turnpike Road. Anyone remember reading that?

Note from Pat Watts, June 6, 2008
I posted the photo in question a few years ago. I did have a response sent directly to me - I believe by Jeremiah Palmer and also (I think) by Tamara Sanford. Unfortunately my computer crashed. Though I responded directly to them, I did not follow up on the website with the answer. The attached photo (pic 2), also of my grandmother, would have probably been taken at the same time as the arch photo (judging by the same dress, the tissue in her hand, and the proximity in location of the photo in her album. Though I do not have the album, I used "audio" on my camera when I photographed the picture from the album and recorded the place as Stamford, 1921. Perhaps someone can locate the place based on this attached photo with a town and water in the background. I do have the negatives of these and many other photos she took in the early 1920's. I have another arch that looks little taller and narrower with a date of Stamford, August 14, 1921, but it is not scanned into my computer. I understand a number of arches were built around Stamford - perhaps these were two from nearby locations.

--Courtesy of Pat Watts
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