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Parochial Register of St. John's Church, Delhi, Delaware Co., New York - 1842 - 1854
(Book 2)


page 3               PAROCHIAL REGISTER
                of St. John's  Church, Delhi
                      Delaware Co. N.Y.
                        May 27th 1843.

page 5:                INSTITUTIONS

         George Waters was instituted, by the Rt. Revd. Benj. Onderdonk,
         into the Rectorship of this parish May 27th , 1843.  He commenced
         regular duties in the parish Oct 18th, 1842.

         NOTE:  The pages in this book are not numbered.  We have given
         them an arbitrary number. We have not changed spellings, punctuation
         etc. and have transcribed the record as accurately as possible.

page 7:                           BAPTISMS   Adults
Sunday May 14th

         HATHAWAY, Nathaniel Esq.
         FITCH, Mrs. Thomas
         PECK, Mrs. John Adonirum
         BEARDSLEY, Miss. Clara Huldah

Aug 27th

         BEARDSLEY, Miss. Ruth Adaline
         PAINE, Mrs. Sarah
                        by Rev. Wm. Walters.

Aug 11, The eleventh Sunday after Trinity
I baptised in St John's Church

         BAILEY,   Mr. Orris
         BAILEY,   Mrs. Rebecca 
         CORBIT,  Mrs. Damaris
         HOW, Miss Elisa
                      S. G. Appleton, Rector

Mar 30,.The Fourth Sunday in Lent.
I baptised in St. John's Church

         LOOMIS, Mr. David
                          S. G. Appleton, Recto

Jul 16,I baptised in St. John's church

         NUTTALL, Mrs. Maira
                           S. G. A.     Rector

page 8:
Jun 28 I baptised on a sick bed.

         FIRMAN,  Mary Louisa, dau. of Mr. Bishop Firman, age 19 yrs.
                       S. G. A.     Rector

Aug 1,The Eight Sunday after Trinity,
I baptised in St. John's

         GRISWOLD,  Walter H.

Aug 15,The Tenth Sunday after Trinity,
I baptised in St. John's

         BARLOW,  Mr. Dewitt Clinton
                        S. G. Appleton   Rector

May 22, On Trinity Sunday, I baptised

         TUTTLE,  Mr. Daniel Sylvester
                       S. G. Appleton    Rector
         Jun 10     MILNE, Mrs. Julia
         Jun 14     LOWDEN,  Sarah
         Jun 19   Fourth Sunday after Trinity
         MABIE,  Miss Caroline
               S. G. Appleton   Rector

page 9:
Jun 22, I baptised in St. John's Church

         JUDSON,  Miss. Emily elizabeth
         S. G. Appleton  Rector

         NOTE: The rest of the page is blank. 4 sheets have been ripped out
         No number is assigned to them.  Pgs 10 & 11 are blank

page 12:                  BAPTISMS:  children & infants

  May 14  HATHAWAY,  Daniel Pardee, son of Nathaniel Hathaway, Esq.
  Jul 23  SHEPARD,  Gerret Hogan, infant son of Rev Danl & Elizabeth Shepard
  Jul 23  STEELE,  Sarah Danforth, infant dau. of Doct. Eben. & Harriet Steele
  Oct 15  PARKER,  Harriet Langdon (in pencil)
                ,  Amasa Junius, children of Amasa J. & Harriet Parker

  Mar 31  SUTTON,  William Tirling, infant son of ________ Sutton
  Jun 30  PERRY,  Mary Augusta, infant dau. of Thos. E. & Mary Ann Perry
  Jul 28  WHEELER, William Knox, infant son of Truman & Anna Wheeler
  Oct 13  MORE,  Helen, infant dau. of Peter & Sabia More
  Oct 20  [WATERS], Emmeline, infant dau. of Rector [Rev. George Waters]

  Apr  6  WHEELER,  Caroline Roberts, infant dau. of Truman & Anna Wheeler
  May 11  PECK,  Mary Rebecca, infant dau. of Adonirum & Mary Ann Peck.
  May 11  SHEPARD,  Daniel Delancy, infant son of Doct. Eben[ezer] & Harriet Steele
  Jul  6  SUTTON,  Ann, infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Sutton

  Jan  2  STEELE,  Ebenezer Center, son of Doct. Eben(ezer) & Harriet Steele

  Jun  13 DRAKE,  George Amasa, son of Horace & Elizabeth Drake
  Jun  13 FISHER,  Mary Prudence, dau. of Geo. & Julia Ann Fisher	

page 13:
  Jun 13  WATERS, Francis Augustus, son of Rev George & Phebe Ann Waters
  Jun 13  TITUS,  Alfred Howard, son of Richard & __________ Titus

  Apr  2  SUTTON,  Robert, child of Mr. Sutton
  Jul 16  PERRY,  Emma Roberts, dau. of Mr & Mrs Chas. Perry
  Jul 16  WHEELER,  Sarah Augusta, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Truman Wheeler
  Jul 16  FISHER,  William Howard, son of Mr & Mrs. Geo. Fisher
  Sep  3  PALMER,  Daniel Jesse, son of Mr & Mrs Jesse Palmer
  Nov 25  EDGERTON,  Frank, son of Albert Edgerton Esq. on sick bed
  Dec 26  PECK,  Charles, son of Mrs Adonirum Peck on sick bed

  Mar  4  DRAKE,  Augustus, son of Mr Horace Drake at Col. Parker's house
  Oct 28  WHEELER, Trumon, son of Trumon Wheeler Esq. in church
  Oct 28  HATHAWAY,  Charles, son of Nathaniel Hathaway Esq in church
  Oct 28  ELWOOD,  Mary Augusta, dau. of Mr. James Elwood
  Nov  4  GRISWOLD,  Julia Elisabeth, dau of Mr Walter Griswold in church

  May 23  I baptised on a sick bed
          HUGHSTON,  infant dau. of Mr & Mrs Jonas Hughston
                 S. G. Appleton    Rector

  Feb 13  I baptised two sick children of Mr. Albert Flint
          FLINT,  Mary Rebecca aged 5 yr. & 9 months and
          Daniel Hosmer aged 2 yrs.
              S. G. Appleton   Rector

  Jan 14  I baptised in church
          SHERWOOD, Charlie Winthrop, aged 3 yr. 2 months, son of Walter W. 
               & Eliza E. Sherwood	
                   S. G. A.   Rector

Mar  24   I baptised in private
          HATHAWAY,  William Stewart, infant son of Nathl. Hathaway Esq. being
             dangerously ill
                 S. G. A. R.

May 12    I baptised in private
          WHEELER,  Alice, infant dau. of T. H. Wheeler Esq. being dangerously ill

page 14
  May  9  The fifth sunday after Easter I baptised in private,
          CORBETT, Sarah Elizabeth, infant child of Mr (Blank) Corbett, being
          dangerously ill             S.G.A.  Rector

  Jul 11  The fifth Sunday after Trinity
          PERRY,  Frances, infant dau. of Chas. B. Perry Esq.
  Jul 31  WEISMAR,  George Bassett, infant son of Mr. George Weismar

  Jul  3  The Sixth Sunday after Trinity
          BELL,  Mary, infant dau. of Mr. James Bell
  Jul 31  The 10 Sunday after Trinity
          SHELDON,  Kate DeForest, infant dau. of Wm. C. Sheldon Esq. of New York

page 15
1853 (Cont.)
  Sep 21  On the Festival of St. Matthew
          WEISMAR,  John Atwell, infant son of George & Sally Weismar
  Sep 23  PERKINS,  Lucinda Marie aged 11 years
                    Juldah Harriet aged 9 years
                    Charles Austin aged 8 years
                    Almeda Mary aged 6 years
                    Sarah Anne aged 4 yrs. children of Mrs. Almeda Perkins
  Sep 25  The eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
          EDGERTON,  Charles Henry, son of George & Lydia Edgerton  age 4 yrs.
          COPLEY,  Charles William, son of Mrs. Frances H. Copley aged 4 yrs.
  Nov 24  PERKINS,  Jeremiah, son of Mrs. Almeda Perkins aged 13 yrs.

page 16:
  Aug  6  On the Eight Sunday after Trinity, I baptised in St. John's Church
          BEREMAN,  Henry, son of Philip & Rose Ann Bereman
          TENBROECK,  Arthur Howard, son of the late Amasa J. Tenbroeck
          PALMER, William Joseph, son of Jesse & Ann C. Palmer
          BELL, Edmund Roberts, son of Calvin H. & Jeanny Bell
          WHEELER, Anna Roberts, dau. of Truman & Anna Wheeler
                            S. G. Appleton   Rector

pages 17 & 18   (Information goes across both pages.)
  Jan 18  GRISWOLD,  Charles Walter, b. June 20, 1854, Walter N. & Anne E. 
              Griswold.  In articulo mortes.
  Feb 10  SMITH, Polly, b. December 13, 1819
  Jun 15  BETTS, Charles Frederick b.  July 12, 1852, Jesse & Clara Huldah Betts
  Jun 15  BETTS,  Edwin Jesse, b. October 12, 1854 same
  Jul 20  BAXTER,  Nancy Jane, b. April 12, 1854, Alvah & Sarah Anne Baxter
                            William Walsh  Rector
          NOTE:  Pages 19-21 are blank.

page 22                          COMMUNICANTS
          JUDSON, Samuel L.                          died Ap. 14th 1848
          STEELE,  Dr. Ebenezer
          STEELE,  Mrs. Harriet
          MARVINE,  Mr. Charles
          PARKER,  Amasa Esq.                        Deceased Mch. 1850
          PARKER,  Mrs. Phebe
          PARKER,  Miss Rebecca L.                   removed 1847
          PECK,  Miss Polly
          SHELDON,  Mr. C.B.
          SHELDON,  Mrs. Abigail
          MALLORY,  Mr. John A.
          MALLORY,  Mrs. Rebecca
          STURGESS,  Mr. George                      Decd Oct. 1848
          STURGESS,  Mrs.  Priscilla
          STURGESS,  Miss Helen
          SHEPARD,  Reverend Daniel
          SHEPARD,  Mrs. Elizabeth
          WATERS,  Mrs Phebe Anne                    removed Dec. 1844
          PARKER,  Mrs. Harriet                      removed 1845
          SALISBURY,  Mrs. Lydia Ann                 removed 1846
          PAINE,  Mrs  Anna
          BEARDSLEY,  Mrs. Huldah                    Decd 1845
          BEARDSLEY,  Miss Samantha M.
          BEARDSLEY,  Miss Almira C.                 Decd 1845
          BETTS,  Mrs. Clara H.
          BETTS,  Mrs. Sally F.                      Died 1850
          FISHER,  Mrs. Prudence
          FLINT,  Mr. Albert
          FLINT,  Mrs Joanna
          EDGERTON,  Mrs. Hannah

page 23   JUDSON,  Mrs. Jerusha
          PEAKE,  Mr. Charles F.                     removed
          JUDSON,  Mr. Roswell                       removed
          JUDSON,  Mr. Tarcius                       removed
          JUDSON,  Miss Amy                          removed  1853
          JUDSON,  Mrs. Louis	                       removed
          JUDSON,  Miss Lucinda                      removed 1853
          MORE,  Mrs Elizabeth Ann                   removed April 1854 
          MORE,  Miss. Caroline F.                   removed April 1854	
          MORE,  Miss Clarinda                       removed
          MORE,  Miss Hannah                         (Bloomville pencilled in)
          MORE,  Mrs Emily E.
          MABIE,  Miss Rachel
          MABIE,  Mr. Levi                           removed
          ADAMS,  Miss Mary                          removed
          PRESTON,  Mrs. Betsey                      removed
          REDFIELD,  Mr. John	                       removed 1853
          REDFIELD,  Mrs. Sally                      removed 1853
          FLOWERS,  Mrs Currence
          FLOWERS,  Mrs  Margaret P.
          WEBSTER,  Mr Grove
          WEBSTER,  Mrs Polly
          FAIRGRIEVE,  Mr. James                     removed 1845
          FAIRGRIEVE,  Mrs. Jane                     removed 1845
          EDWARDS,  Mr Charles                       died 1850
          EDWARDS,  Mrs Rosamond                     removed 1851
          TEN-BROECK,  Mrs Emiline                   Removed 1845
          YEOMANS,  Mrs Charlotte                    Removed 1844
          JOHNSON,  Mrs Stephen
          HOWLAND,  Miss Cecilia Ann                 Removed 1845
          PECK,  Mr J. Adonirum                      Removed
          PECK,  Mrs Mary Ann                        Removed
          FITCH,  Mr Thomas                          Removed 1843
          HYDE,  Mr John s.                          Removed 1844
          TITUS,  Mrs. ___________                   Removed Jan  1853

page 24:  PARKER,  Mrs Anne 
          GORDON,  Mrs Rhoda                         Died 1849
          SHERWOOD,  Mrs. A. F.                      removed 1854
          MILLARD,  Mrs Alethea                      Died 1845
          PLATNER,  Miss Christina E.                removed 1855
          MALLORY,  Mrs Deborah                      Died 1844
          KEATOR,  Miss T. Caroline	                 removed 1850
          BEBEDICT,  Mrs. Mary                       Died 1847
          PALMER,  Mrs. A. Caroline
          MURPHY,  Miss Mary Anne                    Removed 1845
          ROBINSON,  Miss Juliet                     Removed 1843
          ELWOOD,  Mrs. Susan
          PHELPS,  Miss Jerusha                      Colchester
          PHELPS,  General David                     died 1851
          DAYTON, Mr. Anson P.                       Removed 
          SHOLTUS,  Mrs. Jennet                      Removed
          PARDEE,  Mrs. Sophonia
          BILLS,  Miss Eliza                         removed
          BILLS,  Miss Almeda                        removed
          INGLES,  Mrs. Christina                    not confirmed, nor desirous
                                                        to be confirmed

1844 & 45 PERRY,  Mrs Mary Ann L.
          HATHAWAY,  Mr Nathaniel                    removed 1852
          WHEELER,  Mrs. Truman
          STURGESS,  Mr Henry	                       Removed
          FISHER,  Mrs Julia Ann
          ANDREWS,  Mrs Dwight                       Removed
          THOMPSON,  Mr. Clinton                     Removed

1845 & 46 JOHNSON,  Mrs Rebecca                      Removed
1847      HOWARD,  Mrs. Emeline

1848      DRAKE,  Mrs. Elizabeth                     removed  
          PARKER,  Miss Augusta
          McKOON,  Mr Mont                           removed
          PAINE,  Mrs Sarah

page 25   JOHNSON,  Mrs Phebe
          SICKLER,  Mrs Lucy                         removed March 1853
          BEARDSLEY,  Miss Ruth A.
          WEBSTER,  Miss Mary                        died December 7, 1850
          REDFIELD,  Miss Mary                       removed 1853
          GRISWOLD,  Mrs. Anne E.
          HATHAWAY,  Mrs Nathaniel                   removed
Dec 25    WEBSTER,  Mr John

Feb  4    WEBSTER,  Mr Stephen                       removed
Mar  4    REDFIELD,  Mr Geo.                         removed 1853
          STURGES,  Mr. James	                       Removed 1853
May       JAY,  Mrs. Margaret
          JAY,  Miss Mary Ann

          "Here commences the record of Rev. Wm Appleton"

Aug 17    CORBET,  Mr.  (Blank)                      removed 1854
          CORBET,  Mrs. Damaris                      removed June 1854
          BAILEY,  Mr. Orris
          BAILEY,  Mrs. Rebecca                      died April 1853
          EDGERTON,  Mrs. Sally
          EDGERTON,  Mrs. Ann E.
          COPLEY,  Frances H.  Now MAXWELL
          FOOTE,  Mrs. Sally A.
          FLOWER,  Miss.  Mary A.                    removed March 1853
          HOWE,  Miss Eliza                          Removed
          MORE,  Miss Anna E.                        removed April 1854
          MORE,  Miss Mary                           removed April 1854
          REDFIELD,  Miss Cynthis                    Removed 1853
          ELLIOTT,  Mr. John
          APPLETON,  Mrs. Sarah A.                   Removed 1854
          REDFIELD,  Miss Betsey (Senior)

Mar       REDFIELD,  Mr. Jesse                       removed April 1853
          REDFIELD,  Mrs.  (Blank)                   removed April 1853
page 26
Christmas REDFIELD,  Miss Amy                        removed April 1853
          HATFIELD,  Mrs. (Blank)                    Not confirmed but ready and
                                                        desirous to be confirmed
Jul       LOOMIS,  Mr. David                         removed March 1853
          BARLOW,  Mrs. (Blank)                      removed Sept. 1851
          NUTTALL,  Mr. (Blank)
          NUTTALL,  Mrs. Maria
Nov       ELLIOTT,  Mrs. (Blank)
Dec  25   WEISMAR,  Mrs. Sally

Jan 25    LOOS,  Mr. Henry                           Removed
          LOOS,  Mrs. Elizabeth                      Removed
Mar       PERKINS,  Mrs. Almeda
          GARDNER,  Mrs. Rosamond                    Removed
Aug  1    GRISWOLD,  Mr. Walter H.
Aug 15    BARLOW,  Mr. DeWitt C.                     died 1852

May 22    TUTTLE,  Daniel Sylvester                  removed
May       HAWLEY,  Dr. L. B.                         Removed 1855
Jul 14    HAWLEY,  Mrs. Cornelia K.                  Deceased 1855
Jul 30    PERRY,  Mr. Charles B.
Sep       BAXTER,  Mr. Alvah
"         MEAD,  Mrs. Sarah A.
"         MEAD,  Mr. Walter                          Removed
"         MEAD,  Mrs. Rachel A.                      Removed
"         EDGERTON,  Mrs. Lydia C.                   Removed
"         RUDMAN,  Mrs. Amelia C.                    Removed Mch/55 to Cala.
"         BERGEN,  Margaret C.
"         MABIE,  Mrs. (Mona)
"         MABIE,  Miss Caroline
"         SMITH,  Mrs. Sarah
"         MILNE,  Mrs. Julia                         Removed
"         HATFIELD,  Miss Mary
"         STEELE,  Miss Harriet
"         PALMER,  Miss Anna
"         REDFIELD,  Miss Betsey (Junior)            removed Oct. 1853
"         JUDSON,  Emily E.
"         EDGERTON,  Miss Emma

page 27
Sep       GRAVES,  Miss Myra                         Removed 
"         ELLIOTT,  Miss Margaret
"         ELLIOTT,  Miss Mary Ann
"         ELLIOTT,  Miss Jane
"         WILSON,  Miss Isabelle
"         WILSON,  Miss Sarah
"         LOWDEN,  Miss Sarah                        Removed
Dec       JUDD,  Rev. Thomas S.                      Removed

Jan       LORD,  Mr. William                         removed
Jun  1    SINCLAIR,  Mrs. Anne                       Removed
"         SINCLAIR,  Miss JaneRemoved
"         BRUCE,  Mrs. Margaret Cormack
"         FLINT,  Miss Agusta
"         MABIE,  Mrs. Peter

Page 28
Nov       HATHAWAY,  Mrs. Nathaniel, aged 43 years.
Dec       EDGERTON,  Infant child of George Edgerton, aged 10 mos.

Aug 23    WATERS,  George Austin, son of The Rector George Waters,
                             aged 1 year 5 months 17 days
Oct 22    MORE,  Col. John, soldier of Revolution, aged 81 years.

Jul  6    COUSE,  Mary J., daughter of Theodore Couse, aged 12 yr. 6 mos.
Sep 18    MEAD,  Alina Vanett, child of Orville L. Mead, aged 3 mos.

Feb  8    JOHNSON,  Mrs. Margaret, aged 58 years.
Mar 14    PARKER,  Mrs. Statira, aged 21 years.
Mar 28    WATERS,  Emmeline, daughter of the Rector [George Waters]
                       aged 7 months 11 days
Apr  1    PAINE,  Anna Mary, daughter of Anthony M. Paine, Esq., aged 8 yrs, 8 mos
Apr  6    PERRY,  Mary Augusta, daughter of Charles E. Perry, Exq. aged 1 yr 8 mos
Apr  9    WHEELER,  Caroline Roberts, daughter of T. H. Wheeler, Esq.
                              aged 2-1/2 mos.
Jun       WEASTE,  Mrs. Almira Beardsley, aged.
Aug       MILLARD,  Mrs. Althea, aged 65 years.
Aug  27   BEARDSLEY,  Mrs. Huldah, aged 57 years.
Aug  10   STEELE,  Osman N., (Sherriff) Murdered, aged 36 years.
Sep  13   CAVIN,  Addison, son of Theodore, aged 13 years.
Dec  28   MILLARD,  Elizabeth F., daughter of Harvey Millard,
                    aged 1 yr 6 mos 14 days

Jan  6    STEELE,  Ebenezer Center, son of Dr. Ebenezer Steele, aged 1 year 2 mos.
Mar  2    STEELE, Mahlon Nathaniel, aged 34 years.
Jul 14    FITCH,  Dr. Cornelius, aged 63 years.
Aug 31    SHEPARD,  Rev. Daniel A. M., aged 31 years.

page 29
Sep  6    MALLORY,  John G., of Hamden, aged 73 years.
Oct 11    CORMAC,  Elizabeth, aged 10 years 5 mos.
Oct 18    BARNET,  Andrew, lately of Scotland, aged 35 years.
Nov 16    SHAFER, Maria, aged 6 mos 2 weeks.
Dec 30    ROOT,  General Erastus, aged 73 years.

Aug 21    SHELDON,  Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Sheldon, aged 3 weeks
Oct 24    WEBSTER,  Frances, daughter of Mr. Grove Webster, aged 18 years.
Nov       ANDREWS, Infant child of Mr. Dwight Andrews, aged 1 month.

Jan 22    CANNON,  Child of Mr. M. L. Cannon, aged 2 months.
Apr  1    SHEPARD,  Ella Elizabeth, child of Mrs. Shepard, aged 17 mos.
Apr 16    JUDSON,  Samuel L., aged 79 years.
May  1    CORMAC,  Mrs. Lillies Cormac, aged 38 years.
Nov 28    EDGERTON,  Frank, son of Albert Edgerton, Esq., aged 3 years 7 mos.

Jan 17    PECK,  Charles, infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Adonirum Peck
Mar  8    THOMPSON,  Clinton, aged 38 years.
Mar 12    SEYMOUR,  William, at Walton, aged 69 years.
Apr  3    FARRINGTON,  March, a Rev. soldier, aged 86 years.
Apr 20    THOMPSON,  Margaret Annet, child of widow C. Thompson, aged 1 yr 7 mos.
May  2    BROPHY,  Thomas, son of Mr. & Mrs. Brophy, aged 5 years 11 months.
Jun 24    EDGERTON,  Henry son of Mr. Henry Edgerton, aged 5 years 5 months.
Oct 14    GORDON,  Mrs. Rhoda, widow, aged 76 years..

Oct 14    BERGEN,  Mrs., aged 64 years.
Dec 11    WEBSTER,  Miss Mary, aged 21 yrs, dau of Mr. Grove Webster a communicant
Dec 18    ORR,  Mr. Robert M.,  Merchant of New York, aged 27 years.

Jan  1    MORE,  Andrews Jr., aged 26 years, son of Andrews More.

page 30
Jan 11    McMURRAY,  Mrs. Dorothy, of Andes, ages 76 years.
Feb 16    FLINT,  Mary Rebecca, dau. of Mr. Albert Flint, aged 5 years.
Mar  4    COPLEY,  Wm. H. Esq., aged 27 years.

          DRAKE,  Augustus, son of Mr. Horace  Drake, of Penn, formerly Delhi,
                         aged 3 years
Feb 29    TENBROECK,  A. Junius Esq.
Mar 19    REDFIELD,  Abigail Augusta, dau. of Mr. Jesse Redfield, aged 15 yrs 2 mos.
Apr  being Easter Sunday
          STUART,  Wm., infant son of Nathl Hathaway Esq aged 1 year
May 16    WHEELER,  Alice, dau of T. H. Wheeler Esq., aged 15 mos.
May 22    JOHNSON,  Mrs. (Blank), wife of Thomas Johnson, aged 38 years.
Aug 17    BARLOW,  Mr. DeWitt Clinton,  aged 24 years aot buried at Walton.

page 31:
Oct 19    CARPENTER,  Edward, son of Edwin Carpenter, aged 3 weeks.
Nov 10    STEWART,  Mr. George, aged 40 years.
Nov 27    COUSE,  Mr. John S., of New York, formerly of Delhi, aged 44 yrs.

Feb 26    TENBROECK,  Joseph M., child of Mrs. Susan Tenbroeck, aged 13 mos.
Mar 17    WEISMER,  George Bassett, son of Mr George & Mrs Sarah Weismer aged
                      2 years 1 mo & 24 days
Mar 23    COPLEY,  George Henry, son of Mrs. Frances H. Copley, aged 3 yrs & 3 days
Apr 19    BAILEY,  Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Orris Bailey, aged 45
Aug 29    STEWART, Herman, son of Mrs. George Stewart, aged 3 yrs.
Aug  3    PERRY,  Charles B. Esq., aged 41, a member of the Vestry.
Sep  3    SHERWOOD,  Mr. William Esq., aged 36, son of Hon. Samuel Sherwood.
Sep 25    STUART, Mrs. George, widow

page 32:
Dec  4    MABIE,  Mr. Peter, aged 59 years.

Jul 22    COUSE,  --A daughter of the late John S. Couse of N. Y.
                      was interred here age 17
Aug  3    SMITH,  Mr. Charles, son of Mr. James Smith, aged 19 yrs.

page 33 & 34
Jan 21    GRISWOLD,  Charles Walter, infant child of W. H. & A. E. Griswold
Mar  5    PARKER,  Amasa,  for many years Vestryman & Warden of the Parish
May 30    REDFIELD,  Mary
Jul       STURGES, M. D.
Jul       SMITH,  Polly
Dec  6    STEELE,  Ebenezer, M. D., For many years Vestryman & At his death Senior
              Warden of the Parish.	
Dec 23    ELWOOD,  Louisa Susan

page 35   BLANK, a few pages missing

                                   END OF BOOK.

Copy provided by the Delaware County Clerk's Office, Delhi, NY - Electronic Text prepared by Mary Nielsen, June 21, 1997

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