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The following is a part of a collection of articles written by Karen Cuccinello of the Stamford Village library history room, mostly pertaining to Stamford, and originally submitted to the Mt. Eagle. We are pleased to share them here with all our Delaware County researchers.

Julia Griffins (of Stamford, NY) Diary 1852-53
Housed in the Stamford Village Library in the Griffin Collection (blue box)
Transcribed by Karen Cuccinello January 2013

Thur. Feb 9, 1852-The Northern Lights are beautiful this evening. It is very light in the north and in the east they are a dark dull red and in some places almost a crimson. The first time I have ever seen them so brilliant.

Sat. Feb 21st, 1852- I have been to visit Adelaide Newel today and called to see Nancy Dayton. I played on her new p

Mon. Feb 23d, 1852- Today Antha and Jane Reel has been here. Jane and I have been to the Academy this afternoon to visit the school. The first time I have been there since I left school in Autumn to take music lessons.

Fri. Feb 27th, 1852- Miss Elizabeth Stevens has been here today to give me a lesson in music. Ma has gone to visit Mrs. Whitford.

Wed. Jan. 26, 1853- It has been very cold today. Sarah Churchill is going to stay with me tonight, it is so stormy she cannot go home.

Thur. Jan 27, 1853- It has been a very cold day. Sarah and I went to school this morning and thought we should freeze before we could get there. This afternoon I finished painting my moss Rose. I have received a letter from Julia Ann. I am very glad to hear from her. She sent me a sugar heart.

Fri. Jan 28, 1853- School is out for this week and I am very glad. I have written my composition since I came from school. Adalaide Newel and Harriet Teach? Has called on me. A.N. played a piece on the piano it was very pretty.

Sat. Jan 29, 1853- This forenoon I drawed a bunch of tulips all ready for painting. This afternoon Miss LaMont, Ann and I went down to Mr. Churchills and did not get back until 11 Oclock at night.

Sun. Jan 30, 1853- This forenoon I went to meeting. Mr. Philips preached. This evening I went to meeting and heard Mr. Gibson preach, we had a very good sermon.

Mon. Jan 31, 1853- I have been to school and was head in my spelling class, it has been very lonesome otherwise but few scholars.

Tues. Feb 1, 1853- I have been to school today. Sarah was not there this afternoon.

Wed. Feb 2, 1853- This evening I have attended a donation at Mr. Gibsons. Mr. LaMont and Miss LaMont, Angeline and I rode down with doctor Stanley. They was just ready to go to tea when we got there. There was a good many there and we had a very nice time. Got home at quarter of 10. We rode back with Mr. Thorp. The snow is almost gone. It is ?? ground down the hill.

Sat. Feb 12, 1853- This evening Mr and Miss LaMont Ann and myself have spent the evening at Mr Newells. When we got there we found Calvin and Sarah there. Adalaide played on her piano and we had a very nice time. Returned home at 11oclock. We had a very pleasant walk.

Mon. Feb 14, 1853- It is very stormy out today so bad I cannot go to school so I have drawn a bunch of roses ready to paint.

Thur. March 3, 1853- It has been a very stormy day. I finished my roses today. They look very pretty. Ann Griffin came up this afternoon to make a visit.

Fri. March 4, 1853- It has been a very pleasant day. George and his wife and little girl and Antha came up this forenoon. Ann Griffin and Antha Reel came up to visit the school. Miss LaMont went up with Jane Champlin after school. Miss Teal came home with me to paint, she staid till dark.

Sat. March 5, 1853- It snows quite hard this morning and the snow is quite deep. Miss LaMont started for home this forenoon. I have studied all day to get my lessons for Monday. Ann Griffin went home in the stage this afternoon.

Sun. March 6, 1853- It has been a very pleasant day. Antha, Ann and I went to meeting this afternoon and when we got home we found Stephen Hays at our house. Antha went home with C. Shaw.

Mon. March 7, 1853- It has been a very pleasant day. It has been very lonesome at school today. Stephen started for home this morning (by) foot and alone.

Fri. March 11, 1853- I have been to school today and it was so stormy I did not come home for my dinner. Antha went home after I came from school. It snowed and blowed very hard when she went.

Sat. March 12, 1853- This morning the snow was very deep. Before noon it cleared off very pleasant. At one oclock Don Gilbert and Jane Champlin came over in a sleigh for John and me to take a sleigh ride. He drove up to Mr.Newells for Robert and then down to Mr. Churchills for Stephen and Sarah and then we went down to visit Francis school. When school was out we brought Francis back with us. We had a good ride and got home at 8 oclock. The snow is all gone, it rains and is very mushy.
A couple pages after the above entry, was one last entry below (2/3 of the book is blank).

Mon. December 25, 1889- Christmas was a very nice day. There were no snow. The sleighs could not run. May Griffin, Stamford Del. Co. N.Y.

submitted by Karen Cuccinello - posted to this website February 4, 2015


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