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(Transcribed by Linda Robinson from The Stamford Mirror, February 3, 1885 page 2 column 1)

Dry Goods and General Merchandise---VanDyke & Hanford, B.H. Foote, Mrs. H.S. Wood.
Grocers---H.M. Wood, George H. Hager, James McKee, O.B. Grant.
Boot and Shoe Stores---E.L. Seeley, manufactory connected; George W. Ellsworth, C.O. Wood.
Flour, Feed, Lumber &c---R.H. Barner, H.M. Wood.
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware---Maynard & Elliott, manufactory connected; H.C. Lawrence.
Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods---R. McLaughlin, Maynard & Elliot.
Foundry, machine shop and agricultural works---William A. Cowley.
Carriage and Sleigh Factories---George Willert, A. Clist, Adam Grant, J.P. and J.A. Dean.
Blacksmiths---Benjamin McKillip, A.M. Martin, Calvin Peters.
Harness, Trunks &---B.F. Herrick
Furniture and Undertaker---D.V. Chichester.
House painting and Decorating---J.M. Gallup, F. Warne, Charles Peters, Frank Carrington.
Jewelers---A.M. Warner, William F. Spencer.
Dressmakers---Mrs. Albert Salisbury, Mary Chapman, Ella Chapman, Miss Hoagland, Misses Johnsons, Mrs. Effner, Miss H.B. Germond.
Milliners---Mrs. J.K. Grant, Mrs. A.A. Knapp.
Steam Cooperage---Charles A. McMurdy.
Meat Market---S.I. Brown.
Physicians---E.W. Gallup, S.E. Churchill.
Druggists---G.H. Hagar, B.H. Foote.
Dentist---H.S. Wood.
Hotels---Hamilton House, Johnson Hamilton, proprietor; Delaware House, Mrs. R. C. Simpson.
City Boarding Houses---Dr. S.E. Churchill, E.J. Squires, Mrs. R. Brownell, J.W. Maynard, S.L. Brown, A.L. Churchill, L. Goodenough, Mrs. S.C. Kendall, A.A. Maynard, F.G. Ruliffson, Mrs. C. Leonard and others.
Photographers---S.S. Cornell, William F. Spencer.
Barbers---George Halstead, A.L. VanDusen.
Livery and Boarding Stables---M.S. and J.L. Wood, J.L. VanHousen.
Restaurants---E. Griffin, W. Gillespie, W.H. Harrington.
Musical Instructor and Piano tuner---Prof. C. Wirtz.
Surveyors---F. Newell Gilbert, Geo. N. Cowan.
Law Offices---Maynard & Andrus, F. R. Gilbert & Son, V.Z. Wyckoff, J.P. Grant, Charles S. Lewis.
Postmaster---F.G. Ruliffson.
Stamford National Bank---M. Fredenburg, President; S.W. Hubbard, Cashier.
Plumbers and Gas Fitters---F.B. Meyers, Maynard & Elliot, H.C. Lawrence.
Contractors and Builders---George C. Gibbs, Stewart & Sons, Mattice and Sons.
Plasterers, Brick-layers and Masons---Wm. Greene & Sons, D. Bowker, D.A. Fuller, James Loughran, Jehial Vaughn.
Editor and Publisher of the Mirror---S.B. Champion.
Books and Stationery---A.J. Champion.
Poetress---Miss Ella D. Chapman.
Novelist, Sketch writer and Humorist---Col. E.C.Z. Judson [Ned Buntline]
Creameries---E.M. Young, John K. Grant.
Laundry---Geo. Hall.
Decorator of Lawns and Cemeteries---Henry Hartwell.
Florist---James Govern.
Dealers in Artificial Fertilizers---B.H. Foote, R.C. Hart, H.M. Wood, R.H. Barner.
Woolen Mills---J. Chamberlin.
Plaster, Feed and Saw-mills---John W. Tanner, H. Stanley.
Cattle Dealers---S.H. Stevens, D.M. Poppino, S.I. Brown.
Butter Dealers---H.M. Wood, N.K. Wilcox, C.K. Bush, J.C. VanDyke.
Express and Baggage Delivery---Edward Grant.
Beer, Soda and Sarsaparilla Bottling Establishment---Wm.V. Gillespie.
Marble Agents---George Halstead, H. Hartwell, O. Poppino.
Telephones---For Delhi, Oneonta, Meredith, Franklin, Davenport, at the MIRROR Office; For Jefferson, Schoharie and Albany, at VanDyke & Hanford's store.
Telegraph----Office of the Western Union, at the Railroad Depot.
Notaries Public----S.B. Champion, M. Fredenburg, F.N. Gilbert, Charles S. Andrus, John P. Grant.
Justice of the Peace---Van Zant Wyckoff.
Deputy Sheriff---Eugene Griffin.
Stamford Board of Trade---N.M. Dart, President; C.A. Hanford, Treas.; E.T. McLaury, Sec.; Wm. R. Beckley, Salesman.
Commission House---Wm. R. Beckley.
Stamford Seminary---Prof. A. Gardenier, Principal; Miss Hattie M.B. Johnson, Preceptress; Miss Helen Goodrich, Intermediate Department; Miss Helen Mackey, Primary Department.
Board of Education---M. Fredenburg, President; Van Zant Wyckoff, Clerk; R.H. Barner, Treasurer. Trustees---Isaac H. Maynard, S.E. Churchill, H.C. Lawrence, E.W. Churchill, John C. VanDyke, John P. Grant, Elbert O. Covel, F.G. Rulifson, M. Fredenburg.
Fire Department---Hose Company, Charles A. McMurdy, Secretary.
Stamford Water Works---Dr. S. E. Churchill, President; John P. Grant, Secretary; F.G. Ruliffson, Superintendent; Van Zant Wyckoff, Treasurer.
Stamford Fire Insurance Company---E.W. Churchill, President; John P. Grant, Secretary; C.A. Crowell, Treasurer.

Churches---Presbyterian, Rev. L.E. Richards; Methodist, Rev. G.C. Deming; Baptist, Rev. Thos. Broxholm; Sacred Heart, (Catholic) Rev. Father P.H. Delehanty; Grace (Episcopal) Chapel , Rev. R.H. Barnes.
Masons---Delta Chapter, R.A.M., A.L. Churchill, H.P.; S.B. Champion, Sec.
Village Officers---Dr. S.E. Churchill, President; George N. Cowan, Clerk; Daniel V. Chichester, Treasurer; Andrew L. Churchill, Assessor; Henry Hartwell, Collector; Wm. R. Beckley, Path-master.

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