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The following is various tidbits of historical and or genealogical importance to the town of Tompkins, county of Delaware, state of New York which is the sole and only purpose of this very selective transcription.. There is no copyright, publication information or otherwise within this book. --Tamara Sanford, May 3, 2006

EXCERPTS from "Recollections.. The Town of Tompkins" by Perry Shelton

During the year 1770 the following patents were granted:

2/24 Kortright 22,000 acres
2/24 Franklin 30,000
3/10 Whitesborough 38,000
3/15 Walton 20,000
4/30 McKee 18,000
5/8 Charlotte River 26,000
5/22 Babington 2,000
5/22 John DeBerniere 2,000
5/22 Robert Leakes 5,000
5/24 Bedlington 27,000
6/15 Lynotts 6,000
6/16 Wallace 28,000
6/22 Pinefield or Rapalje 30,000
12/4 Pinefield or Rapalje Provost or 37,000
P.V.B. Livingston

In 1772 the boundary between Ulster and Albany Counties was moved northward to the West Branch of the Delaware River and a new county by the name of Tryon was erected. All land north of the West Branch of Delaware River, now contained in Delaware County was a part of this new county. By Act of Legislator April 2, 1784, the name Tryon County was changed to Montgomery County in honor of Gen. Richard Montgomery who was killed at the Battle of Quebec. The County of Otsego was erected from a portion of Montgomery Feb. 16, 1791. Delaware County was erected from portions of Ulster and Otsego counties March 10, 1797.

The act of 1797 provided that until a suitable court house should be available, the courts be held at the house of Gideon Frisbee in the town of Kortright. It also stated that a court house and jail be erected at such places as the judges, justices and supervisors appoint, but not at a greater distance than two miles from the mouth of the Little Delaware.

Although Township Rights had been included in the granting of six of the Land Patents, no township had been erected until the formation of Harpersfield April 11, 1787. The original township included all the land in the Harper Purchase plus the land in the Johnstown Purchase between the easterly and westerly bounds of the Harper Purchase extended to the Charlotte and Susquehanna Rivers.

The following year all land in New York State was placed in townships. Under this Act all land in Delaware County at its erection became parts of four townships. Harpersfield in Montgomery County was extended westward. Mamakating (1758), Rochester (1703), and Woodstock (1787) extended their boundaries to the West Branch of the Delaware River.

March 3, 1789 - Middletown was formed from portions of Rochester and Woodstock.
April 10, 1792 - Colchester was erected from portions of Mamakating and Middletown.
Stamford was erected from a portion of Woodstock.
Franklin was erected from a portion of Harpersfield.
March 12, 1793 - Kortright was erected from a portion of Harpersfield.
Delaware County was erected March 10, 1797. The complete townships of Franklin, Kortright and Harpersfield were taken from Otsego County. Portions of Colchester and Middletown and all of Stamford (to which a small part of Woodstock was added) came from Ulster County.

The original six townships have been divided to form 13 other towns as follows:

March 17, 1797 Walton taken from Franklin.
March 23, 1798 Delhi taken from Walton and Middletown.
March 23, 1799 Roxbury taken from Stamford.
March 14, 1800 Meredith taken from Delhi and Kortright.
March 21, 1808 Sidney taken from Franklin.
March 28, 1806 Hancock taken from Colchester.
Feb. 28, 1806 Pinefield taken from Walton (name changed Tompkins 1808).
April 4, 1811 Masonville taken from Sidney.
March 31, 1817 Davenport taken from Franklin, Kortright and a portion of Otsego County.
April 13, 1819 Andes taken from Middletown.
Feb. 25, 1820 Bovina taken from Delhi, Stamford, Middletown.
April 4, 1825 Hampden taken from Delhi, Walton (name changed to Hamden March 17, 1826).
1880 Deposit taken from Tompkins.

Most of these townships have at various times had other alterations made in their boundary lines.
Here are a few additional interesting facts about our county - the lowest point is at Long Eddy in the Town of Hancock and the highest point is on the Dry Brook Ridge in the Town of Middletown. Gilboa Reservoir, one of New York City's reservoirs, lies partially within our county.


Establishment of Common School Districts

District Number Location Remarks School District Now in

1 Cannonsville 2 rooms after consolidation Deposit
2 Cannonsville Consolidated with District 1 Deposit
3 btwn. Cannonsville
& Rock Royal Close District Deposit
4 Rock Royal Co. Rte 27 at Sherruck Brook Deposit
5 Jackson Co. Rte. 27 at Carroll Hill Walton
6 Trout Creek Last operating Dist. School in Tompkins Walton
7 Knicker Bocker Rte. 206 at Bullock Hill Walton
8 Bullock Hill Midway on Bullock Hill Walton
9 Cleaver Loomis Brook at Finch Hollow Walton
10 Dryden Brook Used as Church Walton
11 Finch Hollow Made into Camp Walton
12 Granton Burned during a school day Walton
13 Rock Rift Annulled before 1928 Walton
14 Rock Rift Two room school Walton
15 Readburn (Upper) Building still standing Hancock
16 Carcass Brook Made into Camp Downsville
17 Apex Community House Hancock
18 Kelsey Community House Hancock
19 Christianville Made into home - about gone Hancock
20 Johnny Brook Sold to N.Y.C. Deposit
21 Fish Brook Burned years ago Walton
22 Dry Brook Hunting camp - burned Deposit


Tompkins Cemeteries

1. Airport Cemetery - next adm. bldg., White Birch Field
2. Scott Cemetery - intersection Dry Brook Rd. & Wagon Wheel Rd.
3. Mormon Hollow - on land of Ramon Oralls
4. Dryden Brook Cemetery - near Dryden Brook Community Church
5. Readburn Cemetery - junction of Readburn Road & Rock Rift Mt. Road
6. Keeryville Cemetery - end of Kerryville Road
7. Cannonsville Cemetery - near Rte. 10 on Co. Rte. 67
8. Drybrook Cemetery - off Dry Brook and Wagon Wheel Rd.
9. Windfall Cemetery - corner of Rte. 206 and Windfall Rd.
10. Flowers Cemetery - Loomis Brook on lands of Glen Shackelton
11. Sand's Creek Cemetery - Across Creek - Sands Creek near turn off to Hathaway Rd.
12. Christianville Cemetery - behind old Christianville School, Sands Creek Rd.
13. Rifenberg Cemetery - Co. Rte. 27 about 1/4 mile below Trout Creek
14. Smith Cemetery - Co. Rte. 27 about 1 1/2 miles below Trout Creek


144th Regiment Volunteers
Delaware County, N.Y.

Field and Staff Officers:
Colonel, Robert S. Hughston
Major, Robert T. Johnson
Adjutant, Marshal Shaw
Quarter-Master, James H. Wright
Quarter-Master-Sergeant, Samuel Gordon, Jr.
Surgeon, John R. Leal
1st Assistant Surgeon, William M. Brice
2nd Assistant Surgeon, Oliver T. Bondt
Chaplain, Alexander H. Fullerton
Hospital Stewart, J. Henry Gould, Jr.
Sergeant-Major, Rufus P. Edson
Regt. Commisary Serg't., John H. Griswald
Musician, Henry J. England
Sutler, Stephen Durfee

Company A, Tompkins

Captain, Palmer L. Burrows
1st Lieutenant, R. Harper Evans
2nd Lieutenant, Alfred E. Heath
Orderly Sergeant, Henry W. Eilcox
2nd Sergeant, DeWitt O. Mayo
3rd Sergeant, Charles M. Hathaway
4th Sergeant, Garrett S. Ward
5th Sergeant, George Miner
1st Corporal, John W. Garlow
2nd Corporal, William N. Dean
3rd Corporal, George W. Jackson
4th Corporal, James Turner
5th Corporal, Henry F. Miles
6th Corporal, Charles Axtel
7th Corporal, Lewis Y. Burrows
8th Corporal, Wellington Dann
Musician, Whiting G. Pomeroy

Lafayette Axtell
Henry Brown
Charles J. Bailey
Andrew M. Brown
John Beagal
Charles H. Bradbury
William H. Beagal
Horace Benedict
Frances A. Bonker
Leroy H. Burdick
Henry W. Banks
Augustus P. Bratt
Nathan Blencoe
Samuel N. Burnside
Russel Cook
George E. Caswell
George Constable
John C. Carpenter
Ira B. Davie
Sidney A. Dimmick
Henry Dibble
Lyman Daniel
Lyman A. Drake
Lewis L. Eggleston
James Fletcher
William H. Finch
Adelbert Fox
Frederick W. Fanning
Robert T. Gilson
Charles Grotevant
William Garlow
Stephen C. Green
George A. Hoag
Levi J. Hill
Leonard Huguiner
John F. Hewitt
William E. Huyck
George J. Huyck
Thomas Howland
Edwin Hathaway
Osmar Haynes
Joseph Hess
Samuel T. Jackson
Henry E. Kingsley
Caleb Kelsey
James N. Love
John Lucas
John H. Lewis
Ferdinand Lampkowsky
John M. Leonard
Arad Lakin
John McComb
Abram O. More
Ambrose B. More
David Manterstock
Charles Newman
William Naylor
James Ostrum
Thomas J. Ostrum
John W. Owens
Charles Ogden
Alexander T. Pellett
George W. Pellet
Benjamin Reynolds
Josiah L. Rose
Charles Stiles
Abram Scott
Charles E. Smith
Leroy Spencer
Sidney Seaman
John Swart
William P. Sprague
Cornelius T. Sturgeus
Andrew S. Schriver
Leroy Tompkins
Hiram P. Teed
Charles J. Teed
Alpheus S. Taft
Samuel M. Tompkins
Peter VanValkenburgh
John Walley
Peter S. Wakeman
Gains Webster
George W. Webb
Abram Whitehead


Cannonsville Grange #1510

Cannonsville Grange #1510 was organized in 1930 with the following officers:

Master Stephen Judd
Secretary Mrs. Leland Boyd
Treasurer Fred Turner
Lecturer Mrs. Stephen Judd

The officers for the year 1956 are:

Master Jay Yoepp
Secretary Mrs. William Storrer
Treasurer Mrs. Augustus Graby
Lecturer Mrs. Edythe Benson

Mrs. William (Grace) Storrer served for over 25 years as Secretary of Cannonsville Grange.


Town of Tompkins, Veterans of the Wars

Revolutionary War Veterans

Erastus Booth John Heath
Silas Underwood Jonas Park
Amaziah Sanderson Oliver Morsmon
Udney Leonard Joseph Simons


War of 1812

Nathaniel Webb


Civil War

Uriah Costello Solomon Sutliffe
Eliphalet Cleaver Hazard Allen
Jacob Hyzer Albert Jones
Samuel Finch Jarvis Rifenberg


Spanish American War

Charles Davis John Carlson
Elwood Demott


World War I Veterans
Serving in the Army of Navy

Arthur Bonker Fred Hoag
Clifton Brundege Abel Peck
Alfred Hauber Frank Schofield
Edric Schofield Jess F. Howes
William A. Eastwood Edwin Carr


The following are men who served in the Army Expeditionary Force during World War I

Charles E. Adams Claude L. Haynes
Leland B. Boyd William W. Hoag
Leon W. Brundege Herman T. Lawson*
Paul Collier James Lawrence
Simon Eggleston Irwin B. Peaslee
Roy D. Gardinier* William Storrer
Clarence D. Hathaway W. Harry Swart
Millard Walley

*Sgt. Herman T. Lawson was killed in action during the Battle of the Hindenburgh Line on Sept. 29th, 1918.

*Private, Roy D. Gardinier was killed on Oct. 12th, 1918.

World War II Veterans

Curtis Shoup*                Donald Bonker
Stephen Peter Judd*          Berkley S. Boyd
Chas. Finch*                 James Brundege
Milo Stevens *               Robert Budine>
Richard Finch (Bronze Star)  Robert Burnside
William Bush                 William Burnside
James Finch                  Everett Card
James Hornbeck               Virgil Card
Morris Hornbeck              Kenneth Conway
Marvin Stoutenberg           Ernest Davis
Floyd Stoutenberg            Clifford Faulkner
Perry Shelton                George Faulkner
Laverge France               Paul Greenman
Donald Storrer               Elwyn Hendrickson
Robert Galley                Robert Bennett
Earl Simmons                 Dale Stafford
Edward Cook                  George Judd
Nathan Beardslee             Gleason Judd
Paul Close                   Joseph Judd
Carl Close                   Richard Judd
Dewey Ellis                  Kenneth Mapes
Richard Ellis                Raymond Mapes
Ray Ellis, Jr.               Edwin Martin
Ralph Munson                 Lynn Martin
Glenn Beardslee              Robert Martin
Percy Smith                  Roland Martin
Guy Gifford                  Dayton McLaughlin
Seymour Shackelton           Eugene Monroe
Benjamin Constable           Robert Monroe
Fred Reynolds                James Mills, Jr.
Edgar L. Layman              Wellington Mills
Norvall L. Hurlburt          Henry Muller
Donald Stringer              Winton O'dell
Russell Hood                 John Offnick
Ralph Holbert                Willard Peaslee
Floyd Dufton, Jr.            Harold Rhinebeck
Woodrow Dufton               Preston Schall
Chas. Drumm                  Homer Scofield
Harold Drumm                 Durwood Smith
Maynard Allen                Robert Stevens
Thomas Allen                 Richard Storrer
Chester Backus               Leo Vanderlip
Gerald Backus                Richard Walker
Leon Backus                  William Walker
Harold Backus                Wayne Walker
Paul Backus                  Charles Webster
Warren Backus                Donald Wood
Jack Bennett                 Glen Reynolds
Arthur Bonker, Jr.           Michael Onufer
Martin Onufer                John Onufer
Edwin Bonker                 Howard Bonker
Robert Bonker
* Curtis Shoup - Killed in Action January 11, 1945. Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor .
* Stephen Peter Judd - Co-Pilot of a bomber forced down and crashed in Holland.
* Chas. Finch - Killed in Action April 14, 1945.
* Milo Stevens - Killed as a result of a training flight crash. He was an Air Cadet.

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