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Church Membership Transfer Letters from Churches in Scotland and Ireland to the Associate Reform Church in the Town of Delhi, Delaware County, New York. This Church is now in the Village of Delhi and has become the First Presbyterian Church.

The letters still in existence are reproduced here. Unfortunately, the others have not survived.

Chronological Index (by date of issuance)

Date           Assigned Title              Identification

1801 April 12  Samuel Love & Wife              CMTC-1

1805 July 14   Andrew Fraser                   CMTC-2

1811 Feb 4     John Cochran                    CMTC-3
     Aug 15    Robert Taylor & Wife            CMTC-4

1816 June 13   Charles Reid                    CMTC-5

1817 May 22    John Hutson & Family            CMTC-6
     May 27    John King                       CMTC-7
     July 8    Mrs.) Elisabeth Rait & Family   CMTC-8
     Aug 12    John Holmes                     CMTC-9

1818 Mar 19    Thomas Jamison & Wife           CMTC-10
     Mar 20    Thomas Jamieson & Family        CMTC-11
     Apr 2     George Reid & Family            CMTC-12
     Apr 20    James Russell                   CMTC-13
     May 18    John Hymers                     CMTC-14
     May 19    John Hymers                     CMTC-15
     May 24    David Campbell                  CMTC-16
     May 24    (Miss) Isabel Campbell          CMTC-17
     May 24    Robert Campbell                 CMTC-18
     May 24    George Wight & Family           CMTC-19
     May 26    Andrew Cowan & Wife             CMTC-20
     May 26    Robert Midlemoss & Wife         CMTC-21
     May 26    Matthew Wight                   CMTC-22
     May 27    (Miss) Mary Elliot              CMTC-23
     July 27   William Neish & Wife            CMTC-24

1819 Mar 21    Joseph Bleakie                  CMTC-25
     May 22    Nicholas Melrose                CMTC-26
     May 24    (Mrs.) Helen Wight              CMTC-27
     July 8    John McLaren                    CMTC-28

1820 May 20    John Maybole & Wife             CMTC-29
     May 24    (Miss) Isabel Wight             CMTC-30
     May 26    (Mrs.) Helen Midlemose          CMTC-31
     May 26    Thomas Midlemose                CMTC-32
     May 29    (Mrs.) Mary Hymers & Son        CMTC-33
     Aug 16    (Miss) Jannet McVicar           CMTC-34

1822 June 1    John MacGibbon                  CMTC-35
     June 4    Archibald McAuslan              CMTC-36

1823 May 17    Agnes Mac Arthur                CMTC-37

1824 May 9     Miss Jane Parkhill              CMTC-38
     Aug 4     John Bryce                      CMTC-39

1826 May 6     Alexander Niesh & Family        CMTC-40
     May 6     (Mrs.) Elisabeth Potts          CMTC-41

1827 Mar 25    Francis Hodge & Family          CMTC-42
     July 19   John Bryce                      CMTC-43
     July 20   John George                     CMTC-44
     Dec 6     (Mrs.) Catherine Wylie          CMTC-45

1828 May 11    James George & Family           CMTC-46
     May 11    Peter George                    CMTC-47
     May 11    James Penny                     CMTC-48
     May 12    David Taylor                    CMTC-49
     May 16    Robert Little                   CMTC-50
     June 10   Matthew Steel & Family          CMTC-51
1829 Mar 19    Miss) Jane Sinclar              CMTC-52
     May 4     John Munn                       CMTC-53
     May 4     John Munn                       CMTC-54
     May 8     Archibald Patteson              CMTC-55
     May 27    William Douglas & Wife          CMTC-56
     June 7    James Morisson & Wife           CMTC-57
1830 Apr 12    (Mrs.) Helen Penny              CMTC-58
     Apr 12    Robert Penny                    CMTC-59
     Apr 17    Robert Matheson                 CMTC-60
     Apr 17    John Salton & Family            CMTC-61 - submitted by Eugene Girdwood Nov 2005
     Apr 18    John Imrie & Family             CMTC-62
     May 23    William Redpath & Wife          CMTC-63

1831 May 2     James Campbell                  CMTC-64
     May 13    George Davison                  CMTC-65
     May 13    (Mrs.) Margaret Davison         CMTC-66
     May 16    George Middlemost               CMTC-67
     May 16    Thomas Middlemost & Wife        CMTC-68
     May 17    (Miss) Elizabeth Middlemos      CMTC-69
     May 22    Misses Helen & Catharine Dougal CMTC-70
     May 22    John Dougal & Wife              CMTC-71
     May 23    James Thomson & Wife            CMTC-72
     May 25    Andrew Littlejohn & Wife        CMTC-73
     May 25    David Smith & Wife              CMTC-74
     May 26    Henry Thomson                   CMTC-75

1832 Mar 17    Andrew Williamson & Wife        CMTC-76
     Mar 21    James Bryce                     CMTC-77
     Mar 21    William Whyte                   CMTC-78
     Mar 21    John Glendening & Family        CMTC-79
     Mar 28    (Miss) Janet Duff               CMTC-80
     Mar 31    David Fenton & Wife             CMTC-81
               James Jack & Wife               CMTC-82
     Apr 2     (Miss) Margaret Jack            CMTC-83
     Apr 4     (Miss) Elizabeth Darling        CMTC-84
     Apr 9     William Amos & Family           CMTC-85
     Apr 10    Robert McFarlan & Wife          CMTC-86
     Apr 14    William Drummond & Daughters    CMTC-87
     Apr 17    Parlane McFarlane               CMTC-88
     May 6     Alexander Sinclair & Wife       CMTC-89
     July 30   (Miss Elisabeth Cadie or Eadie  CMTC-90

1833 Apr 8     Sarah Ann Smyth                 CMTC-91
     May 13    Janet Lumisilsan (?)            CMTC-92

1834 Mar 25    James McDuff                    CMTC-93
     Apr 25    William Lewis & Wife            CMTC-94
     May 20    Mrs. Davidson                   CMTC-95

1835 Jan 23    Ann Muir                        CMTC-96
     Feb 18    George Robertson                CMTC-97
     Feb 20    Euphia Thompson                 CMTC-98
     Feb 23                                    CMTC-99
     Feb 23    David Kempie                    CMTC-100
     Mar 6     John McLarens & Wife (?)        CMTC-101
     June 1    John Ainslie & Wife             CMTC-102

1836 May 12    (Miss) Margaret Davie           CMTC-103
     May 23    (Miss) Agnes Thomson            CMTC-104
     July 18   Andrew Scott                    CMTC-105
     Aug 16    James Kempy & Wife              CMTC-106

1837 Feb 18    (torn off) Kempy & Wife         CMTC-107
     Feb 21    Robert Paterson                 CMTC-108
     May 3     Walter Gledstone & Wife         CMTC-109

1838 Feb 2     John Hutson & Wife              CMTC-110
     May 7     William McFarlane & Wife        CMTC-111
     Oct 4     Charles Telford & Wife          CMTC-112

1839 Feb 26    Walter Paterson & Wife          CMTC-113
     Feb 28    George Scott & Wife             CMTC-114
     July 6    Andrew Nicoll & Wife            CMTC-115

CMTC-l (Typescript) Samuel Love & Wife  1801 April 12

                  Sam Love's

That the bearer Samuel Love and his Wife Sarah have been
regular members of the Associate congregation of
Bailieborough and so far as we can learn or know of most
reputable character and in full communion with us is
certified by William Bell Minister and we the
undersigned ruling elders of the afforesaid congregation.

April 12th 1801            John Wauhope
                           William Gluney
                           Arch. Glenny
                           Joseph Edmiston
                           James Gilmer

CMTC-2   (Typescript)   Andrew Fraser  1805 July 14

                       Andrew Fraser's

At Inverness the 14th July 1805 These do Certify that the
Bearer Andrew Fraser a native of this Parish is descended 
of honest Parents, behaved soberly, honestly & inoffensively
since his Infancy, and for any thing known to us may be
received to any Christian Congregation where Providence 
may order his lot: He is also a single man & being desirous 
to have a Certificate from this Session to Bodnich where he 
intends to marry a native of that place: we further certify that 
we know of no reason to prevent his marrying, & that we give 
our consent in this instance to dispense with the proclamation 
of Banns as the young is now setting out for America as he says 
                      Thomas Fraser Minr
            Elders    Jniesn McDonald
                      Kenneth Southerland
1805 July 14

CMTC-7   (Typescript)  John King  1817 May 27

                 Mr John King's

                   july. 1823

That the bearer John King an unmarried person has resided 
in this Parish since his infancy, has ever supported an upright 
and respectable character, and now leaves it free of every ground 
of Church censure known to us; is attested by
                              Arch Douglas I P
                              George Scott Sess. Clerk
                               and Schoolmaster

Cavers, County of
Roxburgh, North
Britain May 27th

CMTC-24 (Typescript)  William Neish & Wife  1818 July 27

                      Neish &

                               Crieff July 28, 1818

That William Neish and Catherine Drummond his wife both 
Communicants  in this parish resided here nearly Ten years 
previous to this date when they left it free from public Scandal
or ground of Church censure known to us & may be admitted 
into any Christian Community where providence may order 
their lot is attested by

                               Ar Carmichael Sess Clk
                                  Wm Laing Minr
                                  John Brydis Elder

1818 July 2

CMTC-29  Typescript) John Maybole & Wife  1820 May 20

                  John Maybole

Jedburgh    May 20th 1820

That John Maybole and Agness Stevenson his wife removes 
at this time from the Bounds of this Congregation for North 
America in full Communion with the Secession Church is 
attested by

                             George Balfour
                                        Sess Clk

                             James Clark Minr

1820 May 20

CMTC-38 (Typescript)  Miss Jane Parkhill  1824 May 9

                      Jane Henderson

That Miss Jane Parkhill has been from her infancy a regular
Worshipper in the Reobn Congregation of Aghadowey that she 
has been admitted to Communion & that having supported an 
umblemished character she seems to us worthy of admission 
to Christian Privileges in any will regulated Society
            is certified & attested by
Aghadowey                       John Brown P.M
9th May 1824

I believe the above statement to be true

                                    John Paul - Rector
                            of the Parish of Aghadowey

1824 May 9

CMTC-40 (Typescript)  Alexander Niesh & Family  1826 May 6

                    Alexander Neish
                   his Wife Janet's

                                 Crieff, 6th May 1826

These certify that Alexander Niesh, Farmer, and Janet Drummond 
his spouse with their Family consisting of two sons and three 
daughters leave this place at this date for New York America; that 
to the best of our knowledge, they have maintained a good moral 
and religious character and are in communion with the church.

                            John Forrister Sess Clk
                            Wm Laing Minr
                            Peter Hobie Elder
                            James Ramsay Elder

1826 May 6

CMTC-42 (Typescript)  Francis Hodge & Family  1827 Mar 25

                         Cirtificate of
                          Francis Hodge
                             May 1829

I hereby Certify that Mr. Francis Hodge together with his wife 
and family, have from their respective infancies, been members 
of the presbyterian Congregation of Ballibay, in the Co. of 
Monayhan in Ireland; that they have uniformly supported 
"excellent characters" and may be admitted to the priviledge of 
any Christian Congn with which they may become connected - 
Given under my hand at Ballibay Meeting house this 25th 
day of March 1827

                J Nobell Prestn Min of Ballibay

1827 Mar 25

CMTC-44 (Typescript)  John George  1827 July 20

                John George

                    Auchterarder 20th July 1827

These certify that John George an unmarried man resided in 
this Parish from his infancy (for the most part) 
to this Date: that during said period he behaved himself 
soberly & honestly, & now leaves it free of all 
public Scandal or Church censure Known to us, in Communion 
with the Church
Is in Interval of Session attested by

                       X   Charles Stewart Minr
                           John Morrison Elder
                           William Hutchinson Sess. Clk.

1827 July 20

CMTC-46 (Typescript)  James George & Family  1828 May 11

               James George

These are to Certify that the Bearer James George and his 
Spouse Elizabeth King came to this parish properly 
recommended seventeen years ago and have resided in it from 
that time till the date hereof maintaining a good and 
irreproachable Moral Character in all respects and regular 
in their attendance on the ordinances of religion- that he 
was Ordained-an Elder of the Established Church of Scotland 
an the eleventh day of November 1819 and hath acted as
such since that time in a manner suitable to the Character 
of an Elder, that all his Family consisting of the following 
six persons - Peter George, David George, William George, 
Ann George, Elizabeth George and Christian George, are of 
good and unexceptionable Moral Character -- that Peter 
George and David George have been admitted to Sealing 
Ordinances and are in full Communion with the Church and 
that there is nothing Known to us why he and his whole 
Family may not be received into any Christian Society 
Congregation where providence may order their lot. Given by 
appointment of the Kirk Session of Muckart this eleventh day 
of May 1828

                     A Gibson Minr
                     James Miller Elder
                     Alex. MacGregor Sess. Clk.

1828 May 11

CMTC-47     (Typescript)     Peter George     1828 May 11

                Certificate for
                    Peter George

                            Auchterarder 11 th May 1828

This is to Certify that Peter George a Native of this Parish 
& unmarried, resided therein for the most part from his 
infancy to this Date: that during said period he behaved 
himself soberly & honestly & now leaves it free of 
all public Scandal or Church censure known to us,& is in 
Communion with the Church -- Is in Name & by appointment 
of the Kirk Session of Auchterarder attested by

                    X     Charles Stewart Minr
                          Andw Morrson Elder
                          George McLaurin Elder
                          William Hutchison Sess. Clk.

1828 May 11

CMTC-50  (Typescript)-     Robert Little     1828 May 16

                  Robert Little

                              Elsdon May 16 1828

These are to Certify that the Bearer Robert Little, a native
of this parish has been a resident of this vicinity from 
boyhood, is a devout sober young man and as far as we know 
or believe, his morals in all respects are irreproachable

                        John Hewelson
                         (Minister, Parish of 

                        John Pye, Vestry Clerk for
                                    Elsdon Parish

1828 May 16,

CMTC-52  (Typescript)  (Miss) Jean Sinclar     1829 Mar 19

               Jean George
                May 1830

These certify that Jean Sinclar unmarried was brought up in 
the Relief Congregation Auchterarder -- That she maintained 
a moral and religious character becoming her Christian 
profession -- That she leaves this place free-of all public 
scandal or grounds of church censure so far as known to us -
- And that she may be admitted into communion with the 
Christian Church where providence may order her lot

This given by order of the Relief Session Auchterarder, the
nineteenth March eighteen hundred and-twenty nine, and 

                      by --     John King Minr
                                Andrew Lawrance Elder

1829 Mar 19

CMTC-62   (Typescript)   John Imrie & Family  1830 Apr 18

              Family Cirtificate
                 John Imrie --

                           Auchterarder, 18th April 1830

The bearer hereof, John Imrie, Margaret Imrie, his wife, and
Marjory Imrie,his Daughter, are members of the United 
Associate Congregation here,-and leave us, at this date, in 
full communion with the United Secession Church, and with an 
unblemished Christian character.

              William Pringle, Minister
              Peter McRobbie Session Clark

1830 April 18

CMTC-71 (Typescript)   John Dougal & Family 1831 May 22

            Certificate for
               John Dougal
              & part of his family

                          Auchterarder 22d May 1831

This is to certify that John Dougal & his spouse Sarah 
Monteath, with John Dougal Junior, Andrew Dougal & 
Margaret Dougal their children, resided in this Parish from 
their infancy to this Date, that during said period, they 
behaved themselves soberly & honestly, & now leave 
it free of all public Scandal or Church censure known to us 
& in Communion with the Church, is attested place and 
date as above

                                Charles Stewart Minr
William Hutchison Sess Clk.     William Thomson Elder
                                David Fenton Elder
1831 May 22

CMTC-73 (Typescript) Andrew Littlejohn & Wife  1831 May 25

                   July 1832

                            Auchterarder 25th May 1831.

These certify that Andrew Littlejohn, and, Margaret Dougall 
his Spouse, have resided in this Parish from their Infancy 
to this date; That during said period they have maintained 
Sober, decent and respectable Characters, and, they now 
leave this place free from all Public scandal, or ground of 
Church censure known to us, and in full communion with the 
Church. Is attested place & date as above,

By                     Charles Stewart Min r
                       William Thomson Elder
                   William Hutchison Sess. Clk

1831 May 25

CMTC-83 (Typescript)  (Miss) Margaret Jack     1832 Apr. 2

                  Jack or
                  Penny s
                  Cir: 1832

These certify that Margaret Jack unmarried is in full
communion with the Relief Congregation Auchterarder North 
Britain Perthshire Scotland, That she maintained a moral and 
religious character becoming her christian profession. That 
she leaves this place free of all public scandal or grounds 
of church censure so far as known to us -- And that she may 
be admitted into Communion with the christian church where 
providence may order her lot --

This given by order of the Relief Session Auchterarder,-
the second Aprile eighteen hundred and thirty two, and 
          by          John King Minister
                      Andrew Lawrance Elder

1832 Apr 2

CMTC-88 (Typescript)   Parlane M farlane     1832 Apr. 17

          Farlane McFarlane
          Cir: dated 1832

That the Bearer Parlane M farlane, unmarried, has resided in
this place during the two years immediately preceding the 
date of this and now leaves it for N. America -- that he has 
maintained a good character being free from public Scandal 
or any ground of Church censure known to us and in communion 
with the Established Church of Scotland is attested at 
Muthill County of Perth N.B. this 17th day of April 1832 by     
Minister absent

-Peter Ferguson S: Ck     John McRobbie Elder
                          John Sharp Elder

1832 Apr 17

CMTC-94 (Typescript)   Willm Lewis & Wife 1834 Apr. 25

             Wm Lewis &
             Wife 1834

                                Peebles 25 April 1834

We certify that Willm Lewis and his wife Marion Cairns are
natives of this Parish and leave it at this date in full 
communion with the church and free from any ground of Church 
Censure known to us

                            John Elliot Minr
                            A Bathgate Sess Clk

1834 Apr 25

CMTC-106 (Typescript)     James Kempy & Wife  1836 Aug. 16

             James Kempy
             Helen his Wife

                      Orwell Augt 16th 1836

That the bearer James Kempy and his wife Helen Lyal resided 
in this Parish thirteen years preceeding the term of 
Martinmas last -- maintaining a decent christian character 
so far as known to us and left it in full communion with the 
Church of Scotland - is certified place and, date above by

                   James Wemyss Minister
                   Alex. Anderson Sess. Clk.

1836 Aug 16

CMTC-109 (Typescript)  Walter Gledstone & Wife 1837 May 3

                  Walter Gledstone's

                                    Hawick 3d May 1837

I hereby certify -- that Walter Gledstone and Isabel Thomson
his wife have been for Several years in full communion with 
the Relief Dissenting Church in this Town, and that they now 
leave its bounds for the United States of America with an 
excellent religious character, accompanied by the prayer; 
and best wishes of their affectionate Pastor
            A.M. Ramsay Minister


1837 May 3

CMTC-111 (Typescript)  William McFarlane & Wife  1838 May 7

                Wm McFarlan
                  his Wife

                         West Galway May 7 1838

This is to certify that Mr William McFarlane & his wife 
members of the Presbyterian church of West Galway in good 
and regular standing and as they are about to remove from 
this place- they are at there on request hereby recommended 
to any regular Presbyterian church where Providence may 
order their lot

                    By order of the Session
                       James Donald Pastor
1838 May 7

CMTC-115 (Typescript)  Andrew Nicoll & Wife  1839 July 6

               Andrew Nicoll
              Margaret George
                 his wife ----
               0ct 1839

Fossoway Kinross shire 6th July, 1839.

That the Bearer Andrew Nicoll and Margt George, his wife, 
resided in this Parish, the former from his infancy, and the 
latter from the time of her marriage both maintaining decent 
moral Characters Suitable to their Christian Profession;     
and that they now leave this Parish free from Scandal or 
ground of Church Censure, known to us.-- that they are in 
full communion with the Church, & may be admitted to the 
enjoyment of Christian priviledges wherever God in his 
providence may order their Lot, is attested by
                   Peter Brydie Minr
                   Robert Fife Elder
                   James Ritchie Elder
                   William Nicoll Elder
                   Wm Gentlle Sess. Clk.

1839 July 6
Copy submitted by Shirley Houck, Delhi, NY - Electronic Text prepared by Joyce Riedinger, December 15, 1998

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