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Submitted by Evelyn Henderson O'Connell
From Stamford Mirror - 1910

Opened Tuesday, With Large Non-Resident Attendance

Indications Point to Best Year in History of School-Over 200 Pupils Enrolled

Today, Tuesday, the bell of Stamford High School sounded for the first time in ten weeks and the students will return to work after a joyful vacation. The dream of the favorite fishing place and the deep swimming hole will be replaced by the sterner and more exacting rountine [sic] of the school room. The students will return much refreshed and it is believed that students of Stamford Seminary will make a good record during the coming school year.

There are already 90 enrolled in the high school department and 120 in the grades, and it is expected that the complete enrollment will show 115 or more in the high school making the total nearly 250. There are at present 46 non-residents registered and Principal McLaury expects the number to reach 60 before the first term is completed. The total enrollment in the high school department last year was 76.

A class in agriculture will be organized and it is possible that a business course may be introduced.

The faculty this year is as follows: Frank H. McLaury, Ph. B. principal. Latin, Mathematics. A Mynne Benjamin, B. S. Science, Mathematics. Sara L. Bartow, A. B. French, History. Genevieve Jacoby, A. B. German, English. Lillian M. Chase. Training Class. Anna M. McCadden. Sub-Academic Department. Carrie L. Dayger. Grammar Department. Miss Farrell. Intermediate Department. Beatrice Winne. Primary Department. Mrs. George J. Clute. Music

The following non-resident pupils were enrolled Tuesday: Carlos Ames, Bruce Buell, Harold Campbell, James Crosler, Corydon Dunham, Clarence Dunne, Harold Gray, Frank Kiff, Leland Lewis, Charles Lyon, Marshal McNaught, George Maynard, Leslie Parsons, Arthur Rich, Everett Russell, William Storie, Lyle Sutton, Charles Walker, Grandison Warren, John C. Wyckoff, Lynn Wyckoff, Ethel Brown, Alice Cole, Naomi Cole, Susie Crosier, Ella Dayton, Hilda Deyoe, Ida DuBois, Pearl Grant, Lizzie Gregory, Carrie Hager, Frances Henderson, Mildred Jones, Edna Mani, Zuella Martin, Mabel Richtmyer, Marian Schermerhorn, Ola Schermerhorn, Jennie Schwille, Mary Schwille, Gertrude Smith, Mabel Smith, Myrtle Smith, Blanche VanDusen, Ethel Wescott.

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