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This School Day 'Souvenir' is from my Great-Aunt Sadie Kelly Raeder's files. --Gloria Rutulante, May 9, 2006

With the compliments of your teacher, this gift is presented to you, believing that it will grow in value as the years glide by.

Public School
District No. 14
Middletown, New York
Delaware County

1909 -1910
Harvey O'Kelly, Teacher


F. Louis Carey
Merchant Kelly
Bruce Kelly
Roy Kelly
Barnes Signor
Grant Redmond
Kenneth Kelly
Sylvenus Kelly
Mary M. Rose
Edith Kelly
Leora H. Streeter
Sadie Kelly
Luella R. Osterhoudt
Mary R. O'Kelly

School Officers

Birdine B. Streetes, Trustee
Slyvenus kelly, Clerk
Abel Fuller, Collector

Vacation Days

Some months ago we gathered here
To work together day by day;
But now the time to part draws near,
And we lay all our books away.

The finished tasks, the lessons learned
Are rewards of study, not of shirking;

You'll ne'er be sorry for what you've earned
In moments spent in honest WORKING.

Attempt the task, the persevere
Until you finish the task begun;
Be brave! Push forward, never fear,
And soon you'll find the prize is won.

And then when school days here are o'er,
And you enter the fiercer fields of strife,
The lessons learned will be a store
Of knowledge you can use through life.

But now, vacation time is here
And we'll lay down our books, and do
New duties we may find to bear;
But this remember: 'To yourself be true'

Remember, through your long vacation,
If in toil your efforts scarce prevail,
Those who persevere, will rule the nation;
To them there's no such word as fail.

A Pioneer School House

Yonder it stands, as it did of yore
Its work is done, it's mission o'er
The blocks alone mark the chimney place
For ther mortar no longer fills its space.

The wooden hinges on the big huge door,
Creak as they did ere we buttered them o'er.
Our writing-desk's there,
hewn from the side wall,
Where at flourishing the quill,
we could beat them all (?)

The clapboard roof,
(if you'll pardon the name,)
No longer shuts out
the wind and the rain,
The benches of slab
and wooden pin,
Are gone, never to return again!

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