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Town of Masonville, Delaware County, NY
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A Day in Masonville
photo by Joyce Riedinger - © 2001
This photo was taken from the "Four Corners" of Masonville (the intersection of Rt 206 and Rt 8). This is looking down Rt 8 from the what was probably Bob Stanton's gas station toward the Elementary School (on the way to Sidney.) You can see the bridge that crosses over the creek that runs through the town, and passes by the school property. When my brother and I were toddlers my mother was trying to get us to stop using pacifiers. One day we were standing on that bridge, tossing twigs into the water and watching them float down the stream. My mother said, "Let's see what happens if you throw your pacifiers into the water!" We tossed them in, watched them float down the stream and never asked for them again!
--Barbara Palmer Grady. July 24, 2012

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