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William Miller Isabel Dickson Miller

Pictures courtesy of Charles and Leona LaFever, scanned by Ray LaFever (gg great grandson of William & Isabel)

William Miller, son of Thomas Miller and Nancy (Agnes) Laidlaw was born 12 Oct 1791, Roxburghshire, Scotland. He died 29 Jan 1870, Bovina, New York. William was married 10 July 1825 to Isabel Dickson Miller, daughter of Michael Dickson and Jane Jardine. Isabel was born 6 Apr 1802, Roxburghshire, Scotland - Died: 8 Dec 1882, Bovina, New York

They were the parents of sons Thomas, Michael, William, David, Walter, Berry Shaw, Gilbert, and daughter Janet. All lived into adulthood except for David. (Pictures of the adult sons shown below.)

Miller brothers


Front row: Thomas (1826-1911), Michael (1828-1915), William (1830-1912), Walter (1835-1908).
Back row: Berry (1837-1906), Gilbert (1843-1931)

Picture was taken probably in the 1890s. Photograph courtesy of Howard and Laura LaFever. --Scanned by Ray LaFever, March 9, 2003
Background information on the Miller brothers:

William Miller and his wife Isabella Dickson were natives of Scotland, living near Hawick, a mill town in the Scottish Borders. Isabella was William's second wife, marrying him 1825. Their first three children, Thomas, Michael and William, were born near Roberton, a parish outside of Hawick. William and Isabella emigrated with their three sons in 1831. Their son David was born the year after they arrived and died before he was three years old. Walter, Berry and Gilbert were born in Bovina, as was their only sister, Janet (1839-1870).

Thomas Miller was married 3 times, to Elizabeth Thomson in 1851 in Bovina, to Margaret Campbell in 1872 in Bovina and, finally, to Jane Elliott in 1887 in Garretsville, NY. Thomas had two children by his first wife, William R. and Elizabeth Thomson. He died in 1911 in Bovina, NY.

Michael Miller married Sally Ann McCune in 1853 in Bovina. They had four children, John McCune, Isabella Jannette, Katherine Maria, and William Thomas. Michael and Sally lived to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary, dying 4 months apart in 1915 in Bovina.

William Miller was married twice. He married Christine Miller in 1858. She died the following year. In 1864, he married Nancy Sloan in Bovina. William died in 1912 in Walton, NY.

Walter Miller was married in 1862 to Jane Agusta Dean in Delhi. Walter and Jane had two sons, William Alexander and Walter Dickson, who died as an infant in 1869. Walter died in Delhi in 1908.

Berry Shaw Miller served in the 144th Regiment, NY Volunteers, Company E during the Civil War. He married Catharine Elliott Oliver in Delhi in 1866. They had one son, Thomas William. Berry died in Andes in 1906.

Gilbert Dickson Miller, the youngest of the Miller brothers, also served in the Civil War in the same regiment as his brother. He married Mary Jane Banker in 1869 in South Kortright. He was the last surviving Miller sibling, dying in Oneonta in 1931 at the age of 87. He also probably was Bovina's last surviving Civil War soldier.


Background information provided by Ray LaFever, with help from the following:

The Davidson Brothers, Eddie and Richard, have compiled a Miller genealogy, using information collected from their father, Fletcher Davidson, and from Fletcher's uncle, David Fletcher Hoy. The Davidson brothers, along with their brother Alan and their cousin, David Fletcher Hoy (grandson of his namesake), continue to seek out information about the Millers.

Documentary sources included:
  • Biographical Review - The Leading Citizens of Delaware County, published 1895
  • Delaware County (NY) Clerk's Office: Naturalization records
  • Scottish Records Office, General Register House, Edinburgh: Parish registers, Roberton and Hawick Parishes (these also were used at the Border Regional Archives, Selkirk, Scotland).

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