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These photos are of the old 1 room schoolhouse on Johnny Brook road near Cannonsville. The ones with snow were taken just shortly before NYC destroyed it. The class photo was taken in the 1940's, I think. In the back row, on the end away from the teacher is my uncle Marvin. This school house was just down the road from my grandpa's farm. My parents lived in the house just above the farm. I remember riding in the car going past the school. It's a shame that not many buildings from this area were saved. - Gary Teed, January 26, 2002

Class Photo ca. 1940s

Information of Conway Barnes family from Suzanne Conway
Most of the children in the class photo are my aunts and uncles. My one uncle was able to tell me about the people in the photo (children of Lothe Conway Barnes).
Caption: left to right: Mrs. Bryden, Ed Barnes, Orson Vandermark, Jim Barnes, Martha Grey, Lyle Conway, Joyce Barnes, Marvin Teed, Frances Barnes
Lyle Conway said photo was taken in 1948 because Phillip Seymour bought the tractor in the background that year. The tree on left in the photo is the one that Lyle fell out of around 1941. The structure on the far right was the outhouse. The main door was the 'teachers' door and the kids were to come and go thru the woodshed door (coats hung up there). Not too far from the school was a Teed (Hogan) farm. They had an apple tree in the middle of one of their fields with huge yellow apples that my uncles speak of plotting to get to without Mr. Teed catching them. In 1957/58 indoor bathrooms put in. School was about 1 mile to grandma's house (Lottie Conway Barres). School closed in 1959. There was a school closing picnic and I would love to get info and photos. Caretaker had to stock 20 cords of wood each year, sweep, start fire, bring pail of water from Seymour farm each morning. Some of the older kids would catch a ride on the milk truck to the end of the road to get the bus to the high school in Deposit - it was 4 miles (on the way back home from school) to my grandmother's house - walk or catch a ride to get home. Bus apparently picked up at beginning of the road.

Inside Classroom

Christmas Time in the Classroom



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