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Lewis Family Newspaper Photo & Article - 1941
submitted by B.J. Shawd, October 24, 2002

Those present at the reunion were: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Leonard, Virginia & Betty Leonard, Mrs. Minna Leonard & son Sherman, all of Hancock; Dr. & Mrs. Burt Lewis, Anderson, Indiana.

Miss Etta Lewis of Kingston, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Lewis of Port Ewen, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stickles of Kingston, Mr. & Mrs. W. Ray Elmore and children of South Fallsburg, Duane Elmore of NY, Kenneth Elmore of South Fallsburg, Russell Elmore of Troy. James, Floyd, Walter & Dorothy Elmore of South Fallsburg, Francis Elmore of Selkirk, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Elmore of Brooklyn, Mrs. Florence Gehrke and son Gerard of South Fallsburg, Frank Lewis of Miami, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Stickles and son Clarence of Daytona Beach, Florida. Mr. & Mrs. Ray Mudge and son Donald of Harpersville, Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Blake and sons Herbert, Harry & Edgar of Oneonta, Jerry Lewis of Middletown, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mann of Queens Village, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Gardner & daughter Joan of Ft. Plain, NY.

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Proskine of North Creek, Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Andrews of Johnson City, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Green of Binghamton, Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Greene of Johnson City, Mrs. Josephine Greene of Johnson City, Mrs. Arthur McClure of East Branch. Mr. & Mrs. Leland Warfield of Fishs Eddy, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Offnick of Hancock, Mrs. Helena Lindsley of Fishs Eddy, Mary, Tillie & Claudine Proskine of Walton.

Mrs. Hattie Carey of Hancock, Mr. & Mrs. Gus Proskine of South Cortright, Charles Proskine of Walton, Thomas Proskine and son Gordon of Roxbury. Mrs. Julia Johnson of Walton, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Wheeler and children Ronald & Eloise of Walton, Mrs. Nina Donan of Rockwell Center, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Chrystal, Newburgh, Tony Taylor, New York.

Walter Soules of Deposit, Miss Charlotte Hough, Sydney, Mildred Alman and Mrs. Alman, Washingtonville, Ray Church, Oneonta, Leo Sayer and Doris Posl, Middletown.

Lewis Reunion

Front Row: Rosa Lewis Elmore, Edgar D. Lewis, Robert B. Lewis, Julia Proskine Lewis, Sherman R. Lewis
Back Row: Henrietta (Etta) Lewis, Inez Lewis Blake, Florence Lewis Stickles, Bessie Lewis Mudge
Other than Robert & Julia - all of the people in the second photo are their children.

Lewis Family

Sitting down in front: Robert B. Lewis and Julia Proskine Lewis
Standing in back - Left to right: Frank Lewis and Jerry Lewis, brothers of Robert B. Lewis.
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