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I received the following for the Probate Court at Delhi. - Forrest L Fuller, November 2, 2002

To the surrogate of the County of Delaware:
The Petition of Mary Ann Robinson, a minor, of the town of Sidney in the County of Delaware, Respectfully sheweth:
That your Petitioner is the daughter of Sarah Robinson *(this is marked over to read: granddaughter of Elihu Fuller) late of the town of Bovina in the County of Delaware, now deceased, and was aged 18 years on 9th day of Sept past (1849): That your petitioner has no testamentary Guardian and is now a resident of the said town of Sidney in the said County of Delaware; that she is entitled to the following property, to wit: Money and personal property from the estate of her grandfather to the amount of your petioner supposed of from two to four hundred dollars. That it is necessary that a Guardian should be appointed for your Petioner until she shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years; and she hereby nominates Luther Robinson of the town of Sidney for his Guardian, and prays that the said Luther Robinson may be appointed accordingly.
Dated January 3, 1850

DELAWARE COUNTY, ss. Mary Ann Robinson being duly sworn, deposes and says, that she is acquainted with the facts stated in the above petition, and that the saeme are true according to the best of her knowledge and belief.

her Sworn this 7th day of )
Mary Ann Robinson
January 1850 )

Signed in the presence of
Judah (?) Ballard

Robert W. Courtney, Justice of the Peace

In addition to the above I received order of the court addressed to Lucian Robinson and *J. T. H_____ awarding Mary Ann Robinson $500 and placing the burden of the order on a "Lucino Robinson" *(I'm not certain of the first name)
This appears to have been signed January 5, 1850.

*Sorry I can't make out the names well. I had hoped some family connections might be revealed in these documents. I guess I did learn that Sally Fuller was Sarah Robinson and I suppose she would have been 18 years of age Sept 9, 1849. I was aware that she was quite young, but had no birth date for her. In fact I was unaware of her having been in the family. It appears Elihu divorced Eliza Purdy and remarried a woman named Mary some time after 1820. I am not sure whether Sally came with her or was born to her after the marriage, but by then Elihu was an old man. - Forrest Fuller, November 2, 2002


Since writing that I have discovered that Eliza Purdy was still in the household of Elihu Fuller in the 1830 census. That is the oldest female was of her age, however, in the 1840 census the oldest female was under 50 years, who I assume to have been Mary. If Sarah was 18 years in 1850 she was born about 1832. Either Elihu's divorce and remarriage came soon after the 1830 census, or young Sarah (Sally) came into the home along with her mother, Mary. I wonder why there are no records of the divorce? Where I should be looking? - Forrest Fuller, November 4, 2002

I would welcome any suggestions as to where I might learn more about these people. Thank you, - Forrest Fuller

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