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These lists were taken from my Great Grandmother's (Mrs. Henry A. Williams of Colchester) diaries. --Mary Cable
Electronic text by Linda Ogborn
DEATHS for 1882 - Downsville, Town of Colchester

John Butler child died in Town of Hamden January 1
Mrs. Gid Miller died January 1
Aunt Betsy Beers died January 8
Mrs. Burns died Walton January 8
Lou Hawleys child died January 21
Mrs. Peaster died January 22
Mrs. Gavit died January 27
Orrin Barnes died February 8
Willie Warren died February 11
Erastus Bogart's child died February 17
Michael Connelly died March 3
Alfred Young's child died March 18
Mrs. Maria Bassett died March 28
Mr. Betz died April 1
Mr. Merritt died April 1
Mrs. Bradley died April 11
Mrs. David Hoy died April 19
Mrs. Cunningham died April 21
Mrs. Shaver's child died April 21
Emmett Gregorys child died April 27
Page Horton died April 30
Horace Comb's wife died May 6
Emmett Gregory's child died May 15
Mrs. Ephraim Wilson died May 27	
Mr. Bragan died May 20
Mr. Platner's daughter died August 12
Lea Wilson died September 16
Mrs. Calista Damm died September 30
Hiram Hawley's child died October 5
Mr. Warren's child died October 5
Willis Purdy's child died October 14
Will Combs died November 2
Mrs. James Bates died November 12
Bill Roland's child died November 23
Hiram Gage's son died November 27

DEATHS for 1884 - Downsville, Town of Colchester

Gavet's child January 6
George Whitney's two children January 14
Mrs. Giles Baxter January 31	
Mrs. Elleson February 12
Mrs. Truax February 15
Stewart boy February 16
Phillip Allen February 21
Billy Babcock's wife February 28
Aunt Maria Gregory March 21
Mrs. Keeler March 25
Mrs. William Miller March 28
John Green's child April 15
Sam Fuller May 5
Eben Hawks May 25
Charles Gray May 25
Isaac Wilson June 24
Richard Hunter July 17
John Carpenter's child July 17
Mrs. Washington Hitt August 4
Hiram A. Williams September 1
Lewis Hawley September 11
Warer Haley's child September 13
George Jones' child September 14
Mrs. Keene September 24
Mrs. Hawks October 1
Mrs. Dimmick October 15
Mrs. Lloyd December 19
Lizzie Sackett December 30
Mr. Sackett's baby December 30

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