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Marriage Record Index - Letter Y

from Original Marriage Record Index at the Delaware County Clerk's Office

Transcribed by Laurie Kyle


SURNAME             FIRST NAME          FILING DATE         MARRIED

Yaeger              Anton               05/05/1924          Belle Rosa              
Yager               Agnes L.            09/15/1914          George E. Williams      
Yager               Burdell             11/11/1926          Margaret Amatuccio      
Yager               Frank A.            10/23/1913          Ivah Sperbeck           
Yager               Glen                07/17/1916          Frances Harris          
Yager               Sophia              08/14/1914          Rossie Watson           
Yale                Jennie              01/03/1910          Geo. R. Lenox           
Yanson              Edna L.             03/05/1918          Elwood L. Clark         
Yanson              George              11/29/1909          Cornelia Thorpe         
Yanson              Leta                12/02/1919          Clarence D. Turk        
Yanson              Ralph               05/05/1927          Helene E. Brady         
Yanson              Raymond K.          10/04/1909          Ethel V. Ames           
Yaple               Wilmah B.           04/18/1916          Harry B. Post           
Yarm                William             08/06/1926          Sadie F. Goldberger     
Yates               Burton              01/10/1916          Florence E. Hubbell     
Yates               Cecil W.            01/17/1924          Elizabeth Gales         
Yeager              Ida J.              08/28/1923          Arthur A. Rose          
Yeaman              Jesse               07/02/1910          Julia H. Dutcher        
Yearry              Fred                03/04/1921          Nellie Bullis           
Yearry              James               06/29/1917          Blanche Slater          
Yearry              Mary                08/05/1927          Orsborne Marshall       
Yendes              George W.           09/18/1918          Bessie Roof             
Yeomans             Edgar A.            11/02/1917          Aranths Kiselburgh      
Yeomans             Inda L.             09/22/1914          Carl W. Beardslee       
Yerrey              John                11/06/1918          Ruby Rappleyea          
Yerry               Anna K.             05/12/1915          Perry Craft             
Yerry               Lena M.             10/12/1911          George D. Humphrey      
Yerry               Lillie B.           01/07/1915          George E. Rose          
Yerry               Lizzie              03/03/1921          Milton Van Valkenburg   
Yerry               Mildred D.          12/09/1925          Arthur G. Barringer     
Yerry               Phineas H.          12/02/1908          Irenia A. Holden        
Yesberger           Mabel               09/18/1918          Edgar Kille             
Yesberger           Thressa             05/14/1914          Henry Johnson           
Yoe                 Elizabeth L.        09/10/1918          H. C. Biglin            
Yoemans             Ethel M.            08/11/1908          George T. Jones         
Yoemans             Lorina E.           08/03/1926          Fred R. Burleson        
York                Charlotte M.        07/17/1924          Edward H. Fagen         
York                Edward A.           10/02/1917          Elizabeth Henderson     
York                Emma A.             06/03/1912          Frank Meyer             
York                Gladys E.           02/07/1924          Walter Canwright        
York                Nora E.             07/19/1920          Claude N. Mahon         
York                Wallace K.          08/06/1927          Glendora A. Vangan      
York                William             09/06/1927          Ora Snyder              
Yorke               Elizabeth L.        10/01/1915          Ray W. Arneke           
Yorks               Carson              09/06/1927          Nora Snyder             
Yorks               Emry W.             08/04/1914          Eva L. Stevens          
Yorks               Wilson              06/01/1909          Bertha M. Place         
Youmans             Howard D.           11/12/1918          Anita E. Pauley         
Youmans             Josie N.            05/13/1910          John Odell              
Young               A. Belle            02/03/1922          Milo S. Wood            
Young               Adam                10/04/1909          Emma S. Hamns           
Young               Albert              05/03/1917          Martha Paul             
Young               Alfred H.           06/30/1924          Grace Cantwell          
Young               Alice A.            10/28/1919          Homer D. Fowlston       
Young               Anna M.             04/22/1925          George W. Couch         
Young               Bessie              12/17/1919          Edwin Turk              
Young               Blanche             01/05/1915          Leon Thomas             
Young               Carrie E.           08/05/1909          Archie Cousens          
Young               Charles H.          02/27/1912          Margaret Howland        
Young               Clara               04/22/1913          Henry Specht            
Young               Clara H.            12/17/1909          Eli D. Felton           
Young               Coe F.              05/28/1913          Clara E. Minckler       
Young               Coe F.              02/20/1925          Dorothy P. Layton       
Young               Earl K.             03/01/1910          Helen Fuller            
Young               Edna M.             04/06/1917          Richard E. Carson       
Young               Elizabeth E.        04/04/1921          Seth E. Chichester      
Young               Elma A.             07/06/1927          John M. Martin          
Young               Fannie J.           11/18/1918          Eugene Snyder           
Young               Florence O.         07/06/1909          James H. Johnson        
Young               Frank D. Jr         12/17/1917          Alice A. Thompson       
Young               George F.           09/01/1908          Blanche J. Mesick       
Young               Gertrude W.         11/11/1915          William A. Humphries    
Young               Gladys L.           01/09/1917          Andres E. Haynes        
Young               Grace               09/15/1916          John E. Gurney          
Young               Halsey              03/17/1919          Lela L. Secord          
Young               Hazel M.            07/19/1920          James J. Phillips       
Young               Ida                 04/17/1922          Fred M. Oestrich        
Young               Inda M.             05/02/1917          Guy M. Chichester       
Young               Irena               12/01/1908          Wilbur Pogue            
Young               Jescyrus B.         11/19/1915          Irene Arbuckle          
Young               John                10/15/1914          Hazel Swartwart         
Young               John E.             06/07/1910          Linda Fuller            
Young               Julia A.            01/09/1917          Jacob H. Dietrich       
Young               Leslie G.           10/28/1919          Bernice M. Simpson      
Young               Lester T.           10/18/1920          Frances K. Stephens     
Young               Louise R.           01/06/1926          R. Carlyle Griffon      
Young               Margaret L.         06/19/1918          Caryl J. Halley         
Young               May                 06/04/1912          Thomas Gray             
Young               Rachel G.           10/18/1913          Charles E. North        
Young               Rita F.             04/06/1910          Charles W. Wright       
Young               Willard J.          03/07/1927          Frances B. Holmes       
Young               William A.          06/08/1917          Ruby E. Gregory         
Youngs              Annabel R.          07/02/1914          John M. Long            
Youngs              Durwood R.          02/08/1927          Nora R, Mills           
Youngs              F. Leland           08/31/1922          Florence C. Wilcox      
Youngs              Mabel A.            11/01/1923          John W. Robinson        
Youngs              Mildred             06/18/1920          Norris Olmsted          
Youngs              Susan               04/16/1918          Gilbert E. De Puy       
Youtz               Silas N.            07/02/1914          Mildred C. Elliott      

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