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Marriage Record Index - Letter P

from Original Marriage Record Index at the Delaware County Clerk's Office

Transcribed by Laurie Kyle


SURNAME             FIRST NAME          FILING DATE         MARRIED 

Paccio              Sam J.              08/31/1923          Edith Barnes              
Packard             William O.          07/16/1917          Marjorie Mac Donald       
Pacovici            Alexander           05/16/1917          Gertrude Thorp            
Paddock             Simon A.            08/18/1915          Anna C. Georgia           
Paden               Emmett C.           05/07/1927          Romaine A. Shakespeare    
Paden               Francis R.          11/18/1909          Sarah A. Mc Court         
Paden               Margaret E.         02/06/1914          William H. O'Neill        
Paden               Thomas H.           03/11/1915          Mary I. Dopp              
Page                Edna                05/18/1910          Frank R. Lockwood         
Page                Florence L.         06/02/1909          Bryon G. Jackson          
Page                Fred W              02/07/1908          Maude A. Wickham          
Page                Gladys              10/15/1915          Jacob G. Boyer            
Page                Grace A.            10/16/1909          William Fritz             
Page                Iona B.             11/16/1910          Edward C. Cole            
Page                Jacob               06/22/1925          Elizabeth Mc Kune         
Page                Lyndon              03/17/1915          Flora Robinson            
Page                Mabel C.            09/10/1918          Frank W. Rosengrant       
Page                Mary                04/16/1918          Richard Lewis             
Page                Sarah               12/01/1910          Charles C. Mosher         
Page                Uraina E.           06/16/1922          Leland S. Thomas          
Pagones             Jane                03/22/1923          John G. Shorall           
Paine               Edna A.             05/11/1916          Edward D. Mc Farland      
Paine               Flora               03/24/1909          Harry A. Wilbur           
Paine               Harold W.           08/30/1920          Virginia M. Crawford      
Paine               Louise M.           10/07/1927          Carlton J. Crandall       
Paine               Maurice C.          09/05/1916          Edith Ballantyne          
Pair                Mildred E.          03/24/1914          Irvin C. Stidd            
Palinski            Stephen G.          06/25/1926          Rose A. Miller            
Pallady             Harry M.            09/12/1908          Gertrude R. Rogers        
Palleschi           Sebastin            06/04/1912          Louise Trombetteo         
Palmateer           William J.          11/06/1911          Beatrice E. Whipple       
Palmater            Mary                02/04/1914          Herschel D. Horton        
Palmatier           Agnes I.            05/13/1908          Lemuel G. Chamberlin      
Palmatier           Bruce M.            12/07/1923          Margaret A. Jones         
Palmatier           Edith S.            01/03/1912          Everett C. Graham         
Palmatier           Emma M.             11/01/1916          Aaron D. Scudder          
Palmatier           Fred A.             12/16/1910          Josephine M. Layton       
Palmatier           Jesse               11/05/1926          Bertha L. Mallory         
Palmatier           Letha W.            11/04/1926          Laverne Waring            
Palmatier           Maud H.             10/10/1927          Eder Davis                
Palmatier           Orland L.           06/16/1915          Nettie C. Mains           
Palmatier           Shirley             10/16/1924          Gerald A. Rode            
Palmer              Carlton B.          10/15/1920          Martha M. Pomeroy         
Palmer              Caroline            05/06/1912          Leslie J. Mc Naughton     
Palmer              Carrie J.           02/02/1915          Charles H. Burdick        
Palmer              Charles A.          07/03/1911          Malvina Y. Hoffman        
Palmer              Dorthea M.          09/15/1926          Clare W. Riddell          
Palmer              Edna P.             01/17/1923          Ray R. Moshier            
Palmer              Elma V.             01/07/1927          Melvin F. Smith           
Palmer              Elmer S.            05/10/1912          Katheryn Middaugh         
Palmer              Ethel M.            12/12/1927          Richard E. Dunshee        
Palmer              Harold K.           07/06/1927          Florence Berger           
Palmer              Harry W.            07/12/1909          Mary A. Shaw              
Palmer              Julia A.            06/05/1917          Charles E. Cole           
Palmer              Laura               07/25/1921          Neal Turner               
Palmer              Lena                01/15/1921          John Mazzarella           
Palmer              Melvina             12/18/1922          Frank Bells               
Palmer              Mildred F.          08/02/1927          J. Curtis Stewart         
Palmer              Pearl               10/16/1916          Leslie A. Williamson      
Palmer              Robert A.           04/16/1917          Cora Strong               
Palmer              Susan M.            07/13/1911          Frank Deforest            
Palmer              William G.          03/26/1914          Della E. Wilcox           
Palmerton           Abel B.             07/12/1909          Edna Du Bois              
Palmeter            Lizziebell          11/13/1919          Grant J. Cutting          
Palmeter            Theodore E.         09/11/1918          Bessie Totten             
Pancoast            William M.          08/18/1914          Jeanet M. Sheley          
Pangaro             Madelina            05/17/1916          Nick Donadio              
Pangburn            Alice J.            05/04/1926          Harold E. Puffer          
Pangman             Everett A.          03/09/1917          Sarah E. Rider            
Panner              Tony                05/27/1914          Anna Marnell              
Papallo             Salvey              01/16/1922          Mabel F. Adair            
Papotanni           Patsy               07/19/1915          Grace M. Tarsona          
Pappas              Peter F.            12/07/1923          Louise Luders             
Papps               Carmine G.          12/06/1927          Clifford J. Carr          
Paradise            W. Eleanore         09/03/1921          Grandison F. Warren       
Pardee              Bessie              12/05/1921          Emmet M. Bryden           
Pardee              Evelyn              09/13/1923          Harvey J. Shaver          
Parish              Agnes M.            11/16/1910          George A. Smith           
Park                Clyde A.            01/09/1911          Iva C. Ziegler            
Park                Lloyd A.            09/23/1915          Hazel G. Laidlaw          
Park                Pearl J.            12/28/1915          Evelyn M. Woodard         
Park                Thomas H.           12/02/1925          Helen Spence Russell      
Parke               Melvin E.           07/09/1918          Eunice Cook               
Parker              Cecil M.            04/16/1910          Elizabeth M. Essy         
Parker              Edmond              11/11/1918          Alberta Weir              
Parker              Franklin D.         10/06/1927          Alta B. Sutton            
Parker              George H.           10/17/1923          Mabel D. Inman            
Parker              George L.           01/11/1916          Evangeline Risley         
Parker              Hopkins S.          01/09/1912          Edna A. Cuyle             
Parker              Nellie J.           10/07/1909          Elmer Atwell              
Parker              Thelma V.           09/01/1926          Walter E. Keefe           
Parks               Charles J.          09/03/1914          Edith C. Johnson          
Parks               George E.           12/08/1911          Ella M. Gale              
Parks               Lena B.             10/05/1911          Forrest M. Slawson        
Parks               Lulu A.             07/06/1923          Lawrence W. Mc Clenon     
Parks               Margaret            10/14/1924          Roscoe Harris             
Parks               Myrtle              10/13/1921          Reynold Crandall          
Parks               Orion L.            11/06/1924          Anna Kuppens              
Parks               Warren H.           01/04/1912          Susie F. Carrington       
Parmer              Charles A.          11/04/1914          Hadlade M. Wilson         
Parris              Ethel M.            11/29/1909          Bartley H. Dibble         
Parris              Marjorie G.         05/03/1915          Walter C. Jones           
Parrish             Edith               09/04/1924          Arthur Baker              
Parsens             Edward C.           01/22/1925          Esther A. Tweedie         
Parshall            William             06/21/1921          Carolyn Waden             
Parslo              Viola M.            02/13/1908          Fred Stanton              
Parsons             Almira E.           10/23/1913          William V. Lucas          
Parsons             Daniel W.           11/04/1921          Grace M. Terry            
Parsons             Edith M.            10/29/1913          Arthur L. Percy           
Parsons             Eva S.              09/21/1921          James H. Murdough         
Parsons             Frank G.            07/19/1915          Belle I. Buckingham       
Parsons             Grace C.            07/08/1920          Russell G. Kallin         
Parsons             Gray T.             01/03/1920          Ruth R. Harkness          
Parsons             Harlow W.           09/15/1916          Mildred L. Burns          
Parsons             Mabel L.            01/18/1926          Alfred Braymer            
Parsons             Mildred I.          10/17/1923          Rex V. Stafford           
Parsons             Waldo M.            09/15/1923          Freda Hinkley             
Partridge           Anidle              12/04/1922          Josephine Dolan           
Partridge           G. Howard           11/09/1927          George Ana Mc Mullen      
Partridge           Harry B.            06/04/1918          Florence L. Dent          
Partridge           Leona               06/01/1920          Albert Slater             
Partridge           Russell H.          05/14/1921          Lenore Le Suer            
Parys               Peter Jr.           11/06/1922          Mary F. Moore             
Pashley             Elias M.            05/08/1911          Nellie M. Joslin          
Pasquerella         Rose                07/19/1911          Frank Macri               
Passedomo           Marie               10/18/1922          Ralph T. Garto            
Patchen             Shirley D.          03/10/1913          Harry C. Maxwell          
Paternoster         George              07/05/1911          Angie Miller              
Patrick             Elsie E.            10/20/1922          Robert G. Edgerton        
Patrick             Fred J.             12/24/1909          Minnie Hotchkiss          
Patrick             George              07/11/1911          Matilda Maxim             
Patrick             Guy F.              04/22/1911          Mabel E. Van Akin         
Patrick             Lee D.              09/19/1918          Clara W. Burrell          
Patrick             Mabel               08/15/1921          Lindly E. Beers           
Patrie              G. Everett          01/09/1917          Mabel Conkling            
Patten              Martin B.           05/12/1926          Agnes J. Hanes            
Patterson           Anna M.             08/04/1908          C. Morton Suple           
Patterson           Arthur G.           11/17/1921          Mabel Gladstone           
Patterson           Dorothy E.          08/03/1926          Mereed K. Hunt            
Patterson           Genevive B.         06/16/1916          William M. Hansen         
Patterson           Georgeanna          01/14/1909          Fred R. Beebe             
Patterson           Gladys              11/30/1925          Harry G. Wakeman          
Patterson           Jannette A.         02/02/1924          Arthur L. Hunt            
Patterson           Nellie              08/09/1915          Wayne Wilcox              
Patton              Harry F.            03/15/1922          Helen M. Baker            
Patton              Nellie              09/07/1915          Charles Van Demark        
Paugh               Anna                03/24/1925          Allen E. Schrader         
Paul                Edith E.            07/05/1911          Merton A. Allen           
Paul                Ethel               12/01/1914          George E. Emery           
Paul                Harold              02/10/1927          Lucy Shaver               
Paul                Martha              05/03/1917          Albert Young              
Paul                Matilda             11/13/1922          Kenneth G. Miller         
Paul                Sarah M.            07/09/1926          Howell J. Gray            
Paul                William A.          11/17/1914          Nellie L. Clarke          
Pauly               Anita               11/12/1918          Howard D. Yoemans         
Payne               Alice L.            06/13/1916          Lloyd W. Albrecht         
Payne               Clarence E.         02/23/1910          Emily J. Furey            
Payne               Grace E.            07/15/1915          William J. Harris         
Payne               Howard W.           07/13/1911          Maud J. Bennett           
Payne               Kenneth D.          02/27/1920          Grace W. La Tourette      
Payne               Leo J.              02/07/1910          Clara G. Myers            
Payne               Lloyd M.            08/06/1913          Nellie B. Kilpatrick      
Payne               Martha A.           04/16/1918          Clayton E. Waidter        
Payne               Mary E.             09/15/1909          Claud B. Simmons          
Payne               Mildred E.          09/02/1921          Edwin C. Rowell           
Payne               Ralph J.            07/06/1927          Laura F. Bouck            
Payne               Rose A.             10/04/1926          Herbert W. Rowley         
Peake               Anastasia           07/10/1917          Elmer Ingalls             
Peake               Bessie              10/28/1919          John B. Low               
Peake               Catherine           07/18/1918          Benjamin L. Dirig                  
Peake               Evelyn C.           08/14/1923          Hubert L. Vail            
Peake               Evelyn F.           10/16/1919          John Nearing              
Peake               Evelyn M.           07/11/1911          Ralph D. Harby            
Peake               Grace E.            07/22/1919          Ernest R. Winfield        
Peake               Harriett E.         10/15/1915          James L. Black            
Peake               James Mc L          02/02/1927          Alice D.H. Leuders        
Peake               Theodore            08/06/1925          Ethel D. O'Hara           
Pearce              Edith L.            12/09/1915          Arthur D. Morrison        
Pearce              Henry S.            05/17/1916          Evelyn H. Scott           
Pearsall            Alice               04/06/1917          JAmes M. Ackeson          
Pearsall            Anna G.             03/06/1922          Jesse J. Beers            
Pearsall            Edna H.             11/08/1920          Wm H. Havilland           
Pearsall            Fanny M.            05/27/1914          Milo E. Wilcox            
Pearsall            George M.           09/13/1919          Anna L. White             
Pease               Gladys I.           06/16/1922          Robert O. Spencer         
Pease               Jerome A.           03/20/1913          Margaret M. Barnes        
Peaslee             Alfred H.           02/17/1917          Gertrude A. Eberle        
Peaslee             Bertha J.           07/07/1927          Kenneth C. Seymour        
Peaslee             Edna M.             01/06/1926          Robert B. Hoyt            
Peaslee             Iona                03/16/1912          Clifford Briggs           
Peaslee             John H.             09/08/1908          Mary E. Finnigan          
Peaslee             Martha E.           03/15/1921          Paul E. Franks            
Peaslee             Thomas D.           07/07/1927          Ida G. Linkroune          
Peasslee            Floyd J.            05/17/1923          Hazel M. Harris           
Peaster             Jennie              08/02/1916          William Scutt             
Peck                Alice               10/16/1916          M. Adson Avery            
Peck                Arlington           12/13/1918          Golda J. Felter           
Peck                Bethel              03/16/1916          Rae W. Mc Cabe            
Peck                Blanche M.          01/03/1914          George M. Burdis          
Peck                Claude              12/21/1908          Zuma Porter               
Peck                Corbin J.           04/04/1916          Florence Fuller           
Peck                Edward              11/01/1909          Ethel M. Avery            
Peck                Edward              09/17/1915          Hazel Dutcher             
Peck                Elizabeth H.        08/15/1912          Ward G. Hamm              
Peck                Ernest O.           09/16/1911          Elizabeth Close           
Peck                Frances E.          09/20/1910          Everett W. North          
Peck                Frances M.          11/17/1919          George F. White           
Peck                Frank J.            11/12/1908          Mary E. Doig              
Peck                Goldie              01/03/1911          Willie J. Avery           
Peck                Harold S.           01/17/1919          Hazel H. Gransbury        
Peck                Hazel               05/28/1913          Ernest F. Haynes          
Peck                Hazel A.            06/06/1927          Glen G. Porter            
Peck                Henry               11/20/1924          Annis P. Smith            
Peck                Ida B.              04/05/1909          Erwin H. Johnson          
Peck                James H.            01/08/1925          Gladys Y. Signor          
Peck                Jessie A.           08/07/1923          Ward G. Moxley            
Peck                Julian L.           08/10/1922          Grace E. Howe             
Peck                Martha R.           09/03/1910          William H. Cronk          
Peck                Mary E.             02/06/1914          W. Wallace Mills          
Peck                Mellin              09/15/1916          Herbert Hill              
Peck                Myrtle E.           08/13/1913          Lester G. Wilson          
Peck                Oliver G.           12/06/1920          Lulu E. Worth             
Peck                Pearl               10/13/1921          Harvey D. Campbell        
Peck                Robert L.           06/02/1927          Gladys M. Davis           
Peck                Robert S.           01/07/1926          Nellie O. Fish            
Peck                Russell A.          09/07/1927          Theresa M. Fuller         
Peck                Sarah E.            04/04/1927          John Benedict             
Peck                Sylvester E.        11/12/1908          Anna Gratopp              
Peck                Warren              05/16/1917          Hazel Jaycox              
Peck                Willis G.           01/06/1926          Mary J. Grant             
Peckham             Charles S.          01/22/1918          Mary E.mayhan             
Peckham             Frank               11/02/1921          Edna Hunt                 
Peckham             Frank D.            11/10/1910          Carrie E. Fredenburg      
Peckham             Howard L.           04/01/1909          Isa B. Moore              
Pedano              Caterina            12/03/1918          Guiseppe Vaciaro          
Pederson            Anna M.             03/15/1921          Sterling E. Butler        
Pedulla             Joe                 08/04/1911          Rosina Prezia             
Peebles             John E.             11/05/1908          Lucy M. Van Dyke          
Peet                Cora A.             05/19/1917          Clarence S. Bellows       
Peet                Elizabeth B.        01/19/1918          William R. Schultis       
Peet                Florence M.         09/13/1912          Bruce G. Craft            
Peet                Hattie J.           10/16/1909          John Remington            
Peet                Helen               11/05/1909          Endorse Clapper           
Peet                John L.             05/06/1914          Grace E. Brandon          
Peets               Bracie              11/05/1913          Leslie M. Fredenburg      
Peets               James G.            10/10/1916          Edna E. Brownell          
Pellam              Edna                02/08/1916          William H. Stanton        
Pellam              Margaret            11/15/1909          Robert Webster            
Pellett             Helen               12/03/1913          Jay Vandermark            
Pells               Willis J.           07/16/1921          Frances M. Hamilton       
Pendall             Edna M.             06/07/1921          Theron F. Van Deusen      
Pendall             Grace L.            12/06/1921          William N. Graig          
Pendleberg          Edith M.            11/29/1912          Earl J. Brundage          
Pendlebury          Alfred H.           08/12/1919          Helen Makley              
Pendlebury          Arthur M.           01/13/1914          Mary Williams             
Penfield            Isabelle H.         10/08/1910          George O. Burgin          
Penny               Florence            04/12/1915          Dwight B. Wright          
Pentley             John                12/20/1911          Lottie Tompkins           
Pepper              Edward M.           12/21/1908          Leona M. Newton           
Perkins             Idnella B.          01/09/1911          Fred W. Benedict          
Perkins             Margaret W.         10/02/1926          Carroll L. Chrisman       
Perry               Albert              08/18/1919          Frances Zeininger         
Perry               Arthur L.           10/29/1913          Edith M. Parsons          
Perry               Carrie              11/17/1915          Eben C. Soules            
Perry               Clarence D.         10/02/1918          E. Anna Mc Neilly         
Perry               Clyde E.            01/17/1918          Mabel E. Stone            
Perry               Elsie               06/21/1921          William L. Mead           
Perry               Eugene              08/26/1913          May Thompkins             
Perry               Grace A.            07/19/1915          Charles C. Bell           
Perry               Harry L.            07/18/1910          Bertha A. Hamblet         
Perry               Marie S.            11/17/1922          William E. Hansen         
Perry               Mary                05/14/1918          John J, Brown             
Perry               Minnie              04/15/1921          Louis R. Lurenz           
Perry               Ruth A.             03/12/1917          James E. Anderson         
Person              Helen A.            12/13/1915          Clarence I. Smith         
Personius           Arthur T.           05/24/1915          Mildred D. Tyler          
Persons             Llewellyn B.        05/17/1926          Kathryn Bouton            
Persons             William S.          07/11/1910          Clara B. Lutz             
Pesco               Mary R.             09/06/1909          Sullivan Liperati         
Peters              Alma E.             11/16/1908          Harry G. Simmons          
Peters              Edwin B.            11/02/1912          Eva L. Johnston           
Peters              Ethel A.            02/04/1909          Neil C. Cornell           
Peters              George              07/08/1920          Laura Monroe              
Peters              John W.             07/07/1921          Nellie Jaquish            
Peters              Julia H.            03/07/1918          Carl J. Wiltsie           
Peters              Mabel E.            04/19/1920          Frank E. Boyd             
Peters              Margaret G.         04/08/1916          Orville C. Fox            
Peters              Mattie G.           09/03/1921          Henry D. Plenge           
Peters              Stephen J.          04/27/1908          Emily J. Cook             
Peters              W. Knighton         04/19/1912          Maude Realy               
Petersen            Henrik              06/02/1922          Hazel J. Hughes           
Peterson            Cecil M.            10/06/1927          Dorothy M. Darling        
Peterson            Celia               12/07/1926          George Embree             
Peterson            Charles             09/19/1918          Olive O. Coloney          
Peterson            Dorothy M.          11/09/1927          Norman J. Emerick         
Peterson            Guahildia E.        12/28/1923          Leon L. Acker             
Peterson            Maud A.             09/08/1925          George B. Johnson         
Peterson            Olaf                12/24/1924          Jennie Emrich             
Peterson            Walter G.           01/07/1909          Flossie M. Rosa           
Petras              Frank               05/26/1926          Viola B. Constable        
Petre               Walter              05/05/1910          Grace Lee                 
Petrous             Peter               07/07/1915          Bessie E. Vansteenburg    
Phelps              Agnes               01/17/1918          Raymond L. Conklin        
Phelps              Clyde H.            12/15/1920          Edna H. Launt             
Phelps              Edna R.             09/02/1926          Carrol F. Hodges          
Phelps              Edna R.             01/06/1927          Carroll T. Hodges         
Phelps              Frederica M.        08/28/1925          Harvey L. Wild            
Phelps              Harry M.            07/16/1924          Wilhelmina Rowe           
Phelps              Hazel E.            09/16/1926          Leonard S. Andrus         
Phelps              Helen A.            07/05/1916          Charles S. Barlow         
Phelps              Helen W.            10/12/1917          William M. Miller         
Phelps              Lena A.             07/13/1911          William E. Reed           
Phelps              Lulu M.             01/10/1916          Frank H. Lonn             
Phelps              Marguerite          10/20/1925          Robert Lyons              
Phelps              Samuel R.           06/03/1909          Georgina M. Hannah        
Phillipps           Hope G.             05/19/1919          Ward R. Sherman           
Phillips            Adella H.           08/19/1920          Burr A. Phillips          
Phillips            Bessie F.           07/01/1927          Lester J. Houghtaling     
Phillips            Burr A.             08/19/1920          Adella H. Phillips        
Phillips            Clarence T.         04/06/1908          Inez M. Tyler             
Phillips            Darius              09/17/1908          Rosamund C. Kought        
Phillips            Evelyn              12/17/1915          Edwin Baker               
Phillips            Giles R.            07/02/1914          Susie M. Dayton           
Phillips            James J.            07/19/1920          Hazel M. Young            
Phillips            Louis S. Jr.        07/03/1923          Irva M. Kinch             
Phillips            Pearl W.            09/02/1927          Walter S. Whitbeck        
Phillips            Ruth J.             07/21/1920          Earl J. Fish              
Phoenix             Ethel               09/16/1918          Ganawissa Brundege        
Phoenix             Georgia             09/18/1913          Fred G. Stedman           
Phoenix             Thomas              09/16/1918          Ruby Naylor               
Phyfe               Bertha M.           08/20/1908          Edgar E. Stewart          
Picard              Eleanor L.          12/04/1912          Frank Bergh               
Pickens             Alden D.            07/02/1912          Myrtle Jenkins            
Pickett             Frances L.          08/03/1927          Daisy M. Moore            
Pickwick            Bertha J.           05/03/1919          Charles W. Barker         
Pickwick            Kathryn             11/13/1926          Arthur Hendricks          
Pierce              Ada L.              10/17/1921          Raymond B. Budine         
Pierce              Arthur J.           10/17/1913          Myrtle O. Thomas          
Pierce              Bertha              10/04/1915          Floyd Scott               
Pierce              Calista I.          11/12/1910          Hiram Nichols             
Pierce              Clair H.            01/17/1919          Evelyn G. Mc Hugh         
Pierce              Clarence J.         11/13/1913          Lillian H. Myers          
Pierce              Earl H.             01/15/1920          Bertha C. Grant           
Pierce              Edna E. T.          05/16/1917          Earl R. Stewart           
Pierce              Ethel M.            05/05/1916          Marvin Mc Mullen          
Pierce              Florence L.         07/01/1919          Harry G. Ryder            
Pierce              Frances I.          04/26/1916          Reuben Jump               
Pierce              Gertrude E.         07/06/1927          Everett H. Doig           
Pierce              Harold F.           09/23/1915          Alice M. Thorpe           
Pierce              Hazel               11/17/1911          William C. Roberts        
Pierce              Jennie              11/17/1919          Jonas Knickerbocker       
Pierce              Josephine L.        11/01/1920          Hiram H. Mitchell         
Pierce              Katherine V.        02/19/1926          William D. Parks          
Pierce              Lilian M.           10/08/1921          Carl S. Bartholomew       
Pierce              Margaret            07/09/1926          J. Austin Howe            
Pierce              Marion E.           11/05/1923          Eldred K. Dayton          
Pierce              Marjory             10/06/1925          Percy O. L. Ecluse        
Pierce              Mayme M.            07/06/1912          Harry L. Shaw             
Pierce              Pearl               12/13/1917          Harland Budine            
Pierce              Robert T.           11/17/1919          Marian D. Bennett         
Pierce              William A.          11/12/1913          Marietta S. Van Hoesen    
Pierson             Charles H.          10/01/1917          Bess F. Brodek            
Pierson             Charles H.          07/03/1923          Sarah E. Barnes           
Pierson             Charles S.          01/16/1917          Dorothy E. Kyle           
Pierson             Edith R.            08/22/1912          Walter S. Hoyt            
Pierson             Howard A.           12/17/1915          Mildred A. Schultz        
Pierson             Mary                07/03/1913          Edwin B. Winner           
Pierson             N. J.                                   Frances B. Mills          
Pilkey              Ernest W.           01/19/1920          Clara B. Bishop           
Piluss              Pasquale            03/17/1927          Josie Provinzon           
Pimm                Ira S.              05/17/1922          Ethel M. Williams         
Pindar              Ella F.             03/02/1922          Charles A. Wright         
Pindar              Florence E.         01/22/1918          E. Scott Rose             
Pindar              Martha              12/30/1912          Herbert Twitchell         
Pine                Celia A.            04/17/1914          James E. Pratt            
Pine                Fred M.             07/19/1915          Edna S. Guild             
Pine                Georgiana           03/14/1908          John E. Knapp             
Pine                Katherine M.        10/17/1921          George H. Ward            
Pine                Martha J.           03/14/1908          Egbert Ketchum            
Pine                Nellie M.           11/13/1912          Charles M. Evans          
Pingree             Benjamin H.         06/10/1910          Beulah E. Keator          
Pingrey             Donald J.           09/08/1927          Hildah J. Baxter          
Pitcher             Alva J.             02/26/1926          Florence E. Mayo          
Pittsley            Harold R.           08/02/1923          Henrietta Crosby          
Place               Bertha M.           06/01/1909          Wilson Yorks              
Place               Clarence E.         10/16/1920          Hannah A. Balcom          
Place               Clarence Ray        03/17/1916          Edith M. Joslen           
Place               Cora E.             12/12/1911          Robert Finkle             
Place               Florence M.         08/06/1927          Chancey Winnie            
Place               G. Roy              07/13/1914          Viola E. Harrington       
Place               John W.             06/04/1915          Ethel B. Hosier           
Place               John W.             08/14/1923          Hannah B. Larkins         
Place               Laura M.            09/08/1924          Cecil H. Travell          
Place               Nealie              06/02/1909          Walter C. Merwin          
Place               Nora                10/27/1908          Orville C. Ellis          
Place               Raymond             06/17/1916          Alice Gordon              
Place               Rose E.             03/16/1912          William Cole              
Place               Stephen D.          06/06/1910          Nellie M. Ferguson        
Place               Whitfield           09/08/1925          Carrie Snyder             
Plake               Cecil I.            06/30/1926          Ruth F. Dewey 
Plater              Leslie W.H.         10/03/1922          Elsie I. Kramer           
Plath               Alice L.            10/08/1908          Henry W. Aplington        
Platt               Clarence            01/17/1920          Henrietta Merchant        
Platt               Edward              06/15/1920          Florence M. Lutz          
Platt               Harry               03/03/1919          Lela Berringer            
Platt               James               05/17/1922          Lillian Lutz              
Platt               Sadie               11/10/1909          John Opel                 
Playford            James R.            12/16/1919          Ora J. Redmond            
Plenge              Henry D.            09/03/1921          Mattie G. Peters          
Plew                Ralph               01/16/1913          Geneva Sposs              
Plopper             Harold V.           11/02/1914          Anna H. Wannemacker       
Ploss               Elmer               01/10/1912          Susie M. Keator           
Plossl              Joseph              12/03/1925          Agnes L. Mosier           
Ploutz              Augusta             01/10/1912          Harry S. Keyser           
Ploutz              Cornelius H.        09/28/1921          Grace R. Mattice          
Ploutz              Edith M.            01/07/1909          Smith W. Ballard          
Ploutz              Eldridge K.         03/06/1925          Edna R. Bruce             
Ploutz              Floyd L.            12/14/1925          Bernice Freeman           
Ploutz              George W.           06/11/1920          Anna M. Ruteshouser       
Ploutz              Harriett            01/22/1918          Andrew J. Boyd            
Ploutz              Howard L.           08/28/1919          Helen N. Tyler            
Ploutz              Lena                10/27/1914          Chas E. Dyer              
Ploutz              Neva E.             09/09/1920          Dewey Coswell             
Ploutz              Paul A.             04/06/1927          Lena E. Kelly             
Ploutz              Rita V.             12/07/1926          William H. Mattice        
Plumley             Lucius F.           10/14/1908          Nellie L. Dibble          
Plump               Frederick H. Jr.    09/06/1927          Edna M. Mc Ilwain         
Pogue               Eleanor A.          06/03/1924          Oscar H. Lockett          
Pogue               Ella F.             09/08/1909          John P. Ganoung           
Pogue               Wilbur              12/01/1908          Irene Young               
Pollard             Harold B.           05/17/1922          Blanche E. Dey            
Polley              Daniel V.           01/07/1913          Rosie M. Hewitt           
Polley              George              08/08/1927          Agnes G. Thomson          
Pomeroy             Bessie E.           07/06/1915          Harrie R. Fraser          
Pomeroy             Carleton            03/13/1918          Agnes R. Kilpatrick       
Pomeroy             Dorothy E.          06/02/1909          Walter Woodbeck           
Pomeroy             Dwight S.           07/19/1915          Lettie Matthews           
Pomeroy             Emma J.             09/03/1912          Henry G. Edgerton         
Pomeroy             Eva L.              06/14/1917          Archie A. Tweedie         
Pomeroy             Evelyn A.           04/06/1923          Frank O. Felter           
Pomeroy             Flora B.            03/06/1915          Earl C. Westcott          
Pomeroy             Gertrude M.         11/04/1925          Nuram Alger               
Pomeroy             Gladys C.           12/02/1920          Frank Smith               
Pomeroy             Grover              04/29/1910          Julia E. Mace             
Pomeroy             Grover C.           07/02/1924          Celestia S. Anderson      
Pomeroy             Ina H.              04/02/1921          Harry Ward                
Pomeroy             Lettie A.           11/06/1924          Frank L. Wolcott          
Pomeroy             Mabel J.            06/30/1924          Rae B. Storie             
Pomeroy             Martha M.           10/15/1920          Carlton B. Palmer         
Pomeroy             Pearl L.            11/03/1919          Alfred H. Mc Clelland     
Pomeroy             Sara E.             08/28/1925          George E. Lambrect        
Pomeroy             Walter E.           03/16/1917          Mabel C. Mack             
Pond                Adah I.             10/16/1908          John J. Crotty            
Pond                Cassie M.           01/03/1910          Raymond L. Steenrod       
Pond                Debry               07/14/1909          Geo. Fuller               
Pooch               Rosa M.             06/11/1909          Perin Diano               
Pope                Cecil E.            01/08/1913          Edna J. Hill              
Pope                Maurice J.          07/18/1913          Unda M. Basto             
Pope                William             08/28/1925          Della R. Loomis           
Popovics            Andrew              03/16/1922          Margaret Nossek           
Porte               Jack                08/06/1926          Eva Berstein              
Porter              Archie L.           10/19/1925          Eva V. Irwin              
Porter              Glen G.             06/06/1927          Hazel A. Peck             
Porter              Horace C.           08/02/1927          Isabell M.Shaw            
Porter              Mabel               01/17/1923          Henry Rockefeller         
Porter              Marguerite          11/06/1925          Chester Cleaveland        
Porter              Orrin L.            08/06/1913          Florence Shuman           
Porter              Verna A.            11/05/1924          Henry F. Hull             
Porter              Zuma                12/21/1908          Claude Peck               
Possemato           Pyocco              09/11/1914          Elizabetta Fucsi          
Possomato           Carmano             02/18/1922          Filomena Meoli            
Possomato           Rocco               05/16/1919          Thresa De Serio           
Post                Bertha              09/17/1915          Charles Higgins           
Post                Ella                09/17/1920          Claude Higgins            
Post                Harry B.            04/18/1916          Wilmah B. Yaple           
Post                Ira D.              09/23/1915          Bessie E. Benjamine       
Post                Louise M.           04/03/1922          George A. Warmuth         
Poste               Channig W.          11/17/1916          Sara A. Putnam            
Potter              Charles O.          04/17/1919          Rose  A. Jackson          
Potter              Howard B.           09/03/1912          Edna F. Moscript          
Potter              Josephine A.        11/13/1912          Edward J. Johnson         
Potter              Verena H.           05/17/1922          Fred H. Rivenburg         
Potts               Evelyn B.           08/08/1921          C. Leland Tuttle          
Powell              Clyde R.            10/28/1919          Lucy Y. Fisher            
Powell              Edith               01/22/1918          Carl Schuster             
Powell              Edith L.            04/02/1909          Lester O. De Puy          
Powell              Gladys              08/04/1915          Milton H. Henderson       
Powell              Grace I.            07/28/1925          Frank Murray              
Powell              Leonard E.          07/08/1920          Louida P. Mc Neily        
Powell              Rollin H.           11/02/1921          Dorothy F. Wadhams        
Powell              Russell E.          01/07/1926          Jessie M. Selkregg        
Powell              Ruth                12/06/1923          Richard H. Devine         
Powers              James S.            08/09/1926          Mary V Woolheater         
Powers              Michael J.          12/03/1915          Helen L. Burke            
Prath               Jasper C.           10/30/1909          Anna E. Bisbee            
Pratt               Delmer D.           12/03/1925          Mildred L. Smith          
Pratt               Henry J.            06/18/1920          Maria E. Cole             
Pratt               James E.            04/17/1914          Celia A. Pine             
Pratt               Mabel               11/02/1922          Leslie Marks              
Pratt               Stanley W.          05/08/1912          Nellie M. Beach           
Pratt               Warren J.           03/16/1915          Rebecca J. Button         
Preble              Albert A.           02/09/1909          Myrtle S. Johnston        
Prentice            Dora A.             12/12/1916          James Brown               
Prentice            Fred O.             01/23/1911          Clara J. Rohne            
Prentice            Fred O.             03/16/1911          Marian E. Fletcher        
Prentice            George              08/28/1911          Ella M. Wayman            
Prentice            Leora E.            08/17/1917          John T. Nulty             
Prentice            May                 11/28/1921          Ira Wright                
Prentice            Robert              11/07/1923          Pearl Cole                
Presho              Jessie              06/22/1915          William Comstock          
Preston             Angie               01/22/1918          Geo. Tupper               
Preston             Anthony J.          06/02/1923          Muriel Woods              
Preston             Charles D.          09/02/1913          Minnie Byington           
Preston             Everst G.           04/23/1912          Gertrude L. Atkinson      
Preston             Harold M.           12/09/1918          Gladys M. Bird            
Preston             Hazel               02/23/1909          Edith M. Beach            
Preston             Hazel               02/23/1909          Edith N. Beach            
Preston             James H.            02/19/1908          Cora Tiffany              
Preston             Kenneth B.          09/06/1927          Ruth D. Grill             
Preston             Leila S.            04/15/1913          Charles L. Dykinson       
Prezia              Rosina              08/04/1911          Joe Pedulla               
Price               Don                 10/02/1926          Alice J. Avery            
Price               Emma E.             02/17/1913          Geo. Berryann             
Price               F. Leslie           09/04/1926          I. Isabelle Thurston      
Price               Fred                07/18/1924          Velma Woehrle             
Price               Grace E.            12/09/1909          Leone E. Seeley           
Price               Ira M.              04/22/1911          Irena Doig                
Price               Norman L.           10/15/1918          Bertha May Cook           
Price               William W.          07/16/1925          Dorothy M. Myrick         
Prichard            Virgil A.           07/06/1909          Mary E. Sharpe            
Priest              Jennie M.           06/26/1911          Bertram W. Gifford M.D.   
Priest              Kate L.             10/12/1908          Fred Dimoner              
Pritchard           Evan D.             04/01/1926          Mary E. Johnson           
Pritchard           John P.             09/04/1926          Ruth B. Smith             
Pritler             John                12/20/1911          Lottie Thompkins          
Proper              Florence V.         05/11/1920          Harold M. Oakley          
Proper              William A.          06/10/1913          Josephine Rodgers         
Proskine            Helena M.           10/17/1908          P. M. Lindsay             
Proskine            T. Vincent          01/04/1922          Edna C. Benedict          
Proskine            T. Vincent          09/17/1915          Jennie M. Smith           
Provinzon           Josie               03/17/1927          Pasquale Piluso           
Prudyn              Ray F.              01/02/1912          Hazel Coons               
Prusse              Albert C.           10/12/1911          Ida M. Blythe             
Pudney              Roderick W.         04/15/1913          Elizabeth A. Broad        
Puerile             Pasqualina          12/30/1912          Anthony Torins            
Puffer              Berkley             09/12/1921          Ruth Tracy                
Puffer              Fred H.             09/02/1925          Lulu B. Franks            
Puffer              Gladys              01/05/1927          Lawrence W. Armstrong     
Puffer              Harold E.           05/04/1926          Alice J. Pangburn         
Puffer              James               06/30/1923          Frances Shackelton        
Puffer              Jay                 06/02/1927          Ruth M. Beers             
Puffer              Jennie              07/01/1925          Floyd O. Franks           
Puffer              Mary E.             02/09/1911          Josiah D. Teed            
Puffer              Minnie D.           02/08/1912          Warner E. Taylor          
Pultz               Evelyn M.           02/23/1922          Clarence J. Faulkner      
Pultz               Louis H.            05/19/1917          Flora B. Finch            
Pulver              Lenna               08/24/1917          Howard G. Mac Laury       
Pulver              Warren J.           11/02/1922          Agnes P. Wright           
Pulver              Willis E.           05/15/1908          Christina C. Cranston     
Purcell             Bryan C.            06/01/1926          Hazel A. Crampbell        
Purcell             Georgia A.          06/15/1920          Frank H. Davis            
Purcell             Mabel M.            08/16/1916          Henry G. Haynes           
Purcell             Melissa C.          07/05/1927          Daniel A. Sterling        
Purchell            George H.           05/21/1921          Madeline Lance            
Purchell            Harry G.            10/15/1920          Cornelia O. France        
Purchell            Lena M.             06/01/1923          Earl B. Smith             
Purdy               Catherine G.        01/21/1925          Joseph Neer               
Purdy               Nina S.             08/11/1909          H. L. Mc Donald           
Purdy               Rex A.              01/16/1917          F. Gladys Manterstock     
Purnell             Fred                08/03/1926          Ruth Hafele               
Putman              Harry J.            07/16/1908          Elsie L. Harris           
Putnam              M. Arthur           01/06/1922          Lucy Beardsley            
Putnam              Sara A.             11/17/1916          Chaning W. Poste          
Pyers               William F.          03/18/1924          Florence Crosby           

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