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Names from Book 19 of the Marriage Records Index

Sept. 7, 1929 to July 8, 1931
on file at the Delaware County Clerk's Office.

Transcribed from original records by Linda Ogborn and Deb Goodrich

Note: The data contained here is to be used in conjunction with the Marriage Index files online since April of 1998. Use the 'find' feature of your browser to find names on any particular page.
PG.   GROOM                              FATHER                MOTHER                         BRIDE                            FATHER                     MOTHER
1     Harry S. Shackelton                William               Mabel Sullivan                 Beatrice Tiffany                 Fred Tiffany               Florence Gyle               
2     Arnold Conklin                     John                  Florence Barnhart              Jessie H. Bond                   Isaac Bound                Cora VanPelt                
3     Gurdeon Babcock                    Fred                  Emma Mills                     Anna Mae Roberts                 Harry Roberts              Nellie Frazier              
4     Charles A. Warren                  Fred                  Ada Germond                    Alice Howe                       James Edward Howe          Vestina Brown               
5     John Yerry                         John                  Hattie Kaler                   Phoebe E. Rowe                   Chester Rowe               Gladys Hinkley              
6     John A. Logwin                     Arseny                Marie Logwin                   Mary Zlatnick                    Jake Zlatnick              Katie Zibulis               
7     Francis C. Litts                   George R.             Sarah Robinson                 Barbara Ahlf                     William Ahlf               Eva Weber                   
8     E. Gordon Jansen                   William M.            Sadie L. Gordon                Gertrude M. Bussy                Lafayette (?) Bussy        Mary Jackson                
9     Raymond J. Vermilyea               William               Myrtle Ford                    Lillian M. Dickman               John Dickman               Clara Whitson               
10    Harry J. Constable                 Andrew                Blanche VanAiken               Flora S. Boyce                   Burton Boyce               Alice Whitaker              
11    Zachery LeRoy                      George                Mary Rivenburg                 Janette Manchester               Jay Manchester             Rose Hadden                 
12    Joseph Leon Gavin                  Patrick               Emma Sherdan                   Mary Louise Cunningham           Peter Cunningham           Carolyn Walsh               
13    Ralph Howard Turner                Howard W.             Millie V. Smith                Eulena Margaret Frisbee          Emory P. Frisbee           Lena B. Forsyth             
14    Charles Beams                      Ben Beams             Anna Woodcock                  Rachel Odell                     George Odell               Ella Zurner                 
15    John Telford Shand                 James                 Mary Isabelle Telford          Helen Margaret Bolles            Robert J. Bolles           Inez Cassidy                
16    Harry Charles Gilmore              Henry Edward          Lena Jansen                    Lucy Edna Fish                   Earl M. Fish               Amy C. Redmond              
17    Charles William Zimmerman          Charles               Lillian Hilton                 Edith Mary Club                  William Club               Alice Store                 
18    Willis Baker Powell                Gibson                Augusta Unknown                Grace Elizabeth Mabel            Allah Mabel                Flora McGee                 
19    Herbert Theodore Ives              Herbert               Mind Remington                 Helen Elizabeth Benjamin         Robert Benjamin            Mary Dewyre                 
20    Archie George James                George                Bertha Brant                   Letha Juanita Hunt               Everett Hunt               Minnie Craig                
21    Francis D. Trelease                William Henry         Elizabeth Brick                Bessie Ford                      Isaac Ford                 Rosa Yorks                  
22    Gurdeon B. Raymond                 Ottis                 Bessie Van Pelt                Dorothy F. Greenman              William Greenman           Bulah May Whitlock          
23    Augustus Gray                      John                  Lydia Hotchkiss                Sarah C. Townsend                Harris Fuller              Sarah J. Fuller             
24    Walter E. Lyon                     Fred B.               Elizabeth Carson               Doris M. Holmes                  A. J. Holmes               Katherine Reynolds          
25    Samuel C. Bolles                   Wills                 Lida Loft                      Margaret Covert                  Charles Covert             Mary Scott                  
26    Amil David Santagada               James                 Catherine Vallirini            Doris Stidd                      Lewis Stidd                Mary DeNia                  
27    Ezra R. Wolcott                    Charles S.            Helen Rowley                   Marian L. Geuther                Fred Geuther               Mabel Bartholomew           
28    Leland N. Huggins                  Jess                  Helen Reynolds                 Viola M. Inman                   James H. Inman             Mary Berry                  
29    Henry John DeNormand               Adolph                Margaret Barley                Mary Lillian Werner              Frank L. Werner            Ana Scrub                   
30    George F. Madams                   Anthony               Elizabeth Young                Frances Irene O'Dell             Lafayette O'Dell           Levin K. Vradenburgh        
31    Judson S. Collins                  William J.            Lena I. Gardner                M.Florence Brooks                George A. Brooks           Florence M. Bell            
32    Emerson Ward Conlon                F. N.                 Jesse S. Cobb                  Muriel Pearl Chamberlain         Frank Chamberlain          Ada Lord                    
33    Robert Leonard Taylor              Leonard               Martha Kearney                 Verna Romaine Sands              Ross Sands                 Nellie Bishop               
34    Sanford J. Mores                   Jason                 Electa Sanford                 Celestia J. Chapman              James A. Morse             Mary A. Owen                
35    Josh Smith                         Messick               Stella Stafford                Madeline Stanley                 Levi Stanley               Margaret Stanley            
36    Walter Reilly                      William               Catherine Reign                Annie Bess Holmes                Robert A. Holmes           Janie Hilton                
37    Gideon M. George                   Louis                 Martha Rose                    Lena Trowbridge                  Irving Trowbridge          Bertha Cameron              
38    Leyden Smith                       William               Ivy Leyden                     Rose Terpak                      John Terpak                Rose Kelly                  
39    John D. Jones                      Victor A. Holmes (?)  Rosie Lane                     Marjorie Bellows                 Thomas Johnson             Susie Bellows               
40    Martin Andre Olsen                 Andrew                Maren Rassmussen               Grave Evelyn Rogers              Day Rogers                 Helen Hornbeck              
41    Wayne Terry Caldwell               Fred A.               Mary Foote                     Etta Margaret McMullen           Unknown                    Rosa McMullen               
42    Clarence Wright Hotaling           John                  Vina Sinclair                  Anne Liane Cuyle                 Frank Cuyle                Carrie Haynes               
43    Clyde Austin Briggs                Orville               Luthera Jacobs                 Iona Mae Mills                   Arthur Mills               Blanche Turner              
44    Fred E. Furgerson                  Charles               Bertha Spencer                 Maggie Mann                      Harry Mann                 Nellie Spencer              
45    Edgar Horton Heaton                E. R.                 Mabel Horton                   Emma Leona Wood                  David Wood                 Amy Lakin                   
46    Herman Bogart                      James                 Eleanor Field                  Mabel Hathaway                   Wallace Cole               Martha Depew                
47    William S. Conklin                 Sylvester             Susie Buring                   Helen Anne Wright                George W. Wright           Gertrude R. Wormuth         
48    Arthur Canfield                    James                 Agness Hammon                  Violet M. Conklin                Sylvester Conklin          Susie Buring                
49    E. D. Avery                        A. D.                 Lucy Ackerly                   Lorietta White                   Mose Edwards               Elmira Soules               
50    Harold C. Bryden                   T. J.                 Edith Dart                     Ethel Smith                      Edwin Smith                Minnie Coons                
51    John B. Hansen                     John Hansen           Inger Broxgaard                Emily I. T. Baker                Adelbert Tripp             Fannie Orr                  
52    Carrol Stanley Jackson             B. F.                 Carrie Long                    Anna Mackay                      Daniel Mackay              Jennie Forbes               
53    James Arthur Rich                  James Rich            Lizzie Rice                    Dorothy Rose                     J. William Rose            Annabel Gilchrist           
54    Alfred More                        John                  Don't know                     Carrie Place                     Dewitt Place               Jane German                 
55    Frederick W. Miller                William               Bernice Munson                 Marie Schmitt                    John Schmitt               Barbara Ventuleth           
56    Frederick Schmitt                  John                  Barbara Ventuleth              Hildred V. Wheat                 Leo Wheat                  Vera Benedict               
57    Frank Taggart                      Thomas                Margaret Tulley                Lillian Collins                  Hiram Reed                 Maria Reed                  
58    Charles William Aikman             John                  Pauline VanValkenburgh         Lillian Agnes Cronk              David Cronk                Susie Thomas                
59    Norman Leslie Ruth                 Charles               Adaline Salisbury              Hazel Morse                      J. Parker Morse            Bertha Crosby               
60    Carroll VanBenschoten              Jay                   Lena Segren                    Evelyn M. Young                  Frederick                  Whilemina Dietrich          
61    Frank B. Archibald                 Andrew L.             Margaret Adee                  Pearl Bouton                     John W. Bouton             Mary McMullen               
62    Elmer J. Struble                   Joseph                Freda Schwenk                  Freda K. Muller                  Edward Muller              Sophie Hoffner              
63    John Vermilyea                     William               Myrtle Ford                    Mary E. Dickman                  John S. Dickman            Clara Whitson               
64    Chessie Krom                       Charles               Nellie Avery                   Beatrice Teller                  Clifford Teller            Olga Ott                    
65    Thomas Edwards                     Michael               Ida Dumond                     Kate Hollenbeck                  Benjamin Hollenbeck        Emaline Hicks               
66    Henry W. Ritz                      Henry W.              Edith Bouck                    Rhoda P. Carman                  Earl Carman                Bessie Parker               
67    Raymond L. Bartlett                William H.            Hattie Dumond                  Kathryn Hoyt                     Henry Hoyt                 Lucia Hanford               
68    Roger M. Cook                      Brainard              Lena Huyck                     Esther M. Neff                   Walter Neff                Violetta Knapp              
69    Floyd VanDusen                     Arthur                Minnie Wickham                 Helen E. Egnor                   Unknown                    Mable Egnor                 
70    Frank Henry Hollard, Jr.           Frank Henry           Louise A. Pike                 Arvessa M. Thompson              William D. Thompson        Lilian Parsons              
71    Neil John Tobin                    John                  Margaret Lenchan               Marjorie Genevieve Shaffer       Casper J. Shaffer          Mary MacKechnie             
72    Everett A. Redmond                 A. W.                 Cora McMullen                  Audrey J. Slade                  Clair Slade                Glennie VanSteenburg        
73    Herman F. Wiedman                  Herman                Hazel All                      Lena Kuppens                     Mike Kuppens               Lena Nesen                  
74    Charles Moore                      Edwin                 Dina Mann                      Edna McIntosh                    Ira McIntosh               Lillian Nesbitt             
75    Patrick Francis Ford               Patrick               Mary Dooley                    Mary June Conway                 James Conway               Mary Swan                   
76    Ross C. Travis                     Thomas L.             Ella M. Garrison               Nora B. Cole                     March Cole                 Addie Walley                
77    Clarence William Robinson          William               Anna Church                    Margaret Helena Whitehead        Willis O. Whitehead        Minnie Brockney             
78    Leland Cutting*                    Milo                  Frances Jan Darling            Annabelle Carley                 Andrew                     Lucy Houck                  
79    Vernon M. Davis                    C. G.                 Mary Tyrell                    Dorothy A. Tryon                 Tiffany Tryon              Emily Meade                 
80    Emeric Duane Everett               Ralph S.              Margaret Rogers                Hilda Elizabeth Comstock         Edward Comstock            Mable Roof                  
81    Adelbert E. Hotaling               Henry                 Melissa White                  Vina Walton                      Thomas Ashton              Christina Newkirk           
82    Charles Elmer Bugbee               Elmer                 Nora Callahan                  Madeline E. Haver                Josiah Haver               Esther DeGroat              
83    Willis E. Aylesworth               Larm                  Myrtle Shafer                  Millie L. Waring                 George Waring              Mary Teed                   
84    Wardell C. McIntyre                Fred S.               May McAdams                    Margaret K. Schakelton           William Schakelton         Mable Sullivan              
85    Kenneth G. Graves                  Louie                 Laura Brooks                   Mary L. Utter                    Henry Utter                Blanche Cotton              
86    Edwin Wilson                       Edward                Sarah Cook                     Dorothy Binvins                  William Binvins            Mable Doiles                
87    William H. Phelps                  Charles H.            Florence Hastings              Bessie Clayton                   William Clayton            Hattie Thomas               
88    Leonard E. Butler                  Floyd                 Carrie Lord                    Marjorie E. Waring               George Waring              Mary Teed                   
89    George R. Mills                    George R.             Elizabeth Gillespie            Phyllis Eleanor Landers          Carroll E. Landers         Cora Williams               
90    Leonard D. Williams                Edward L.             Ellen Monroe                   Helen A. Gahan                   Andrew Gahan               Anna Gowen                  
91    George Martin Seely                Martin Seely          Frances I. Eels                Marian Esther Fitzgerald         Frank                      Mabel A. Nash               
92    Rose Everett Morenus               William               Mabel Clark                    Dorothy Elizabeth French         Daniel French              Elizabeth Goodrich          
93    Sidney Mang                        Charles               Harriett Homrighares           Doretta A. Simons                E. Erle Simons             Grace Denis                 
94    Frank M. Kellogg                   William               Jane Waterman                  Ella Brown                       James Putnam               Anna Moore                  
95    Theodore Beyen                     Johann                Anna Jelten                    Christine Dickhoff               Harm Dickhoff              Setje DeBuhr                
96    Royal W. Hine                      Ira W.                Maryette Weaver                Roxana Burrell                   Charles Burrell            Elizabeth Hutchinson        
97    Charles D. VanNOrt, Jr.            Charles D.            Rhoda Baldwin                  Lydia Ingalls                    George W. Ingalls          Nellie Gilbert              
98    Rex W. Kerr                        George R.             Ada L. Dimarier                Gertrude E. Male                 Walter Male                Roseltha Smith              
99    Charles F. Gilbert                 Chalkey J.            Sarah L. Jeffries              Helen M. Bloxham                 Harry M. Bloxham           Maude Tallman               
100   Harris M. Rogers                   Joseph E.             Elnora White                   Belle M. Chase                   Albert L. Chase            Lucy Curtiss                
101   H. Arthur Stokes                   Alexander             Lorinda Cleveland              Nina Hildreth                    Lorenzo Hutton             Juliette Devine             
102   Robert Irving Kjelgaard            C. W.                 Bertha Hoffman                 Sarah Ethel Winegard             John G. Seely              Harriett Moore              
103   William Rose*                      James Rose            Hanna Bulsam                   Ruth Wilcox                      Myron Price                Alice Lupton                
104   Earl L. Terwilliger                Benjamin              Mae Constant                   Doretta M. Cleveland             Grove Cleveland            Florence Hoyt               
105   Walter E. Coulter                  William A.            Lura Shaver                    Marian E. Satchell               F. W. Satchell             Gertrude Ward               
106   Floyd Roosevelt Howe               Fred                  Gertrude Bowker                Lois Althea Porter               Harry Porter               Anna Fuller                 
107   Ross H. Church                     Dell                  Anna Rhinehart                 Edna H. Osborn*                  Irving Howard              Eva Lewis                   
108   Alfred Benwell                     Alfred                Nellie Armitage                Ada May Blemis                   Waldo Blemis               Carrie Kitchell             
109   Elwood Maynard Finch               Maynard               Sarah McLaughlin               Ethel Adeline Dunshee            Bert Dunshee               Matie Fitch                 
110   Harold G. House                    Floyd                 Emma Burch                     Theresa E. Hays                  Clyde C. Hays              Olda Ihrie                  
111   Arthur Matthew Bellard             Emerick               Elizabeth Kunze                Edith Jeannette Houghtaling      Elmer Houghtaling          Elzora Ferguson             
112   Milo McClellan Joslin              Orson                 Ester Miller                   Margaret Geneive Dexter          Herbert A. Dexter          Helen Philpott              
113   John Goupil                        Francois              Mary Seignas                   Helen Wandelaseck                Henry Wandelaseck          Alice Enthine               
114   Tallman L. Beadle                  John                  Clarinda Blish                 Mary Decker                      George Alton               Rachel Bouton               
115   James E. Hanley                    John C.               Margaret Woolheater            Anna E. Hall                     William P. Hall            Nora E. Haynes              
116   Louis McCann                       Robert                Mary Brown                     Rose Funari                      Harry Funari               Inez Yaple                  
117   Ernest W. Wilbur*                  Harry                 Caroline Hamlin                Katie O'Dell                     Andrew Kleingartner        Lottie Eprest               
118   Charles H. Dugdale                 Charles H.            Amy Tudor                      Bessie M. Lockwood               George Moore Lockwood      Bessie Crawbuck             
119   Bernard Alton Edwards              Bert                  Cassie Gregory                 Hilda Louise Bisbee              William B. Bisbee          Louise Zimmer               
120   Floyd H. VanBuren                  Harvey                Ida Shelley                    Jean Marion White                Charles White              Elora VanHorn               
121   Frank Horne                        Ed                    Vertina Brown                  Grace Deighton                   John Deighton              Lillian Patton              
122   William I. Scobie                  Isaac                 Jennetta McPhair               Bessie A. Little                 Henry Little               May Nicoll                  
123   Bradley H. Thompson                A. G.                 Ethel Hallock                  Margaret Elizabeth Thorington    Albert L. Thorington       Amy Gavett                  
124   Donald Augustus Condon             Richard               Alice O'Dell                   Violet Lena Thompson             Ralph W. Thompson          Minerva G. Davis            
125   Leslie Robinson                    William               Lula Johnson                   Louise A. Bennett                Robert Bennett             Ana Merritt                 
126   Charles R. Roe                     Warren                Hattie Halstead                Jennie VanAlstine                George VanAlstine          Mabel Egnor                 
127   Peter Brennan                      Thomas                Catherine Gibbons              Christie Beach                   Clarence Beach             Flora Mills                 
128   Donald Boggs                       Russell               Margaret Coulter               Winona Bowen                     Alfred W. Bowen            Minnie Schuman              
129   Harold W. Gardner                  Robert                Nettie Blanchard               Faith Loveland                   James Loveland             Nettie Bustal               
130   Harper Constable                   William               Matilda Hodges                 Edna D. Cole                     Marshall Cole              Addie Walley                
131   Ernest W. Huyck                    George                Cassey Thomas                  Mabel W. Walley                  Not given Walley           Ena Clark                   
132   Ivan Nelson Stafford               Frank                 Mary Vandewort                 Pearl Ethel Burrows              Edward Burrows             Fannie Williams             
133   Charles W. Shanley                 William               Ruth Travis                    Florence M. Beals                William Beals              Blache Carley               
134   William Truax                      Chapman               Margaret Jeffer                Estelle Crosby                   Albert Tryster             Catherine Burke             
135   Robert Don MacDonald*              Robert                Mary Cochra                    Mildred Mary Bigelow             John Bigelow               Margaret Hindenrand         
136   Clarence Wesley Quick              Wesley                Mabel Fisher                   Esther Ethelene Morse            Eber Morse                 Lillian Robinson            
137   Gerald Helms                       Peter                 Susie McKane                   Grace Evelyn Wormuth             Henry Wormuth              Grace Ellett                
138   John Hendrickson                   Alva                  Ola Davis                      Alta Davis                       Walter Davis               Rose Rhinehart              
139   Milton Elroy Litts                 Edward H.             Elmira Westcott                Fay R. Frayer                    Frank Frayer               Lena Borst                  
140   Philip Constable                   William               Matilda Hodges                 Ruth Bronson                     William H. Bronson         Adelaide Baldwin            
141   Leroy James Coulter                W. A.                 Lura Shafer                    Pearl E. MacLean                 Daniel MacLean             Margaret Smith              
142   Alfred Churchill Ludington         Herbert C.            Edith M. Churchill             Annie Laurie Whitaker            Clair L. Whitaker          Mildred E. Drake            
143   Ralph Franklin Tuttle              Elsworth              Nellie Christina Kinch         Mary Belinda Thorington          A. L. Thorington           Amy Gavett                  
144   John Robert Johnson                Charles B.            Martha S. McIntyre             Margie Lee Smith                 Amos W. Smith              Catherine Sheridan          
145   Waldo Squires                      George O.             Nettie Cole                    Josephine Shebesta               John Shebesta              Anna Drejal                 
146   Merton S. Bartlett                 George                Lena M. Bard                   Elizabeth Figary                 James Figary               Ethell Figary               
147   Clarence VanSlyke                  Raymond               Rena Clapper                   Em Lee                           Wayne Lee                  Ella Doolittle              
148   Thomas Kelley, JR.                 Thomas                Almeda Maxmutt                 Dorothy Tyler                    Arthur Tyler               Frieda LeRoy                
149   Russell Fonda                      M. R. Norton*         Anita Eckerson                 Violet Watson                    Harry Hyzer (Step-father)  Louise Smith                
150   Harry Davisson                     Howard                Sarah Holt Overfield (?)       Orpha Berkhile                   Charles Berkhile           Irene Manzer                
151   Lee Woodbury Calhoun               James Sinclair        Alice Sophia Woodbury          Lena Mildred Hutson              Irving Hutson              Catherine Simon             
152   Richard J. Quinn                   William               Catherine Lynch                Bertha A. Moore                  Edward Moore               Diana Mann                  
153   Gleason B. Canfield                Wallace               Leila Baker                    Sarah E. Smith                   Harvey Smith               Elizabeth Coulter           
154   Leon Howard                        Ira                   Amanda Stenrod                 Flossie I. Chapman               H. C. Marriott             Jennie Pierce               
155   Harold J. Powers                   John Peter            Josephine Bice                 Ruth G. Harder                   George H. Harder           Mary Welsh                  
156   Gilbert McMullen                   Aloneso               Anise Morell                   Charlotte Laraway                Herbert H. Laraway         Lula Anderson               
157   J. Leonard Stuart                  J. L.                 Nettie Corbett                 Bula Fuller                      Rola Fuller                Elizabeth Mericle           
158   Howard Seely Slawson               Amasa J.              Cynthia Moore                  Laura Abbie Finch                Eli Finch                  Lillie Bushnell             
159   Richard K. Hartman                 Dennis R.             Mae Kump                       Arlie K. Wright                  Frank Wright               Millicent Myers             
160   Edward Swartwout                   James                 not given                      Dortha Leonard                   Albert Leonard             Myrtle Lewis                
161   James McGraw                       William               Rose Marshall                  Ethel Beardsley                  Pardon Beardsley           Alice Walley                
162   Lawrence Bush                      William               Sarah VanLoan                  Jennie Mae Sommer                Paul Sommer                Sarah Williams              
163   Jacob S. Gavett                    Wesley                Jane K. Myers                  Margaret A. Knapp                John McCarthur             Nancy A. Wood               
164   Andrew F. Coss                     Frank                 Carrie Brooks                  Louise E. Ingram                 Austin Ingram              Minnie Estus                
165   Albert L. Thorington*              Ira                   Belinda Jenkins                Mary E. Hafele                   John Flynne                Ida Fuller                  
166   Tola Clark Graves                  James F.              Emeline Clark                  Alice Stephen Sherman            Franklin Miller            Aseneth Parsons             
167   Henry Hinniegan                    William               Edna Knickerbocker             Evelyn Grant                     George Grant               Mary Dibble                 
168   Irvin A. Biedekapp                 Irvin A.              Minnie W. Calkins              Hilda A. Wilbur                  Leon L. Wilbur             Mamie H. Howland            
169   Charles Kearsey                    Daniel                Nora Larkin                    Kathryn Fuller                   Walter Fuller              Jessie McEwan               
170   Robert M. Banks                    David W.              Emeline Simmons                Flora M. Scott                   Adam Scott                 Ida Dougherty               
171   Frank Gilsky Bronson               Simon J.              Jennie Hempstead               Lucy May Scoville                Andrew J. Scoville         Kitty Smith                 
172   David G. Olds                      John                  Daisy Glockner                 Marian J. Noble                  Frank Noble                Lillian Skinner             
173   Jerry C. Carmody                   Cornelius             Frances Collin                 Margaret Dibble                  James Dibble               Rena Constable              
174   Floyd Hosier                       William               Liddie VanValkenburg           Hazel Belle Smith                Harvey Smith               Lizzie Coulter              
175   Marion D. Packer                   Cyrus                 Ellener Rielley                L. Isabella Beams                Earnest Beams              Angie Ferguson              
176   Ward Welch                         George                Hattie Springstead             Irene Hartwell                   Alson Hartwell             Josephine Barr              
177   Carl W. Beardslee                  John L.               Clarissa L. Beers              Mary E. Gray                     Augustus Gray              Sarah Pangburn              
178   James Harvey Mead                  Edward                Nellie E. Parkhurst            Stella Mayes                     Claude Mayes               Jennie Stoddard             
179   John McKenley Coss                 Frank                 Carrie Brooker                 Lenora Drusilla Graham           Willard A. Graham          Clara Inghram               
180   James A Inman                      John I.               Laura Phale                    Elaine K. Lindsay                Peter M. Lindsay           Helena Proskine             
181   Claude E. Ferris                   Dean                  Mary Thompson                  Gladys M. Decker                 Alonzo Decker              Ida Frances Hendrickson     
182   Harvey Alvin Gifford               Daniel                Minnie Davis                   Gladys Vivian Sands              William Sands              Mamie Tiffany               
183   Kenneth Burton Dunshee             Burton                Matie Fitch                    Florence Cora In galls           Dexter O. In galls         Adelia Bailey               
184   George H. Carlton                  Ellis                 Laura Christian                Mildred Underwood                Henry Underwood            Fannie Sheldon              
185   Donald H. Walker                   Thomas H.             Edith Ireland                  Imelda M. Griswold               Myron H. Griswold          Deborah Serum               
186   Harris A. Lovelace                 Miles                 Ida Steele                     Lois A. Sheldon                  Ambrose Sheldon            Anna Smith                  
187   George Houseknecht                 John                  Bertha King                    Bessie Buckbee*                  Charles Ferguson           Bertha Spencer              
188   Edward H. Hotaling                 Edward                Cora B. Parks                  Daisy V. Marshall                George Marshall            Rosa B. Knickerbocker       
189   Angie B. Mere                      Fred                  Susan Cook                     Dorotha L. Thomas                Allison Thomas             Mabel DuMond                
190   Clarence A. Rowley                 Herbert               Rosa Perkins                   Goldia Neer Gregory              Irving Neer                Elmira Conklin              
191   Harold Arnold Mason                Homer E.              Katherine Eck                  Alta Margaret Middlemast         Thomas D. Middlemast       Violet J. Anderson          
192   Morris W. Hadden                   Floyd T.              Sarah Bevie                    Leona Sliter                     William H. Sliter          Bertha Davis                
193   Donald W. Merwyn                   Burton G.             Helen Lloyd                    Irene I. All                     Robert All                 Alice Peck                  
194   Walter Frederick Lamoree           Jefferson             Amy Crawford                   Alice Estella Scott              Harold Scott               Arlina Brown                
195   John Lory                          Eugene Lory           Milly Marcley                  Dorothy E. Mead                  William Grisby             Adella Carnahan             
196   Russell B. Johnson                 Daniel                Alice Griffin                  Bernice Watson                   John Watson                Susie McKane                
197   John E. Warren                     Charles Warren        Anna Lacner                    Lena H. Eggler                   Edward Eggler              Aline Chapman               
198   Sylvester T. Smith                 John Harrington       Sarah Travis                   Emma J. Smith                    David Carter               Margaret Bunker             
199   Arthur L. Vermilyea                Harry E.              Ina Howell                     Jeannette A. Felter              Charles Felter             Martha Hubble               
200   Wilbur Bouton                      Adelbert              Lydia Kelly                    Mabel M. Butler                  Richard M. Butler          Susan Baker                 
201   William W. Hendrix                 George                Diana Kittle                   Carrie Dutcher                   Charles Kelly              Louisa Avery                
202   Francis Joseph Donnelly            Jeremiah              Catherine Cronin               Alice Barnhardt                  J. Barnhardt               B. Fitzgerald               
203   Jack Bornstein                     Harry                 Ana Saks                       Eva Melnick                      David Melnick              Rebecca Lacher              
204   Wilburt Albert Haynes              Harry V.              Vera A. Parker                 Mary Electa Comfort              Eugene H. Comfort          Minnie L. Brown             
205   John Wm. Armstrong                 Charles W.            Blanche M. Pooler              Mae Tryson                       Tiffany Tryon              Emily Meade                 
206   Everett Dunham Todd                Urion                 Jennie Loiusa Dunham           Grace Katherine Mead             Smith Mead                 Katherine Depew             
207   George Wheeler Demoney             Duane D.              Nancy Hannah                   Mary Gladys Vought               Edd Vought                 Nelle Gregg                 
208   Milton Dundore Briggs              Henry M.              Alice Dundore                  Ida Ruth Conklin                 Charles J. Conklin         Mary Buckridge              
209   Arthur Gerald MacFarlane           William L.            Grace H. Lewis                 Grace Henrietta Erckson          Eric Erckson               Unknown                     
210   Ivan Hartman Miller                Frank Miller          Mary Davis                     Agnes Margaret Eden              Axel Eden                  Anna Barg                   
211   George Edward Beach                Ralph                 Clara M. Coon                  Norma Caroline Eckerson          Charles Eckerson           Lola Twinning               
212   Robert Neal Estes                  Lynn                  Mame Lockwood                  Ethel Birtch                     Elmer Birtch               Dora Vermilyea              
213   Floyd R. Turner                    Virgil                Carrie Lee                     Alice R. Hammond                 Jay Hammond                Marie Howell                
214   Irwin M. Salton                    Robert P.             Anna Biggar                    Lillian A. Leahey                Michael F. Leahey          Reine Thomas                
215   William A. Owens                   Edward                Barbara Zizka                  Alberta M. Baker                 Irvin gBaker               Bertha Dickerman            
216   Ralph H. McClenon                  Bert                  Mabel Tiffany                  Carrie E. Beecher                William Beecher            Ruth Welton                 
217   Jesse J. Fuller                    Clinton               Ella Edwards                   Gertrude E. Oles                 Grover Oles                Effa Allen                  
218   Franklyn Dunshee                   Clarence              Effie Teed                     Alta Thomas                      Allison Thomas             Mabel Dumond                
219   Harol dHenry Schrier               Henry F.              Elizabeth B. Gould             Mildred Agnes Coulter            William A. Coulter         Lura Shaver                 
220   Russell S. Lewis                   Julius                Lucy Lakin                     Clauda F. Houck                  Ray E. Houck               Malissa Schloss             
221   Alston O. Rose                     Roswell L.            Lucy M. Hulbert                Hannah Elizabeth Honeywell       George Honeywell           Elizabeth McClelland        
222   William J. Daley                   Stephen R.            Anna G. Schoomaker             Marjorie R. Paine                Warren Paine               Ehtel Twist                 
223   Paul George Clark                  George                Matie Story                    Ethel Mae Otter                  John Otter                 Elizabeth Bare              
224   Theodore Charles Orchard           Charles               Ana Hendricks                  Hazel Irene Marks                Stanley Marks              Anna Blackwell              
225   George Bell Stacey                 Fred W.               Annie Moore                    Elsie A. Widholm                 Oscar E. Widholm           Maria Behn                  
226   Samuel Burroughs Blakeslee         Samuel                Lois Loucks                    Maude Elizabeth Layman           Frank Layman               Anna Lewis                  
227   George Linn Edwards                Herman                Myrtle Mackey                  Henrietta McFarlane Howden       John Howden                Sarah McFarlane             
228   Herschell Moore                    Lindsley              Aliva Morse                    Edna Conklin                     Alonzo Conklin             Ana Northrup                
229   Donald Stephen Cowan               Henry M.              Abbie Carroll                  Lucile Maude Latham              Lewis L. Lathan            Nancy Danals                
230   Harry Mills                        Ransom                Liza Couse                     Neva Christian                   George Christian           Ethel Shaver                
231   Pearly V. Andrus                   Vernon                Lulu Hunt                      Dorothy A. Lane                  Frank G. Lane              Mary Sloat                  
232   Hutson Bruce Pitcher               Herbert A.            Ella A. Hutson                 Inez Almira Cavan                Willis H. Cavan            Lucinda Stuart              
233   Richard Stewart Gilbert            Fred T.               Frances Dickson                Dorothy Margaret Rich            Albert Charles Rice        Lena Etho Dibble            
234   William Daniel Mabon               William A.            Anna Calhoun                   Elizabeth Kipp McDivitt          Walter G. McDivitt         Fannie Thompson             
235   Charles Quentin Klukkert           Fritz                 Rena Fisher                    Jean Elizabeth Hunt              M. J. Hunt                 Grace McDougal              
236   Gorden J. Gates                    Jonas A.              Bertha E. Quinn                Virginia M. Cooper               Lewis M. Cooper            Jennie E. Hilson            
237   Walter O. Schlief*                 Ernest                Emma Braemert                  Helen Homaeka                    John Homaeka               Barbara Slauicek            
238   Elbert Osborne McMorris            James L.              Blanche Osborne                Leona Boyes                      John D. Boyes              Irene Jackson               
239   Arthur May, Jr.                    Arthur                Mary L. Morgan                 Pauline M. Hanvey                William Hanvey             Alice Bolles                
240   William VanBuren                   Alvin                 Mary Pickett                   Evelyn M. Sternburg              Lambert Sternburg          Lois Hollenbeck             
241   David R. Chambers                  Jas.                  Agnes Rutherford               Mary J. Little                   John R. Little             Jennette A. Reynolds        
242   Lynn H. Neideg                     Newton                Viva Hunt                      Helen Beardsley                  Otis Beardsley             Flora Pierce                
243   Frederick Henry Plate              Frederick             Alsace Lorraine                Beatrice A. Thompson             Wm. D. Thompson            Lillian Parsons             
244   Harold Benedict Pierce             Charles               Estella Benedict               Gladys Louise Wiley              Harry Wiley                Emmy Kreutz                 
245   Pangburn Gray                      Augustus              Sarah E. Pangburn              Florence I. Gladstone            Harry Gladstone            Emily Tacey                 
246   Edward P. McDonald                 Frnk                  Rose Garrity                   Ellen Melinda Nims               Charesl W. Nims            Catherine Smith             
247   Lynn C. Maynard                    Carl                  Edna Brush                     Delia E. Schrier                 Alfred Schrier             Ellen Thenas                
248   Horace Robinson, Jr.               Horace                Laura Wayman                   Ruth Edna Finnegan               William Finnegan           Edna Knickerbocker          
249   William Cronk Tyler                Daniel W.             Lena E. Cronk                  Evelyn Elizabeth Schuman         Andrw Schuman              Jennie MacKenzie            
250   Ivan Jeremiah Harrington           Jeremiah              Anna McGuire                   Margaret Agnes Riley             Michael Riley              Matilda Rabey               
251   John VanValkenburgh                Orlando               Bertha Bush                    Marjorie Finch                   Arthur Finch               Mina Hilliker               
252   Vernon E. Persons                  Charles Y.            Adella Sanford                 Ella Cowan                       Andrew Coan                Jane Boyd                   
253   Chester G. Thorington              Albert                Amy Gavett                     Martha J. Castle                 Thomas R. Castle           Myrtle I. Houghtaling       
254   Raymond R. Gassoo                  Caleb                 Adeline Garrison               Kathryn M. Jones                 William H. Jones           Jennie Banesterl (?)        
255   Dominic Thomas Lombardi            Ralph                 Pasqualina Edigidio            Rose Marie Cillis                Theodore Cillis            Catherine Muschio           
256   George Clancy Butler               George H.             Clara M. Fraser                Frances Elizabeth Sloan          James H. Sloan             Edna F. Tompkins            
257   Lloyd Rexford Kinch                James Kinch           Margaret Castle                Bessie Anaelina Utter            Emory Utter                Edith Stilwell              
258   Morris Fuchs                       Samuel                Dora Orlowski                  Rose Reines                      Samuel Reines              Mary Wishnonitz             
259   Benjamin Iorworth Ellis            Evan H.               Margaret Richards              Janet Louse Walker               John S. Walker             Annie S. Rogers             
260   Theodore R. Shields                Hugh F.               Mary Ostrich                   Marian E. Persons                Burt Persons               Lucy Shields                
261   Robert Jerome Hyer                 Willis Jerome         May Fannie Johnson             Dorothy Emma Parsons             Martin J. Parsons          Dora May Hubbard            
262   Daniel Arthur Baker                Harry                 Marie LaRose                   Gertrude Vivian Finch            Merton Finch               Mary VanValkenburgh         
263   Delbert H. Dickson                 Archibald             Della Tuttle                   Carrie DuMond                    Eugene DuMond              Velma Barnhart              
264   Clifforrd O. McDonald              Clarence              Hattie Scoville                Mercle A. Ciryell (?)            James Ciryell              Cora Spencer                
265   Gordon E. Mott                     Nelson                Luelaa Decker                  Charlotte E. Rode                Ed Rode                    Anna Eckert                 
266   Croswell Ireland                   Albert                Anna Jones                     Fannie E. Dalton                 Oriel Dalton               Mabel Barnett               
267   Andrew J. Nicoll                   William               Elizabeth Garrick              Dora M. Silliman                 Isaac H. Silliman          Abagail Smith               
268   Edwin Reynolds                     Herbert               Janette Kirk                   Marian Cornell                   Lewis Cornell              Authire Turk                
269   Victor C. Myers                    Lloyd                 Hattie Carter                  Hilda M. Donald                  William A. Donald          Jane Wheat                  
270   Floyd Robson                       Willard               Carrie Bailey                  Anna Elizabeth Cable             Edward Cable               Minnie Harok                
271   Maynard W. Blanchard               Charles H.            Anna Wilkins                   Eleanor Mary Rock                Glen Rock                  Lean Tyler                  
272   W. Carson Mitchell                 S. Carson             Nancy E. Davis                 Alfreda Hodder                   James Hodder               Susan M. Oake               
273   Edwin M. Decker                    William               Nina E. Razer                  Marian L. Hyzer                  William Hyzer              Leona Morris                
274   Edward C. Cronauer                 Ellis                 Catherine Stilson              Agnes Schlafer                   Daniel T. Schlafer         Elsie Beers                 
275   Gersham L. Howland                 Homer                 Jennie Cleveland               Josephine Schlafer               Daniel T. Schlafer         Elsie Beers                 
276   Robert S. Woodburn                 John                  Rebecca Burton                 Susie B. Jamieson                William H. Jamieson        Sarah Arbuckle              
277   John Albert Sherwin                Fletcher Charles      Jennie McKnight                Hilda Elizabeth Marvin           F. Eugene Marvin           Ella Metcalf                
278   Stephen F. Baulf                   Stephen J.            Mary Donovan                   Evelyn M. Brace                  E. R. Brace                Jennie Nolan                
279   Robert Brisbane                    Grant                 Anna Butler                    Mary Bush                        William Bush               Effie Montgomery            
280   Walter David Ruff                  Michael               Mable Banks                    Helen Dorothy Finkle             Reese Finkle               Elizabeth Liddle            
281   Hayes Stranagan                    James                 Lina Swan                      Doris Ethelyn Bennett            Fred E. Bennett            Grace Hilzinger             
282   Elbert Murray Bailey               George W.             Adah Blach Sumner              Ruth Marrian Buck                N. Josiah Buck             Anna O'Brien                
283   Earl Andrew Loucks                 Andrew                Cornelia Bevins                Millie Mary Cottone              Ross Cottone               Minnie Bogann               
284   George Adolph Hein                 Karl                  Catherine Fraenel              Dorothy Alice Algar              John Algar                 Alice Wright                
285   Herbert G. Avery                   James W.              Maggie V. VanSteenburg         Mae A. Bryden                    William Bryden             Jessie Parish               
286   Laurence William Owens             Austin                Catherine Beagle               Dorothy Elizabeth Avery          James W. Avery             Maggie VanSteenburg         
287   Anthony Araneo                     Andrew                Anglira Maria                  Marian Daisy Whitaker            Fred M.Whitaker            Carrie Beecher              
288   Otis C. Caswell                    Lamberess             Charlotte Segar                Beulah L. Moshier                William D. Moshier         Estella Beadle              
289   Harry G. Craft                     Henry                 Mary Knack                     Bertha A. Brown                  Bert Brown                 Grace Terwilliger           
290   Andrew C. Horton                   Platt                 Clara Seely                    Mary E. Nevin                    Thomas Main                Cornelia Mallock            
291   Merlyn H. Conrow                   Lauren B.             Anna Thomas                    Margaret I. Curtis               Ira A. Curtis              Blache A. Allen             
292   Robert Graydon Briggs              Robert A.             Mary G. White                  Frances Elizabeth Lee            Wayne Lee                  Della Doolittel             
293   John Josiah Scofield               Frank                 Madera Holbert                 Grace Katherine Seymour          Ziba Seymour               Margaret Platt              
294   Harry Whitby                       Thomas A.             Elizabeth Rigby                Ethel Lipman*                    Jacob Lipman               Rae Kolber                  
295   Robert W. Peters                   William H.            Maude E. Southard              Ruth H. Fath                     Frank Fath                 Zoa Krugler                 
296   Jacob Fax                          Joseph                Mary Mirkin                    Lena Landan                      Samuel Landon              Fannie Spectrom             
297   Elmer H. Smith                     Wallace B.            Hattie Redmond                 Annie E. McFarland               Chauncey R. McFarland      Lula Ruff                   
298   Ralph Jerron Murdock               S. W.                 Minnie Robinson                Susan Eliza Nichols              B. H. Nichols              Sarah Lamb                  
299   FrankForoski                       Joseph                Lucy Oblinsky                  Rose Josephine Marshilock        Steve Marshilock           Mary Swantack               
300   Wallace Howard Ireland             Ethebert              Anna M. Jones                  Shirley Marguerite Dalton        Oriel J. Dalton            Mabel Barnett               
301   Walter F. Robinson                 Frank H.              Phoebe L. Tooker               Margaret E. Smith                Edwin A. Smith             Florence Buck               
302   Harold McMurdy                     Joseph S.             Margaret J. Middlemast         Caroline Louise Gleason          Wallace B. Gleason         Margaret Fletcher           
303   Kenneth B. Knapp                   Giles                 Delia Not Stated               Wanetta R. Liddle                Walter J. Liddle           May Maxwell                 
304   Edward S. Birdsall                 Ralph D.              Margery Boggs                  Evelyn McKee                     Myron McKee                Polly Telford               
305   LeRoy Warden                       David                 Hattie Boyd                    Eleanor Campbell                 John M. Campbell           Nancy Smith                 
306   Hugh A. Mitchell                   Samuel C.             Nancy Davis                    Mary B. Bugbee                   Alfred Brown               Eliza Samson                
307   Joseph C. Graff                    Joseph Coblentz       Gertrude Butz                  Anita M. Littlejohn              Robert R. Littlegohn       Letha M. Peake              
308   Keith B. Coons                     W. H.                 Kate E. Davis                  Marjorie E. Stearns              David W. Stearns           Jennie Early                
309   Ralph F. Wildey                    Hyatt                 Addie Teed                     Grace Lavinda Pomeroy            Charles Pomeroy            Viola Grate                 
310   Clifford E. Hayes                  Lewis E.              Emma Welsh                     Sadie L. Halstead                James Halstead             Stella Roules               
311   Carl William Wagner                William               Ruth Bush                      Hilda Gladys Leonard             Albert Leonard             Myrtle Lewis                
312   William A. Washburn                Henry D.              Sarah Aldin                    Ada G. Biedekapp                 Gustar Biedekapp           Catharine Gregg             
313   Joseph E. Warfield                 June                  Alice Lillig                   Cornelia M. Rank                 Henry Hanstine             Mary Reddinger              
314   Henry S. Schaefer                  Henry                 Charlotte Dury                 Ethel M. Baxter                  George O. Baxter           Ella Porter                 
315   Artley W. Gustafson                George W.             Marie J. Johnson               Edna M. Finkle                   Guy Finkle                 Carni M. Parks              
316   Frank Orr                          Edward J.             Ellen Reilly                   Hannah Sickel                    Julius H. Heiman           Sarah Friedland             
317   Paul E. Schultz, Jr.               Paul                  Harriett Seaman                Marie E. Sisler                  John Sisler                Mary Nizup                  
318   Arnold Whitehead                   Titus                 Rosalia Grasso                 Edna F. Slack                    Harvey Slack               Sophia Bogg                 
319   Roger B. Kilmer                    Fred Kilmer           Bertha Dickson                 Wannita Anderson                 Frank B. Anderson          Florence V. Smith           
320   Cecil Brown                        Orea                  Jennie Fuller                  Anna M. Palmer                   Clarence Palmer            Maggie Newell               
321   Frederick J. Skeidegger            Jacob A.              Katherine Steiner              Evelyn Sarah Spencer             Linn B. Spencer            Mayme Osborn                
322   Leroy Luscomb                      Riley                 Belle Howes                    Ella Eck                         Reubin Eck                 Ida Efrey                   
323   George Notice                      Jacob                 Jennie Aaronson                Sophia Kimmel                    Morris Kimmel              Annette Davis               
324   Franklin M. Baker                  Edgar D.              Catherine O. Furey             Charlotte E. Cole                Henry Cole                 Anna Smith                  
325   William D. Beddon                  William P.            Christina Wiseman              Francis P. Cowan                 Hector W. Cowan            Anna Smith                  
326   Ambrose Valdath                    Antonio               Marie Dellera                  Regina Cimelli                   Peter Camelli              Mary Cappellini             
327   Joseph R. Sanchez                  Antonio               Mary Fax                       Ethel R. King                    Charles R. King            Mary Jane May               
328   Charles W. Fink                    Arthur E.             Ella Canfield                  Freda M. Barker*                 Starr D. Mase              Charlotte Chatfield         
329   Lyman L. Ackerson                  James                 Mary Eldred                    Hattie Alger                     William Moore              Julia Moore                 
330   Marvin P. Morgan                   Charles W.            Lillian B. Parks               Irene Hitt Kahn                  Charles E. Hitt            Mary Augusta Elwood         
331   Clair L. Whitaker                  John A.               Laura E. Madson                Emma D. Landon                   Charles Hirzman            Anna Crane                  
332   Robert Bourn                       Stillman              Christina Blair                Alice E. Harvey                  Samuel Bolles              Emma Zeh                    
333   Zopher L. Reed                     Zopher                Alice J. Smith                 Ethel Knapp                      Anton Knapp                Theresa Burdun              
334   Walter Fehr                        Henry                 Mary Bishop                    Carola Beinke                    Carl Beinke                Anna Bugan                  
335   Chester S. Lewis                   Chester H.            Virginia Lewis                 Jennie E. Fuller                 Oscar Fuller               Mary Thomson                
336   Warren Edward Bush                 John                  Emma VanSlyke                  Edna Mutchler                    Alvin Heath                Germina Regusity            
337   Jesse J. Anderson                  B. C.                 Gertrude Shaffer               Irma Grace Fox                   George B. Fox              Grace Oliver                
338   John C. McElroy                    Edward                Catharine McCarren             Catherine M. Faley               James H. Faley             Mary Madigan                
339   Charles Heinz                      Charles F.            Emma Schneider                 Josephine Frances Eberle*        Frank Eberle               Mathilda Hungerle           
340   Frank Ponzio                       Salvator              Anna Battista                  Theressa Mary Lombardi           Joseph Lombardi            Angle Marie Salvato         
341   Paul Budine                        Burton                Fanny Williams                 Angelica Pickwick                Charles D. Pickwick        Nannie Johnson              
342   Jack Peter Cruso                   John                  Mary Unknown                   Marian E. Allen                  Jewett Allen               Jennie Hood                 
343   Arthur Gerken                      Jacob                 Mary Van Keuren                Iva Bush                         Uriah Bush                 Lydia Woolheater            
344   Arvid Kenneth Fink                 Leroy                 Nora Sickles                   Hattie Luella Bolster            Ed Bolster                 Nellie Cook                 
345   Wallace E. DuMond                  Griffin               Phenie Halbert                 Flora May Smith                  Alonzo C. Smith            Flora Transue               
346   Charles F. Puffer                  Harry                 Maria Marvin                   Harriett A. VanValkenburgh       Cahrles McLaughlin         Mary Dayton                 
347   Phillip Wood                       Charles L.            Elizabeth M. Haight            Florence Elizabeth Moran         George Moran               Geneva Gager                
348   George Lafayette Cook              Leslie                Anna Snyder                    Evelyn Annetta Hoyt              Gaylor Hoyt                Annetta Murphy              
349   Henry Martin Schiller              Martin                Eva Zabell                     Helen B. Koelliker               Julius Koelliker           Marie Olson                 
350   Leon Sanford                       Herman B.             Savannah Schumacher            Blanche Fleming                  Hayes Dorman               Ella Spencer                
351   Frank Phillips                     Edwin                 Minnie Sauders                 Alice Dorcas Weidman             Charles Weidman            Fannie Brown                
352   Andrew Adna Hendrickson            Eugene                Cora Dibble                    Elizabeth Margaret Krom          William Krom               Mayme Niles                 
354   Donald Edward Coy                  Charles W.            Maude F. Kniskern              Ruth Madeline Doonan             Robert W. Doonan           Carrie Bouton               
355   Thomas A. O'Dowd                   James                 Catherine Clark                Nora E. Whitbeck                 Walter Whitbeck            Mary Sanford                
356   Leroy J. Jackson                   Norman L.             Erma Jenks                     Gladys M. Houck                  Julius Houck               Ethel Guyer                 
357   Dwight S. Potter                   Frederick             Eleanor Pomeroy                Helen S. Lambrecht               Frank Lambrecht            Freda Werham                
358   George E. Lattran                  Jeremiah              Sabina Jackson                 Lettie A. Woolcott               Hiram Reynolds             Eliza Johnson               
359   Ray G. Whispell                    Garfield              James Scudder                  Bernice R. Tompkins              Raymond Tompkins           Florence Hicks              
360   Gustav A. Toepperwein              Arnold                Clara This                     Marjorie Mayhan                  Fred G. Mayham             Henrietta McIntosh          
361   Walter D. Hall                     Wilber                Viola Wakefield                Beatrice M. Reynolds             Fred Reynolds              Myrtle Crawford             
362   Murray E. Knapp                    Ellis Knapp           Carrie Wattles                 Grace M. Swart                   Fred Swart                 Lura Baker                  
363   John Scott Downies                 James Scott           Fannie Harkness                Dorothy Louise Rutenber          Arthur Morse Rutenber      Alice Ethel Youngs          
364   George B. Lyon                     Frank A.              Sarah Thomas                   Bernice D. Tacy                  George S. Tacy             Frances Neale               
365   Bernard L. Spencer                 Frank                 Jennie Hitt                    Leona B. Lambert                 Otto Lambert               Viola May                   
366   Roswell Coons                      William H.            Kate E. Davis                  Louise Smith                     John D. Smith              Mary E. Petrie              
367   Paul Storey                        Thomas                Clara Jones                    Tulula Molyneaux                 Orlando Molyneaux          Not Given                   
368   John B. Roberts, Jr.               John B.               Bertha Bush                    Gladys Mead                      Winfield Mead              Mary Butler                 
369   Clarence Raymond Bell              Frank                 Cora Titch                     Dorothy Agnes Brandenburg        Paul Brandenburg           Marie Albert                
370   Charles W. Estus                   E. E.                 Annie Ainsley                  Burdetta E. Misner               Allen Misner               Bessie Snyder               
371   Wayne R. Terry                     Alfred                Frances Lesner                 Nora E.Duffy                     John Thomas                Emily Nichols               
372   George Daniel Stoddard             George K.             Margaret Murray                Zelma Lucille Lord               William Lord               Hazel Villefrench           
373   Grant Houck                        Samuel                Mary Garlow                    Nettie V. Butler                 James B. Gray              Elden Jones                 
374   John Francis Brown                 John                  Mary McCarthy                  Mary Jennie Denham               James Denham               Jamie Connoran              
375   James Henry Griffin                Lewis                 Margaret Quick                 Maranda Klinegardner             Joseph London              Sarah Hollow                
376   Joseph Anderson Scofield, Jr.      Joseph A.             Clare C. Braddock              Mary Adelia Lewis                Harry K. Lewis             Hattie J. Hine              
377   Arnold H. Schwille                 John E.               Louise Plankenhorn             Jennie R. Granlees               Robert J. Granlees         Palrmella Fleming           
378   Toledo Bowker                      Daniel                Ona Mosher                     Vivian Beismer                   Simeon Beismer             Margaret Wormuth            
379   Earl Barnes                        Charles R.            Elizabeth Jeffery              Ada E. Porter                    Herbert Porter             Cora Kipp                   
380   Floyd B. Terry                     James                 Anna Bennett                   Laura McDonald                   Stephen McDonald           Emma Hitt                   
381   Earl Johns                         Parker                Irene Richards                 Elizabeth Conklin                Irving Conklin             Mary Chalmers               
382   Harley G. Mowrer                   Jesse                 Lucy Gillette                  Edith Belle Haney                Herbert Haney              Emma Cronk                  
383   George S. Perkins                  Edmund S.             Aui Huntley                    Winifred V. Radeker              Jacob M. Radeker           Lena Hood                   
384   Carroll P. Dutcher*                Benson                Margaret Parker                Isabelle Thurston*               William Thurston           Chloe Coon                  
385   Russell J. Townsend                Melvin                Jessie Daugherty               Frances L. Leonard               Abram Leonard              Adelia Warfield             
386   Low Edward Thompson                Ralph                 Minerva G. Davis               Dorothy Little                   A. J. Bouton               Iva Mayes                   
387   Arney B. Gray*                     Edmond                Elizabeth Lewis                Jennie Ruth Wannemacher          Ambrose Wannemacher        Mary Glendenning            
388   Richard W. McLaughlin              Virgil                Margaret P. Lopsiker           Julia B. Meade                   Winfield Meade             Mary Butler                 
389   William J. Avery                   Dewitt                Lucey Akerly                   Olive E. Johnston*               George H. Hewitt           Mary M. Palmateer           
390   Raymond Eckert                     Emmett                Nora VanDuesen                 Mary Shepard                     Andrew Shepard             Charlotte Shult             
391   Mayhem Anderson                    William               Edna Davison                   Emily K. Wooten                  John Wooten                Jennie Cornell              
392   Charles Beauchamp                  Charles Beauchamp     Valina Valcourt                Doris Gitchell*                  O. T. Smith                Daisy Lawrence              
393   Robert James Skinner               Leon                  Winifred Kelly                 Kathryn Elizabeth Space          Fred Space                 Isabelle Hulse              
394   Charles W. Northrup                George                Laura Fitzgerald               Naomi L. Merritt                 Charles Fred Merritt       Sarah J. Hotaling           
395   Milo B. Hare                       Charles               Mary Marble                    Lottie Pagano                    William VanScoyk           Anna Hook                   
396   George W. Whitehead                Marion                Elizabeth Norton               Addie A. Weidman                 Charles Weidman            Fannie Brown                
397   Howard O. Balckmore                Chauncey              Edna Watson                    Helen E. Stuart                  Wheeler B. Stuart          Lillian Brown               
398   Raymond Cowan                      William J.            Susie Littlebrant              Juanita Violet Griswold          Walter Griswold            Anna Scrum                  
399   Daniel B. Patrick                  Orin                  Lucy Neely                     Alta Marguerite VanHorne         Egbrt Van Horne            Daisy Smith                 
400   Ernest King                        Frank                 Mary Packard                   Nellie Roof                      Charles Payne              Rose Anna Dix               
401   Lynn Willis Baker                  John H.               Mary O. Makely                 Mary Cecelia Jacobi              Charles Jacobi             Emma Longridge              
402   Reganold T. Ruff                   Albert                Lizzie Sturdevant              Dorothy M. Tremper               Frank Tremper              Alma Weaver                 
403   Perry D. Shaver                    Harley                Lillie Whites                  Marguerite E. Davis              George Davis               Marian White                
404   Edwin F. Chase                     Eben                  Susin McKillip                 Gertrude Samuels                 Norwood Samuels            Flora Hyzer                 
405   Raymond A. Neidig                  Newton A.             Viva Hunt                      Olive Beardsley                  Otis Beardsley             Flora Pierce                
406   Frank Brannen                      Edward                Elsie German                   Inez Perry                       Edward Perry               Maude Sanderson             
407   Harry J. Weygard                   Sonstant              Hedwig Schloss                 Mildred R. Smith                 Wallace B. Smith           Hattie Redmond              
408   Roger E. Neff                      John                  Mary Hubbell                   Hazel C. Bull                    Irwin W. Conklin           Mary Chalmers               
409   Lewis Mills                        Bert                  Mary Young                     Rosie Rose                       Philip Rose                Louise Gobel                
410   James Sprague                      George                Frances Morris                 Anna L. Conklin                  Charles Barnes             Elizabeth Cobeland          
411   Kenneth Sanford                    Not Known             Florence Sanford               Elsa A. Cowan                    Andrew Cowan               Anna Koutz                  
412   Edwin R. Gavett                    Charles               Viola Vermilyea                Jessie A. Shultis                David Shultis              Ella May Shultis            
413   David Birdsall                     John A.               Lillian J. Scott               Irene M. Barber                  Frank Barber               Sarah Yeoumans              
414   George Stuhlmiller                 George                Josepha Maayr                  Anna Kraus                       John Kraus                 Mary Eberhart               
415   Arnold Sydney Fish                 Sydney S.             Myra Lamaroux                  Bernice Pauline Peterson         Luther Albert Peterson     Bessie Charles              
416   Sherman M. Hughs                   Warren                Emma Hoffman                   Flora May Inman                  James H. Inman             Mary Berry                  
417   Raymond Geer                       Horace                Francis Whitney                Edith Knapp                      Charles Knapp              Florence Charles            
418   Lewis Henry Baker                  Irving                Bertha Dickerman               Thelma Mac Race                  Arthur Race                Verna Bentley               
419   George Carley                      Andrew                Lucy Houck                     Gussie Cole                      Charles Cole               Elizabeth Moore             
420   Bernard A. McGurk                  James                 Margaret McDillon              Margaret Carey                   John Carey                 Lena Dix                    
421   Earl J. Niece                      Wilson                Thirza Hamilton                Alice A. Cranston                Wilbur J. Cranston         Amelia Evans                
422   Ralph A. Condon                    Arnold                Grace Hoyt                     Jennie M. Love                   Edson J. Love              Nettie B. Beardsley         
423   Robert Wells ReIna                 Albert                Ruella Hyde                    Helen Margaret Ormsby            Raymond A. Ormsby          Nettie Ross                 
424   Frank Faxton Birdsall              Eugene                Clara Spencer                  Rena Marie Dibble                Welton Dibble              Evelyn Walker               
425   Arthur F. Shaw                     Charles W.            Emma Crandall                  Genevieve L. Parker              Charles Parker             Pearl Mott                  
426   George E. Hofer                    George E.             Mary O'Brien                   Bertha M. Simmons                Chauncey Simmons           Grace Merrill               
427   Walter J. Sweeney                  John                  Elizabeth Kelly                Helen Lis Storm                  Jacob A. Storm             Ada Blemis                  
428   William E. Sloane                  William E.            Cora Whaley                    Doris M. King                    Albert King                Clara Axtell                
429   Raymond Smith                      Stephen D.            Viola Eggleston                Alice J. Merrill                 Frank Merrill              Orlena Straider             
430   Joseph L. Gage                     Charles M.            Stella Kimball                 Mildred K. Simmons               Chauncey C. Simmons        Grace Merrill               
431   Albert Pelkey                      Steve                 Amelia Boley                   Lena Manton                      Ferdinanad Denisky         Minnie Bromberg             
432   Hascall Burton DuBois              C. O.                 Grace Helen Brown              Millicent Penfield Robinson      N. O. Robinson             Mabel M. Spring             
433   Charles A. Jardine                 Alexander             Annie Slavin                   Jessie Degman                    James Macrae               Mary Napier                 
434   Willard Bennett                    John                  Jennet Woodard                 Iva Coulter                      William Coulter            Lura Shaver                 
435   Earl C. Gregory                    Daniel J.             Mary Chaffee                   Olive A. Constable               Andrew Constable           Blanche VanAkin             
436   Elmer Clarence DeMund              Alfred                Florence Dedrick               Ella Mae Bartlett                Arthur Lavern Bartlett     Ella Mae Rifenbark          
437   Morton Josiah Vogt                 Frederick             Hannah Macholat                Josephine Julia Leger            John George Leger          Bertha Remholdt             
438   William Benjamin Russell           Lucius K.             Grace Carpenter                Helen Idell O'Kelly              John O'Kelly               Omye Morse                  
439   Daniel Rickard, Jr.                Daniel                Minnie Tinklepaugh             Nora Madeline O Dell             Olonzo O Dell              Katherine Conklin           
440   Ralph J. McDonald                  Clarence              Harriette Scoville             Frances Jane Conlin              Charles Conklin            Sade Redaker                
441   William H. Bullis, Jr.             William H.            Rouse Wayronch                 Orvilla Keene                    Earl Keene                 Edith Howard                
442   James Stanton                      John                  Katherine Lane                 Freda Rose                       J. G. Rose                 Margaret Goble              
443   John Gregg Little                  John                  Jenneth Reynolds               Irene Townsend                   Madison Townsend           Carrie Parks                
444   Franklyn William Jenkings, Jr.     Franklyn              Adelade Carson                 Gladys Mae Reed                  James Reed                 Almira Reed                 
445   Frederick A. James                 Walter                Minnie Wood                    Gerrude Margareuite Jackson      Ambrose E. Jackson         Effie M. Armstrong          
446   Lloyd Gray                         Augustus              Sarah Pangburn                 Evelyn Mae Reed                  Floyd G. Reed              Lillian Sickler             
447   Andrew M. Smith                    Andrew M.             Bessie Gilbert                 Ruth May Northrup                Earl J. Northrup           Emma Dow                    
448   Jay Darling                        Jubilee T.            Caroline Utter                 Bessie Bowker                    Spencer H. Bowker          Mabel Wood                  
449   Joseph Gardepe                     Frank                 Kate Turator                   Ruth Elizabeth Bowdtish          Will Bowdtish              Myrtle VanLoan              
450   Thomas Moran                       Thomas                Mary McCann                    Lucy Jackson                     Israel Craft               Catherine Overpaugh         
451   Guilford Wright                    Thomas                Blanche Harney                 Ada Caswell                      Erwin Caswell              Bertha Bookhout             
452   E. Van Teter                       Commodore             Laura Dixon                    Ellen Lolitis Manning            George Manning             Minnie Jarvell              
453   Elmer Simonyi                      Sigmund               Frances Nooak                  Dorothy Lyon Ackerman            George Ackerman            Kelly Ryon                  
454   Albert Aldrich*                    Russell               Mamie Borman                   Marie E. Constable               John                       Lila Haynes                 
455   George W. Hauber*                  Fred                  Marie Sickles                  Elizabeth Jones*                 Even D. Jones              Hannah Elias                
456   Wayman L. Mapes                    Edward E.             Henrietta Rosencrants          Julia C. Hanford*                Mahlon C. Hanford          Jane C. France              
457   Clifford Decker*                   Sidney                Nellie Manzer                  Evelyn Hillijas                  Asutin Hillijas            Maude Benjamin              
458   John Wood Dewitt                   John W.               Gertrude Tisman                Ada May Friend                   Jay Friend                 Lena Cargill                
459   Cecil Ballard                      Benjamin              Pearl Sherwood                 Leona Kenyon                     Charles Kenyon             Minnie E. Crandall          
460   John Frances Moran                 Frank                 Amanda Young                   Edith Catherine Webber           Charles Webber             Ida Caston                  
461   Joseph L. Miller                   Michael               Eva Smith                      Edna Lucille Shakespeare         Fred Shakespeare           Mary Severt                 
462   Rockwell L. Brigham                Aason                 Clarsie Keesler                Metha W. Kanis*                  Wm. August Seinman         Julia Thelen                
463   Ernest E. Snyder                   Louie H.              Effie M. Story                 Melda Louise Gage                Lynn O. Gage               Pearl Esther Barnhart       
464   Alfred E. Woollet                  Alfred H.             Lucy Costello                  Violetta C. Monroe               Abram L. Kelley            Sarah J. Stanton            
465   Cecil Stone                        Eugene                Mary Marshnay                  Grace J. Gladstone               Harry Gladstone            Emma Tacey                  
466   Frank E. Wilber                    Clarence E. Wilber    Jessie M. Nolan                Frances E. Ellsworth             Albert Ellsworth           Gertrude E. Deano           
467   Christian Z. Bullis                Joseph                Mary France                    Helen G. Davis                   James Davis                Susie Finkle                
468   Raymond Houck                      Irvin                 Pearl Wood                     Grace Palmer                     Fred Palmer                Jennie Doyle                
469   Allen Shaver                       Jay                   Lula Atkin                     Lilian Elizabth Misiner          Harley Misiner             Elizabeth McAdams           
470   Donald A. Elliott                  George J.             Cora Armstrong                 Laura Isabel McNair              George R. McNair           Mayme B. Liddle             
471   Charles Henry Rice                 Henry                 Margaret W. Arbuckle           Mildred Elizabeth Moss           George C. Tripp            Salina E. Tompkins          
472   Walter Lewis Deming                Richard               Maude Wellman                  Ida Agusty Place*                Dumond Place               Frances Ryer                
473   Richard J. Meed                    Lewis                 Mary G. Badger                 Edna LaFond                      William Wheeler            Sarah Gordon                
474   Floyd F. Currie                    George                Hannah Oliver                  Thelma A. Squaires               George Squaires            Edna O'Dell                 
475   Delavan C. Sharp                   Elsworth E.           Nellie Cole                    Marion M. Hanvey                 William Hanvey             Alice E. Bolles             
476   Samuel W. Boomhower                Gregory               Clarissa Seamen                Sarah Howard                     Orrie Barnhart             Mary Cook                   
477   Henry Alexander Peaslee            Harvey                Jennie Myrtle Smith            Alice Irene Moran                Thomas Moran               Alice Elizabeth Roche       
478   George Almond Cole                 Stephen               Emeline Palmer                 Mary Rockefeller                 Frank LeRoy                Mable Knapp                 
479   George Everett Holbert*            George                Olive Kingsbury                Mary Eleanor Mallery             George Mallery             Alma E. Knight              
480   Fred Trowbridge                    Irving                Bertha Cameron                 Sue F. White                     Clifford White             Ella Ruff                   
481   Floyd W. Strobeck                  Volney                Mary Wright                    Ida Moxham                       Fred Moxham                Kattie Murwin               
482   Ira Leon Beers                     Howard                Ethel Sanderson                Doris Evelyn Williams            Charles Williams           Belle Pierce                
483   Arthur Carey Monson                Philip                Emma E. Monson                 Ethel Leona Patrick              Daniel C. Patrick          Ava Scutliff                
484   Aaron M. Sargent                   George Clarke         Helen Kedzie More              Cornelia M. More                 Fred More                  Margaret Miller             
485   Judson Lawrence Bouck*             Jay                   Mabel Dibble                   Katherine Wlizabeth Payne        Francis G. Payne           Jennie Bundy                
486   Theodore White                     Frank E.              Elizabeth McCann               Bertha M. Johnson                Matthew Johnson            Martha Votre                
487   Adrian P. Loomis                   Addison               Ella Lockwood                  Gertrude D. Cormany              Simon Cormany              Lillie Darragh              
488   Theron C. Decker                   Andrew                Mary Wakeman                   Cora J. Wood                     John M. Wood               Maud Rice                   
489   Clarence Olan Gabriel              Peter F.              Grace Clever                   Katholine Ocena Gifford*         John Henry Gifford         Louisa C. Hulbert           
490   Arthur A. Palmer, Jr.              Arthur A.             Rae E. Starin                  Margaret Grace Chambers          Robert Chambers            Martha Ames                 
491   John T. Burgin                     Edwin                 Ida T. Liddle                  Evelyn Louise Eadie              Adam J. Eadie              Ida E. Signor               
492   William O. Schaefer                Oscar H.              Minnie Lane                    Claribel Fyffe                   James O. Fyffe             Florence Roda               
493   Ralph G. Turk                      Cornelius C.          Janette C. Smith               Etta M. Neer                     Thomas B. Neer             Ella Hall                   
494   Frank W. Bogart                    Harrison              Alice Fuller                   Marcia Vera Smith                William T. Smith           Katherine S. Signor         
495   Francis Roberts                    Floyd                 Edna Gibson                    Dorothy I. McClenon              L. D. McClenon             Mary Coulter                
496   Roland H. Potter                   Albert W.             Annie Mae Harring              Ethel L. Howard                  Frank S. Howard            Mary C. Shaver              
497   Vangaasbeck Shaffer                Nicholas Y.           Mary C. Vangassbeck            Mary Wheat Jenkins               Edwin R. Wheat             Elizabeth Mabie             
498   Hilton C. Wilbur                   James H.              C. Augusta Beers               Gladys E. Telford                William R. Telford         Edith Wight                 
499   Hugh Bodiot                        Ralph                 Luise A. Lakin                 Ramona M. Davidson               Seth A. Davidson           Cassie M. Beasmer           
500   Augustus Graby                     William               Julia Knack                    Crystal Schloss                  Edwin F. Goodrich          Nellie R. Goodrich          

Additional Notes:

078  Leland Cutting (Divorced Aug 31, 1929, Broome Co., Edna Cutting)
103  William Rose (Divorced Apr 28, 1924, Oneonta, NY; Bessie Rose)
117  Ernest W. Wilbur (Divorced Honesdale, Pa., Nov 15, 1913, Frances DuMott)
135  Robert Don MacDonald (Divorced Jul 13, 1929, Delhi, NY: Rachel MacDonald)
165  Albert L. Thorington (Divorced Aug. 1, 1928 in Delhi, NY: Amy Gavett)
237  Walter O. Schlief (Divorced Cleveland, Ohio, Jul 21, 1922)
384  Carroll P. Dutcher (Divorced 9/27/30 at Delhi, NY: Alice Langcor)
387  Arney B. Gray (Divorced Sep. 21, 1923 at Delhi: Margaret T. Gray)
454  Albert Aldrich (Divorced Dec. 30, 1929, Rochester, NY; Edith Cavanaugh)
455  George W. Hauber (Divorced Aug. 18, 1930, Oneonta, NY; Ethel R. Hauber)
457  Clifford Decker (Divorced Mar. 14, 1927, Cooperstown, NY)
479  George Everett Holbert (Divorced Mar. 20, 1926, Honesdale, PA; Marion Gladys Holbert)
485  Judson Lawrence Bouck (Divorced Nov. 15, 1929, Delhi, NY)

149  M. R. Norton (Step-father)

107  Edna H. Osborn (Divorced Jan 12, 1929, Oneonta, Floyd J. Osborn)
187  Bessie Buckbee (Divorced Mar. 3, 1920 at Binghamton, NY)
294  Ethel Lipman (Divorced Jun 24, 1929, Reno, NV.
328  Freda M. Barker (Divorced Sep. 8, 1930 in Honesdale, Pa. agt. Harold P. Barker)
339  Josephine Frances Eberle (Divorced Nov. 19, 1928, Honesdale, PA; Frank William Conrad)
384  Isabelle Thurston (Divorced 11/17/20 at Binghamton, NY: Frank L. Price)
389  Olive E. Johnston (Divorced San Francisco, Calif. in 1927: Frank T. Johnston)
392  Doris Gitchell (Divorced at Buffalo, NY, Feb. 5, 1929: Hollis Gitchell)
455  Elizabeth Jones (Divorced Apr. 19, 1922, Scranton, PA; Albert Zeck)
456  Julia C. Hanford (Divorced Feb. 1931, Elmira, NY: Curtis Parsons)
462  Metha W. Kanis (Divorced Apr. 19, 1927, Paterson, N.J.; Howard Kanis)
472  Ida Agusty Place (Divorced Jan 31, 1931, Oneonta, NY: Manville J. Shutters)
489  Katholine Ocena Gifford (Divorced Mar. 15, 1928, Oneonta, NY; Jack Burnside)

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